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    Has it been four years already?? Yes! It has! Which means it's an election year! Once again, the coveted position of World Assembly Secretary-General is up for grabs. This is widely regarded as the most sought-after prize in all the world, and comes with unspeakable power, in the sense that no-one has said what it actually is. ★ Your 2020 Election Hub ★ For the last four years, we've labored under WA Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("caelapes", 2)@@, but has life actually gotten better? I mean, really? I'll leave that to the voters. Election 2020 will run through three Minor Rounds, during which unviable candidates will be weeded out. Then a final General Election will be held to decide between the Top Five. Voting is open to most WA member nations. If you have at least five endorsements, you can toss your hat into the ring and run! And if you help run a region, you can boost for your favored candidate by erecting prominent signange on your region page via Admin → Appearance. Election 2020! Because we have to do this every four years! Democracy says so! {url}
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    Imperial Authority for War INVASION AND OCCUPATION OF XEDAS 27 March 2020 On the minor update of 26 March 2020, the LKE Imperial Army organised and conducted an invasion of Xedas. Victory was achieved at the update, following which we secured the region and commenced an occupation. The LKE is grateful to Europeia for assisting in the update invasion. We are also grateful to Europeia as well as The West Pacific, Balder, United Kingdom, The Black Hawks, Kantrias and Lone Wolves United for sending piling reinforcements. 24 hours later, on the minor update of 27 March 2020, the LKE's point nation enjoyed 59 endorsements. The scale of the occupation, one of the largest in recent months, is testament to the significant military capability of the LKE, our treaty allies and our military partners. The LKE's ability to organise an occupation of this size also demonstrates the strength of our diplomacy and the confidence of our partners in LKE Imperial Command's operational leadership. The substantial reinforcements amassed have firmly established our control and quashed defender hopes of defeating our occupation. This overwhelming display of force is consistent with the long-standing military doctrine and practice of the LKE Imperial Army in conducting occupations. Immediately subsequent to the update invasion, six defender units were ejected and banned after unsuccessfully attempting to interfere with the operation: 1 day 2 hours ago: 3XH181T A was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 1 day 2 hours ago: Greater NSW was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 1 day 2 hours ago: Ghilan Nain was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 1 day 2 hours ago: Shy Guyia WA was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 1 day 2 hours ago: The Military of South Asians was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 1 day 2 hours ago: Spinach Puffs was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. When our lead gained additional influence following the major update of 27 March 2020, four further defender units were ejected and banned after they remained in the region having endorsed select natives in a futile attempt to enable a subsequent 'liberation': 14 hours ago: HC6 was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 14 hours ago: Makdons puppet was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 14 hours ago: Echoes was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. 14 hours ago: Delegate Thomas was ejected and banned from Xedas by Montjoy. Since the end of our war with the Founderless Regions Alliance with the FRA's final demise in October 2016, the LKE has chosen to reduce the frequency of occupations organised by Imperial Army. Nonetheless, we have maintained, and continue to maintain, organisational capability as well as significant resources, often deployed in support of our partners and in targeted interventions as appropriate. Coming a decade after the conclusion of the LKE's notable 85-day occupation of Free Thought in March 2010, the ongoing occupation illustrates the ability and determination of the Imperial Army to project LKE military power. The Imperial Army remains one of a range of valuable instruments at the disposal of the Emperor and His Supreme Majesty's Government, safeguarding the interests of the LKE and our allies, often in concert with allied forces for mutual benefit. A lot has changed in the NationStates world since our first operations in 2006, but this remains the same: whether the year is 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017 or 2020, the Imperial Army demonstrates LKE power. Finally, I would like to extend my individual thanks to Field Marshal Lieutenant John Spencer-Talleyrand, Commander of the Habsburg Guard, for serving as the point nation and delegate, and to all officers of the Imperial Army involved in assisting me with the planning and leadership of the operation. TERRA REGUM IMPERATORUMQUE TOTUM MUNDUM REGET Colonel General Valfor Talleyrand Chief of the Imperial General Staff
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    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Foreign Affairs Update: February 2020 Delegate: Bran Astor Guardians: Darkesia, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Overthinkers, Dalimbar, Fujai, Big Bad Badger Ministries: Ministry of Cultural Affairs: Minister: Fujai Deputy Minister: Recuecn Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister and Chancellor of UTWP: Dilber Deputy Minister: Gryphonian Alliance Ministry of World Assembly Affairs and Recruitment: Minister: Big Bad Badger Deputy Minister: Sensorland TWPAF Commander: Kawaii Schoolgirl Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Giovanniland ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Festival of the Three Perfections! TWP held its second-ever Festival of the Three Perfections from February 23rd to March 1st, inviting any and all members of the NationStates community to participate. The festival’s main event were the contests of Poetry (Limericks, Haiku, and Free Verse), Art (Graphic Design, Photography, and Sketches & Paintings), and Writing (Short Stories, Essays, and Handwriting.) With over a hundred nations attending and over a hundred submissions ranging from skillful photographs of beautiful scenery to snarky limericks, it was a smashing success. The Best of Show Coin for the winners: The Participation Coin for all submitters: The Judge’s Choice Coin for a few special submissions: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ February Elections in TWP Our first round of elections for the year took place over February 19th to 22nd on the regional forums, with voting open to all citizens of the region. This round of voting saw the most participation we’ve had in recent times (very likely the most ever), with over 40 votes in the Deputy Minister of WA/R election. Compare that to the May 2019 election, in which the most voted-upon election poll only counted 28 votes! This was also the first election held under Bran’s ministry realignment this month, in which the roles of many government positions were changed, merged, and/or clarified. Previously, all TWP minister roles (besides Minister of Foreign Affairs) were elected positions, but starting with this election cycle, the deputy officials serving under the ministers are the ones going through the process, while the ministers will be handpicked by the delegate. Results: Speaker of the Hall: Giovanniland (Elected)- 27 Sensorland- 9 Varanius- 2 Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs: Recuecn (Elected)- 31 Mystic Skies- 7 Deputy Minister of World Assembly & Recruitment: Sensorland (Elected)- 26 The Unified Missourtama States- 15 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gryphonian Alliance (Elected)- 35 Congratulations to all officials elected! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ West Pacific Rugby The West Pacific held its inaugural Rugby World Cup this February, in which 18 nations competed for a chance to win fame and glory. Hertfordshire and Jammbo triumphed over Fujai in a 13-3 match to win the championship, and Giovanniland took third place over Dalimbar, scoring 6-3. With the great turnout and smooth running of the Rugby World Cup, plans for future tournaments of other sport events are being considered. The award for the champion: For all four semifinalists: For all team entries: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credit for all of the stunning challenge coins for the Rugby World Cup and the Festival of the Three Perfections goes to our delegate Bran Astor. Read the March issue of The West Pacifican, TWP's monthly news publication, here.