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  2. Deerfenland

    Farewell Address

    Though in review of my time as an ambassador to this wonderful region, I am unconscious of intentional error. I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects to think it probable that I may have committed many errors. I also hope that my successor will view them with indulgence. After around a year dedicated to this region's service with an upright zeal, I hope that my successor will be a better ambassador than I was because this region truly deserves it. This Township has truly been wonderful to me, and you've all welcomed me with open arms. I felt as if I was a member of this Township. This is not a goodbye from me. No... This is just a goodbye to my time as your ambassador. I'll always be here to check in with the region once in a while. I believe all of you have made me feel something towards this region that isn't diplomacy; brotherhood, love, and a Township member. You've all treated me so kindly, and I will always hold that in my heart. I am so grateful that I was an ambassador to this region, and I hope that when I figure my IRL stuff out, I will be able to come back and serve you all once again. I'd take that opportunity in a heartbeat if I was presented with it. I will now assign myself to the assignment of rest... I anticipate with pleas and expectations that repeat. In which I promise myself to realize the sweet enjoyment of partaking. In the mix of my fellow people of TNP and Equilism. This region holds a special place in my heart from our mutual cares, labors, and dangers. So, I say goodbye. I don't cry because my time is over for now. I smile because I was given this opportunity. I love each and every one of you. Thank you all for everything. Kindest Regards, As always... Deerf
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  4. Westwind

    United Federation Delgateless

    And Equilism should be free of the burden too. I have removed references to The United Federation of Planets in the RMB. There's no need to advertise ourselves as a dead region maintaining another dead region.
  5. Office of the Governor General of Equilism Executive Order #0003 5 November, 2020 The Judicial Process described by Article 7 of the Equilism Township Charter is currently unable to be engaged due to the collapse of the government, lack of elected officials and low numbers of active citizens of The Town Hall. Under the Conservatorship of The Governor General, Article 7, Section 2 through Section 8 of the Equilism Township Charter regarding Judicial Process is hereby suspended. The rights of any citizen to bring a criminal complaint to the Town Hall, the right to Judicial transparency, the right to petition The Founder, and the responsibility to uphold Equilism law remains in effect. In the event that Judicial Process is found to be necessary, as a member of The Crimson Order, Equilism will engage the services of The College of Cardinals of The Crimson Order, which are authorized under the TCO Charter to oversee Judicial matters as directed by The Crimson King - Governor General Westwind. The Regent of The College of Cardinals, Elegarth shall preside over any such Judicial Process in accordance with the TCO Charter. The College of Cardinals sit in Inquisition for Judicial matters. It's members have 89 years of combined NationStates experience. From The Charter of The Crimson Order: The seven members of The College of Cardinals of The Crimson Order are: Also in accordance with the Charter of The Crimson Order, Inquisition decisions can be appealed to The Crimson King - Governor General Westwind. Futhermore, as previously noted, Inquisition decisions can be appealed to The Founder Whamabama. This Executive Order goes into effect immediately. Signed, Governor General Westwind Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism 5 November, 2020
  6. Thank you, Governor General. I will serve the region to my best ability.
  7. Office of the Governor General of Equilism Executive Order #0002 2 November, 2020 Acting Delegate @Isaris is hereby recognized and confirmed as Delegate of Equilism, with the authority, duties, and responsibilities described by Article 5 of the Township Charter. The World Assembly Delegate will perform the duties of the in-game position, including voting in the WA, being the point of contact with newcomers to convince them to stay in Equilism and get involved, giving a good impression of the region to outsiders, promoting RMB involvement, and encouraging widespread WA membership. However, Delegate authority under Article 6 of the Township Charter is hereby suspended and reserved to the Conservatorship of the Governor General and/or The Founder. The Delegate may create Regional Officer positions for citizens to seek election to, and they may grant Regional Officer powers to existing officials at their discretion. Furthermore, The Delegate has been granted appropriate masking and forum moderation authority, and has been granted access the the Private Office of The Governor General as a member of the Executive Council. Unless instructed otherwise by the Office of The Governor General, The Delegate may freely vote on WA Resolutions based either on regional vote, consensus sentiment, or based on personal preference of The Delegate. This Executive Order goes into effect immediately. Signed, Governor General Westwind Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism 2 November, 2020
  8. Office of the Governor General of Equilism Executive Order #0001 2 November, 2020 As of November 1, 2020, The Equilism Town Hall has elected Governor General Westwind to hold Conservatorship of the Governance of Equilism. As a result of that action, Governor General Westwind takes residence in the Executive Offices of Equilism. The Mayor's Office is hereby renamed the "Office of the Governor General". Executive Orders and Statements issued by the Office of the Governor General shall be posted in this office. For reference, the mandate of the Town Hall, passed 31 October, 2020: This Executive Order goes into effect immediately. Signed, Governor General Westwind Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism 2 November, 2020
  9. Welcome to the Office of the Governor General! The Governor General welcomes all suggestions and idea for the governance and betterment of our region. Feel free to post your comments here in this thread, or contact the Governor General directly via private message, direct message, or telegram. Signed, Governor General Westwind Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism
  10. Westwind

    Become a Citizen!

    Welcome back! Your oath is accepted, and your mask updated.
  11. Korriban-Ziost

    Become a Citizen!

    I, Korriban-Ziost, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
  12. Westwind

    Imperial Invitation: LKE's 15th anniversary

    Thank you for the kind invitation, and congratulations on LKE's 15th Anniversary!
  13. Westwind

    Become a Citizen!

    My apologies for the region's failure to address your citizenship oath. I see that you have since moved to The North Pacific, and so are not currently eligible for citizenship. Please feel free to reapply should you choose to join us again.
  14. To those who thought it was in poor taste to have a zombie uprising during a real pandemic, I say: You make an excellent point. That's very reasonable. No-one wants to watch a horror movie when they're already living in one. But perhaps there's no better time to shoot Cure Missiles at zombie hordes than during a health crisis. It is a time when regions either work together and survive, or else sink in communal apathy. This year, despite extra challenges from an unknown start time and two surprise interventions, many regions again proved themselves to be vigilant and effective, successfully staving off the undead until the very end. Survivors 107.3 trillion 13.2% Zombies 257.8 trillion 31.7% Dead 447.8 trillion 55.1% You can find detailed reports via the little "[+] Z-Day" links that will hang around on region and nation pages for the next 24 hours. Final standings from the Z-Day Tally Board: Most Survivors: The North Pacific (23.7 trillion) Most Survivors + No Zombies: NationStates (5.1 trillion) Most Survivors + No Quarantine: Forest (3.6 trillion) Most Zombies: Osiris (12.6 trillion) Most Dead: Lazarus (20.7 trillion) And on nation scales: Most Survivors: @@JGConfig::nice_name("Kyupaa", 4)@@ (again!) Most Zombies: @@JGConfig::nice_name("War and Oppression", 4)@@ Most Dead: @@JGConfig::nice_name("Pendulous", 4)@@ Thank you for your tolerance of the 9th annual Z-Day. Happy Halloween! P.S. Regarding the concern that this year's Z-Day News posts were a deliberate lampooning of a particular country's administration, I just want to say that's a little unfair to a lot of governments, who have also been really terrible. {url}
  15. Wow! Okay! Whoever just hit my location with a Cure Missile, much thanks. I'm feeling a lot better now. Please disregard everything I said about not taking the threat seriously. That was zombie talk. We absolutely have to fight this thing until the end. Which is soon: Zombie apocalypse ends in: {url}
  16. I have received scattered reports of roving bands of undead feasting upon the living. To which I say: Thank you, and we'll deal with those as soon as we can. The real problem I want to discuss, though, is how some regions have closed their borders, and nations have redirected their resources into researching a "cure," or even exterminating zombie hordes with military force. I can't emphasize enough that this is a complete over-reaction. It is, in fact, this kind of needless fear that stokes division and prevents us from returning quickly to a regular lifestyle. As such, I am hereby taking the unprecedented step of ordering an immediate halt to all cure-researching facilities world-wide. I expect this to be completed within the next 30 minutes. Nations in the process of researching a cure will find that that research has automatically stopped. As these facilities are located within your nations, I can't prevent you from starting them up again. But I urge you not to do so, and to instead embrace a quick return to normal life alongside the zombies. edit: By the way, and I should have mentioned this earlier, we offer a way for you to ignore zombie-related nonsense: Settings -> No Zombies. This doesn't actually remove them from your nation, but it allows you to believe they're not there, which is practically the same thing. {url}
  17. I didn't want to have to do this. But I'm looking around and I'm seeing a lot of nations who have learned to live positively alongside the zombies being locked out of other regions due to emergency border controls. This is very unfair to zombie-tolerant nations. During past Apocalypses, I've always said that border controls are a matter for individual regions. But this needless fear and division hurts us all. Therefore, I am hereby striking down all Emergency Apocalypse Border Controls. Regions who had implented such controls will find that they are now removed. You can reimpose them if you really must. But why would you? Stop cowering in fear and embrace life again! Get out and stretch your legs! Use your brains! Yes, especialLy those. Your soFt, deliciOus braiNs. Get tHem outsIde. Where wE cAn rEach them. {url}
  18. A few minutes ago, we inadvertently displayed some information relating to the previous Zombie Apocalypse, which occurred in 2019. This was due to a technical error and definitely not because of fresh stirrings in the graves of the undead. That's for sure. We have this thing locked down. It's not going anywhere. We are 100% prepared. So please continue to relax and go about your normal business. {url}
  19. In accordance with Article 6 of the Charter of the Equilism Township, this is an Election At Will for Westwind to serve as a Voluntary Official as described: Title and Description of Office: This is a confirmation vote. Please vote in favor, or against.
  20. Some people seem to think there will be a zombie apocalypse around the end of October, with the undead rising from their graves to unleash a global wave of devastation, just because that's what's happened for the last eight years in row. To these people, I say: Relax! This year, we are fully prepared to contain and control the situation. So I'm pleased to say that there will be no need to panic, close your borders, or anything else. Just keep going about your business. There is a small chance that you may spot a few isolated zombies here and there. We can't completely rule that out. But if that happens, nobody should throw themselves into disarray over it. Instead, simply phone the international response hotline and we'll take care of it. Simple! {url}
  21. IMPERIAL INVITATION In Onderford, The 12th October, 2020 Greetings to you, Founder, Mayor, and Citizens of Equilism, The Empire of the LKE is pleased to invite you on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its foundation from October 29th until November 2nd 2020. On the occasion, our region and leaders will be truly happy to welcome you as guests to the festivities. During this grandiose anniversary you would have the opportunity to take part in cultural activities and competitions created especially for the occasion, to attend lectures by great names linked to the history of LKE or speeches promising to be famous and which will be given by eminent members of the Empire. We now hope to count you among us from October 29th! His Supreme Majesty Theoden Sebastion and the Imperial House, His Excellency Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova and the Imperial Council
  22. NationStates News

    NS -That Way MADness Lies

    This post comes courtesy of Issues Editor Pogaria. Good evening, my fellow nations. The Issues Editors, as promised, have maintained the closest surveillance of possible dilemmas that may be of interest to world leaders. Within the past few years, it has become apparent that there are even more intriguing situations that are not adequately covered by a single issue. The purpose of these multi-issue "chains" can be none other than to provide worthy quandaries for testing your nation's resolve. This latest effort was created to challenge those of you who have weapons of mass destruction. My fellow nations, let no one doubt that this is a difficult and dangerous effort on which we have set out. No one can foresee precisely what course it will take or what costs or casualties will be incurred. However, we do know that dismissing any issue in a chain will forever prevent your nation from ever receiving the chain again. No matter how dire the situation appears, or how close your nation is to annihilation, choosing one of the options will only lead to more issues, not the end of your nation. The cost of issues is always high, but the great leaders of NationStates have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose is the path of inactivity or ceasing to exist, because the greatest danger of all would be to do nothing. Thank you and good night. {url}
  23. N-Day5 is over! And it was an incredibly tight battle this year, with three Factions closing things out within a nuclear whisker of each other. In the end, Augustin Alliance couldn't be stopped from marching to their third N-Day victory, beating out An Alliance of Potatoes and Ba Sing Se. Final Leaderboard In time-honored tradition, last year's winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were everybody's favorite targets, finishing in last place with a world record-breaking amount of radiation (821,369). In fact, I believe that's 4.4 times more radiation than the previous record, which just goes to show: If a lot of people want to nuke something, it can get really nuked. On the other hand, Ba Sing Se deserves special credit for not only finishing 3rd overall, but doing so with zero radiation. Faction Score Nations Region 1. Augustin Alliance 287,488 5,375 Nations Augustin Alliance 2. An Alliance of Potatoes 284,847 5,938 Nations The Potato Alliance 3. Ba Sing Se 275,832 4,853 Nations The City of Ba Sing Se 4. CRAB 107,970 2,979 Nations CRAB 5. Fuster Cluck Coalition 44,956 633 Nations Northern Ocean 6. Second Best Test 29,194 25 Nations Big Farma 7. RAILGUN 18,531 265 Nations The Flyin Miniverse 8. Antinosean Army 8,802 9 Nations Antinosean Card Farm 9. Alnobian Nuclear Defense Alliance 8,290 1 Nation Alnobia 10. German Nuclear Force 6,236 5 Nations MG Puppet Storage Global stats: 475 factions were created. 38693 nations joined a faction. 4,359,585 nukes were targeted. 3,715,752 nukes were launched. 1,800,098 nukes were shot down. 1,916,864 strikes occurred for 1,536,382 radiation. And for the record, and in a confusingly slightly different format, here are Highest Scores Per Nation (with a minimum of 10 nations): Faction Region Score Score Per Nation Second Best Test Big Farma 29,194 1,167.8 Gholgoth Gholgoth 4,817 133.8 BAD Corps BAD Auxiliary 1,825 121.7 Neon Dreams Teremara 2,397 109.0 Fuster Cluck Coalition Northern Ocean 44,956 71.0 RAILGUN The Flyin Miniverse 18,531 69.9 Ba Sing Se The City of Ba Sing Se 275,832 56.8 Augustin Alliance Augustin Alliance 287,488 53.5 An Alliance of Potatoes The Potato Alliance 284,847 48.0 CRAB CRAB 107,970 36.2 Thank you for participating in N-Day5! And remember: Several people in the world today have the power to plunge us into a nuclear conflict at the press of a button. Have a nice day. {url}
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