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    Granted, but you also are never fully awake. I wish Wi-Fi had unlimited range.
  3. NS -Issue 1K

    I don't want to blow your mind but we just added Issue number ONE FREAKING THOUSAND. That's right: Your nation may now encounter any of 1,000* different dilemmas that ask you to make an ideological choice between a set of flawed options. * Actually 1,001, since the first issue is #0. I'll be honest with you: I didn't see this coming. After I wrote the first 31, I thought that was plenty. "That's all the major topics covered, Max," I told myself. "You nailed it." The fact that we now have an additional 970 issues is because an often-changing team of volunteer authors and editors decided there were actually more areas to explore, and attacked them with tireless good humor and ingenuity. Hundreds of different people have written or edited an issue, and over two dozen are in the double digits for issue contributions. It's impossible to thank anyone in particular without ignoring someone else who equally deserves it, but I do want to acknowledge three people in particular who we couldn't have reached this milestone without: @@JGConfig::nice_name("Sirocco", 2)@@, who was the editing team in the early days, @@JGConfig::nice_name("Sedgistan", 2)@@, who remodeled and championed it as a professional organization, and @@JGConfig::nice_name("Candlewhisper Archive", 2)@@, who runs it today. Thank you to everyone who contributed an issue, even if you submitted an issue that didn't quite make the cut. And if you've simply enjoyed the end result of what the editing team produces, thank you for that! Authors and editors need readers, too. P.S. Cards are still coming. {url}
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    How can I get in on this immortal gig?
  5. Kemaris Station

    < LtJG. Abigail Rhodes> ::The door to the Conference Room opened and in strode a confident young woman, who wore the yellow of Tactical and Operations. At 5"6 and a little over 135 pounds she wasn't much to look at until you saw the steel in her eyes and understood everything; she had seen thing she did not want to talk about and has liquid nitrogen running in her veins. She was Abigail Rhodes, the one time Chief Tactical Officer on board the USS Equilism, and finally returning to active duty she was hoping to push her way up the totem pole.:: SCO: Reporting as requested sir! =/\= Lieutenant Junior Grade Abigail Rhodes =/\=
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    Is this... is this coming back
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    Looks like all is well in Canada, thank for the update!
  8. - Ambassador's Report -

    Forum1,075 registered members 361,848 postsRegionPopulation: 161 nations.Our StaffDelegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (47 endorsements)Minister of Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetlandMinister of External Affairs: Matilda LoveSpeaker of the House of Commons: StormaenDelegate's OfficeGeneral AssemblyConvention On Foreign Political Corruption - ForBan On Statutory Limitations For Heinous Crimes - AgainstAgricultural Invasive Species Act - No voteEnd Excessive Data Retention Act - AgainstSecurity CouncilLiberate Femdom Empire - Against Commend Wintony - Tied, no vote Condemn Union Of Confederate Regions - No voteRepeal “Liberate Femdom Empire” - ForCommend Alasdair I Frosticus - No voteRepeal: “Liberate KAISERREICH” - No voteMinistry of External Affairs.We welcome Claire Underwood and Californian as new ambassadors.Ministry of Internal Affairs.Welcome New Members!Armads Sir Pierre Trudeau Socialist montonian Thomas Underwood Myakia CandukiaDr JaememeThis month's Watercooler feature thread is:A new thread created by Sir P....challenge accepted! Count to 10 before Almonaster, or ParrrrTay PostPostcards from CanadaQUOTE <> UNQUOTE: Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region!Blue Eyed Fin was on fire in the Questions Only Thread *As always...Report prepared by: The Canadian Citizens
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  10. Foreign Affairs Update - April 2018

  11. The Land of Kings and Emperors Foreign Dispatch Volume X, Issue IV Special Cultural Edition WA Delegate: Cawdor East (Thea Sebastian) | Nation Count: 418 | Regional Rank: 28th | The Imperial Council Prime Minister: Megaleiotha Eirhno Deputy Prime Minister: Paulus Gaius Epistre Minister of the Exterior: Thomas Insaniac Minister of the Interior: Wilhelm von Seeckt Minister of Culture: Rex Ciphra Minister of Colonies: Barzai Ux Loddhan The Monarchy Emperor: Theoden Sebastian Emperor Emeritus: Onder Kelkia Empress: Thea Sebastian Crown Prince: Linkin Talleyrand Prince Imperial: Akillian Talleyrand The Imperial Senate President: Barzai Ux Loddhan (The Lion Party) Senator: Julio of Nulkia-Sova (The Lion Party) Senator: Wilhelm von Seeckt (The Lion Party) Senator: Tiberius Caesar (The Lion Party) Senator: Megaleiotha Eirhno (The Lion Party) Historic Post Count April was a historic month for us in the LKE. On April 17th, we reached 5,252 posts and exceeded the previous record for most posts made in a month. On the 23rd, we were at 6915 posts made and all eyes were set on breaking eight thousand posts by the end of the month. On the first of May, His Supreme Majesty Theoden Sebastian made the announcement that the Imperial Forums had accumulated 8,574 posts in the month of April. According to data from The Heartbeat of the GCRs for the month of April we had accumulated more forum messages than every major Game-Created Region. This enormous post count was created by heated activity in the Estates-General, the Roleplay forums, the Imperial Council, and of course spam games in Tiberius Street. With the incredibly active state of the forums, and an ever-growing Discord server too, the current Imperial Government has high hopes for May. Roleplay Redevelopments The World of the LKE is back and better than ever! With a new map, new nations, and new management. Under the leadership of Minister of Culture Rex Ciphra and Deputy [Culture] Minister for Roleplay John Spencer-Churchill, the World of the LKE has shown large amounts of growth. We have a new map, graciously developed by regional cartographer Bran Astor, where any elector can register their nation and claim a spot. The old map of the LKE was based upon the Imperial Realms and restrictively named, the new map has lost that limitation and the naming structures and systems are being actively developed by the roleplay community. Since the adoption of the new map, fifteen individuals have sought to register their nations, six factbooks have been created, nine different roleplays have been created, and no nukes have been launched, yet. The World of the LKE is not the only type of roleplay happening in our borders. Starting with the Interregional Gala with The West Pacific, the LKE has been infatuated with character roleplay. We have had three parties hosted, one by the Prime Minister, one by the Baron of Shaftesbury, and one by John Spencer-Churchill. The parties are joined by a historical preservation society, a tavern, and a horse and hunting club; all of which are in-character. Finishing off the roleplay developments is the All-Out War RP, taking place in medieval England and pitting army against army. May the finest warlord obtain victory. Getting Lectured The University of The Land of Kings and Emperors (TULKE) has had a rather successful year. With the successful passage of The University Reestablishment Act of 2018, the University was in a state of reorganization and redevelopment. The first major development was purely administrative, as TULKE was made into a first tier sub-forum and is now featured more prominent on our forums. Secondly, The Kelkia Military Academy, The Hall of Honour, and The Theological College of The Forum of the Most High Gods have been merged into The University of The Land of Kings and Emperors. This all coincidences with a great deal of lectures occuring within the halls of the University. The President of the Lion Party, Rayreglia Von Arcadia has served as chief lecturer in The Old School of General Studies, with topics ranging from Biology to the Occult being taught. In the Kelkia School of Law, former Prime Minister and current Dean John Spencer-Churchill has announced the a Bachelor of Law program being offered. This program is based on The Land of Kings and Emperors primarily and will focus on the development of the regions political institutions and functions and will be taught by John Spencer-Churchill and Prime Minister Megaleiotha Eirhno.So far three lectures of the current session have been posted. The third lecture, focusing on Constitution writing and the dichotomies of NationStates has been included below. A Coherent Philosophy of Purpose; The Third Lecture by Megaleiotha Eirhno on Constitutions In the first lecture, we discussed the Derivative Powers Principle. This principle essentially asks the question, from whence does the power of this Constitution come? In democratic societies, that power comes from the people. In monarchical societies, that power comes from the Emperor. The conclusion of this power is what we call the Eirhno Principle, namely, that any power outlined by the Constitution, which descends from the power of the Emperor, is ultimately a power of the Emperor. Your fellow classmate, Paulus, gave a simple test to determine if the power of a thing is derived from another, simply: if the latter thing from which the first could be derived did not exist, would the former thing still have its power? If yes, then the power is not derived. If no, then the power is derived. Since the Constitution would not exist but for the power of the Emperor, all the powers of the Constitution are derived from the Emperor, and thus, the Emperor has all the powers therein. In the second lecture, we discussed the fact that a Constitution is a subtle form of propaganda, telling its reader that the particular system of government outlined therein is the best of all possible systems. We discussed the need for structure, which assists in the propaganda campaign to add beauty to the system. Today, we will be discussing the continuation of this desire for beauty in discussing a Coherent Philosophy of Purpose. Now, here I am going to make an important distinction. Where you stand in the process of writing a Constitution affects your purpose, and thus, how you write the Constitution. The motivations of everyone else writing the Constitution will also affect their additions, corrections, or stipulations throughout the process. As such, you, the drafter of the Constitution, must set out, at least for yourself, a Coherent Philosophy of Purpose. Let me break down what I mean when I say that phrase. A purpose is pretty straightforward: the goal you wish to accomplish. But the difficulty arises in that a Constitution is a complex document that does not fit readily into an action plan. You can have an overall purpose that everyone can agree to rather simply: this Constitution is meant to establish form of government for our society. This statement alone is fine--it's just that getting into the specifics reveals much more about your true purpose. You have to come up with a purpose that coherently provides an answer to questions like: Should the Head of State have powers that are never delegated? Should the Head of Government be elected directly by the people? Should the Judiciary be kept in check by the Head of State or Head of Government? Should the legislature consist of all the people or just some of the people? Should one particular office hold power over another? Are there other considerations that should limit the Constitution? Are there cases in which the Constitution should be below swift action? Are there non-governmental institutions that should be considered in the Constitution? Are there laws that must supersede this Constitution? How long should terms of office last? How many positions should be enumerated in the Constitution? How simple should it be to change the Constitution? How should different branches limit one another? These questions are just a few of hundreds that must be answered in a measured and considered way. There are at least three spectra that you must consider while determining your personal philosophy: Monarchist vs Republican: How dependent the elected government should be on the monarchy to act? Monarchists are in favor of a heavier reliance on the monarchy, while Republicans are in favor of more reliance on structures and governments apart from the monarchy. Imperialist vs Colonist: How much oversight should the capital have over the colonies? Imperialists are in favor of more oversight and support, while Colonists are in favor of more colonial independence and representation. Federalist vs Democrat: How much should the people be allowed to participate in governmental decisions and elections?Federalists are in favor of limited direct participation, while Democrats are in favor of more direct participation. Thus, you arrive at the peculiar problem of identifying as a "liberal" or "conservative" in this game. If we claim that the divide between a liberal and a conservative is how far power should be disseminated, then a Monarchist-Imperialist-Federalist, who all want power to be distributed as little as possible, would seem to be the most conservative of folks. A Republican-Colonist-Democrat, therefore, would be the most liberal of folks, with power as disseminated as possible. But most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle. It is this spectra that seems the most useful to me, but also the one that proves rather difficult in unwinding. Once you have determined your position on these issues, answering the earlier questions become a bit clearer. Should the Head of State have powers that are never delegated? Well, a Monarchist would likely say yes, that some powers should be exclusively delegated to the Emperor. A Republican might say no, that there are no powers that the Emperor should wield on the Emperor's own. Are there laws that must supersede this Constitution? An Imperialist would say that of course there are--the laws of the capital must supersede those of the colonies. A Colonist would say that no, the capital has no right to write laws above its own Constitution unless they provide some means of colonial representation. How long should terms of office last? A Federalist would want long term limits to ensure that power is kept in the same hands for as long as possible, which means stability. A Democrat would want shorter term limits, to encourage greater participation. Circumstances might change what your underlying philosophy is between writing particular Constitutions, and the perspective of other people is likely to shift and wane under that broader purpose of doing good for the region. But as a drafter of the Constitution, you need to make consistent decisions based off of a coherent philosophy of purpose. The particular ideology, whether Monarchist or Federalist, Imperialist or Colonist, Federalist or Democrat, should consistently guide your decisions in writing the Constitution. If you find yourself constantly switching between different positions, then maybe what you believe to be your ideology doesn't really fit your true purpose. Other News Of The Realm... -The Land of Kings and Emperors has once more surpassed 400 nations. -The Imperial Discord server had over 10,000 messages sent during April. Brought to you by the Ministry of the Exterior On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial House of the LKE.
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    So many choices. Aye
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  15. @Kuramia is our only standing candidate in the May Town Moderator Election. Citizens, please vote Yes, No (Aye and Nay are also accepted) or Abstain to confirm @Kuramia as the Town Moderator of Equilism. This vote will be open for 3 days.
  16. The West Pacific Foreign Update - April 2018 Delegate: Davelands Guardians: Big Bad Badger Neenee The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Mediobogdum Rigels Light Bran Astor Overthinkers Ministers: Recruitment and Citizenry: Big Bad Badger Foreign Affairs: Saint Mark Internal Affairs: Bran Astor World Assembly Affairs: Arotania TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Overthinkers Deputy Ministers: Sergeant-At-Arms: Kawaii Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ark (pictured: Artist's interpretation of Guardian Bran Astor after his intense physical training.) Goldbeard's Gym Fitness Challenge a Wild Success! The West Pacific Guardian Bran Astor held a fitness challenge this last month, which lasted 28 days. The challenge involved a substantial amount of sweating and smelly saquatches, but the participants certainly felt it was worthwhile! According to Bran, at least 3 people participated, cited the challenge as one the hardest they had ever done. The West Pacific is proud of Bran Astor for his commitment to health and fitness. His challenge can be found here, for those who dare attempt it themselves: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=993167. Bran also gave a statement on the challenge: "It has been a busy month for IA with a 28-day fitness challenge, the rise of the Nee Pacific Order, the introduction of Haikuesday and Thank You Thursday, as well as several daily observances!" (pictured: The Symbol of the NeePO.) Hail the Nee Pacific Order! The West saw a major structural change early on in April, as the government made the decision to embrace its feederite nature to the fullest extent. The result, logically, was the Nee Pacific Order! The WFE was changed to a very appreciable blue-and-yellow color pallet. The West also adopted a flag that definitely, 100%, was NOT the flag of the (unrelated) New Pacific Order, combined with the notorious symbol of the late great humanitarian group known as the Empire. This was a momentous occasion for the native nations of the West Pacific, who have nothing to lose but their chains! Sadly, the feederite regime couldn't last forever, and so with the passing of April Fool's, the West Pacific has returned to its business as usual. West Pacificans will never forget the NeePO, though. Hail Neecifica! (pictured: Artistic repesentation of Lazarus.) Lazarus: Is It Cool or Is It Whack? Not-so-Stunned onlookers noticed yet another Lazarene government transition this past month. This time, the Khanate of Lazarus was overthrown by Khanate General Imkiville, in favor of total anarchy. For about a week, Lazarus had no government, no endorsement cap, and more factions vying for power than you could care to name. Later on, this anarchy proved to be a publicity stunt, as Imkiville had planned to set up a constitutional convention. The convention is currently ongoing, with several natives, allied government officials, and Cormac participating in one fashion or another. TWP Delegate Davelands released a semi-offical statement on Lazarus on the 26th, stating that the West is hopeful that Imkiville be able to build a Lazarene government by the natives, for the natives. (pictured: TWP/LKE partnership flag.) The West Pacific and the LKE Hold Interregional Gala The West Pacific and the Land of Kings and Emperors further solidified their diplomatic relations this last month by holding an interregional Gala. The Gala lasted for three days and was held the LKE's offsite forum, as well as TWP's Discord Server. It served as a great way for citizens of both regions to meet each other and establish friendship. Many pleasant memories were made, and The West thanks the LKE for this opportunity to get to know them better. We also hope that we will have the opportunity to engage with LKE diplomatically more often in the future!
  17. May 2018 Town Moderator Election

    Thank you, Deg! I accept the nomination.
  18. May 2018 Town Moderator Election

    I nominate @Kuramia
  19. Equilismers it is time again to exercise one of your most important right! The right to vote! After a 1 day delay the May 2018 Town Moderator Election will now begin! The standing and nominations period must remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote. Please stand or nominate someone for the office in this thread.
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    Guess I didn't post a reply, done ten days ago.
  21. Okay! Obviously card trading was supposed to reopen by now. I did slightly overestimate how much card-based work it was possible to accomplish in one week, following two other weeks that were also full of card-based work. Thanks to those of you patiently waiting. We're still a little way off being ready to re-open trading, but this post is to share current thinking about the plan. Confirmed/definitely intended features include: One loot box per nation every 48 hours Greatly reduced likelihood of drawing the card of a nation from the same region Direct trading of cards between nations Greater snipability of low-value transactions (discussion below) No ex-nation cards in loot boxes When a nation ceases to exist, its deck will also cease to exist (after a period of time) Deck size limited but expandable by spending bank The ability to group cards together in "Collections" for display purposes A browsable global marketplace A range of upgrades to the interface and underlying mechanics There are also some more ambitious longer-term ideas, but one step at a time. Some of the above will be live from when we re-open trading and others will come in as development time allows over future months. All About Puppets The trickiest question has been how to handle puppet farming. This is when a player controls many nations and uses them to collect cards and funnel good ones to their "main." I actually think the first part is fine: It doesn't matter if someone wants to use multiple nations to build multiple decks. It's the second part, where they sell good cards to their main for next to nothing, that threatens to become corrosive over time, because in that case, it's less like the person is building multiple decks, and more like they're building one deck by earning cards at a faster rate than everyone else. That's problematic in a trading game where your position is impacted by others' holdings. For mini-games like this, it's often suggested that we limit it to World Assembly nations, where a one-nation-each rule is enforced. But many people have good reasons for not wanting to join the WA, which shouldn't exclude them from other parts of NationStates. The real challenge is to discourage puppet farming without unduly interfering with real communities exchanging cards amongst themselves. Because an important part of the fun of deck building, I think, is that you can offer special deals or gifts to people you know. We could eliminate puppet farming by forcing all trades to be conducted at current market prices, but this would also eliminate elements of trust, friendship, and co-operation, leaving us with a more economically fair but less interesting game. Essentially: You should be able to offer a good card for cheap or even free to someone you know, because that's how communities work. But puppet farms should not easily stream their cards to a single owner. To deliver this, we're doing two things. Firstly, direct trading will allow you to nominate a particular nation to exchange with (or gift to), with a bank fee involved. This makes it accessible for most nations, but less viable for puppets, who don't normally accumulate much bank, and will be disproportionately affected since they want to gift every good card they find. Secondly, to create a window of time that allows sniping of open market-based transactions, to reduce the ability to "sell" a valuable card for nothing to yourself. That's it for now, and thanks again for your patience! Got feedback? Forum: Discussion thread! {url}
  22. Foreign Dispatch Volume X, Issue III LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page WA Delegate: Cawdor East (Thea Sebastian) | Nation Count: 353 | Regional Rank: 35th | Imperial Government The Imperial Council Prime Minister: Megaleiotha Eirhno Deputy Prime Minister: Paulus Gauis Minister of the Exterior: Thomas Insaniac Minister of the Interior: Wilhelm von Seeckt Minister of Culture: Rex Ciphra Minister of Colonies: Barzai Ux Loddhan Minister Without Portfolio: Lady Jane Grey-Anumia The Monarchy Emperor: Theoden Sebastian Emperor Emeritus: Onder Kelkia Empress: Thea Sebastian Crown Prince: Linkin Talleyrand Prince Imperial: Akillian Talleyrand The Imperial Senate President: Barzai Ux Loddhan (The Lion Party) Senator: Julio of Nulkia-Sova (The Lion Party) Senator: Wilhelm von Seeckt (The Lion Party) Senator: Tiberius Caesar (The Lion Party) Senator: Megaleiotha Eirhno (The Lion Party) Once More! The Lion Roars! Prime Minister Megaleiotha Eirhno and Deputy Prime Minister Paulus Gaius overlook the region The Land of Kings and Emperors oversaw our general elections on the 14th of April. Elections for the Imperial Senate and due to a set of constitutional amendments, we saw elections for the Premiership. Prime Minister Megaleiotha Eirhno was reconfirmed for the Premiership once more. Alongside him, Paulus Gaius was confirmed for the Deputy Prime Minister position, replacing Thomas Insaniac. This Lion Party Premiership ticket was joined by a fully Lion Imperial Senate. Barzai ux Loddhan, Julio of Nulkia-Sova, Wilhelm von Seeckt, Tiberius Caesar, and Prime Minister Megaleiotha Eirhno were all confirmed by hefty margins in the Imperial Senate. These developments represent fourteen straight months of The Lion Party controlling the Premiership of The Land of Kings and Emperors. However, this Lion Party seems to have come into government extremely prepared. Alongside the standard platform released by every campaign, the Lion Party has released a legislative agenda for the upcoming term alongside a plan of reform for the regional ministries. Big changes are expected in both the executive and legislative branches of the Imperial Government. An Excuse to Eat The dining room is prepared before the guests arrive The first week of April was a fun one in The Land of Kings and Emperors for we hosted an Inter-Regional Gala with one of our closest allies, The West Pacific! The Gala lasting from April 6th to the 8th was a celebration of our joint culture, cooperation, and an opportunity to have fun! In the short period of time, we saw hundred of posts in the games sections. We had a variety of speeches made by dignitaries of both regions, with Guardian Badger of The West Pacific delivering the keynote address. The main portion of the Gala, the role-playing, was an astounding success! Both citizens of The West Pacific and The Land of Kings and Emperors took part in the character role-playing and made the event into a great time. We thank The West Pacific for their cooperation in making this cultural event such a great one and we hope to do this again one day. Determined Diplomatic Deployments! The Imperial Army regroups after reaching Lazarus March and April were busy months for The Imperial Army. Starting on the 3rd of March, the Imperial Army was first deployed to Iran in support of our friends in The Black Hawks. Afterwards, the Imperial Army was deployed to The New Inquisition, to ensure the security and stability of our historic ally. During this operation, parts of the Imperial Army were redirected to The Great Fascist Legion in support of our allies and as a force fighting against fascism in NationStates. Finally on April 4th, the Imperial Army was deployed to Lazarus in support of The Khanate. Since the beginning of the operation in Iran, there has not been a single day where the Imperial Army was not deployed. These actions continue to show that the Imperial Army continues to be an active military force in NationStates, protecting the interests of The Land of Kings and Emperors and those of our allies. Other News Of The Realm...-The Ministry of the Exterior, under Thomas Insaniac, has begun a review of the consulates of The Land of Kings and Emperors-Prime Minister Megaleiotha Eirhno has decided to disband the Ministry of Communications in favor of reestablishing the Ministry of Colonies, to oversee an ambitious plan to reinvigorate the Empire's extensive colonies.
  23. - Ambassador's Report -

    I'm sorry it's been so long since you have received an update. I won't bore you with the RL issues... Forum 1,064 registered members 358,488 posts Region Population: 150 nations. Our Staff Delegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (31 endorsements) Minister or Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetland Minister of External Affairs: Matilda Love Speaker of the House of Commons: Stormaen Delegate's Office General Assembly Condemn Wrapper - AGAINST Promoting Sustainable Timber - FOR Repeal: “Promoting Sustainable Timber” - AGAINST Repeal: “Protection Of Biomedical Research” - FOR Protection Of Biomedical Research AGAINST Security Council Ministry of Internal Affairs. Welcome New Members! Benolia Rachael Arche-VerinGuard Francoe Seoul-Pyongyang Abbey Kasch Zazumo Nitspike Pivnich gzowski Jamadlenter Cain makris Canadian Football League Colunberra Auptoverland This month's Watercooler feature thread is: Make a sentence out of five random letters Make a sentence using five letters Postcards from Canada Photographed by ParrrrTay Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region! *As always...Report prepared by: The Canadian Citizens
  24. Admin Request Thread

    Thanks, West! Please mask @Degtyarev as the new WA Delegate and mask me as an Officer.
  25. Admin Request Thread

    All done.
  26. Admin Request Thread

    Please remove masking from @Sam111
  27. NS -Trading Halt

    Each year, my primary goal for the April Fools event is to create something that will not make people go, "Well, that was disappointing." It's also nice if we can explore community dynamics or encourage people to explore their own morality or whatever, but most of all I want to not spend a lot of time building something that sucks. Often it's hard to tell whether we've achieved that goal. But this year we did! A lot of people had a lot of fun with it, including me. And there were plenty of interesting stories and dramas and different people and communities reacted to the cards in different ways. I'm glad I decided to make the cards pointless. At first, I was thinking they would be part of some kind of point-scoring game, where you would want to collect particular cards because they did something. But it was actually much better as an undefined, nebulous thing, much like NationStates itself, where people developed and pursued their own goals. But we do like stats here! So I have some of those anyway: * * * Deck Stats * * * As per the previous news post, cards trading will remain frozen for the next week, and there will be a future announcement on how they will work as a permanent site feature. And that's another April! Phew. Thanks for being a part of it, and of NationStates in general. It's always deeply rewarding to me to throw out something simple and watch people evolve and adapt it in unexpected ways, and that's been this place for more than 15 years now. It's awesome. Thank you. {url}
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