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    Today, it is with great pride that I announce some great strides in Equilism's foreign relations. Beginning on Wednesday, July 19th, I am pleased to announce that Equilism will be partaking in a state visit with Olympia. Olympia is a small but booming region that has hopped onto the stage with ideals similar to ours, and having talked with some of their leaders, I can't wait to begin our relations with them. I am also announcing a summer festival with the Kingdom of Great Britain, another region that I think we will be able to foster a healthy diplomatic relationship with. The festival is set for the week of August 18th. I hope that our citizens will turn out for these events to meet and greet two great regions who I hope we'll be able to work with closely going into the future. -United Vietussia Dion
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    Welcome to your forum ! Any Equilism forum member (you do not need to be a citizen) is welcome to start a thread on a topic/fandom/club/organization as they would like, in keeping with site guidelines and regional law. Please title your thread, so that the topic/subject is clear to other members. If there is enough interest, and if there is a demonstrated need for a separate sub-forum, administration will consider the request. No guarantees however, and a lack of activity may result in your thread(s) or sub-forum being archived. This thread is subject to updates as needed. Please make any requests in the Maintenance Office forum, or pm an Administrator.
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    Equilismers and Olympians, I welcome you to this state visit. I know that many of you have already began meeting each other, but I'd like to go ahead and make an introduction of my own. I'm United Vietussia (feel free to call me UV), the Mayor of this proud Township of Equilism. I've already gotten to meet many of the Olympians who we'll be coordinating with soon diplomatically, and I can say without a doubt that I look forward to the diplomatic opportunities we can pursue together. Pepe is the current President of Olympia, a new yet bustling region of just under 60 nations full of new, eager, and active members. RP is the name of the game in Olympia as they host two "districts" within their region, which act as states of sort with their own regional government. The House of Representatives hosts all Roleplay legislation which is passed to the Prime Minister for approval. The Senate makes the region's laws, which are then passed to the President for signature or veto. Pichtonia is the current World Assembly Delegate. I could probably go on and on about Olympia's government, but I'll leave that up to you to ask an Olympian about. I am the current Mayor of Equilism, a fairly large region of just over 120 nations. We are still currently laying out our laws within the Town Hall, the regional legislature which all citizens are a part of. Leo Drakan is the Town Moderator, tasked with guiding discussion and calling votes on legislation in the Town Hall. The current World Assembly Delegate is Drall. We recently formed our own military, dubbed Section Σ (Sigma). I know Olympia is pursuing similar options, and I look forward to a chance for another door to open militarily. I like to think that this state visit isn't just a meet-up or an introduction. It's a new chapter in Equilism's and Olympia's history: the opening of a new relationship between our regions, one I hope that myself and other future Mayors as well as President Pepe and other future Presidents will be able to keep up for many years. Now, without further ado, I want to officially welcome the Olympian delegation to Equilism for our state visit. We hope you enjoy your stay. -United Vietussia Dion Mayor of Equilism
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    My fellow Equilismers, Olympian delegates, It is my pleasure to introduce a new (hopefully) regular event here in the Township: Equilism Cinema! Beginning Thursday, July 27 (tomorrow) at 8:00 PM Eastern, every Thursday through Saturday, we will have at least one scheduled program for viewing each day. As it is also my honor to host this opening weekend, I've prepared a schedule for prospective viewers to reference. Programs will be hosted via rabb.it and a link to the viewing room will be distributed on Equilism's Discord server beginning 20 minutes prior to the showtime. After a program has ended, the audience will be provided with a link to a survey to express their opinion of the program and to vote on next week's show. I hope you all will join us for Equilism Cinema's Opening Weekend and without further ado, here is the schedule for the event: As a special note to our friends in the Olympian delegation, I offer my formal apologies that we have been unable to provide you with more leisure activities during your stay. This was not our intent but rather, was the result of difficulties being faced on the part of our Office of Culture & Entertainment at this time. We have enjoyed your presence here and on our Discord server, and invite you to remain as long as you desire outside of the capacity of the State Visit, which will be concluded after our scheduled Cinema programming on Saturday. Thank you very much for joining us here in Equilism. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your stay thus far and we look forward to the future of relations between our two regions. Warmly, Isaris Equilism Officer of Public Relations
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    I'm sorry I didn't get this posted, this year has been a mess. Don't know when I might have time for this, but here is my character proposal: For the position of Counselor - T'Char • Primary Race: Wraith • Gender: fluid, adopted primary male form • Age: 37 (approximate) • Hair Colour: Brown • Eye Colour: Brown • Height (m): 1.8m • Weight (kg): 65 • Other Physical Characteristics: Shapeshifter/Telepath • Birthplace: Dakala (See Star Trek Enterprise episode Rogue Planet) • Birthdate (without year): unknown. Having no sun on their home planet, Wraiths do not natively track time the same as most species. For Wraiths, time is a history counted in memories, and important memories are telepathically passed down, generation to generation. • Father: T'choor • Mother: T'challa • Siblings: none known • Spouse: none • Children: none *Note: physical characteristics can vary to fit the situation/encounter due to shapeshifter nature of Wraiths. However, T'char has assumed a standard or 'normal' recognizable form. T'char based this form on an mix of impressions from Councillors and Professors he studied under in order to attain the 'look' of a Councellor. A mild, empathic, approachable look. T'char can shapeshift form and gender as may be more appropriate for individual comfort/need/culture in session, negotiations, and missions. As there is little background available on this species, I have written up a few cultural and character personal history notes for my own use for guidelines.