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  1. Equility

    Virus thingy?

    Thanks Winnipeg, I've done that. Let's hope it survives Sunday..
  2. Equility

    Virus thingy?

    I've removed the iframe code. Winnipeg, is there anything we [from the admin side] can do so that this won't happen again? EDIT: Thanks, I'll try that.
  3. Equility

    Connection Problems

    I'm not experiencing any problems.
  4. Equility


  5. Equility

    The Plame Game

    Ortunga, please keep the forum guidelines in mind when posting. For reference: http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?act=boardrules http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=15 And the guidelines specifically on the debating board: http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=1443
  6. Equility

    Sign In

    Welcome (back) Pak!
  7. Equility

    Equilism history quiz

    Good question, I don't know the answer though I think they've deleted it. We do have a huge textfile backup of the equilism.com forum, but it's really unreadable and not edited for publication (editing would cost a great amount of time in order to make it readable).
  8. Equility

    Equilism history quiz

    I think it's true that the older members have an unfair advantage over the newer members, especially since most answers of this quiz aren't written down (clearly or directly) in one place. BTW, I possibly made a mistake with one question, so I might disqualify that question.
  9. Equility

    Equilism history quiz

    Yup, Ellandar was removed from office just one or two days, and then Noot joined the region. Ostendt thought it was a puppet of Ellandar Don't have exact dates, but the Ellandar thing happend between February and April 2004.
  10. Equility

    Equilism history quiz

    Next time I'll make them somewhat easier, might be a good idea to post hints for the difficult questions next time. BTW, there was only one statement that is not available on this forum, and figuring out from who that statement was is not impossible by putting some historical things (available on this forum or other public forums) together.
  11. Equility

    GOP in Crisis

    I don't know much about American politicians, but what about Barack Obama as Democratic Presidential candidate (not necessarily in the next Presidential elections) ? He seems charismatic, but has the colour of his skin against him.
  12. Equility

    Equilism history quiz

    As I've said elsewhere, I've made a quiz on Equilism history. You can find it in the Equilism Store under 'Take Quiz', then choose the quiz 'Equilism History'. The player with the highest score will win 300 equiliants and the quiz will remain open for seven days. More quizzes like this may be added in the future. Anyway, good luck
  13. Equility

    Bank not working

    Just so you know, I've created a quiz on Equilism history. You can find it in the Equilism Store under 'Take Quiz', then choose the quiz 'Equilism History'. The player with the highest score will win 300 points and the quiz will remain open for seven days. Good luck!
  14. Equility

    New TNP Ambassador

    Welcome to our forums wizardofoz01! It's good to see an ambassador from the North Pacific once again, it seems things are settling down in your region. How is the North Pacific doing?
  15. Equility

    The Pants Game

    Do you cartoon characters ever talk to each other off screen? (For those who forgot, Equility is Fred Flintstone) We do, or at least we try..