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  1. Whitewolfe

    E-Army Special Report

    'Tis good to see both of you, as well, and it's good to be back! Not sure of the extent of my involvement in NS at this point, but Whitewolfe may very well make a return to Equilism, as well. Baby steps...baby steps... I've already made a new flag to commemorate FJ's liberation...
  2. Whitewolfe

    E-Army Special Report

    Indeed, it is a great occasion. I, by luck or fate, made a return to active NS status mere hours after to find the former home of Blackwolfe liberated. I salute the E-Army for their part in freeing Feudal Japan from the grubby paws of its occupying forces!
  3. Whitewolfe

    Compatibility with Google Chrome

    One question... What would compel you to use a browser designed by the world's largest data mining corporation?
  4. Whitewolfe

    Apologies for inactivity...

    Thanks everyone. I am very happy. Here is a pic of me and my fiance...
  5. Whitewolfe

    Apologies for inactivity...

    As Redwolfe, I am the captain of the Emerald Coast. As is sometimes a problem, we have no envoy to carry on with our foreign affairs at this time. So, I will assume the role for now, and will post updates regularly. I apologize for our absence (and mine, overall) in this wonderful region and look forward to continued relations. Thank you. Note: I have semi-retired from NS, as I'm getting married in the fall and working most of the time. I do miss my time in Equilism and wish you all the best.
  6. Whitewolfe

    The Luna® Ledger 012607

    Links: Alpha omega Forum Emerald Coast Forum
  7. Whitewolfe

    Special Announcement

    Greetings, friends! This is just to let everyone know that the Second Constitutional Convention has officially commenced, and that all foreign dignitaries are just as welcome as ever! Delegates drafting and editing various proposals amidst the general hub-bub. Events are located here: http://ltribals.4.forumer.com/index.php?showforum=69 Introduce yourself, and start debating and discussing. Share with us your unique ideas, and demonstrate your statesmanship. We really appreciate any and all contributions. Hope to see you there!
  8. Whitewolfe

    Ambassador Report

    Ah, ok, thank you, Tse.
  9. Whitewolfe

    Ambassador Report

    ConsulateCommuniqué From Alpha omega ~Right~Wing~Since~2005~ *Proud*Prefecture*of*The*New*Meritocracy* The Council of Thoth Yuctobania -Consus- Scandinavian Duchies -UN Delegate- Slywolfe -Castor- A Three Legged Dog -Bellona- The Great Commonwealth -Suadela- Warring Minorities -Verplaca- The Court of Maat Fookipookistan: Iustitium Deutschland III: Iustitium Statistics Nations: 79 UN Endorsements: 16 Number of Investors: 19 Our Forum|Our NS Wikipedia|Nation States Regional Page|ACCEL|The New Meritocracy|Our Recruitment Video| Regional Happenings: Briefly Alpha omega has been working on drafting a repeal of Resolution Fifteen, "Protect Historical Sites." In our effort to expand our base of operations, we're asking around to see what sort of feelings the United Nations membership would have on this. We feel that it is a repeal that works beyond the usual right vs. left, sovereignty vs. protection divisions, as the resolution at hand is poorly written and poorly considered, and thus a slight against such an august body as the United Nations. As such, it is our hope that you'll accept our invitation to take a look at the Draft Repeal, which may be found here: http://ltribals.4.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=797and comment upon it, if you see fit. Please also let us know whether we can count on your support when the time comes for submission, which is scheduled for after next week-end. Quote of the Week (Almost): “I like my soda with a bit of a bite to it, and Coca-Cola is just too... sweet, I suppose. However, I would take a nice glass of Cherry Coke over any drink offered to me. Especially if it's that special kind of Cherry Coke restaurants make in-house. Mmm....” –The Heights NOTE: Ao Report is now eye-friendly!
  10. Whitewolfe

    Uniform Role Playing Currency

    Does that mean I should delay my price list?
  11. Whitewolfe

    Uniform Role Playing Currency

    That was .5 or 1/2 . I like the idea of using one form of RL currency as a standard, so you can shop for specific goods and brands, plus inflation is built in. What is it going to be dollars or euros? I'm creating a price list and need to know.
  12. Links: TGLM Forum Alpha omega Forum
  13. Whitewolfe

    Uniform Role Playing Currency

    I agree with Tse... In my opinion, RL should not dictate what happens here in Equilism. The best course of action would be to have one member (I'd be willing) to determine the average cost of basic categories. For example... 1 apple=.5 , 1 movie rental=2 , pack of smokes 5 , cheap shirt 15 , computer 500 , car 10,000 , house 150,000 , etc. I could have a comprehensive list for you, if the majority of you like this idea...
  14. Whitewolfe

    Rebirth of a Region

    I have mine. Some of you met her the other day. Thanks for making her feel welcome. I did... wonder if anyone will figure out who she is... Edit: All dressed up with date...when do the gates open?
  15. Whitewolfe

    The Luna® Ledger 01/12/07

    Links: The Realm of Equilism The Emerald Coast