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    Wut Up People. I'm GraVandius and I'm the new ambassador from Europeia.
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    Hi, y'all. I'm Overthinkers, new ambassador to Equilism from The West Pacific. Great to be here!
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    Awesome work. I remember Mr. Money, exchanged a few telegrams with him once upon a time. Or rather, Jolly Ole Saint Nick exchanged a few with him. Hail Section Σ! Hail Equilism! Hail The West Pacific!
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    The final tally is 3 Aye, 1 Abstain. Congratulations, Westwind! You are the new Delegate-elect!
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    My fellow Equilismers, The 1st of October is upon us, which means that it's time to hold the WA Delegate Election! You may stand or nominate another citizen for the position here in this thread. If you are nominated, you must accept your nomination here in this thread to be listed. This thread will be open for four days, after which a vote will be held for 3 days.
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    Thanks for signing up, Haistinland! I just wanted to note that you made a small error on your application. You're not actually a citizen yet, but that's okay, because residents can join too! (Resident means you have a nation in Equilism!) I'll be sending you a link to the Section Sigma Discord server soon (over Discord). Please note that this link is going to be one-time use only!
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    Name: Rais Main Nation: Haistinland Are you a citizen of Equilism? (Yes or No): Yes Previous military experience (if any): None (in real life a course of Leadership of Emergency Situations given by army officers) If you have previous military experience, please briefly describe the nature of that experience:(in real life a course of Leadership of Emergency Situations given by army officers) Regional or organizational affiliations (if any; please list any nations you maintain elsewhere): Equilism Are you willing to furnish a WA nation for use in Section Σ operations? (Yes or No): Yes If possible, please list your WA nation, if you have one (if this information is classified, you do not have to share it): Are you willing to create new nations for use in Section Σ operations? (Yes or No): Yes Your expected activity level or timeframes (including your time zone): An hour a day maybe more maybe less, it depends on how much work I have. Have you ever been involved in "griefing" or other forms of online harassment on NationStates? (Yes or No; if Yes, please describe your experience): No Are you willing to swear an oath to defend Equilism and its allies if you are accepted as a new recruit? (Yes or No): Yes Why do you wish to join Section Σ? (There is no wrong answer!): I want to protect not only Haistinland but also Equilism and its members
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    Forum1,074 registered members 346,798 postsRegionPopulation: 125 nations.Our StaffDelegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (31 endorsements)Minister or Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetlandMinister of External Affairs: Matilda LoveSpeaker of the House of Commons: StormaenDelegate's OfficeGeneral Assembly Limitations On Banishment - Missed vote, polled FOR Repeal: “Reproductive Freedoms” - Tied, no vote. Repeal: “Internet Neutrality Act” - FOR Against Political Discrimination - FOR Emergency Healthcare For International Travelers - FOR Security Council Condemn Reventus Koth - AGAINST Repeal: “Condemn Gest” - AGAINST Repeal: “Condemn General Halcones” - Missed vote, poll AGAINST Commend Gay - FOR Ministry of External Affairs.We are pleased to welcome Zachary as our new ambassador from The Allied States, andMount Seymour as our new ambassador from Forest.Ministry of Internal Affairs.Welcome New Members! Canadian Football League Colunberra Auptoverland This month's Watercooler feature thread is: The first becomes the last - just like the usual last becomes the first except the other way around. Postcards from CanadaAnother fake album cover by Almonaster from the "Cover Meme" thread QUOTE <> UNQUOTE: Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region! *As always...Report prepared by: The Canadian Citizens