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    Granted, but he'll keep pissing you with his wise old man style. I wish I would never get bored.
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  4. http://img01.deviantart.net/eeef/i/2015/336/8/6/the_land_of_kings_and_emperors_footer_800px_wide_by_porphyrogenita-d9isg01.png[/img] Foreign Dispatch Volume X, Issue II LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page WA Delegate: Cawdor East (Thea Sebastian) | Nation Count: 304 | Regional Rank: 35th | The Monarchy Emperor: Theoden SebastianEmperor Emeritus: Onder KelkiaEmpress: Thea SebastianCrown Prince: Linkin TalleyrandPrince Imperial: Akillian Talleyrand The Imperial Council Prime Minister: John Spencer-Churchill Deputy Prime Minister: Ivangorod1878 Minister of the Exterior: Thomas Insaniac Minister of the Interior: Wettinberg Minister of Communications: Hades-Lux of Arcadia Minister of the Cabinet Office: Vedant Madan The Imperial Senate President: Megaleiotha Eirhno (The Lion Party) Senator: Julio of Nulkia-Sova (The Lion Party) Senator: Wettinberg (The Lion Party) Senator: Ivangorod1878 (The Lion Party) Senator: Barzai (The Wolf Pact) The Lion Stands Strong Once more the Premiership, the Imperial Council, and the Imperial Senate of The Land of Kings and Emperors are controlled by The Lion Party. The foundations of the party had been called into question with former Prime Minister Nick Powell stating that he will no longer seek office, possibly alluding to the indefinite LoA he has since taken, and a similar decision being made by President of The Lion Party, Vedant Madan. However, the youth wing of the Lion Party stood stronger than expected. The February general elections saw Wettinberg and Ivangorod1878, both members of The Lion Party, campaign and were both successfully elected. Furthermore, Julio of Nulkia-Sova, another Lion Party member, was successful re-elected to the Imperial Senate. Along with these three lions, the general elections also saw Barzai of The Wolf Pact and Megaleiotha Eirhno, an independent, elected. In the Premiership we saw John Spencer-Churchill, Thomas Insaniac, and Edward Epistre each deciding to seek the position. The election went along party lines with the three members of the Lion Party quickly rallying behind John Spencer-Churchill and his quick confirmation as Prime Minister. An Anglo Adventure In the week of March 4th; Prime Minister John Spencer-Churchill, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Exterior, announced that the LKE will be participating in a state visit to the United Kingdom in the following week. The United Kingdom and The Land of Kings and Emperors have been allies since the Treaty of Argyll was first ratified in 2014, and we have been friends long before that. This is the first state visit to occur under the premiership of John Spencer-Churchill and it is expected to be a test for the young statesman. However, the United Kingdom and The Land of Kings and Emperors are on very good terms and we can only expect relations to improve with this visit. The state visit is scheduled for the week of March 10th. This state visit coincides with a diplomatic rebuilding of The Land of Kings and Emperors, as we seek to recruit new ambassadors and open new consulates in emerging regions of NationStates. We only expect to host and participate in more state visits, or cultural exchanges, and to open more consulates in the following months. A New (Imperial) Delegate February was a historic month for the World Assembly Delegacy in the LKE. After over three years in the position, Nick Powell resigned. Three years is the longest time anyone has served in the delegacy of the LKE and many were not sure who would succeed him; as the Imperial Army is a prominent force in the LKE and the delegacy requires your WA nation to be locked. Rising to the occasion however, the Empress of the LKE, Her Supreme Majesty Thea Sebastian declared her candidacy for the position. Support quickly rallied behind the Empress and she was dutifully elected by the electors of the LKE. On the night of the 26th of February, Her Supreme Majesty assumed the delegacy of The Land of Kings of Emperors as Cawdor East. Other News Of The Realm... -The Imperial Army is currently deployed in Iran, assisting our friends in The Roman Empire and The Black Hawks in the occupation of the region. Brought to you by the Ministry of the Exterior On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial Family of the LKE.
  5. The West Pacific Foreign Update - March 2018 Delegate: Davelands Guardians: Big Bad Badger Neenee The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Mediobogdum Rigels Light Bran Astor Ministers: Recruitment and Citizenry: Big Bad Badger Foreign Affairs: Saint Mark Internal Affairs: Bran Astor World Assembly Affairs: Aleister II TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Overthinkers Deputy Ministers: Sergeant-At-Arms: Kawaii Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ark (pictured: Election Night, the one night of the year Bran Astor can be seen wearing a suit as he anxiously awaits the results of the Internal Affairs Minister Election.) The West Pacific Holds Its 4th Regional ElectionsThe West Pacific held it's 4th cycle of regional elections last month, starting with the vote for Speaker of the Hall of Nations on the 5th through the 8th. Incumbent Speaker Overthinkers won out over Candidate Atlae Isles, with 63.64% of the vote. The West then held the votes for the ministries of Recruitment & Citizenry, Internal Affairs, and World Assembly Affairs on the 12th through the 18th. TWP Guardian Badger ran for Recruitment & Citizenry unopposed, with the only vote for abstention being his own. Bran Astor ran for Internal Affairs unopposed as well, winning with 100% of the vote. Aleister II, also known as Lamb, ran against States of Glory for World Assembly Affairs. Aleister won the election with 65% of the vote. The last round of voting commenced for Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Sergeant-At-Arms on the 18th and ended on the 21st. Ark won out over candidate Calradia and incumbent Wyvern for DMoFA with 69.57% of the vote. Kawaii ran unopposed for Sergeant-at-Arms and won with 100% of the vote. The West Pacific looks forward to seeing these new incumbents in action, and early projections suggest that this will be the West Pacific's most active elected government cycle yet! (pictured: TWPAF Pirate Flag flown under Altino's Command.) Altino Resigns As Commander of TWPAF The West saw a bittersweet moment late in February, with the resignation of Altino as Commander of the Armed Forces. In a heartfelt letter to her troops, Altino gave a brief overview of her time as commander, beginning with the collective "oh no" moment that came about after the resignation of tenured TWPAF Commander Yuno. When she first assumed command, Altino found the prospect of rebuilding TWPAF to be daunting. She notes in her letter that making the military work was due in large part to her closest officers: KhanterWinters, Overthinkers, and Bedebao. In only six months, this crew of ragtag privateers developed TWPAF into a formidable Pirate Fleet, one that would make its presence known to natives and Nazis the world over. Altino then noted that she was needed elsewhere - specifically, Osiris. The former Pirate Captain proceeded to name her successor: Overthinkers. Alt had this to say about the new Commander: "I've had my eye on him as my replacement since Day 1 and have tested and trained him in every way I could think of since then. He's come up with some of our most organized and helpful procedures behind the scenes, he wrote the WFE that we use on tags, he's been leading you despite being locked for a good while now, and I know that he's got what it takes to be the greatest Captain there ever was!" Quite a prediction to live up to, but we at the West Pacific are confident that Overthinkers will prove Altino right. Overthinkers has served admirably in TWP in various positions, most notably Speaker of the Hall of Nations (x2) and First Mate to Commander Altino. We echo Altino's high hopes for both Overthinkers and for TWPAF overall, and our allies can be assured that the Armed Forces will continue being the Scourge of the High Seas. We would also like to congratulate Altino on her appointment as Heiress Apparent of Osiris, and we look forward to working with her to make both our regions the best that they can be. (pictured: a flag representing the joining of TWP and Lazarus through their treaty.)[/size] The West Pacific and Lazarus Sign Historical Treaty of FriendshipThe West Pacific and Lazarus made history on February 8th, with the signing of the Chol Covenant. The Covenant is a treaty which came about as a result of rapidly strengthening diplomatic relations between the two regions. In a joint announcement made on TWP's News & Info thread on the NationStates forum, TWP Foreign Affairs Minister Saint Mark opened with this: "Our regions pursued this treaty with a desire to strengthen both the friendship between each other, as well as bolster our positions in the world at large. The West Pacific and Lazarus have supported each other in crucial moments of NationStates history and this treaty will stand as a monument to that cooperation moving forward. We seek to provide a foundation upon which we may create a stronger bond between our respective communities and we hope to stand together as a voice for sovereign ideals throughout the World." Residents of both regions were proud to see this sign of friendship. Moving forward, the West Pacific hopes to hold cultural events with Lazarus, wherein the two regions can further strengthen their bond and learn more about the unique characteristics of each region. It is our belief that this diffusion of cultures will make both regions better than they would be separately. (pictured: The Westphalian flag, with some added flair.)The Red Sun Sets on Westphalia NationStates history was made on January 27th, when the region of Westphalia was invaded by a massive group of raiders headed by The Black Hawks. Westphalia was a thriving region, and strongly defender-aligned. Prior to the raid, Westphalia had just joined the reformed version of FORGE: SWORD. SWORD failed to protect Westphalia as a massive swarm of updaters invaded. What was once a thriving region soon became a wasteland, flowing with rivers of Native Tears. While most raiders targeted the region both for its defender alignment and its membership in SWORD, the West had additional reasons for doing so. Most notably, the Founder of Westphalia was a noted rule-breaker and enemy of the West Pacific. We at the West Pacific do not take kindly to rule breakers, nor to regions that align themselves with rule breakers. As such, this invasion will go down as one with which TWP is most proud.
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  8. Osiris Oracle - March 2018

    We know that images can be tough on the eyes, depending on the size of your own screen, so here's a direct link to the Read-Only text version of this issue. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17kWL7t1bO5hx2X1lYSJdgsE8SUfjG7i_rWhjO9OQw1M/edit?usp=sharing
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    I require Mayor Masking
  10. March 2018 Mayor Vote

    With 6 Ayes and 3 Abstains, GraVandius has been confirmed as the new Mayor of the Equilism Township. Congratulations, @GraVandius!
  11. Update XXII

    Visit our Discord and our Forum WA Delegate: Catalyse | Culture Officer: Marilyn Manson Freaks | Foreign Affairs Officer: Frattastan | | Media Officer: PowerPAOK | Outreach Officer: John Laurens | Speaker of the Assembly: Fauxia News from the Assembly The Grim Reaper punches a Mottoist assemblyman during discussion of the "Regional Motto Act Repeal". This last month has seen growing activity in the Assembly, not just in the form of elections, of which there have been a few since the last update, but also in legislation and treaties! Two recent proposals have been brought up in the Assembly recently, the "Regional Message Board Act Amendment", which has developed into a proposal of a wider "Regional Officers Act", as the original RMB act predates the existence of Regional Officers, and the "Regional Motto Act Repeal", which deserves its own paragraphs. The "Regional Motto Act Repeal", proposed by The Grim Reaper, has led to heated discussion and has caused severe division among the ranks of the Assembly, leading to the formation of the two first informal political parties in The Rejected Realms: the Mottoists and the Anti-Mottoists. We will delve further into the two groups that have made the Assembly their battleground during this so-called "Motto Crisis". The Mottoists, which includes figures such as PowerPAOK, The Church of Satan and Marilyn Manson, argue that to repeal this law would be to gut TRR of a signifcant part its culture, and that the current motto is both meaningful and suitable to TRR, though radical Mottoists, led by Jeffersonborg, despite not being as strong defenders of the current motto, have gone as far as to propose that all RMB posts not including the motto in some way should be suppressed, or that every aspect of TRR other than the regional motto should cease to exist. The Anti-Mottoists, led by the repeal's proponent, The Grim Reaper, argue that the current motto lacks usage, not even being present in the region's WFE, is not a relevant part of the region's culture and that it is also non-representative and ill-fitting to the region, and believe that the enshrining of any regional motto into law is superfluous. When presented with the possibility of vote on a new motto being held The Grim Reaper had the following to say "If someone runs a motto contest I will genuinely stamp campaign for a no motto option.". While the Assembly approved of both the "Regional Message Board Act Amendment", with 13 votes for and 8 against, and the "Regional Officers Act", with 18 votes for and 1 against, these matters do not seem to be put at rest. While some wish to again hold a contest on the regional motto, others have already presented an amendment to the Constitution that would replace the "Regional Officers Act", and from which conversation about renaming goverment offices has erupted. Another recent and important piece of legislation that has been discussed in the Assembly is "Amendment XIX: Delegate Elections", proposed by the current Delegate, which has established that elections for the Delegate position will be held every six months after the previous election, in conjunction with the challenge system, making the election date flexible. The challenge system in which any citizen can challenge the Delegate for their position, provided their candidacy has enough support, and which was the only way one could run for Delegate before this amendment, after much debate, discussion and counter-proposals, which included a ban on consecutive terms, along with longer or shorter terms, narrowly achieved the 75% approval necessary for it to pass the Assembly, with 21 votes for and 6 against. In election news, the Assembly saw an highly contested run for the Speaker position. Then-incumbent Speaker Kyorgia faced PowerPAOK, Katie Rybeck and Fauxia. In a very close election that saw Kyorgia delve deep into the hell that is TRR's electoral system, Fauxia was declared the winner after a tie between him and Kyorgia was broken with a borda count of the preferential vote system. PowerPAOK, who has become an ardent contributor to The Rejected Times since becoming involved in TRR, was also elected Media Officer, with John Laurens choosing to not contest the challenge, though he was not absent from the Officer's quarters for too long, as he soon challenged The Church of Satan for the position of Outreach Officer, who also chose not to contest the challenge, and was elected. Written by Catalyse New Friendships Forged, Old Friendships Strengthened After having kept for some time a lower profile in the halls of diplomacy - no doubt due to widespread condemnation for its rich collection of hack writers and defender subversives - The Rejected Realms returned to treaty-making business last month, by concluding two new agreements: a cultural-oriented treaty with Forest, and a trilateral alliance with The East and South Pacifics, both of which passed with great support in TRR's Assembly. Forest is a famous environmentalist region, whose mature debating atmosphere, successful cultural activities and many outstanding inhabitants earned them a World Assembly Commendation last year. The treaty was atypical for partnering TRR with a non-Gameplay region, and focusing on matters of diplomacy and cultural exchange over security issues, but was received very well. At the same time, the government also sought to expand our relations in a more conventional direction, that of friendship with TRR's fellow game-created regions. "The January Accords" build upon the previous, fruitful bilateral alliance between The Rejected Realms and The South Pacific, with provisions for mutual defense, intelligence sharing, and cooperation on cultural matters, now extending them to The East Pacific. Known for its roleplays, its classical democratic constitutional framework, and its love of caek, The East Pacific has experienced a renaissance in various areas under Yuno's leadership, and had been under consideration for a treaty since the beginning of Catalyse's term as Delegate. The three regions assisted each other in their recent Delegate transitions, and look forward to closer cooperation in the near future. Written by Frattastan Awardees and Inductees The last two months saw several people receive awards for their contributions to The Rejected Realms. The Hall of Fame saw the induction of former Delegates, Kandarin and Naivetry, on the 25th of January, with Crazy Girl, longtime leader of the RRA and root admin and of the region's forums, being inducted on the 7th of February. Additionally, several people won, or were to nominated, to the Rejects Awards, which hopes to establish itself as an yearly event in TRR. There is much to say about the new inductees joining Sedge in the Hall of Fame. Kandarin was the one of the first, if not the first, native Delegate of The Rejected Realms and still considered an hallmark of The Rejected Realms and still held in high consideration in both TRR and abroad, while Naivetry, as Kandarin's successor, saw many changes come to TRR during her term, such as the adoption of TRR's first, and still current, constitution. Crazy Girl is the only one out of the current four inductees to not only still be active, but also to not have served as the Delegate of The Rejected Realms, despite probably being the most prolific "Delegate that could have been", not just because of her place as TRR's perennial candidate, but also due to her contributions to the region, her long service as High Commander of the Rejected Realms Army and her highly esteemed place among the NationStates community. The Rejects Awards saw several nominees, but in the end there could only have been one winner for the several categories. Catalyse, who after becoming a citizen in early 2017 went on to serve in several positions until become Delegate in December won in the categories of best newcomer, Reject of The Year, RRA Newcomer Soldier and Best Government Member Frattastan was a close second, with three awards, Most Outstanding Officer, The Greymarshes Achievement Award, Veteran Reject Award, followed by Guy, who won in the categories of Best Legislator and Best Werewolf Player. PowerPAOK, otherwise known as Nequedum, who became the Media Officer this year and has led the TRT revival, won the Pen & Paper Award, and Dark Aku, who was a staple of TRR's RMB until his nation CTEing in July of 2017, won the Outstanding RMBer Award. Additionally, the implementation of the Werewolf bot in TRR's discord and the forum games won the TRR Event of the Year award, while "Gaining Border Control in TRR is like finding a load of paper money in a society where currency has been abolished.", by Fratt, won the Quote of the Year award. Written by Catalyse Endorsements and Citizens on the rise With both the number of nations endorsing the Delegate and the number of citizens increasing, and with all-time records in both being beaten, the government of The Rejected Realms has reason to be positive about the region's outlook. The number of nations endorsing the Delegate has seen continuous growth since Catalyse was elected to the position, finally reaching the much awaited threshold of two hundred on the 12th of February, which, barring times when foreign militaries were endorsing the Delegate, has set a new record for the region, breaking Libetarian Republic's 195 endorsements. Reaching two hundred endorsements translates into an endorsement rate of 39%, which despite being relatively low in comparison to other GCRs and regions with large World Assembly Nations population, is a significant improvement on the 30% endorsement rate that The Church of Satan held in November of last year, representing 149 endorsements, and is an accomplishment in a region without ejection powers and where many puppets and inactive nations end up residing in. With 213 endorsements and a 42% endorsement rate at the time of writing, we are positive that not only we can continue to improve in this field, but that we can translate this improvement into a safer, more active and more dynamic regional community. The number of citizens has also reached an all-time high, with currently there being ninety-six citizens registered on TRR's forums. Despite TRR's relatively lax requirements needed to maintain citizenship, the Citizenship Council, the group of officials which is in charge of processing citizenship applications and removals, continues to be diligent in its work of maintaining an updated list of citizens and making sure all those in it fulfill the legal requirements. Written by Catalyse
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    <SCO VADM Alis Rimo> ::Alis was pacing the Conference Room and sighed. He had been in here for over an hour and still no one showed up. It would be a marvelous opportunity for any Starfleet Personnel. As far as Alis knew this was the very first time applications for a starship for all positions except the Commanding Officer were opened up. You could even apply to become the Executive Officer... Why didn't someone show up?:: =/\= SCO VADM Alis Rimo =/\=
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  23. Please vote For, Against, or Abstain on how the WA Delegate should vote.
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  26. March 2018 Mayor Vote

    Citizens, @GraVandius is the only standing candidate for Mayor. Please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain on confirming GraV for Mayor. The vote will be open for 3 days.
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