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  1. Flexion

    Who Will Post Next?

    She's not here right now - can I take a message? Asta?
  2. Flexion

    Who Will Post Next?

    Not today, no. Hama?
  3. Flexion

    Quiz XIX

    Results The winner of Quiz XIX and the next Quizmaster is The Monkye (who scored 12 points). Thank you for playing, All of Man Kind (11 points) and Hamajahala (9 points).
  4. Flexion

    Quiz XIX

    This is Quiz 19. I am the quizmaster. These are my rules: - There are ten questions; nine worth one point, and one on a sliding scale depending on which clue prompts a correct answer. - For question 10, read the clues in order, but not all at once; when submitting your answer, indicate the first clue which enabled you to answer the question. - There will be no cheating; what constitutes cheating is your own definition. - The method of submitting answers is to PM me; don't post them here. - The quiz will close two weeks after the date and time of posting [13:26 UTC, 08 July 2013]; no answers will be accepted after that time [13:26 UTC, 22 July 2013]. - The winner, with the most points once all entries have been marked, will be announced in this thread. These are your questions: 1. The largest structure ever built opened in Chengdu, China on July 1; how large is it, to the nearest hundred thousand square feet? 2. An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 landed short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday; which runway did it land short of? 3. At least 42 people were killed by gunmen in an incident of terrorism on the same day; in which country did this happen? 4. Chris Froome of Great Britain won stage 8 of this years Tour de France; what team does he ride for? 5. Andy Murray, another Brit, won the Wimbledon Grand Slam on Sunday; how many years has it been since a Briton won their home Slam title? 6. A photographer was injured while working in the pit lane of the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday; at which track did this happen? 7. The Opportunity Rover celebrated an anniversary this week; how long has it been on Mars now, and how long was the original mission planned for? 8. The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg was re-enacted over the weekend; to whom is the phrase "Gettysburg was the price the South paid for having Robert E. Lee as commander" attributed to? 9. The First Test of The Ashes, the cricket tour played between England and Australia, will commence during the week; in what year did this rivalry begin? 10. Who am I? 6 points: I was born on March 14, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois. 5 points: I commissioned into the Navy through the ROTC at Purdue University. 4 points: I left my job as a naval aviator to commence a new career in October 1963. 3 points: I have had a sample of my voice used in a Daft Punk album. 2 points: I co-authored a book about my career, published in 1999. 1 point: I was the last man on the Moon. Your time starts now.
  5. Flexion

    Quiz 18

    Fudgemuffins. I will set about that.
  6. Flexion

    5000 bottles of beer

    -2093 bottles of beer on the wall, -2093 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, -2094 bottles of beer on the wall!
  7. Flexion

    Guys versus gals

  8. Flexion

    2012 US Presidential Election

    And very few ever realise it.
  9. Flexion

    Guys versus gals

  10. Flexion

    Guys versus gals

  11. Flexion

    USS Equilism (Incursions)

    <XO Lieutenant Commander Jethro Schofield> :: There was a quick interplay of questions from the gathered, and the Vulcan Commodore made his position on this ship clear. Good, thought Jethro. The last time a senior officer had visited, there had been trouble. Jethro quietly floated through the remainder of the meeting and gave the briefest of acknowledgements as the Captain gave a course and orders. As the officers dispersed, he made his way to the bridge and watched as Equilism left spacedock. He remained distant as the new OPS lieutenant made his way to see the Doctor, giving Jethro purvey over a solemnly quiet bridge. He felt lax in his chair, so he stood and made his way to the helm console to confirm they were safely away from Starbase 447 before accelerating to Warp 8, off into the unknown. One brisk lap around the bridge, and Jethro sat again. He stared at the main screen, into the abyss... =/\= XO Lieutenant Commander Jethro Schofield =/\=
  12. Flexion

    5000 bottles of beer

    -2085 bottles of beer on the wall, -2085 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, -2086 bottles of beer on the wall!
  13. Flexion

    Guys versus gals

  14. Flexion

    Guys versus gals

  15. Flexion

    Guys versus gals