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    The North Star - Issue IX

    Spotlight #20 Interview With Zazumo by Robespierre, Minister of Home Affairs This month Zazumo is in the spotlight. Zazumo has served three times as the Minister of Defense under Siwale, taking a small break during Siwale's second term before coming in at the end to relieve Loz. He currently serves as a Gameside Advocate in Fiji's government. When asked to describe Zazumo in five words, his peers said that he was ‘competent, friendly, smart, active and a good teacher.’ He's also a lot of fun and brings positive energy to the region wherever he goes, and I was very pleased to get the chance to speak with him. He had a lot of interesting things to say, but he's very busy and we didn't want to stop talking to him, so the following is only part 1 of my interview. Robespierre: Good evening, TNP! Today, I’m joined by General Zazumo of the North Army! Zaz, how are you doing on this fine day? Zazumo: I'm just fine. Thanks for reaching out. How are you? Getting getting used to the minister life yet? Robespierre: Haha, I’m doing quite well actually. Have enjoyed a few days of vacation since leaving the Midwest this past Friday, now I’m on the east coast! Ooh, those midnight major update times... It’s great to hear that you’re doing fine. Now, as we do with most interviewee’s on the Spotlight, let’s start out with a couple of basics: The name Zazumo - any ideas as to where its origins lie? Zazumo: Lol if it does I've since forgotten. I thought it sounded cool at the time. Guess I just wanted a name as weird as I was. Robespierre: That’s fair enough, have you been in the game for a while by this point or was the North Pacific your first ever region? Zazumo: I vaguely remember leaving TNP early to join The Realm of Unrestricted Science. Those were very early days. I learned soon after that TNP was the world's largest region and I really want to be involved with such a large community. I've been stuck here since. Robespierre: When it comes to NationStates aren’t we all ‘stuck’? But hey, the good news is that when it comes to the warm and welcoming regional community that we have here in the North Pacific it makes the job of being stuck a lot easier doesn’t it? Zazumo: Oh absolutely, I only regret not being active Gameside sooner. For all the negatives many people instantly assume about the RMB, there's so much awesome to it as well. Mainly the people. There are so many folks on the RMB that make my day. Robespierre: Oh really? You mention Gameside activity, and that actually brings up something I wanted to talk to you about. I know you’re a Gameside Advocate as well in addition to being on the NPA’s High Command, what’s it like having the opportunity to interact with some of our newest nations? Zazumo: It's interesting. Obviously, you'll meet less than friendly people or trolls occasionally. But then there are newcomers who stay. People who have become a regular part of the community since joining. And that's fantastic. I don't consider it an opportunity. It's literally why I play the game. Oh and also cards. Robespierre: You guys are quite integral parts to the integration process, especially when it comes to the transition from the RMB over to the forums. Once you get them there the rest is history, but how difficult is it to steer newcomers in the right direction while also having your own personal favourite sets of activities in the region? Zazumo: We regularly advertise the off-site community throughout the day. We can only point them there. We can't make them join. It doesn't for me personally get in the way of other things since I'm already on the RMB slacking off. Robespierre: That’s true, you can’t make them join - obviously. But, I definitely think it helps that we have active GAs such as yourself who are comfortable on the RMB and willing to be patient with those who have questions. In my mind, it really sets the tone for our community’s integration process really should be about, wouldn’t you agree? Zazumo: I think that's accurate. You have to bear in mind that anyone new can be a young person. So patience is sometimes very necessary. cough Not naming names. cough But most importantly you gotta remember you're playing a game. Robespierre: Of course, and at the end of the day that’s exactly what we’re all participating in: a game. In the next part we discuss scouting RP'ers on the RMB and finding players who may be interested in other parts of the community, as well as Zaz's history with R/D and his rise in the NPA. Plus I get to the bottom of his legendary feud with Aerilia and I ask him what everyone is dying to know: just who is Aber? Don't miss it! NPA Bulletin by Robespierre, Deputy Minister of Communications & Knightblood, Member of the High Command Leadership Minister of Defense (MoD): General Bobberino Deputy Ministers of Defense (DMoDs): Colonel Knightblood and Colonel Koopa Lieutenant Robespierre and Lieutenant Yuno proudly display their new 'butterbar' officer insignia shortly after having been promoted to the North Pacific Army's corps by General Bobberino [spoiler=Promotions] Private Trondstorm was promoted to Private First Class Private First Class Trondstorm was promoted to Corporal Sergeant Yuno was promoted to Lieutenant Sergeant Robespierre was promoted to Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Robespierre was promoted to Lieutenant [/spoiler] It's me, it's me: it's the name that starts with an 'R' and ends with an 'e', your 'MacMilitant' Minister of Home Affairs, Robespierre! ... No, but seriously, with that bit of monthly narcissism out of the way - we're back at it again for round two of the NPA Bulletin with your favourite Lieutenant in the second month consecutively! Unlike last time, we unfortunately actually do have a more substantial amount of defender activities to report. Although the North Pacific's flag continues to wave above the world factbook entries of hundreds of regions captured during tag raiding, it seems as though there will now be more joint missions between the Army and allied avengers to speak of in the future. Recently, the North Pacific Army deployed to the region of Anontia alongside the Rejected Realms Army. The operation was a success, and at present, the High Command has ordered all available personnel to pile into the region in support of the liberation. Even so, that's not what you're here to read about now is it?! Nope, definitely not! I know what you want to read about: the adrenaline-pumping adventures of the NPA's dirty deeds done dirt cheap - that's what. Well, not to worry, we have plenty of raiding in store for you sprinkled throughout this update as well. Back to our winning ways: On the third of June's minor update, General Gladio coordinated a tactical assault on a region known as the 'Coalition of Authoritarian Nations'. Though, perhaps after being barraged by eight of the North Pacific's finest, they weren't so authoritarian for much longer after all, because everyone knows there's only so much exposure to democracy and ingestion of rejuvenating rum a few nation's people can take before they too start giving up their restrictive policies in favour of freedom. It didn't stop there either, as later in the week on the seventh of June's major update General QuietDad lead a squad of six soldiers on brief tag run that saw four regions fall. On that note, the High Command kept 'em coming! Just three days later on the eleventh of June's major update, General Bobberino spearheaded another charge behind enemy lines on an operation for which six soldiers seized two more regions. The next morning, yours truly was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer, effectively making me the second ever holder of the rank since now-Lieutenant TlomzKrano held it earlier on in the year. Quick to use this newfound authority, I decided to take the troops out on a four region fire run. That operation marked General Darcania's one-hundredth mission completed while with the North Pacific Army, so as a congratulatory token to his excellence on the General's Staff all tags that night were plastered with messages hailing the Floof! Relentless in our resilience, I was promptly promoted to the rank of Lieutenant alongside my fellow soldier, Trondstorm, who was promoted to the rank of Corporal; and on the thirteenth of June's minor update we set out together yet again in a fruitful effort that landed us six more sieged targets. Everyone got in on the action too, when multiple points that included General Malphe, General Zazumo, General Bobberino and Captain Owenstacey were all called upon to hit each target with ease. That night, we'd go on to rinse and repeat with another eight regions falling at the hands of Colonel Koopa and co. In a small team showdown, two soldiers joined me on the seventeenth of June's minor update to raid another set of regions. But it wasn't all rosy coloured pictures of raiding either, since, on the twenty-fourth of June's minor update, our favourite rat broke the streak of capture consistency when he and a small platoon of five other personnel detagged five native regions. In true-blue North Pacifican fashion, we just had to end off on a high note! I'll give you some highlights: How about a lightning fast tag run on the twenty-ninth of June?! Sixteen targets were hit and eight NPAers deployed. But what's most impressive is that Major Bluie actually came out of his sickened state IRL just to join in on the fun! Kudos to him for that, and it looks like he had some more excitement earlier in the day at minor update too because that was when General Bobberino took seven more troops on a tour to go see Kyorgia's Puppet Storage. I tell you, they must really have paid the Delegate of the Rejected Realms a good, long-overdo visit because he's been getting pinged in the spam channel ever since! Anyhow, this concludes another month of the NPA's mayhem. I hope you all enjoyed it, especially the natives who were kind enough to host us during our missions. We look forward to visiting many other regions soon! Regional Assembly Highlights by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly Regional Assembly June 2019 Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Dreadton, Funkadelia, and Brendog Vote Passed Nomination of Siwale to the Security Council put forward by Sil Dorsett. Status: Passed Summary: The Security Council voted to nominate Siwale to join its body. Siwale received broad support from members of the Regional Assembly, many citing his prior service as Vice-Delegate and Delegate as being the foundation for their support. Results: 40 Ayes, 4 Nays, and 3 Abstentions. Amendment to the Line of Succession put forward by Sil Dorsett. Status: Passed Summary: As some time has passed since the line of succession was updated, and several members had been added to the council and others leaving, the Security Council and the Vice-Delegate felt it was prudent to amend the Line of Succession. There was little opposition to the proposed Line of Succession and passed by a wide margin. Results: 30 Ayes, 3 Nays, and 0 Abstentions. Confirmation of Eluvatar, Owenstacey, and Brendog as Election Commissioners, put forward by Speaker Artemis. Status: Passed Summary: The Delegate, El Fiji Grande, appointed veteran members of the Election Commission Eluvatar, Owenstacey, and Brendog to serve for six months as Election Commissioners. The debate was quick as many felt that these three individuals both wielded experience in dealing with elections in the North Pacific. Results: Eluvatar - 19 Ayes, 3 Nays, and 1 Abstention. Owenstacey - 21 Ayes, 1 Nay, and 1 Abstention. Brendog - 21 Ayes, 1 Nay, and 1 Abstention. Instant Runoff Election Bill, put forward by Gorundu. Status: In Discussion Summary: An amendment to the way that elections are run in the North Pacific. This bill introduces the idea of implementing an instant runoff voting system for the General Elections. Talks are centering currently regarding the use of "Reopen Nominations" on the ballot and how it will be counted. Security Council Member Standards put forward by Praetor. Status: At Vote Summary: The Security Council Member Standards bill was introduced to address an issue that several individuals felt in regards to the Security Council. As the law currently reads, members of the Security Council do not have to maintain citizenship in the region. This bill amends the constitution to remove that exemption for maintaining citizenship from the Security Council. World Assembly Digest by Gorundu, World Assembly Correspondent General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time Right to Farm Status: Defeated Delegate's vote: Against Final vote (World): For - 5061; Against - 9728 Final vote (TNP): For - 141; Against - 433; Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.65% Recommendation: This proposal, while well meaning, fundamentally falls short in application and methodology. The proposal intends to create exceptions in nuisance laws for properly performing agricultural entities but fails to recognize the complexity and diversity of agriculture throughout the WA community as well as broadly asserting the inherent ability to own and maintain property despite nations' sovereignty to control those specific rights. Furthermore, this issue would be better handled on a property zoning basis where exceptions could be built in except where an entity violates the law similar to to 'accepted and standard agricultural practices. In accordance with the reasoning displayed above, and in hopes of a potential redraft, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. World Assembly Justice Accord Status: Passed Delegate's vote: For Final vote (World): For - 11753; Against - 3001 Final vote (TNP): For - 451; Against - 91; Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.66% Recommendation: The World Assembly Justice Accord effectively creates an overarching court system directly facilitated by the greater World Assembly. This is accomplished by created the World Assembly Judiciary Committee which will exist to maintain and appoint officials to the various courts held within this system. The purpose of these courts is to prevent noncompliance and fight it where ever it may be used to violate the rights of parties within noncompliant WA member nations. This is very important as compliance is the very essence of the World Assembly. Without proper discipline issued to those who simply ignore passed resolutions, there is no reason for nations to follow any resolutions, thus defeating the point of the WA. In an ideal world in which everyone acts according to the law, this would not be an issue, however this appears to be no perfect world. And thus, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. Prevention of Mutually assured destruction Status: Defeated Delegate's vote: Against Final vote (World): For - 2472; Against - 12247 Final vote (TNP): For - 69; Against - 434; Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.40% Recommendation: Prevention of Mutually Assured Destruction, while well meaning, is flawed and somewhat useless in application. The definition of Mutually Assured Destruction is not one synonymous with what players would be familiar with in real life, which leads to a misleading title. Furthermore, the proposal takes no steps to prevent its own defined version of MAD, therefore not achieving what it fundamentally sets out to do. The only binding clause is one that arbitrarily bans 'response systems' to nuclear attacks while never actually defining or specifying what it is banning. Due to this lack of clarity, non-lethal or even productive systems could be banned due to faulty interpretation because of the very open worded clause. Finally, this proposal creates a committee that collects and reports uses of MAD to the WAJC, despite it not being illegal. This indicates that the author is simply using this proposal as a stepping stone to push more constraining legislation in the future. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Security Council Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors Status: Defeated Delegate's vote: Against Final vote (World): For - 6790; Against - 8503 Final vote (TNP): For - 234; Against - 333; Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.65% Recommendation: The Land of Kings and Emperors has committed various actions in the past which make them worthy of condemnation. However, this Ministry believes that the proposal does not properly address the condemnable aspects of LKE and even goes so far so as to spread a potential falsehood within its text. In clause 12, this proposal states that an individual was scapegoated after being caught violating inter-regional standards on recruitment practices. There is no evidence of this ever occurring which brings significant concern to the legitimacy of any other claims that are not directly substantiated. In accordance with the issues raised above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Commend Woonsocket Status: Passed Delegate's vote: For Final vote (World): For - 10871; Against - 3613 Final vote (TNP): For - 504; Against - 31; Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.11% Recommendation: Woonsocket has a long history in 10000 Islands, a region also commended by the Security Council. In his time, he has served in numerous positions and through them contributed to NS as a whole. He has deployed over 400 times to defend regions and has participated in multiple operations to secure lawful delegacies in Game Created Regions. He has also spent an enormous amount of time recruiting for his region, enabling 10000 Islands to be the commended region that it is. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this commendation. Condemn Pierconium Status: Passed Delegate's vote: For Final vote (World): For - 12250; Against - 1715 Final vote (TNP): For - 487; Against - 36; Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.33% Recommendation: The Emeritus Augustus Pacificus of Pierconium, as he is known at present, is a nation that posseses a long, tumultuous history within various spheres of NationStates GamePlay (NSGP). Having been one of the original four founding members of 'the Empire', Pierconium's long-standing history of participating in and/or supporting various subversive activities that seek to undermine legitimate governments across NationStates is the subject that plagues the Security Council at this very moment. Despite the fact that his existence predates all records readily available, the practice of duality has enabled the continuance of Pierconium's unapologetic nature for his atrocious actions that span over the past decade. On two separate occasions the nominee has been the perpetrator of tyranny in the North Pacific; and as an influential member in Gatesville (a region known for its opposition to the World Assembly) it serves to reason that he'd be held partially responsible for the coup d'etat of Osiris in 2013, the overthrow of a legal East Pacifican government in 2008, the survival of the authoritarian Triumvirate of the West Pacific, and for the brutal purging of five thousand and five hundred natives between his reigns in both the Pacific and the North Pacific respectively. For the above reasonings it's suffice to say the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs strongly suggests a vote in favour of FOR the resolution. Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II Status: Passed Delegate's vote: Against Final vote (World): For - 8459; Against - 5594 Final vote (TNP): For - 195; Against - 302; Percentage of WA nations voting: 35.60% Recommendation: The proposed condemnation of Durkadurkiranistan would be the second time this player is condemned. While they are deserving of being condemned for their various acts, namely against this very region, this proposed condemnation falls short in a few key places. The delivery and writing is uninspired and conveys its items more akin to that of a laundry list than a convincing condemnation. Furthermore, there are concerns that this proposal could be used to justify the repeal of the original condemnation at some point in the future. This concern is present due to the fact that this proposal does not and cannot fully outline the various actions Durka took against TNP and its interests. Despite communication with the author on some of these issues, they remain even if not taken advantage of by them. In accordance with the statement above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Commend Common Territories Status: Passed Delegate's vote: For Final vote (World): For - 12250; Against - 1715 Final vote (TNP): For - 426; Against - 49; Percentage of WA nations voting: 34.37% Recommendation: The proposed commendation of The Empire of Common Territories, herein referred to as TECT, is one based primarily on a legacy of significant contributions to RP they have made in the various RP communities they have participated in. These include an international arms smuggling manufacturing company, money laundering services investing and banking services, and blood thirsty, imperialist hitmen peacekeeping private military forces. Overall, TECT is a well respected player who deserved this commendation and acknowledgment of their RP content on both a regional and international level. Following the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth Publisher: El Fiji Grande :: Executive Editor: Pallaith :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific. Index of Issues
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    The North Star - Issue VIII

    General Election Report by bowloftoast, Political Correspondent The Region is now "Fijitastic" with the election of our new Delegate. Spring has sprung for those in TNP’s northern hemisphere, and the May General Election provided verdant democratic ground for both perennial candidates and budding new political talent. The Delegacy: Keeping to his campaign promise of a single term, previous delegate Pallaith opted not to run this round, creating the opportunity for new leadership to rise, and keeping alive TNP’s tradition of encouraging citizens to engage in the pursuit of leadership positions. El Fiji Grande was the first candidate to declare, riding momentum from recent election to the Security Council, and having displayed great acumen as Minister of Communications. In his platform, Fiji emphasized a willingness to learn as he led, if chosen. Fiji deferred to those with greater experience during the campaign, and his platform became a work in progress. This willingness to adapt to the views of the community went a long way in building confidence in his candidacy, securing him 88% of the votes, and victory. St. George (Madjack) declared shortly thereafter. A former Delegate in Osiris, St. George brought executive experience to the campaign. St. George placed an emphasis on Ministerial liberty and gave a specific mention of the importance of an unfettered RP community. Previous indiscretions came to light, however, and with matters before the courts, St. George withdrew from the race. Not wishing to see El Fiji Grande gain the Delegacy uncontested, Lady Raven Wing rose to the occasion with an intriguing platform of Evil – and one must assume the accompanying chaos. Light on policy, heavy on goats, pants, and perhaps even goats in pants, this irreverent but timely campaign garnered nearly 12% of the popular vote, proving there can be no light without darkness. The Vice Delegacy: Hotly contested, with several vying for the number two job, the Vice Delegate race provided the counterpoint to the fait accompli that was the Delegate race. Incumbent candidate Sil Dorsett was going to be difficult to unseat on the heels of a nearly infallible term. Sil’s platform relied mainly on a positive track record, with some additional emphasis on regional security, continuing promotion of WA membership, and a well-executed Star Trek reference. These elements combined into a win and a second consecutive term, with 57% of the popular vote. Little is known about candidate Kirostan, but it is a testament to the region that a relative unknown may enter any race and run for office. Despite having no platform to speak of, Kirostan’s courage is laudable, and the candidate even captured a couple of votes. Praetor’s campaign for Vice was similar to Sil’s in focusing on regional security, but Praetor put a greater emphasis on game-side improvements and advocated for somewhat increased transparency. Overshadowed by the battle between a very popular incumbent and an exceedingly well-rounded rat dude, Praetor garnered 4 votes. Malphe came at the candidacy with a past experience in most TNP Ministries, a predisposition to security, and proven accountability. The emphasis of the platform was reliable execution of tasks matched with an openness to learn and evolve into the position. The Vice Delegate position is likely in Malphe’s future, but this time out, a respectable 35% of the popular vote wasn’t quite enough. Speaker: Fairly new to TNP and NS, Dreadton took on the mammoth task of unseating a popular incumbent, both out of a belief that that no candidate should run unopposed, but also with confidence in their understanding of the role. Stepping up is never easy, and Dreadton was rewarded with a respectable 12% of the popular vote. There was little doubt that Artemis would reacquire the Speaker role, and the variety of common-sense procedural amendments implemented over the last term spoke for themselves. More-of-the-same seemed to be all the refrain that citizens needed to secure 88% of the popular vote, and another term in office. Attorney General: With the future of the region’s AG position in question, three candidates declared, each seeking to carry the office forward. Two prevailed, but a runoff was required to determine the ultimate winner. Dinoium presented a comprehensive platform emphasizing greater public education of TNP’s laws to citizens / residents and outlined a potential internship program. Ambition to resurrect the AG office to greater activity in TNP garnered 23% support among voters. Not enough, however, to qualify for the ensuing runoff vote. Funkadelia gathered nearly 30% of the vote, and that was close enough to the frontrunner to trigger the eventual runoff. Emphasizing the need for reform in the region’s justice system, to a less adversarial construct, Funk expressed a desire to adapt a more inquisitorial format, to better expedite future cases before the courts. Once the runoff was complete, Darcania emerged victorious with 70% of the popular vote. The majority feeling was that Darc’s previous experience and acumen as AG would be critical as the RA decides whether the office should be maintained, or if the duties of the AG are to be parsed out to others in government. Summary: Delegate: El Fiji Grande Vice Delegate: Sil Dorsett Speaker: Artemis Attorney General: Darcania NPA Bulletin by Robespierre, Deputy Minister of Communications Leadership Minister of Defense (MoD): General Bobberino Deputy Ministers of Defense (DMoDs): Colonel Knightblood and Colonel Koopa Uh oh! It seems as though our Minister of Defense here in the North Pacific, General Bobberino, has once again fallen asleep for today’s updates (like usual...). Not to worry though, it looks like I, Sergeant Robespierre, will be reporting this time around instead! [spoiler=Promotions]Private Abraham was promoted to Private First Class Private Robespierre was promoted to Private First Class Private First Class Robespierre was promoted to Corporal Corporal Robespierre was promoted to Sergeant[/spoiler] Let me tell you, folks, this month your favorite soldiers from the North Pacific Army have been putting in the work necessary to serve the region proudly and have loads of fun while doing it! It started off with a nice World Assembly block operation lead by Lieutenant TlomzKrano on the region Authoritarianism Is Cool Kind Of, a mission where six of the Army’s finest (including myself for my debut raid in the NPA) deployed on the eighth of May at NationStates major update to swiftly capture the region. From there on out, it was more of the same. Raid after raid, officers took up arms in the spirit of peer leadership to seize many more regions. “Keep on keeping on” was practically the motto of the North Pacific’s personnel for the past month. On the nineteenth of May’s minor update, General Gladio and company were successful in targeting a couple of regions on yet another operation. On the twenty-third of May’s minor, the Army headed by Malphe struck again! And, on the major and the minor, troops lead by General Malphe and Lieutenant TlomzKrano combined to hit two more regions. Looks like not all of Malphe’s six rats were asleep either since on the twenty-fifth of May’s minor update his group of men took four more regions in the name of the North Pacific’s glory. Let’s not forget - it wasn’t all raiding either for El Fiji Grande’s Ministry of Defense. From the eighth of May’s minor update to the thirteenth of May’s minor update, the North Pacific Army worked in cooperation with the Warzone Federation to effectively secure multiple Warzones in the face of oncoming invaders. This was a lot like the time in late April when eighteen soldiers from the North collaborated with the Europeian Republican Navy to hold Warzone Africa. The highlight of the operation was Warzone Airspace, during which an astounding seventeen NPA soldiers took part in the campaign that spanned several updates. Upon the conclusion of the Army’s mission, Minister of Defense Bobberino saw fit to award those who participated with a Regional Liberation Award. In addition to such, all who displayed unwavering commitment and insurmountable strength to the task at hand were presented with the Warzone Federation Liberation Award. Lastly, in addition to everything mentioned above, the North Pacific Army found itself more than happy to assist its valued allies in the Rejected Realms with their standard procedure Delegacy transfer. From the twentieth of May to the twenty-third of May, sixteen NPAers deployed to go out and support newly-elected Delegate Kyorgia in his ascendency to higher office. Following that, the troops who participated were once again given a special ribbon to commemorate their sense of teamwork and unity to the goals given. "Exemplo Duceneus" - we lead by example! ... But, we're also still awaiting the awakening of Bobberino... for some reason... Gladio, it's coup time! :P Spotlight #19: Interview with Darcania by Dinoium, Deputy Attorney General and Gameside Advocate Views in this interview may not reflect the views of TNP's government Darcania was happy to hear that they could get a redo interview after a year of a previously attempted interview. Dinoium: Hello there and welcome to this month's The Spotlight. Today we will be interviewing Darcania! How are you doing this fine day, Darc? Darcania: Well enough. Dinoium: Great! Can you tell me a summary of your background in NationStates and The North Pacific? Darcania: Well, Darcania was founded in The North Pacific right away, and while I looked for a good RP UCR to settle into I never found one that met my needs, and so instead I became a roleplayer in TNP. During my first stint here, I quickly became a Citizen and joined the NPA as well. I first rose to prominence when I was a Deputy Minister of Home Affairs under Andrew, reviving the decaying Mentoring program and helping to set some standards for it. Later on, I also became a Roleplay Moderator when that program was revived, and also served as the NPA Chief of Staff under Eluvatar. Unfortunately, a conflict with how RP was led and moderated led to me leaving NS for about a full year. A year later, I came back after some prompting from Syrixia pointing out that RP leadership had improved since I left. While I intended to get back into RP, I never managed to really get back into it and become a mainstay of RP like before. Instead, I became more involved in the regional government, becoming a Deputy Minister of Culture under Syrixia and Goyanes, and one of Ash's many Deputy Attorneys General. I even ran for Delegate, though I withdrew my candidacy before voting. After Ash left NS, I was elected into office for the first time as Attorney General, where I would serve for the better part of a year. It was also during Pallaith's first Delegacy that I was appointed into my first Ministry position, Minister of Defense. Nothing of note happened during either, though I was appointed a forum administrator during this time. Soon after, I was elected Speaker in a special election, where I served with distinction, bringing much-needed speed and consistency to the office. Many were wondering when I would run for Delegate, though I never did. Soon enough I declined to run for another Speaker term to run for Vice Delegate, though, again, I dropped out of the race before voting began. I then left NS for a second time about a month later, though this leave wouldn't last for a full year. I returned to NS and, while I had lost much of the influence I had during my heyday, I was still appointed for a second Ministership, once again as Pallaith's Minister of Defense. Though I resigned before the term was over, I remained to assist the incoming Minister, Bobberino, as he took the reigns for his first time. And here, we reach the present day. Dinoium: That seems to be an impressive background. Which one do you think was the best position in your opinion? Darcania: While I served well as Speaker, better than my terms as Minister of Defense, in my opinion, I also caused undue stress on myself due to undertaking all of its duties on myself, due to inactive Deputies. At the time, I also had to handle the majority of forum and Discord administration. I also failed to leave the office in any good state when I left it, leaving behind almost no resources that future Speakers could take advantage of, beyond Feyt's (now Madeline's) autorole functionality for the Discord server. My second term as Minister of Defense was by far my favorite term in office. While there was still paperwork and spreadsheets to take care of, both of which I excel at handling if you'll pardon the pun, I also had to consider "soft" data as well, such as the state of my soldiers and our relationship with other military organizations. While I was unsure how well I would handle this coming into my second term, it proved to be a challenge that I overcame with zeal. The various challenges of a Minister position are a far cry from the sleepy days as Attorney General or the rote tasks as Speaker, and I enjoyed tackling these challenges and innovating new ways to handle them. Dinoium: Interesting. Seeing how that was your favorite experience, who do you think was the best Minister of Defense in terms of leadership and merit? Darcania: It's tough to beat the legendary Gladio. His experience in the position is unrivaled by any current NPA soldier, and even after a term in TNP's Security Council, his triggering remains top-notch. While most of the newer soldiers, including our current Minister of Defense, have never experienced Gladio in the position, I have, and his sheer consistency in the office is unmatched. Recent MoDs would have to step back after only a term due to how much work the office entails, yet Gladio managed to serve many terms in a row without tiring from it. Dinoium: Yeah Gladio is a great Minister of Defense. Without releasing anything operation secret, what do you think is a great tactic to use when Raiding or Defending (i.e. Programs to use; strategies, etc.)? Darcania: Most organizations by now, when requiring precision, will use a program to find targets, a program to find trigger regions, then use manual triggers from those regions. For looser operations like detags, there are also some programs that will figure all that out on their own for you, but nothing remains as accurate as manual triggering. As for the details, I believe they'd be outside the scope of this interview - so anyone looking to try them out should look around for these programs themselves or even join their local military organization (for example, the North Pacific Army) to get some hands-on practice in. Dinoium: Alright then. Who in your opinion was the biggest mentor to you in NS? Darcania: I can't particularly point to a single person who was a larger mentor than anyone else. Ever since I joined, I've generally acted independently and learned on my own, or from simple observation. Through various leaders in TNP I've learned from their successes and their mistakes, and I would often butt heads with these leaders due to my independent streak. However, my general laid-back attitude and friendly demeanor have prevented most of these incidents from damaging my friendships with these leaders. From MadJack to Raven and from Ghost to Gladio, there is no shortage of experience that a new player can learn from, nor a shortage of mistakes that a fresh set of eyes can see and resolve when they rise to the top spot. Dinoium: That must be good to mentor yourself by observing successes and mistakes. Is there any specific advice you would like to give to anyone reading this on how to become as successful as you? Darcania: I would say to start out by finding your niche, or niches. I started in roleplay, for example, and Bobberino found his niche in the NPA. As you devote your time and effort there, you will eventually find success, and from there, you can blossom out and find other areas you can succeed in. You'll already have a foothold in your home turf, so to speak, and as you gain more well-rounded experience, learn from more leaders, and gain a name for yourself in many areas, you'll quickly find yourself being talked about as a future Delegate. For example, I explicitly avoided anything law-based when I first joined, but as I learned more about it and made more of a name for myself as a legal mind, I now have a small measure of notoriety in that area. That said, there's no reason to shoot for the high spot. In other areas of the game don't suit you, don't force yourself. There's nothing wrong with being a leader in your own spheres and niches. Dinoium: How do you come up with the Floof/Fluff and why do you think has it made much importance. Darcania: Well, it's a bit of a long story, but a long while ago, Yalkan and I would talk late into the night in TNP's main Discord server (making it the most active NS Discord based on the Heartbeat's data), and as time progressed our RPs together became more serious. However, after two years of RPing with the same characters, we realized that our characters had grown to the point where they had no character arc left, and thus were no longer interesting to RP. We retired those characters and brainstormed new characters, furred dragons from a waning dragon clan in the far tundras of the north. These new dragons were furred dragons, and of course, I changed my Discord avatar to match my character - and I chose a red and white dragon with a crown on its ear [picture seen above]. At the time, I also held citizenship in TWP, and they (mostly Altino) noticed right away. A short time later, I met TWP native Skymoot, aka Fedora Dan, and the two of us in a way helped to kickstart RP in TWP's Discord server. Skymoot later joined TNP's server, and he, Yalkan, and I managed to associate my NS persona with Floof by our conversations. It became a bit of a meme in TNP after that, and with my growing popularity and influence in TNP at the time, it rather quickly became a staple of my persona. As time passed it became on par with Flemingovianism among those members too young to remember its heyday. Nowadays it's not as important, due to my own waning popularity after my own heyday. Yet, it retains some importance among some members, as well as some fond memories of my own heyday, and fluffy dragons at this point are too tied to my NS persona to warrant a change now. Dinoium: Seems like Flemingovianism really had a competition huh? Well, that seems like that's all the questions we have today. Is there anything else you would like to say? Darcania: Hail floof. Regional Assembly Highlights by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly Regional Assembly May 2019 Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Dreadton, Funkadelia, and Brendog. Vote Passed Onsite Authority Enhancement Bill, put forward by Pallaith Status: Passed Summary: TNP Law is very strict in the manner that nations can be banned from the region, and did not allow bans of individuals who have been banned from the forum by Administration. This proposal expands the authority of the Executive to issue a regional ban of individuals banned from the forum by Administration for the same length or shorter. Results: 37 Ayes, 3 Nays, and 3 Abstentions. Treaty of the Northern Passage, put forward by Minister of Foreign Affairs McMasterdonia. Status: Passed Summary: A Bilateral treaty negotiated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs between the North Pacific and Europe to strengthen ties and develop a natural alliance between the two regions. TNP and Europe wish to develop further relations and open dialogue. The Treaty received a large margin of support. Results: 33 Ayes, 0 Nays, and 1 Abstentions. Election Commissioner Confirmation of COE and Siwale, put forward by Speaker Artemis Status: Passed Summary: The newly elected Delegate, El Fiji Grande, appointed veteran members of the Election Commission Crushing Our Enemies and Siwale to serve for six months as Election Commissioners. Debate was quick as many felt that these two individuals both wielded experience in dealing with elections in the North Pacific. Results: Crushing Our Enemies - 27 Ayes, 3 Nays, and 1 Abstentions. Siwale - 24 Ayes, 4 Nays, and 2 Abstentions. Current Business On a Proposed Amendment of the Wording of the Legal Code put forward by AntityranicalsStatus: In Discussion Summary: An amendment to the Legal Code to strike the word planning from Section 1.7.22 of the Legal Code and insert the text “, or colluding towards the goal of committing such a crime. This section of the Legal Code deals with the Criminal Code of TNP and specifically defining the crime of Conspiracy. The Author offers that this amendment will help provide clarification to the definition of Conspiracy. Criminalising Espionage in Our Partner Regions, put forward by St George. Status: In Discussion Summary: This bill further restricts the ability of the North Pacific to conduct espionage by prohibiting the practice in regards to any region the North Pacific has passed a treaty with. Currently, the law states that the North Pacific will not conduct espionage against regions that the Regional Assembly specifically exempts. The AGORA Act, put forward by Siwale and Crushing Our Enemies. Status: In Discussion Summary: Former Attorney General Crushing Our Enemies and Former Deputy AG Siwale introduced legislation to abolish the office of the Attorney General and roll the duties into the Courts of the North Pacific. Currently the proposal indicates that a prosecutor may be appointed by the Delegate to handle matters on a case by case basis. If the Delegate is under investigation, then the next individual in the Line of Succession will make the appointment. Delegate’s Report Bill, put forward by Brendog. Status: In Discussion Summary: A bill that would require the Delegate to present a regular report to the Regional Assembly summarizing the activities of the government. Discussion has mainly centered around the time and frequency that the report must be presented. The current text of the bill stipulates that the report must be given after 7 and 14 weeks upon the Delegate taking office. Siwale’s Security Council Application, put forward by Sil Dorsett. Status: In Discussion Summary: The Security Council of the North Pacific nominated Siwale to join the Council following a vote of 8 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstain, and 1 not present. The motion was presented to the Regional Assembly and is currently under discussion on the merits of the applicant and if they would help provide for a secure TNP. World Assembly Digest General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time Repeal: “Endangered Species Protection” Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 13,539 Against: 2,859 Final Vote (TNP): For: 478 Against: 92 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.72% Recommendation: The target, Endangered Species Protection, is well meaning but flawed as outlined by this proposed repeal. The target possesses vague definitions and is ambiguous on how far certain aspects it extends its protection to, which causes concern on what is protected and why is neglected in application. The resolution also does not prevent items such as harming organisms in a non-fatal manner, which allows for avenues for abuse. Furthermore, the repeal calls for restorative action to prevent species from remaining low once protected. Finally, replacement legislation must pass as soon as possible so as to protect those various organisms during this repeal. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. Protection Of Airspace Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 9,737 Against: 6,749 Final Vote (TNP): For: 171 Against: 390 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.5% Recommendation: Protection of Airspace possesses many flaws, the majority of which stem from the proposals definitions. "Aircraft" in the way that it is defined requires sapient beings to have total control over the vehicle at all times. This becomes problematic in UAVs/Drones and even autopilot for manned vehicles as neither would be 'aircraft'. Furthermore, air-foil based flight at increasingly high altitudes is much more complex than a question of whether it is possible or not at any given altitude. This definition also makes the application of all clauses and definitions forthcoming subjective as nations will vary. Finally, this proposal only aims to supply an arbitrary amount of sovereignty that is most likely already present unless further legislation is given. It then further requires supplying information to the ITSC for international travel despite not having any additional mandates to accommodate for the aircrafts responsibilities and works abroad. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Preventing Species Extinction Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 13,528 Against: 1,522 Final Vote (TNP): For: 533 Against: 49 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.97% Recommendation: This comprehensive resolution seeks to expand on protections initially outlined in the recently repealed GAR#66 and enhances regulation to encompass the full scope of living species. The resolution also clarifies the objectives of the WA Endangered Species Committee to better track and adjust for natural fluctuations in species' populations, and to take a more proactive approach in general conservation through strengthened enforcement protocols. Greater onus is also placed on WA nations to ensure habitat protection for at-risk species to reduce encroachment through human development. Nations must also develop plans for species recovery from near-extinction events, update both conservation and recovery plans frequently to align with the most recent science, and make greater efforts to reduce species-threatening pollution within their borders. Finally, the resolution allows common-sense exemptions, with WAESC approval, for nations to waive regulations when species pose a threat to the wellbeing of citizens, and eradication represents a net positive for the overall, living environment. For these reasons, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this resolution.
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    Roleplay Reel - Issue I

    We are aware that not everyone is equally appreciative of image-based NS newspapers. As such, we've included the standard format mostly plain-text version of the newspaper in the spoiler below. We hope you enjoy reading this month's issue! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to telegram the current TNP Minister of Communications [nation]El Fiji Grande[/nation] or Minister of Culture [nation]Prydania[/nation].
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    The Northern Lights - Issue XXVIII

    TNL is always a pleasure to read!
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, it starts right after dinner I wish all the regions that I am in gets 1000+ extremely active citizens
  7. [h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h] [h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h][h][/h] Apologies about the messed up page 12. If you still can't read it , here's the dispatch link: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1206723
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    Press Release: The North Pacific Army deploys to Lazarus On the orders of Minister of Defense Bobberino, The North Pacific Army deployed in support of the delegacy transition from outgoing Chief Executive Officer Imkiville (Imki) to incoming Chief Executive Officer Treadwella (Tubbius).The North Pacific Army deployed 16 nations in support of this transition. Delegate Pallaith expressed his appreciation to Imki for her service as Delegate of Lazarus and for her conscientious work in restoring unity and stability to Lazarus. Likewise, he congratulated Tubbius on his new role and wished him the very best.
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    The North Star - Issue VI

    Campus News by Marcus Antonius, Chancellor of The North Pacific University The North Pacific University Has A New Chancellor Chancellor Marcus Antonius On March 9 2019 I took on the mantle of Chancellor of The North Pacific University. I would like to thank St. George [nation]The Notorious Mad Jack[/nation] for his hard work and efforts as chancellor within these hallowed halls of the university and for personally recommending me to take up this honorable position. Within the university there have been fits of activity that have subsided almost as soon as they have begun, my efforts included. I am grateful that there are still forum members that contribute to our knowledge database. It is my intention to try and maintain and encourage their efforts. I have a great personal passion for history and the arts. This is reflected in my humble submitted efforts. That aside we must remember that the university was created for bringing education and knowledge of NationStates and The North Pacific to the populace of the region. I am aware that our Delegate, Ghost [nation]Pallaith[/nation], has a vision of developing the University. As chancellor, I shall endeavor to bring about his vision. I would be interested to hear feedback and ideas on what is needed to make this vision become a reality. One of my first acts as Chancellor was to appoint St. George [nation]The Notorious Mad Jack[/nation] and Prydania [nation]Prydania[/nation] as my Vice-Chancellors. They will be the first members of the University Committee. I will be seeking further members as my tenure continues. I have also commissioned a Coat of Arms for the University. The design was composed by Prydania [nation]Prydania[/nation] with further embellishments by Malpe [nation]malphe[/nation]. It comprises of the following elements. A sun rising over water, indicating the sun always shines over the Pacific. The open book, meaning study, with the numbers 2012, the year the University came into existence. An Owl, the universal symbol of wisdom, teaching and learning. The crossed pens, symbolizing the work of the student. The symbolized star, a commonly used motif in The North Pacific' heraldry, representing The North Star or to give it the correct name Polaris. Finally the motto “sequere Polaris“ which translates from the Latin to “Follow The North Star”. I would take this opportunity to thank all who have supported the University in the past and appeal to them to continue to do so. I would also appeal to any budding writers out there, who have lectures or articles they would like to share in the University to get in touch with myself [nation]Ethnon[/nation], [nation]The Notorious Mad Jack[/nation] or [nation]Prydania[/nation].You will find The North Pacific University here https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/forum/3038622/ so please, come and visit us. I have a real passion for the university to become a shining beacon in the minds and lives of the nations of The North Pacific, I hope you will find this too. "in victoria!" (To Success!) MARCVS ANTONIVS Chancellor of The North Pacific University [nation]Ethnon[/nation] Judiciary Election Results by BMWSurfer, Acting Minister of Communications Bootsie and friends celebrate victory in the elections and form an "Eluvatar" The dust has settled on the first Judicial Elections of the season. An impressive total of 23 people were nominated for this election, and in the end, 7 candidates ran in the election. Let’s take a look at them: Eluvatar In his campaign, Eluvatar drew from his extensive experience going back to 2006, including being delegate of TNP and writing many of her laws. Eluvatar, in an exchange with McMasterdonia, did an in depth analysis of the fictional hearing found in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Eluvatar also defended the length of time it takes for the courts to conduct reviews, saying that procedural correctness must be followed. He did, however, say that the courts should take suggestions on how to better do this. Lord Lore A 2 time former justice, Lord Lore kept his campaign simple, directly opening up his campaign thread to questions. I’m contrast to Eluvatar, Lore agreed that court reviews take too long and that they should be shortened. He also dismissed the argument that the court doesn’t get new people very often. Bootsie Bootsie, a longtime security councilor and former Justice, made communication the center of his platform. He believes that the court should communicate with the people better. When asked about review lengths, Bootsie said that reviews should be optimized to take as little time as possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the process. Dinoium Dinoium had by far the most complex and involved platform of all the candidates. His campaign was based around a more active judiciary. He proposed creating several programs to achieve this goal, including the creation of an appointed court staff and a joint program with the Attorney Generals office. He also promised that he would review all Regional Assembly legislation to ensure their legality. Romanoffia Romanoffia, a former Security Councilor and Justice, also kept his campaign simple. He promised that he would follow “Due Process, The Constitution, Legal Code and Separation of Powers”. King SillyString SillyString, a longtime member of TNP and justice, ran on a platform of precedence. In her campaign post, she emphasized a new policy that was adopted by the courts last term. She, like Eluvatar, defended the length of time taken by the courts for reviews. When asked about the lack of new faces on the bench, she said that the courts were not suited to newer players. Janus Janus, also known as isimud, posted a late campaign thread that focused mainly on his history and background as a part of TNP. King SillyString, Eluvatar, and Bootsie won the election. Discussion SillyString, Eluvatar, and Bootsie clearly won due to their previous experience in the region and the courts. Dinoium was also a favored candidate in the election, but his activist views on the courts likely cost him votes from the more traditional voters of TNP. Lord Lore was another favored candidate due to his experience, but just couldn’t get voters excited about the courts like the others. Janus didn’t have a campaign until just before voting started which likely hurt his prospects, and Romanoffia had a lengthy exchange with the admin team in his campaign thread which may have alienated voters against him. NPA Bulletin by Bobberino, Minister of Defense The North Pacific Army swept through February and March in fashionable terms. The soldiers went from region to region, sweeping clean of native scum; or went from region to region, sweeping clean raider scum and reinstating native unity, depending on the direction that former Minister of Defense Darcania's floof flowed in the wind that particular day. Warrant Officer Rank Tab Important news; the NPA passed a resolution proposed by then-MoD Darcania to institute a new rank, Warrant Officer. The officer test no longer could fulfill the standards of the draggo, who regularly orders his soldiers into 40-tags to "test their switching speed." and thus the Warrant Officer rank allows the MoD to hold rightful officers hostage until either they are burnt out to oblivion, or the oligarchy permits the torture to stop. Yet another power grab by the reckless and harsh policies of the oligarchy while the people are left behind yet again. NPA forces at The Battle of WinterFell For the lolcow of the report… we have Winterfell! We spun the wheel of floof because the wind wasn’t blowing that day. So we landed on a raid. It started off harmless, with Bob being asleep at the major and being pingspammed, Dino quoting the legal code and stating “Correct”, and a smol lil incident thanks to some memeposting. We also did some border control work for when we ban Siwale for TSP interference in the election. More to come on that. Bobberino, the new Minister of Defense, in discussion with his staff. The day this was due, Bob became MoD. So instead of doing this on time like a good DM of Comms would, Bob decided to write this blurb. And before Bob is attacked and dragged away by the oligarchy, he'd like you to know that ----- muffled screams ----- Everything is fine and under control in the NPA. O7 Spotlight #17: Interview With BMWSurfer by Bobberino, Deputy Minister of Communications Views in this interview may not reflect the views of TNP's government BMWSurfer is surprised and caught, by Bobberino, for an interview. Bobberino: Welcome to The Spotlight, BMW! I am excited you were able to take part in this edition. BMWSurfer: Thank you! I’m excited to be here! Bobberino: So let's start with your beginnings - how did you first join NS? BMWSurfer: Well, a friend who was building a communist paradise on NS invited me to join. I initially didn’t play very much, and I almost CTEd in the beginning. But, I eventually was sucked in like everyone else. Bobberino: Oh, that sounds interesting. Was that in a UCR of his? Or simply his nation? BMWSurfer: His nation. He didn’t last very long in the game, though. Bobberino: Gotcha. So what brought you to the shores of The North Pacific? BMWSurfer: Well, I originally founded in The South Pacific, and hopped around UCRs for a while, but decided joining the biggest region would allow me to figure out the game before moving to a smaller region with more responsibilities. I liked this region so much that I decided to stay. Bobberino: I actually ended up similarly - I just founded in TNP and stayed. How'd you get involved with TNP's gov? BMWSurfer: Well, after I joined, I spent a few months joining and participating in all of the various Ministries and in The North Pacific Army. I eventually found my niche, which was World Assembly Affairs. Eventually, I became a deputy there and was very dedicated to that position. This gave me name recognition, and eventually got me hired as Minister of Home Affairs. Bobberino: That makes sense; again, I draw similarities to myself there. What has been your favorite position thus far? BMWSurfer: Honestly, my first term as Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs was my favorite. We had lots of fun, and I didn’t have as many responsibilities as a deputy. Bobberino: I'd say Fiji has me working, as do you! Lol Where do you foresee yourself in TNP in a year? BMWSurfer: Well, I see myself still serving my region in whatever way I can. Bobberino: Do you see another Delegacy run? Y'all and your endorsements SMH. So what made you stick in NS? What do you like most about it? BMWSurfer: Well, for me its the people. I have met so many great people on NS and that has been the reason I stay. Bobberino: Definitely; we got a lot of good eggs in NS. Very interesting to learn about the host of personalities that take part in such a niched game. BMWSurfer: For sure! It is interesting how borders dissolve and national identities become irrelevant on the internet, and on NS especially. Bobberino: Definitely. Speaking of, is there one positive memory that sticks out in your mind in terms of your NS career? BMWSurfer: The first time I was able to successfully plan and organize a defensive operation in the NPA, and the night I became an officer. I just remember thinking for really the first time in my NS career, "I got this. I know what i'm doing." Bobberino: My officer test stuck out to me too, yeah! What advice would you give to TNP's new folk? BMWSurfer: I would say: jump in! Get as involved as possible and be as outgoing as possible. Once you find your niche, you can start focusing on that, but having the experience of the various aspects of the region is priceless. Bobberino: Awesome stuff and true advice. Who do you look up to in TNP? Who are your mentors or trusted friends? BMWSurfer: The two people I most look up to here are El Fiji Grande and Deropia. Deropia was my first boss and a true mentor to me. I wouldn't be here without him. Fiji is one of my most trusted advisers. Bobberino: I miss Dero. Great dude and a trusted friend. I wish him well wherever he is. Is there anything you're never asked you feel you should be? BMWSurfer: I don't think so. Bobberino: Is there anything you'd like to be remembered by? Not expecting you to leave, but in case you pull a Dero. (Cries) BMWSurfer: I would like to be remembered as an honest, generally good person. Nothing fancy. (sticks out tongue) Bobberino: I'd prefer to be remembered as the eccentric, hardworking memer. Just who I am. BMWSurfer: And that you will be, bob. (sticks out tongue) Bobberino: You're the groundhog I fed the other day right? Those carrots were poisoned. BMWSurfer: Uhhh.... I don't feel so good... *BMWSurfer left the channel* Bobberino: Victory is mine! BMWSurfer: Ha! ha! Bobberino: Is there anything else you'd want to add? BMWSurfer: Nope. Thank you for your time! Bobberino: Likewise! Cheers! Regional Assembly Highlights by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly Regional Assembly March 2019 Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Bobberino Artemis looks on at events in the Regional Assembly Vote Passed Amendment to the NPA Doctrine, put forward by Knightblood. [ B]Status: Passed[/B] Summary: Previously the Legal Code of the North Pacific recognized the legal name of the military of TNP as the North Pacific Armed Forces (NPAF). Knightblood proposed amending Chapter 8 of the Legal Code to rename the military as its commonly known name, The North Pacific Army (NPA). VOTER BREAKDOWN Current Business Vice Delegate Check Efficiency Bill, put forward by Sil Dorsett. Status: In Discussion Summary: Vice Delegate Sil Dorsett has proposed an amendment to Section 6.1 of the Legal Code which deals with the Vice Delegate’s Security Checks of nations applying for citizenship in TNP. This bill continues to be in discussion before the Regional Assembly. The Ministerial Ethics Law, put forward by Wonderess. Status: In Discussion Summary: A proposal to establish a Mandatory Ministry that will be charged with ethical affairs of the government of TNP. The purpose of this office will be to decrease corruption in the regional government by advising the Delegate on issues regarding ethics and producing public reports of government activity that will be available to the citizens of the region. This bill continues to be under discussion . Recall Reform Act, put forward by Romanoffia. Status: In Discussion Summary: A discussion brought forward to add specific instances that a government official of TNP can be recalled by the Regional Assembly. Currently, the Regional Assembly can recall any official for any reason with a 2/3rds majority vote. While no specific changes have been proposed, the thought process is to prevent a recall of an official unless a specific violation of a specific law or legal requirement of position is cited. The Regional Assembly would still be required to meet a 2/3rds majority to recall an official. This bill continues to be discussed before the Regional Assembly. Making sense of who are government officials, put forward by Haor Chall. Status: In Discussion Summary: A discussion started to properly identify the role that certain officials, primarily Deputy Ministers have as government officials. The debate has led to a proposed constitutional amendment to Article 7 and amendments to Chapter 6 and 7 of the Legal Code. World Assembly Digest by Marcus Antonius, Deputy Minister of Communications General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time. Repeal: “Defending The Rights Of Sexual And Gender Minorities” Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 4088 Against: 11740 Final Vote (TNP): For: 128 Against: 457 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.2% Recommendation: The targeted resolution, in application, is one of the most far reaching and beneficial pieces of civil rights legislation in recent WA history. While there are certainly holes to be filled and issues to still be addressed, a full repeal is not the way to achieve this. In knowing that the author had the best intention for those who have lacked civil rights in the past, this ministry hopes that extraneous legislation is introduced to patch the potential loopholes pointed out by the repeal. In conclusion and hopes for additional legislation to be introduced, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended a vote Against this repeal. Repeal: “On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes” Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 3230 Against: 12698 Final Vote (TNP): For: 61 Against: 521 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.5% Recommendation: This repeal focuses on the issue of the word "should", and how the interpretation of its application may affect compliance in member nations. The use of "should" allows some optionality in how member nation can print labels for the products covered by the proposal, which further allows nations to use the appropriate language that would most benefit certain communities. As such,the intent of GAR 459 was never to create overbearing regulation on member nations. In the event warning labels are printed in a language that would be ineffective and deliberately avoid the intended effects of this proposal, member nations would still be required to educate smokers and non-smokers alike on the dangers of tobacco and the greater safety of electronic cigarettes as an alternative. Barring the possible consequences of nations applying this resolution unfaithfully, this resolution will still benefit the majority of NS communities and ultimately achieve what it set out to do.For these reasons, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. "The Cloning Conventions" Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 6001 Against: 9185 Final Vote (TNP): For: 131 Against: 429 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.8% [ b]Recommendation:[/b] This resolution attempts to deal with the cloning of organisms and the legal landscape surrounding that process. Unfortunately, there are several concerning issues that arise from its mandates. The proposal attempts to limit the cloning of prenatal sapient organisms without a direct consent from the organism which couldn't possibly be provided. Further, there is no allowance for a parent or legal guardian to give that consent on behalf of the organism, regardless of its viability. Given that these organisms lack the capacity for cognizance or feeling, due to low development, this prohibition places unnecessary limitations on medical research, and specifically in the creation of cloned organisms for the beneficial harvest of stem cells. This resolution, in clause 5, permits the cloning of organs or like unfeeling organisms from people. It does not include a requirement making that cloning contingent on consent. Insofar as the proposal permits people to have their genetic material harvested without their consent, it may be in violation of previously passed resolutions. In accordance with the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Security Council Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary. "Condemn Civil Defence Siren" Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 2016 Against: 13366 Final Vote (TNP): For: 46 Against: 497 Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.7% Recommendation: The Ministry of WA Affairs cannot decide if we should be dumbfounded or impressed. It is incredible that the collective fragility of CoCD's egos was able to produce such a profound, instantly back-firing garbage fire. Not only was there actual monetary investment in a campaign to support the proposal, but there was also an apparent lack of spellcheck. This concoction of utter incompetence has led to the most impressive aspect of this proposal, the record for the quickest discarded proposal in SC history. The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recognizes that the vote now no longer matters but recommends a vote Against regardless. Furthermore, we award you zero points and may the Civil Defence Siren have mercy on your souls. "Commend Severisen" Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 11236 Against: 3701 Final Vote (TNP): For: 516 Against: 37 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.3% Recommendation: This commendation is generally well written and properly exemplifies the achievements and contributions of Severisen to the communities he has spent time with and the greater NS community. Amoung things not mentioned for whatever reason, Severisen has also been active in and contributed to The North Pacific during different times in his NS career. Furthermore, it can be found that Severisen is widely acknowledged as being 'good people', and the ability to maintain that overall impression among a wide cross-section of one's peers, after nearly a decade-and-a-half, is a testament to the quality of their character. Seeing this long standing reputation and his previous contributions, Severisen is quite deserving of this commendation. In accordance with reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this commendation. The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth Publisher: Pallaith :: Executive Editor: BMWSurfer :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific. Index of Issues [/spoiler=code]
  12. NationStates News

    NS -Trivia Challenge Complete

    The Challenge is over! Not in our hearts. There, it lives on forever. Also it is actually staying up. Look, it's right here. But there will no longer be a great honking banner on nation pages. Congratulations to the 32 special nations who scored over 100 on the Trivia Leaderboard, and in particular the five who managed to record the maximum score of 351, despite the frequent addition of new questions, at the close of event! Please accept my congratulations, and seek professional help. @@JGConfig::nice_name("kandorith", 9)@@ @@JGConfig::nice_name("zintai", 9)@@ @@JGConfig::nice_name("trotterdam", 9)@@ @@JGConfig::nice_name("luna amore", 9)@@ @@JGConfig::nice_name("lord dominator", 9)@@ Special thanks are deserved: This year the April Fools event was highly collaborative, with many people contributing quiz questions, and hard-working mods diligently fact-checking and compiling them. Also, of course, the whole reason we're able to have an event like this is because we have 16.5 years of built-up NationStates history created by people like you! I hope the Trivia Challenge has served as a small tribute to that. Because it's pretty amazing. {url}
  13. Some people say they've wasted years on NationStates collecting useless knowledge, but now's your chance to prove it! We've assembled a devilish quiz to test your NationStates IQ with a series of ever-more challenging questions. From the simple and irrelevant to the obscure and equally irrelevant, the NationStates Trivia Challenge has questions for everyone!* Take the Trivia Challenge! Trivia Leaderboard (* Provided they have squandered their life on this site.) Update!: For forum discussion, we are pleased to offer Trivia Central! {url}
  14. Sanjurika

    Stargate Statement

    Magicality City, March 14th, 2019 Statement Regarding Invasion of Stargate During major update on March 10, forces led by The Democratic Republic invaded Stargate. The NPA mustered a force to retake the region the following update and the rightful delegate Casl was returned to the delegacy. Twenty of our finest, led by Minister of Defense Darcania, came to Stargate's aid during the operation, which has just concluded. The North Pacific has a long and cherished relationship with our friend and ally Stargate, and we will always come to its aid when needed. As is evidenced by the participation of McMasterdonia, who returned to active duty after many years, we will always go the extra mile to ensure our friends are safe, and will act immediately regardless of who tests them or what their motivation may be. We extend our best wishes to the people of Stargate and their continued security, and congratulate the NPA for a swift and successful mission. Pallaith Delegate of The North Pacific
  15. Sanjurika

    The North Star - Issue V

    The Spotlight #16: Interview with Great Bight's Mum by Marcus Antonius, Deputy Minister of Communications Views in this interview may not reflect the views of TNP's government Marcus Antonius and GBM share a bottle of Shiraz Marcus Antonius: Welcome to The Spotlight, GBM! I am delighted you were able to take part in this series of interviews. GBM: Thanks for asking me. Marcus Antonius: I am relatively new to NS compared to yourself and I know little about you. Could you tell me how you came to join NS? GBM: About 15 years ago, my brother, whose son had starting playing in college, suggested I might enjoy it. He said, "You make your own country and just answer issues. It takes only a couple of minutes a day." HA! Marcus Antonius: (laughing) So, what made you pick TNP? GBM: Fate. I was founded here. At first I wasn't sure I was going to stay, but everyone was so nice - Magicality, Thel D'ran, Blackshear, Poe/Indy Girl, that I decided this was the place for me. And Flem. Can't leave out Flemingovia Marcus Antonius: That's exactly how I find TNP, really friendly and welcoming. Did you join the ministries straight away? What positions have you held here prior to being on the Security Council? GBM: Actually, the whole thing was very foreign to me. I had no idea what a forum even was when I started playing. So I lurked for several weeks trying to figure things out. Marcus Antonius: Yes, that was my experience as well, I found the spam games gave me more confidence. What ministries did you join? GBM: My first position was MoC for Thel's Government-in-Exile during Great Bight's delegacy. I've been an ambassador, NPA, Vice Delegate and Delegate on a few occasions. Marcus Antonius: That's really impressive GBM! What was your favourite Ministry or role? GBM: Delegate. Hands down. It is a fine thing to be Delegate in a GCR. Marcus Antonius: You mentioned Thel's Government-in-Exile during Great Bight's delegacy, this sounds like a very interesting time in TNP's history. Can you give me a summary please? GBM: Yes, I hadn't been playing very long when all hell broke loose. We suddenly had a rogue delegate who was banning nations left and right. Great Bight was RPing a 12 year old pirate. (BTW, My original nation was not GBM, I created this one to harass him on the RMB. After all, how heartless would someone have to be to ban his own mother?) Anyway, GB had removed the forum link on the RMB, and replaced it with an elementary school student's piratey website. So we needed to reach as many nations as we could through TG, and by keeping the forum link on the RMB. Remember, in those days once the posts scrolled off the RMB, they were lost to the ether. There was no mass TGing. There were no scans for nations needing endorsements. Everything was quite labor-intensive. Also, there was no influence cost for the delegate in terms of banning nations. After several weeks of unendorsement campaigns, and rallying support from other regions, the Puppetmaster invasion led by Better Times/Ballatonia was successful in unseating GB. For me, the GB delegacy was an experience that fostered a true commitment to regional security. The GIE was created to have a functioning government which could step in once GB was unseated. Avengers Assemble was the region many of us gathered to coordinate things. Marcus Antonius: That is incredible! That must have been a terrible time for TNP and very understandable that, like myself, you take security seriously. I wondered how you got the name Great Bites Mum. Are there any particularly noteworthy moments during your time as Delegate or the Security Council? GBM: In 2008 Lewis & Clark, aka Westwind was elected Delegate. He established the Crimson Order, which was in fact a rogue delegacy. It very much divided the region, and it was corrupt at its core. Once I regained the delegacy, we had real problems in terms of unity. Now, we could follow the constitution and try numerous nations for war crimes, but I already had a deep disillusionment with the judicial process which was in place at the time. I also believed that drawn out litigation would further divide the region. So, I decided to grant amnesty to the members of the Crimson Order. I believed that rebuilding the community was more important than the letter of the law. I had already lived through the spirit-crushing Pixiedance regime, and I wanted to try and foster some unity in TNP. Marcus Antonius: You have seen some really trying times GBM. Do you think the judicial processes in place now are better? GBM: Of course, they are much improved now. Everything is improved! TNP is so much more sophisticated now than it was back then. Pre-McMasterdonia, we were a tribe. Now we are an organization. Marcus Antonius: That is reassuring. Those must have been very dark times for TNP. Would you ever like to be delegate again? GBM: No. Even after 15 years of NS, the list of nations who get to be delegate in a GCR is pretty short. I'd like to see as many people as possible get the chance to give it a go. Marcus Antonius: Would you say being a delegate is a stressful position? GBM: Yes, but in a really good way. It has become a much bigger job than it used to be, so if someone cannot make the time commitment, then that would be a problem. But the stress of running things here beats RL stress, since the consequences if you mess up are, well, make-believe. Marcus Antonius: That's very true. What was the most, positive, memorable thing that has happened to you in NS? GBM: It isn't just one thing. It is more the sense of community I've gained through sharing this NS experience over the years with so many people from different countries, with different viewpoints, and different walks of life. Yet somehow, by being brought together here, it gives us more in common than we know. Marcus Antonius: You are right, it is a TNP family and that is great. My next question I hope, brings a smile to your face. What motivated you to eject McM during ZDay when you knew it would cost you so much influence? GBM: It was an accident. I was looking for where to check to see what the influence cost would be if he were to be ejected. That button wasn't where I thought it was. And the next thing I knew - Poof! It said, in red, "McMasterdonia has been relocated to the Rejected Realms." And that's when the screaming started. OMG! I still can't believe it happened. Marcus Antonius: (laughs) That must have been quite a shock! It's a shame it doesn't give you a warning like "Are you sure you wish to perform this action" Obviously McM made it back from the Rejected Realms OK. It must have been a bit embarrassing for you. I am sure the Security Council were supportive of you. I hope you laugh about it now. GBM: I too, thought a confirmation screen would be a nice feature. But then I thought about how much it would slow down a delegate who wanted to do mass bannings.(laughs) Marcus Antonius: What image is your Avvy? GBM: it was a gift from Thel. Marcus Antonius: Do you know who the character is? GBM: I do not. Marcus Antonius: Do you have any plans for where you want to take the Security Council? GBM: Not really. The SC is here in case bad things happen. We aren't political. We are just defenders of the region. I do agree that every council member should be visible and active in the region. Marcus Antonius: That's sensible. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received on NS? GBM: Ah... that's easy. Thel once said "Everyone has the right to play the game as they see fit." Marcus Antonius: For good or bad, hero or villain? GBM: Yes. It is truth. There are so many paths to take and each is allowed to choose for himself. Marcus Antonius: Wise words indeed, this is fantasy after all. What advice would you give any newcomers to the region to have a successful career here? GBM: Have fun! Look around and find what interests you, there is so much to do. Talk to people in the ministries you want to be involved with. Ask for help if you need it. Have fun! Alternative advice: Join the NPA. Everyone should do a stint in the military. It builds character, teamwork and it's fun. If I wasn't SC I would be NPA. Marcus Antonius: Two lots of advice from GBM! Both good. Is there anyone in the region in particular whom you look up to, and if so, why? GBM: The short list of people I look up to is still pretty long. But, first would be Flemingovia, because he is God. Marcus Antonius: Not that we are expecting you to disappear soon GBM, but how do you want to be remembered in TNP? GBM: I resolutely do not like to blow my own horn, Marcus. Keeper of the flame, maybe. I've also called myself everybody's Mum. Marcus Antonius: (laughs) I like that. What do you want your legacy to TNP to be? GBM: That I did as much as I could to keep TNP safe. If a community doesn't feel secure, it is difficult for it to flourish and grow, and be creative and just have fun. Marcus Antonius: That is an honourable and wonderful legacy GBM. What’s the question nobody ever asks you but you wish they would? GBM: I'm drawing a blank. Marcus Antonius: (laughs) That's ok. Alright, before we bring this interview to an end, is there anything you'd like to add? GBM: No, I am done waxing philosophical on NS. Did you have fun? Marcus Antonius: I certainly have. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to you. Thank you for answering the questions. I shall see you on the spam threads no doubt. GBM: Thank you. It was lovely. The lights fade and Marcus produces a bottle of Shiraz Marcus Antonius: I thought this would be a change from Rum. GBM: (laughs) I love Shiraz, mind you I will drink anything except Gin. Regional Assembly Highlights by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly Regional Assembly February 2019 Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Ark, Bobberino and Bootsie Vote Passed Extension of Border Control Powers to Nessuno put forward by Delegate Pallaith. Status: Passed Summary: Pursuant to Chapter 7, Clause 9 of the Legal Code: ”In the event of a Delegate Emergency, or with the permission of a majority vote of the Regional Assembly, the Serving Delegate may assign Border Control powers to any member of the Security Council.” Delegate Pallaith has requested the Regional Assembly grant Security Councillor Nessuno to help assist moderating the RMB of TNP. [ SIZE=7]Current Business[/SIZE] Amendment to the Rules of the Regional Assembly put forward by Artemis. Status: In Discussion Summary: During the past several months, Artemis had seen some comments about amending the rules of the Regional Assembly. Therefore, he would like to present a draft for consideration of some changes. None are too drastic and would be beneficial. RMB Regulations Bill put forward by Artemis. Status: In Discussion Summary: This bill expands upon the Delegate of the North Pacific power to regulate the RMB as they see fit by allowing offending nations to be ejected or banned from the region. Current laws already specify that these regulations must not prohibit speech which is in the context of TNP Politics, nor conflict with other laws, Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Vice Delegate Check Efficiency Bill, put forward by Sil Dorsett. Status: In Discussion Summary: Vice Delegate Sil Dorsett has proposed an amendment to Section 6.1 of the Legal Code which deals with the Vice Delegate’s Security Checks of nations applying for citizenship in TNP. Recall Novare Res from the Security Council put forward by McMasterdonia. Status: Cancelled Summary: A motion to recall Novare Res, aka Romanoffia, was put forward by McMasterdonia following a recent publication by the Vice Delegate detailing endorsements received, and given by members of the Security Council. It was noted that Romanoffia had only endorsed 11% of WA members of TNP, but still maintained the legal requirements of the office. Discussion on this issue came down to what should be expected of members of the Security Council and calls for Romanoffia to respond. Once a response was received from Romanoffia, several members were still not satisfied and motioned for a vote. Prior to the conclusion of the vote, Romanoffia resigned from the Security Council. The recall and the vote were thus cancelled. The Ministerial Ethics Law put forward by Wonderess. Status: In Discussion Summary: A proposal to establish a Mandatory Ministry that will be charged with ethical affairs of the government of TNP. The purpose of this office will be to decrease corruption in the regional government by advising the Delegate on issues regarding ethics and producing public reports of government activity that will be available to the citizens of the region. Recall Reform Act put forward by Romanoffia. Status: In Discussion Summary: A discussion brought forward to add specific instances that a government official of TNP can be recalled by the Regional Assembly. Currently, the Regional Assembly can recall any official for any reason with a 2/3rds majority vote. While no specific changes have been proposed, the thought process is to prevent a recall of an official unless a specific violation of a specific law or legal requirement of position is cited. The Regional Assembly would still be required to meet a 2/3rds majority to recall an official. NPA Doctrine - Consistency, put forward by Knightblood. Status: In Discussion Summary: A member of the NPA has proposed an amendment to provide consistency between the title of Chapter 8 of the Legal Code and the text of it. The current legal name for the military of TNP is the North Pacific Armed Forces (NPAF), while the colloquial name of the organization is the North Pacific Army (NPA). This proposal seeks to change the legal name from the NPAF to the NPA. North Pacific Army Bulletin February 2019 by Dinoium, Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs [title]Leadership[/title] Minister of Defense Darcania Deputy Ministers of Defense Bobberino and Malphe [title]Description[/title] The North Pacific Army has entered into the second month of 2019 with the Delegate Transition in The South Pacific. [title]Promotions[/title] Islands of Tonga promoted to Private First Class * ACR of Deerfenland promoted to Corporal.* [title]Mission Logs[/title] [title]Other Announcements[/title] The Soldier of The Issue is Minister of World Assembly Affairs and Private First Class TlomzKrano. The Officer of The Issue is Lieutenant John Maynard. The High Command Officer of The Issue is Deputy Minister of Defense and Major Bobberino. The North Pacific Armed Forces Doctrine is currently being discussed in the Regional Assembly for amending. Two people have been removed from the North Pacific Army for Inactivity and failing to maintain a nation in the region. World Assembly Digest by El Fiji Grande, Minister of Communications General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time. Right to Self-defense Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 5,575 Against: 10,531 Final Vote (TNP): For: 162 Against: 430 Percentage of WA nations voting: 41.2% Recommendation: This proposal is being resubmitted despite it having been previously repealed for cause. The author has made some minor amendments, but their attempt to shoehorn the fix into the old version, instead of rewriting from scratch has left a convoluted document that claims to fight government oppression but affords citizens no coherent means by which to do so. Many other problems can be cited, including an unnecessary grocery list of weapons and a defined threshold for their use that is highly subjective. Self defense is a very complex issue that requires case by case interpretation and evaluation far more intricate than a generic piece of legislation can address for every single WA nation. Rights to self-defense should develop organically through each nation's judiciary and be appropriate to their culture. Matters of government oppression are better handled in WA legislation that is more thoughtfully constructed than this. For this reason, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Defending the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 8,758 Against: 7,400 Final Vote (TNP): For: 295 Against: 272 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.8% Recommendation: This proposal is well-meaning in its goal of ending sexual and gender discrimination and ensuring marriage rights are fully and completely extended to the LGBTQ+ community, but close examination of the content reveals some critical flaws. Firstly, the Ministry believes that the Charter of Civil Rights (GAR#035) already prohibits discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity, making a large part of this proposal redundant. Clause 3 mandates member nations punish organizations for discriminatory practices but does not allow for an exemption for compelling practical purposes. Under the proposed legislation an organization that assists victimized women could be penalized for having a policy of hiring only biological women. Additionally, clause 5 specifically exempts religious institutions from the scope of the proposal. It is the belief of the Ministry that religious beliefs are insufficient grounds to excuse discriminatory practices. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting Against the proposal. Command Responsibility Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 13,020 Against: 2,806 Final Vote (TNP): For: 501 Against: 72 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.0% Recommendation: This well-crafted proposal seeks to ensure reciprocal protections for individuals both up and down the chain of military command. It is designed to both prevent war crimes from being committed, and to provide a disciplinary framework for those who violate the accepted rules of engagement. Given significant attention are the rights of military subordinates to legally decline orders that contravene established law, placing the onus on those issuing such orders. Similar protections are extended to military commanders, limiting their responsibility for any rogue, illegal actions of their charges in the field, provided those rogue individuals are held by their commanders, to account. Throughout existing WA legislation, actions defined as war crimes are surprisingly few and tend toward the most commonly understood and egregious acts. The mandatory education clause ensures widespread understanding of fair rules of engagement across the spectrum of the military and makes clear what actions would be contrary to those rules. The Ministry believes this framework will help to establish a prescient culture of fair conduct in combat, greatly decreasing the likelihood of illegalities. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 14,393 Against: 2,960 Final Vote (TNP): For: 518 Against: 49 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.7% Recommendation: This proposal wants a healthier WA and seeks to place stringent regulations on the producers of tobacco products. These regulations include the placement of clear warnings on tobacco packaging, prohibition of advertising, and mandatory public education about the risks of use. There is some common-sense regulation placed on tobacco use by the public, like a prohibition of sale to minors. As an alternative to complete prohibition, the proposal requires that nations encourage tobacco users toward safer forms of nicotine ingestion, like electronic cigarettes, gum, patches, or mists, which don't rely on the dangerous inhalation of burning tobacco leaves. While not sweeping in scope of change, this proposal does represent a transition away from the cancer-causing harms of tobacco, and a movement towards less dangerous alternatives. This should both reduce health care costs for nations and contribute to greater life expectancy throughout the WA. For these reasons, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. Restricting Solitary Confinement Status: At Vote Delegate's Vote: Against Recommendation: The proposal, while well meaning in its intent to address the complex problems that arise as a result of solitary confinement, ultimately does more harm to its cause than good. The proposal is extremely vague, using language that can be easily misinterpreted or creatively interpreted to be used in whatever fashion member nations see fit. The use of 'problems' with virtually no context in the definition of 'solitary confinement' exemplifies this issue. This use of the term also does not take into account the nuances of a situation requiring confinement; whether that be police custody for a temporary time of an individual who may be experiencing stress or anxiety or long term imprisonment and the various psychological effects that are becoming of such. Another example is the problematic use of 'reasonable' in the second clause. This allows law enforcement and any other party using solitary confinement, as defined in clause one, to use any justification they wish as long as it can be deemed 'reasonable' per their own authority. Finally, the third clause inherits the issues of the first two as it suffers from overly vague wording and the ability to be exploited by the lack of sensible application in the second clause. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Security Council Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary. Condemn Antifa Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 4,265 Against: 12,089 Final Vote (TNP): For: 143 Against: 397 Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.8% Recommendation: A bit of effort by the author might have made this a condemnation worth supporting, but the lack of detail and concrete examples of the alleged transgressions render it difficult to justify. Condemnations must make a clear case to support their allegations. If Antifa has crossed lines, then explain against whom, provide dates, and inform as to the impact on natives. Without that, support is impossible. Similarly, suggesting that a region is ‘just as bad’ as other regions qualifies as little more than a statement of opinion, and nothing close to grounds for WA condemnation. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Commend The North Pacific Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Abstain Final Vote (World): For: 6,312 Against: 7,801 Final Vote (TNP) For: 497 Against: 46 Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.4% Recommendation: In accordance with the delegate issued statement and Executive Order per Clause 5 of the WA voting policy, "In keeping with WA tradition, as well as prior precedent, I [The delegate] will be abstaining from this resolution when it goes to vote. No vote will be held, and no recommendation will be issued." For this reason, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs issues no recommendation and the delegate will abstain from the vote. [small]The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth Publisher: Pallaith :: Executive Editor: El Fiji Grande :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.[/small] Index of Issues
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    Become a Citizen!

    I, Dialectical metaRealism, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
  17. Westwind

    United Federation Delgateless

    You should be free of the burden so you can enjoy the game.
  18. Festival Discord server link (updated; use this one, not the poster)
  19. Small Huts

    United Federation Delgateless

    So I've learned that Legacy Mode isn't a thing. I'm trying to determine if Nations can be blocked from even entering a password to enter, but that doesn't even matter at this point. The question is, Is it worthwhile to spend a large amount of time and effort to try and overcome the influence of the three campers who are there or to simply try and wait them out. I've been holding my WA status there for a long while already to no avail and would like to do something more useful with it. I should hear from Wham at least before I retire that WA since technically it is a military enterprise, Unless it falls under Section Sigma?
  20. Small Huts

    Foreign Affairs Update - January 2019

    Thanks for the update, Overthinkers.
  21. Sanjurika

    The North Star - Issue IV

    January 2019 General Elections by Marcus Antonius, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications The January 2019 elections were a spectacular event with a large turnout of candidates. Eluvatar and Owenstacey served as Election Commissioners. Delegate Results Pallaithvs Madjack: The candidates for Delegate were St. George, Bluie Gamer, abc, Bobberino, BMWSurfer, Pallaith and Praetor. St. George (Mad Jack) once served as Delegate previously in Osiris in 2012, but had a DOS status that prevented him from accessing NS for the last several years. When, a few months ago, he successfully appealed that decision with the NS mods, there was significant hype around the potential for a campaign of his for the delegacy. His platform was impressive and certainly gave Pallaith a run for his money in gaining 36.36% of the region's voters. Bluie Gamer was going to run in the last election but was struck by the 'forum apocalypse'. He ran a joke campaign in which he advised the region not to vote for him, but still succeeded in securing a solitary vote. abc has been a member of TNP for two years and has held the positions of Speaker and Minister of Home Affairs. He received some criticism from his term as Speaker when he 'vanished,' leaving Wonderess to essentially take over the office. This may reflect why voters only gave him the one vote. Bobberino ran a joke campaign in which he declared himself 'Spammer in Chief!'. He still managed to attract four votes. BMWSurfer, our hard working Minister of Home Affairs, Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs and relative 'newcomer' to TNP, managed to sway six votes. His campaign made light of his plan to have “Some people will be on my cabinet, some animals,” referencing some peoples' choice of forum avatar and NS flag. Praetor's campaign was well thought-out, and provided a deep level of suggestions for future delegates. It was intended to be a model campaign. Praetor withdrew his bid for Delegate on the first day of voting as he never intended to actually run, not having the time to dedicate to the role. Pallaith - serving as Vice Delegate and Security Councillor - was always going to be a very strong contender for the delegacy. His commitment, work ethic and the fact he has been Delegate on two previous occasions, proved a popular choice for the voters. He claimed victory with 52.73% of the vote. The new Delegate of TNP is Pallaith, having secured 58 of the 110 total votes cast. St. George came second with 40 votes. BMWSurfer, third with 6 votes. Fourth place went to Bobberino with 4 votes. The last place positions were shared by abc and Bluie Gamer with 1 vote apiece. There were 7 Abstains. Vice Delegate Results Syrixia gives SiberianFedRep some sound advice: The candidates for Vice Delegate were Brendog, Sil Dorsett, SiberianFedRep, Bobberino and Bootsie. Brendog - a former Minister of Home Affairs - has previously pursued the Vice Delegacy. He provided a sound but intriguing campaign in relation to the running of the Security Council. This achieved him 14.16% of the vote. SiberianFedRep received no votes, having abandoned the region prior to the start of voting. While his campaign was clearly beneath the standard of a serious candidate in the election, it is important to emphasize that TNP makes an effort to seriously consider the campaigns of experienced newcomers, even if they're not familiar faces. Bobberino not only threw his hat into the Delegate race, but also the Vice Delegate race. He did not submit a campaign thread for the VD race, but still managed to achieve 9.73% of the vote. His joke delegate bid has already been discussed above. bootsie has been on the Security Council for three years and has served as Vice Delegate. As Sil Dorsett, a fellow Security Councillor, was running for the Vice Delegacy as well, bootsie tactically withdrew from the contest so as not to split the votes between them. Sil Dorsett is a current member of the Security Council. He has been involved in TNP for over two years and has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Voters agreed that he was indeed 'The Right Person in the Right Job.' With the withdrawal of bootsie, the race for Vice Delegate was left open for Sil Dorsett to bring home 76.11% of the vote. At the end of voting, Sil Dorsett is the new Vice Delegate with 86 of the 113 votes cast. Brendog came second with sixteen votes, and Bobberino gained third place with eleven votes. There were four abstains. Attorney General Results General COE discussing legal matters with Yuno: There were only two candidates for the position of Attorney General: Yuno and Crushing Our Enemies. Yuno is relatively new to TNP but she didn’t want COE running against himself. To prove herself knowledgeable and understanding of TNP's Legal Code, Yuno summarized the aforementioned document in her campaign. This impressed some voters as she achieved 27.96% of the votes. Crushing Our Enemies was the sitting Attorney General and was seeking re-election to the office. Four months ago, he promised to center his work as Attorney General around the values of Compassion, Objectivity, and Efficiency. The voters of TNP acknowledged his appeal and he won, accumulating 67 of the 93 cast votes of which there were 23 abstains. So, Crushing Our Enemies has been re-elected as the Attorney General. Regional Speaker Results Wonderess, Dinoium and Artemis settle matters in the Speaker's Office: Wonderess (the former Speaker) as well as Artemis and Dinoium entered the fray for election for Speaker. This particular race became quite controversial. Wonderess completed one term as Speaker after succeeding ABC for the role in the last election. He was very keen to be re-elected as he wanted to publish a successor to the Regional Assembly Digest, a comprehensive summary of RA activity that had fallen by the wayside in his last term. Artemis (also known as Oracle and as Sundred) served as a member of the Security Council, Election Commission, and Deputy Speaker at the time of the election, and is a former Minister of Culture. His campaign cited his plan - if elected - to surround himself with active Deputy Speakers, and hopes to blend the make-up of the Deputy Speakers with experienced members as well as newer individuals to help train future speakers. Dinoium has had experience as a Deputy Minister of Communications, Deputy Attorney General, Ambassador and has served on the Speaker's Staff. When the voting started, it became obvious that it was going to be a very close race indeed. At the cease of voting, there were only four votes separating the first and last places. Wonderess - the incumbent - was defeated, taking 34 of 108 total votes. There were nine abstains. Artemis and Dinoium could not achieve a clear majority with 36 and 38 votes achieved respectively at the cease of the voting period. This then led to a runoff vote, which is further described in the section below. Speaker Runoff Results Dinoium takes on Artemis: The runoff vote between Artemis and Dinoium got off to a good start and it very quickly appeared as though Dinoium was going to secure the victory. However, a few days into the campaign, Dinoium had a change of heart having been dropped as a Deputy Minister of Communications. Preferring to once again pursue that role, he wished to concede the Speaker race. There was some speculation as to his intent, given that such an action is illegal. A candidate cannot concede once the voting has started. Dinoium would have had to drop his citizenship or not take his oath if elected. If he dropped his citizenship, the voting process would have to be re-started. If he was victorious in the voting and was awarded the Speaker position and then not taken his oath, this would have triggered a Special Election a week after the Oath Taking period had lapsed. All that said, Dinoium later stated that he had merely attempted to admit defeat and encourage his supporters to shift their votes to Artemis. Whatever the case, this situation did not result in a legal dilemma, as at the close of voting, the votes were as follows: Artemis: 44 and Dinoium: 30, with one abstain. Artemis is the new Speaker. Minister and Deputy Appointments Regional Assembly Highlights by Marcus Antonius, Deputy Minister of Communications Delegate Pallaith being transported to the Security Council: Regional Assembly January 2019 Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Ark, Bobberino and Bootsie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At Vote None Passed Nessuno's Security Council Application, put forward by Pallaith. Status: Passed Summary: The Security Council, having previously nominated Nessuno's back in 2015, discussed his application. Siwale provided a detailed statement in support of Nessuno and the Security Council passed the nomination and it went to vote. The vote passed in Nessuno's favour with only one opposed. COE's Security Council Application, put forward by Pallaith. [ b]Status: Passed[/b] Summary: The Security Council had nominated Crushing Our Enemies for a seat on the Security Council. The vote for his admission was a majority, with 9 ayes, 0 nays, and 1 abstention. The application then went to the Regional Assembly for discussion and voting to take place. During the discussion a very interesting and reasoned answer was given by COE in relation to 'Reckless Endorsement Gathering". The RA vote was 28 ayes and 1 abstain. In Discussion Delegate and Vice Delegate Article Amendment, put forward by Dinoium. Status: In Discussion Summary: Dinoium proposes changes of Article 3: Delegate and Vice Delegate of the Constitution of The North Pacific. Amendment to the Rules of the Regional Assembly, put forward by Artemis. Status: In Discussion Summary: During the past several months, Artemis had seen some comments about amending the rules of the Regional Assembly. Therefore, he would like to present a draft for consideration of some changes. None are too drastic and would be beneficial. Making sense of who are government officials, put forward by Haor Chall. Status: In Discussion Summary: It seems very odd that Deputy Ministers are not currently seen as government officials, which is causing some confusion. Haor Chall proposes changes to the Legal Code, Chapter 6 and Constitutional Amendment, Article 7. North Pacific Army Bulletin January 2019 by Malphe, War Correspondent Minister of Defense: Darcania Deputy Ministers of Defense: Malphe, Bobberino New Minister of Defense Darcania: Entering into 2019, newly elected delegate Pallaith appointed long-time NPA member and former MoD Darcania as Minister of Defense, who then appointed Bobberino and Malphe as his deputies. Darcania is one of the oldest NPAers still active and has the experience of over three years and a short time already as MoD in 2017 under his belt. He has also served as Chief of Staff under Eluvatar and Deputy Minister of Defense under both Zazumo and Lozinak. Deputy Bobberino has been a member of the NPA since early 2018, entering during now deputy Malphe's term who has been a member (with bouts of inactivity) since early 2016. Whilst no large operations have yet been undertaken as of 27/01/2019 excepting a small tag of a fascist region, the Minister has been busy reorganizing the roster of the NPA to automatically update any soldier's number of operations undertaken. This term has also seen the return of Gladio to activity within NPA, although still WA locked he has triggered for a simple tag operation where he hit 3 out of the 3 targets, despite not having triggered for almost a year. We're optimistic this will be a very good term for the NPA! Mission Logs: World Assembly Digest by El Fiji Grande, Minister of Communications General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time. Preventing Groundwater Contamination Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 13,534 Against: 2,184 Final Vote (TNP): For: 511 Against: 62 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.2 Recommendation: This proposal is a bit convoluted and not very clear in its intent. It fails to cite any parameters for the proposed project and gives only vague indications of the project's eventual benefits to member nations. Without these things, the project has the potential to become a vast and costly white elephant in space, indefinitely hemorrhaging funds into the nearest singularity. Most problematic is the requirement to a mandatory, open-ended spend for all WA nations, many of whom have no interest in space exploration at all. This lack of clarity in authorship, and perhaps an ambition that has outpaced practical realities, renders the project difficult to envision, and the proposal difficult to support. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Debtor Voting Rights Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 9,613 Against: 6,991 Final Vote (TNP): For: 457 Against: 157 Percentage of WA nations voting: 42.1 Recommendation: The proposal very simply and elegantly protects the voting rights of debtors. This is important as democratic member nations should not constrict the rights of citizens to elect representatives and/or the ability to vote upon other democratic processes based on their financial status or grievances. In accordance with the brief reasoning stated above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. Repeal "Debtor Voting Rights" Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 10,937 Against: 5,078 Final Vote (TNP): For: 316 Against: 218 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.0 Recommendation: Foundationally, the target proposal remains sound. That it does not address every conceivable scenario where it may be skirted by nefarious governments does not preclude the possibility of future, enhancing proposals to address those vulnerabilities. The recent passage of GAR#450 (Don't Kill the Poor Act) addressing an oversight in GAR#38 (Convention Against Genocide) shows how scenarios not considered at the time of passage of a law can be later addressed, without a wholesale repeal and replace. Although the ideas outlined in this repeal and the ideas outlined in DVR are linked, they remain separate issues: One relating to debt and imprisonment. One relating to debt and voting rights. As a result, and provided any supplementary legislation enhancing DVR does not tread on precisely the same ground, the concerns raised in this proposal can be addressed without the repeal. While some may see DVR as incomplete, incomplete is not the same as defective. In what it sets out to do, DVR still makes it very clear that no nation shall bar member nations from invoking a person's debts as reason to deprive that person of the right to vote. Legislation relating to debt and incarceration can, and likely will, come later. For this reason, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Freedom to Seek Medical Care II Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 8,069 Against: 7,770 Final Vote (TNP): For: 196 Against: 410 Percentage of WA nations voting: 41.4 Recommendation: This is the second incarnation of this proposal. The first was submitted for vote roughly one year ago, and little has changed between that version and this. The Ministry cited a significant problem with version one (FTSMC), in that it created potential conflicts with standing legislation GAR#389, relating to the closure of national borders, and the prohibition of temporary emigration at times of quarantine during epidemics. Should the need arise to repeal and replace GAR#389 with a more comprehensive version, the passage of FTSMC would have rendered that legally impossible. The loss of that ability to declare quarantines, and close national borders, would present an unacceptable risk to the greater public health of the WA, writ large. While the Ministry, then, supported the premise of FTMSC, it could not support the proposal without a suggested, minor edit to language, alleviating that problem. In the current version, those recommendations have gone ignored, the troublesome language remains, as does the potential conflict. It appears the author simply sat on the proposal for a year, made minor amendments that did not address previous concerns, then added a "II" to the title in hopes that voters would forget. This shows a certain complacency, which is further highlighted by the garbled text that appeared in the previous version and remains uncorrected a year later. For these reasons, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. [h][/h] Repeal "Safeguarding Nuclear Materials" Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 4,846 Against: 10,862 Final Vote (TNP): For: 65 Against: 496 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.3 Recommendation: In citing our previous support of the target of this repeal, it should be noted that the target allows all WA nations to procure and trade nuclear weapons without WA interference. This is important as very real and powerful nuclear threats do exist outside of the WA sphere of influence and it is paramount that WA member nuclear programs are not subject to limitations that may prevent a response or act of aggression by a foreign power. Furthermore, the target resolution provides denuclearization services free of charge to nations who cannot defend or no longer wish to maintain their own nuclear program. In accordance with the items stated above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this repeal. Previous IFV: Right to Self-defense Status: At Vote Delegate's Vote: Against Security Council Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary. Repeal "Commend Solorni" Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 10,943 Against: 2,806 Final Vote (TNP): For: 169 Against: 327 Percentage of WA nations voting: 33.8% Recommendation: There is strong historical precedent within the NationStates community, that commendations of players discovered to have engaged in out-of-character (OOC) misconduct ought to be repealed, as a means of isolating these players and protecting the community. Such repeals have occurred a few times in the past, and The North Pacific has consistently voted in support of them. The need for these repeals arises, largely, due to the unwillingness of NationStates' administration to adequately address OOC actions occurring outside of the main NationStates website. It is also an unfortunate consequence of NationStates' harmful rules for handling OOC misconduct issues, that these repeals must be written from an entirely in-character (IC) perspective. As a result, repeals of this kind are difficult to write, with the authors having to waltz around the rules in order to disguise what the resolution really is about: condemnation of OOC misconduct. Unfortunately, in the case of the repeal in question, the attempts for rule compliance have resulted in a resolution containing assertions that are at best exaggerations, and at worst outright falsehoods. The problematic claims are found in two clauses, "Disgusted..." and "Disturbed...": In these clauses, the resolution takes allegations of misconduct by the commended nation, previously published in Europeia's investigation, and elevates them into statements of fact. This is despite the fact that Europeia themselves acknowledge that there is not sufficient evidence to prove these allegations. To make matters worse, by asserting the entire career of the commended nation to be the result of OOC misconduct, the resolution grossly misrepresents even the number of these allegations. The implication of the clauses is that the commended nation routinely and consistently resorted to OOC misconduct, possibly in a majority of their interactions throughout their years-long NationStates career. There is simply no evidence to support that there has been misconduct at this scale. It is worth taking a moment to contrast this resolution with previous repeals of commendations for OOC reasons: All of them had to cite IC arguments, in order to overcome the unfortunate confines of the NationStates' rules. However, none of them had to resort to unproven assertions of OOC misconduct. This is the first resolution to do so. Supporting this resolution sets a dangerous precedent for future resolutions attempting to address OOC misconduct. Not only is this resolution not conducive to establishing an effective protocol for how the community should deal with cases of OOC misconduct by commended players, but it damages what progress the community has already made in that regard. Because of all of the above, The North Pacific must oppose this resolution. The North Pacific would vote in favor of an alternative repeal resolution that addressed the above shortcomings. But as it stands, The North Pacific recommends a vote against the current resolution. Commend Lyras Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 12,948 Against: 2,038 Final Vote (TNP): For: 439 Against: 60 Percentage of WA nations voting: 34.3 Recommendation: Lyras is a well-known figure in the RP community, commanding great respect, and possessing a highly influential style that has drawn the loyalty and alignment of numerous nations. Lyras' military power is undeniable and has proven to be a stabilizing force in times of conflict and turmoil. As a superpower, this military might has been used overwhelmingly as an ultimate force towards good, and always with a beneficial, strategic endgame in mind. Lyras is expert in military armament, custom manufacture, and is always open to educating fellow RPers, and to bringing an unprecedented technical expertise to the realm of play. With a presence dating back nearly to antiquity, Lyras' place in the stratocracy is undeniable, and their leadership in shaping the post-Jolt landscape has contributed to the thriving RP community enjoyed today. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. Commend Jutsa Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 12,930 Against: 1,634 Final Vote (TNP): For: 474 Against: 44 Percentage of WA nations voting: 35.2 Recommendation: In addition to being regionally active in the East Pacific, Jutsa has been an ongoing contributor to the greater NS community. Jutsa has authored several of the daily issues that appear in regular gameplay and has also collaborated in the authorship of legislation for the WA. Additionally, Jutsa is a regular contributor to legislation development for other nations, providing leadership and expertise through consistent forum activity, along with post-factum documentation and archiving. This is often thankless work that benefits every member of the WA by providing a clear and well-organized window into the past. Jutsa is a deserving member of the community and an important contributor to that which keeps the WA functioning day-to-day. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this resolution Commend Paffnia Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 11,963 Against: 2,600 Final Vote (TNP): For: 541 Against: 43 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.9 Recommendation: At first blush, the nomination seems to place greatest emphasis on Paffnia's regional accomplishments within 10,000 Islands, but more careful review reveals extensive international work as well, both diplomatically and militarily. A former WA Delegate and Foreign Affairs Minster for 10KI, Paffnia has forged numerous international relationships and has been recognized for ongoing good conduct abroad. Militarily, Paffnia has participated in some of the most significant defender campaigns in recent history, assisting some of the largest GCRs in the realm, and contributing to hundreds of smaller campaigns that have brought relief and stability to thousands of WA nations. Rounding out their contributions to the greater community is Paffnia's authorship of SC Resolution #93. Paffnia has received numerous accolades, awards, and military decorations domestically, and this worthy nominee is an ideal candidate for SC Commendation. For the reasoning displayed above, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal. Repeal "Commend Imperium Anglorum" Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 3,514 Against: 11,845 Final Vote (TNP): For: 75 Against: 502 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.5 Recommendation: Like all SC proposals, this one should be given a fair assessment, and decisions should be made based on content rather than any assumption as to the author's motive. Similarly, that benefit of the doubt should be extended to the target as well. If we can't jump to the conclusion that the author has submitted this proposal with anything but reasonable intention, then we equally can't jump to the conclusion that IA has submitted past proposals with any less reasonable motives. We must assume that both are acting with what they feel is in the best interest of the Assembly, even though those ideas may be in opposition. Much of the author's case for repeal is in trying to convince us of the target's ill motive, and it is in the absence of benefit of doubt where the author's argument falls apart under the weight of unsubstantiated speculation. Accusations of ill motive are quite simply a matter of opinion, and don't carry the sort of weight necessary to justify repealing a commendation for a player who has made significant and laudable contributions to both their region and the World Assembly. For this reason, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal. Liberate Politics Amino Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 10,357 Against: 4,574 Final Vote (TNP): For: 523 Against: 51 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.5 Recommendation: Politics Amino is a small, active region who became the unfortunate target of an aggressive raid and refound orchestrated by a joint force led by Osiris. A liberation becomes necessary as those known to the situation believe it is a trophy hunt without specific reasoning and Osiris has stated that there is no explicit justification for the operation taking place. It is the stance of The North Pacific to oppose the total destruction of innocent communities and the support of legislation aiming to fulfill that goal. In accordance with the reasoning displayed above, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.
  22. Delegate: The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Guardians: Kawaii Schoolgirl, Arkadia Universalis, Chervil, Dalimbar, Yy4u, Mediobogdum Ministers: Recruitment and Citizenry: Overthinkers Foreign Affairs: Kawaii Schoolgirl Internal Affairs: Dewilands World Assembly Affairs: Nrevyw Education: Dalimbar TWPAF Commander: Chervil Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Arkadia Universalis Deputy Ministers: Sergeant-At-Arms: Alchera Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: KhanterWinters The West Pacific Update - New Theme That's right, those who were on discord server on February 4, 2019, saw a dragon, not one of myth and legend, but a real dragon! Throughout the month of January, the delegate, with the participation of the Hall of Nations, Cabinet and several of the Guardians, especially Ark, OT and Kawaii, worked on selecting and forming a new and unique theme for our region. They narrowed it down to Imperial China, Shogunate Japan and Czarist Russia. These three were then offered in a poll to the region. The days of the Rising Sun have ended and with it, the tiger and dragon awake (Those who live in video games understood that reference.)! The Holy Principality of Saint Mark announces the New Theme and Invites all Residents to participate "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!" On the night of February 4, 2019, the delegate announced that Fujai, with his extraordinary talent and imagination was the winner! The region will use his designs and ideas, along with others, to move us in a new direction. Halo Rahl Yesterday at 23:16 "I am pleased to announce Fujai as the winner of The West Pacific Theme Contest! All the entries, those posted in the official channel and those posted elsewhere, were terrific. Congratulations on your beautiful and thoughtful work! We will be using elements from several of them to create our new environment. This will be done over the next few weeks and has begun with our new regional flag!" A Night with the Mastermind of the New TWP Theme You could not afford to miss out on getting to know a little more about the designer, so despite the untimely hours of the night, I made a small interview with Fujai: Khanter: How do you feel being the winner of the future of TWP Theme? Fujai: "I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to do something good for the region. Even though this theme wasn’t my first choice, I was glad to participate in the contest. I was really impressed by the other entries, and I especially like the minimalist style of the flag Kawaii submitted. Some regional changes have been in order for a while and a new theme is a great first step towards that. The lead up wasn’t nearly as smooth or transparent as it could have been, but now that we’ve gotten to the end of the contest, I hope to see a lot more community involvement in the way TWP goes forward!" K: How did you develop all those brilliant Ideas? F: I’ve been in favor of new regional branding for a long while now, and I took a lot of my ideas from designs I’ve been working on for many months. The most important part of any design is the color choice. Color is the first thing the brain recognizes, and sets the tone for everything else. Crimson and violet are the traditional colors of TWP, and I chose two vibrant shades that I thought could capture the spirit of the region. I didn’t have time to design my own, so the dragon came from an amazing piece of art by Sodacan on Wikimedia Commons (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chinese_Dragon.svg). It’s based on an emblem that originated in the Tang Dynasty (618 CE-907 CE). I recolored it to fit TWP’s colors and it’s turned out to be a fantastic regional emblem! The most difficulty I had was in trying to find the right font for the new theme. I waded through hundreds of different ones and was having a tough time finding any that fit the theme without being tacky and culturally appropriative. I eventually settled on Molot for headings and Arkhip for subheadings, and I think their blockiness contrasts well with the flowing lines of the dragon." K: What will be your next challenge? F: "I’ve got a couple projects in the works right now! The first is to propose regional legislation to promote more activity and restructure the government. A part of that means reaching out to the Ministry of Education to help overhaul TWP’s official dispatches into something that befits our region. We’re the only feeder that doesn’t have an official, centralized dispatch system, and that cannot be allowed to continue. My hope is that we can use this period of change to foster a real sense of community ownership in regional affairs as we go forward." K: Wow, thanks (also it's 3am, lets sleep) I will let you know by first hand the update tomorrow! Thanks! F: "Oh sleep sounds like a fantastic idea, I honestly don't know where the last two hours went G'night!" Yep, this is not a Drill, Elections Around the Corner and Coming Soon! Through my reliable source, our Delegate Halo, it is reported that the TWP cabinet will have new elections just around the corner; starting on the 10th and 16th of this month. Who will be the new nominees under the new titles of the region? What will be their new projects? Will chocolate continue to flow ever increasingly to our Lady Darkesia? Find out all this and more next week! TWPAF's Last Big Joint Raid with the Rising Sun Pirate Flag TWPAF held it's last big Joint raid with the Rising Sun Pirate Flag just weeks ago. First Mate, Victoria Kawaii Astorra-Wintony, gives us a Brief Overview of the climactic raid with Osiris' Legion: "The raid of Politics Amino was initially pretty well-received, The West Pacific Armed Forces came in to support Osiris' occupation of the region, and not long after the region was successfully passworded with all natives kicked out. Soon after, there was a small group from Osiris' Legion who attempted and successfully refound the region. This proved to be a bit controversial in the region, as the Legion's Moshir had made a promise to save the native RMB and failed to do so before the refound. This had opened the floor in Osiris' Legion to discuss the creation of an official Code of Conduct for the Legion in its future operations. Regardless of these outcomes, TWPAF is still happy to work with our Allies from The Legion." Credits of TWP Rising Sun Pirate Flag and Seal for Bran Astor. | Chinese Flag, and them of Fujai.
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    Welllll. It appears the Region is in Legacy Mode or something and noone can get in. *sigh*. I think I need to get informed about that since it wasn't a thing before last year. I think it's going to be stuck that way which I guess is better than letting it be a front line in the R/D war again. If that's the case I'd happily move my WA membership elsewhere and have more fun. If that's not the case then I'd grudgingly move my WA membership elsewhere and still have more fun.
  24. With your permission, I would like to send in my own WA nation and recruit one other person to join me. I believe this will be enough to give you the Delegacy and you will then be able to conduct the refound.
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