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  1. North East Somerset

    Balder Foreign Update

    The Realm of Balder Foreign Update, 11th July 2017 Balder Forum Population - 4,411 nations ~ Delegate Endorsements - 188 ~ Endorsement Cap - 15 ~ Forum Posts - 119,385 Monarchy Queen - Rach Eriksen Crown Prince - North East Somerset Statsraadet (Executive) Statsminister - OnderKelkia Minister of Foreign Affairs - Zander Cerebella Minister of WA Affairs - Fake Minister of Integration - Fuzzy Minister of War - Akillian Talleyrand Minister of Culture - Cinder Storting (Legislature) Lawspeaker - Theoden Sebastian MP - Linkin Talleyrand MP - OnderKelkia MP - Plembobria MP - RainElection NewsJune saw the beginning of a new election season in Balder. Among members of the outgoing Storting, OnderKelkia, Plembobria and Linkin Talleyrand stood for re-election, while Lord_docomo, Theoden Sebastian and Rain announced their candidacies to join the Storting. A Formand was not elected this term and nominations began on the 1st of June, with campaigning and voting beginning on the 6th.OnderKelkia put forward a strong campaign as he not only sought a position on the Storting, but also that of Statsminister. OnderKelkia noted that during his previous tenure as Statsminister activity improved dramatically month on month before stabilising at a relatively high level. OnderKelkia talked about tackling both internal and external issues which could benefit the region. "When it comes to foreign policy, we have consolidated relationships with key Independent regions and our partners in the GCR Sovereignty Accords, but further developments in military and cultural cooperation are contingent on improved domestic performance. Diplomacy on its own can only take us so far if we do not have the requisite internal strength". OnderKelkia also promised to continue to focus on legislative scrutiny and political reform where appropriate and when it can improve the current system.On the 6th of June the outgoing Speaker Fake opened voting, with people selecting their preferred 5 candidates out of the field of 6. After 2 days of voting the polls were closed. OnderKelkia, Linkin Talleyrand, Theoden Sebastian and Plembobria took the first 4 seats while there was a close battle for the final Storting seat with Rain edging out Lord_docomo by a single.Result: 1) OnderKelkia - 28.6% 2=) Linkin Talleyrand - 25.7% 2=) Theoden Sebastian - 25.7% 4) Plembobria - 11.4% 5) Rain - 5.7% ------------------- 6) Lord_docomo - 2.9%Upon the conclusion of the results, the new Storting wasted no time in beginning the process of electing a new Statsminister. OnderKelkia was the only candidate for the position and was duly elected with overwhelming support. Formation of a New GovernmentStatsminister OnderKelkia immediately set about appointing members of the Statsraadet (the Cabinet of Balder). The Statsraadet initially consisted of Zander Cerebella (Foreign Affairs), Fake (WA Affairs), Plembobria (Integration), Akillian Talleyrand (War) and Ervald (Culture), with Ervald continuing on an interim basis until a replacement could be found. The cabinet has since changed with Cinder replacing Ervald as Minister of Culture and Fuzzy replacing Plembobria as Minister of Integration due to Plembobria's extended leave of absence.Each minister has been given a number of tasks to complete over the coming term including updating the foreign ministries database of active ambassadors and embassies, a ranking system for the Jomsvikings, working closely with new citizens in order to help them get involved in the region and to continue to ensure that both on-site and off-site voices are hear on WA matters.Legislative NewsAlongside the Statsminister election, an election was also held for Lawspeaker. And just like the Statsminister vote, there was also just a single candidate for Lawspeaker in the form of Theoden Sebastian, who was approved unanimously.Our first bit of legislative news comes from the defeat of the Regional Identity Act, mentioned in our previous press release. After extended discussion the bill was brought to vote and was defeated. This is one of only a few bills in Balder's history to have been defeated at vote. One concern pointed out was Balder's Demonym Act 2016 would not be replaced as a result of this bill, but rather it "may" be removed. While MP's were happy with a number of changes it looks like there are still amendments to be made before this bill passes.Something which had an easier path was the amendments to the Criminal Code of Balder. Introduced by Fake, the amendments were met with positive support. The amendments sought to expand the definition of harrassment to include all members and not just citizens and expanding the reach of the code to both the RMB and Balder's Discord channel, along with small amendments to number. The amendments were approved with overwhelming support.The final piece of news comes in the form of the Regional Security Act which was introduced by OnderKelkia. The bill aims to promote accountability and professionalism and to fill a legislative hole in the Citizenship Act where no specific authority is responsible. Balder has largely relied on the Monarchy, specifically the Crown Prince NES to conduct these checks. As part of this new bill ,a new position of Head of Sikkerhet is to be create and appointed by the Monarch to conduct these security checks, and should one not be appointed then the responsibility falls on the Crown Prince. The bill was received positively by MPs and on the 6th of July was passed through the Storting.Military NewsBalder was delighted to honour a request from our ally The North Pacific for support with their Delegacy transition in May 2017. The Jomsvikings deployed to endorse the incoming Delegate of TNP, Pallaith, on 20th May and the mission concluded once Pallaith assumed the in-game Delegacy.At the start of July 2017, the Jomsvikings deployed to the region of Ankh Mauta to provide reinforcements for an occupation led by The Black Hawks. Ankh Mauta was a region linked to the United Defenders League, an organisation which historically sought to interfere in Balder's internal affairs before opposing our external interests after their attempts at internal subversion failed. Deeming the mission a success, our involvement in the operation concluded immediately following the minor update of 3rd July, after supporting the reclamation of the region at the previous major update and assisting the defeat of a defender 'liberation' at that minor update.
  2. North East Somerset

    Balder Foreign Update

    The Realm of Balder Foreign Update, 19 April 2017 Balder Forum Population - 5,320 nations ~ Delegate Endorsements - 191 ~ Endorsement Cap - 15 ~ Forum Posts - 117,068 Monarchy Queen - Rach Eriksen Crown Prince - North East Somerset Statsraadet (Executive) Statsminister - Tomb Minister of Foreign Affairs - OnderKelkia Minister of WA Affairs - Fake Minister of Integration - Plembobria Minister of War - North East Somerset Minister of Culture - Ervald Storting (Legislature) Lawspeaker - Fake MP - Linkin Talleyrand MP - OnderKelkia MP - Plembobria MP - TombNew Storting ElectedFierce campaigning for the April Storting elections commenced at the start of the month. The Storting functions as Balder's unicameral legislature and the centre of regional politics. Each of the candidates produced a manifesto and proposed policies in an effort to persuade the electorate to support their bid to claim one of the five Storting seats. Prominent issues in the campaign included the standardisation and readability of legislation, selecting the right person to serve as Lawspeaker and the need to promote participation among the region's newer members. After heated debate and a tense three-day voting period, the results of the election were as follows:Fake 12 (12.9%)Tomb 17 (18.3%)Rain 10 (10.8%)OnderKelkia 18 (19.4%)Plembobria 12 (12.9%)Linkin Talleyrand 13 (14%)Ervald 11 (11.8%)OnderKelkia, Tomb, Linkin Talleyrand, Fake and Plembobria were accordingly elected to serve in the Storting over the course of April and May. The new members of the Storting quickly convened to select their presiding officer for this term, the Lawspeaker. Fake, the outgoing Statsminister, was the only elected candidate who sought this role and obtained majority support to claim the position of Lawspeaker on a promise to review and improve the laws of Balder.Apart from the elections for the Storting, this was the first round of elections to feature a poll for the new position of Formand. The Formand will serve as presiding officer of the Folketing, a deliberative body where citizens may compose legislation. Bills approved in the Folketing are then sent for consideration by the Storting. Cinder, an outgoing member of the Storting, was elected to this position after receiving widespread support from across Balder's political spectrum.Statsminister Tomb Takes OfficeFollowing previous service in the roles of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture and Lawspeaker, Tomb put himself forward for the office of Statsminister this term. With a platform headlined 'A Balder to Believe In', Tomb presented a comprehensive programme for radical change across the domestic and foreign affairs policy portfolios. He committed to providing active leadership that focuses on the challenges facing the region. On the basis of this agenda, it did not take long for Tomb to be unanimously approved to hold the office of Statsminister at the first sitting of the newly elected Storting. He was subsequently appointed as Statsminister by the Queen.Upon assuming office, Tomb promptly announced the members he has selected to serve in the Statsraadet for this term and expressed confidence in the high ability of his ministerial team. Tomb confirmed that OnderKelkia, Ervald and Crown Prince NES would continue serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture and Minister of War respectively, having occupied these positions under Statsminister Fake in the previous term. By contrast, fresh appointments were made at the Ministry of Integration and the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. Plembobria has been brought on board as Minister of Integration to increase forum participation and improve communication with the on-site region. Previous Statsminister Fake takes over from Zander Cerebella with the job of enhancing our World Assembly engagement as Minister of WA Affairs.Storting Debates Accountability and Identity BillsSince the last foreign update, the legislative agenda of the Storting has been dominated by two proposals. The 'Accountability Act' was the first of these bills and was debated in late March, prior to the recent Storting elections. It was introduced by Rain, then a member of the Storting, on behalf of Wycliffe, who was not a member of the Storting but devised the proposal. In essence, it suggested that the Folketing be empowered to repeal laws passed in the Storting and proposed a recall mechanism for members of the Storting. There was concern that allowing the Folketing to repeal legislation passed by the Storting would undermine the functioning of Balder's parliamentary democracy and went beyond the intended purpose of the Folketing as a place for new citizens to gain experience with legislative drafting. Following debate, Wycliffe decided to drop this proposal and instead pursue an alternative safeguard on the power of the Storting through the introduction of a royal veto with appropriate override provisions.In the new session of the Storting, discussion is ongoing concerning Lawspeaker Fake's proposal for a 'Regional Identity Act'. The purpose of this bill is to create a single statute regulating all markers and symbols of Balder regional identity. In particular, the bill codifies the latest version of the flag of Balder and clarifies that "The Realm of Balder" shall be preferred to "The Grand Nordic Order of Balder" as the region's official designation. So far, some concern has been expressed that the bill as written might prevent the Executive from conferring official status on other symbols of regional identity and that the codification of core cultural items should not require the Executive to obtain primary legislation for the purpose of creating other official markers as needed. Debate on the merits of the Regional Identity Act continues within the Storting.#DraftBalder Campaign LaunchedUnder the direct oversight of Statsminister Tomb, the Ministry of Integration and the Ministry of War have rolled out a joint initiative to encourage all citizens to join the Jomsvikings. Following high levels of activity in early 2016, the Jomsvikings have conducted relatively few operations in recent times, but the administration is determined to re-establish Balder's military capability as a valuable instrument of our foreign policy. Apart from an effort to persuade existing members of the forum to sign up for the Jomsvikings, all World Assembly nations in Balder have been contacted and encouraged to participate. The scheme has already resulted in several military applications.In order to develop their experience of reinforcement occupations, new members of the Jomvikings have been specifically assigned to support the occupation of The Union of Red Nations and deter any hostile 'liberation' efforts. The operation in The Union of Red Nations is jointly commanded by The Land of Kings and Emperors and United Kingdom, which are both allies of Balder and fellow Independent powers. Balder is delighted to deploy the Jomsvikings as reinforcements for the Imperial Army and the British Armed Forces. With our renewed emphasis on military development, we look forward to further collaboration with the militaries of our allies in support of mutual security and political objectives.
  3. North East Somerset

    5th Anniversary

    The Festival of the Ancient Gods19th October 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of Balder and Osiris. Over the past five years, many players have committed their time and effort to the development of Balder and Osiris. Due to the success of our citizens, vibrant communities have emerged and prospered in in both regions. The addition of two sinkers has also had a significant impact on the game as a whole, reinvigorating the game-created regions as centres of NationStates politics and altering the course of gameplay. In honour of this occasion, Balder and Osiris will be holding the Festival of the Ancient Gods between 21st and 24th October. The first two days of the Festival will take place in Balder on 21st and 22nd October. The second two days will take place in Osiris on 23rd and 24th October. The Government of Balder is delighted to invite you to join our celebrations. The scheduled events for the Festival include an in-character role-play of the founding of Osiris and Balder, as well as several spam games, tournaments and contests.All participants from regions with embassies with either Balder or Osiris are most welcome to attend events at both segments of the Festival.
  4. North East Somerset

    5th Anniversary

    http://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/rflags/balder__407860.pngThe Festival of the Ancient Gods19th October 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of Balder and Osiris. Over the past five years, many players have committed their time and effort to the development of Balder and Osiris. Due to the success of our citizens, vibrant communities have emerged and prospered in in both regions. The addition of two sinkers has also had a significant impact on the game as a whole, reinvigorating the game-created regions as centres of NationStates politics and altering the course of gameplay. In honour of this occasion, [b]Balder and Osiris will be holding the Festival of the Ancient Gods between 21st and 24th October[/b]. The first two days of the Festival will take place in Balder on 21st and 22nd October. The second two days will take place in Osiris on 23rd and 24th October. The Government of Balder is delighted to invite you to join our celebrations. The scheduled events for the Festival include an in-character role-play of the founding of Osiris and Balder, as well as several spam games, tournaments and contests.All participants from regions with embassies with either Balder or Osiris are most welcome to attend events at both segments of the Festival.
  5. North East Somerset

    Balder Foreign Update

    The Realm of Balder Balder Forum Population - 4,612 nations ~ Delegate Endorsements - 156 ~ Endorsement Cap - 15 ~ Forum Posts - 106,304 Monarchy Queen - Rach Eriksen Crown Prince - North East Somerset Statsraadet (Executive) Statsminister - OnderKelkia Minister of Foreign Affairs - Zander Cerebella Minister of Integration - Tom Vasentius Minister of War - Theoden Sebastian Minister of Culture - Gradea Storting (Legislature) Lawspeaker - Arastaoir MP - Gradea MP - Onder Kelkia MP - Theoden Sebastian MP - Tom Vasentius Election News & Future Plans In the latest round of legislative elections, three incumbent MPs were returned (Arastaoir, Theoden Sebastian and Tom Vasentius) and two new legislators were elected to the Storting (Gradea and OnderKelkia). Within the Storting, the outgoing Lawspeaker Tom Vasentius did not seek re-election. Arastaoir and Theoden Sebastian emerged as the two candidates for this position, which serves as presiding officer in legislative debates. A close contest ensued. After voting was tied, Theoden Sebastian withdrew from contention, leaving Arastaoir to be elected Lawspeaker as the remaining candidate. The process for selecting the new Statsminister went more smoothly, as OnderKelkia was elected unchallenged, following a term as Minister of Integration and after topping the polls in the Storting election. The Statsminister serves as Balder's head of government. OnderKelkia was quick to announce his cabinet and detailed plans for improving the performance of each government department. Under the new administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be developing our valuable relationships with existing allies, while forging ahead with new partnerships which cement Balder's position both among fellow game-created regions and as a leader of the wider Independent sphere. The Ministry of Integration will build on the progress made with manual naturalisation telegrams during the previous term to mentor new forum members and direct them to activities which are beneficial to the region. The Ministry of War will be organising Balder-led military occupations and building up our capacity to provide significant reinforcements led by our allies. The Ministry of Culture will be working on a major event to mark the fifth anniversary of Balder's creation and maintaining growth in general forum activity. Integration Ministry Reformed The biggest institutional reform announced by the new Government thus far is the re-branding and restructuring of our Integration functions. Previously, the Balder Civil Service was administered centrally through the Ministry of Integration-Civil Service. Following an announcement by Statsminister OnderKelkia, Civil Service appointments will be directly managed by each member of the Statsraadet within their own department, while the Ministry of Integration will retain ownership of this agenda as part of its wider outreach to new and existing members. It is believed that the new system will provide greater flexibility and allow assistant ministers to become directly engaged in the actual running of their departments. The new grade of Deputy Minister was also created and the Statsminister announced Sygian Vasentius as the first Deputy Minister of Culture. Treaty News Over the last two months, Balder has seen a significant amount of new diplomatic activity. In July, we formed the GCR Sovereignty Accords with our allies in The Pacific and The West Pacific. The Accords rapidly obtained the unanimous approval of the Storting. This partnership represents an exciting opportunity expand our cooperation in good faith and enhances the security of all signatories against potential adversaries. The Realm of Balder is firmly committed to carrying forward this agenda. The Treaty of the Ancient Gods with Osiris was updated and revised in late August following talks between both parties, with new language to remove an out-dated reference to the Imperial Sovereign Realms Army. In reaffirming our alliance, Balder is glad to have renewed commitments to our fellow sinker. Back on 18th July, there was an announcement in the Gameplay forum delivered by Glen-Rhodes, The South Pacific's Minister of Foreign Affairs, that TSP was dissolving its treaty with Balder. Following this announcement, it emerged that the requisite legal approval for dissolving the treaty had not been obtained in The South Pacific when Glen-Rhodes issued his statement. It is now over 2 months since Glen-Rhodes made his announcement. Despite the passage of time, we have still yet to receive the required five-days' notice from TSP that the treaty has been dissolved in TSP's embassy on our forum, even though providing this notice is a requirement of our treaty. Statement on the Grey Wardens' Aggression against Osiris As we approach the fifth anniversary of the creation of Osiris and Balder next month, our commitment to the welfare of our sister sinker remains strong. We are therefore disturbed by recent developments. On 7th September 2016, the Pharaoh of Osiris issued a royal proclamation concerning unprovoked aggression against Osiris perpetrated by the Order of the Grey Wardens. Specifically, the Grey Wardens re-founded Islamic Republics of Iran, a territory belonging to Osiris since 2013. This action followed general threats by the Grey Wardens to engage in hostilities against regions which are prepared to undertake offensive military operations. The Realm of Balder hereby announces its full support for the retaliatory steps announced by Osiris and our opposition to the Grey Wardens. Barring exceptional circumstances, such as multi-regional anti-Nazi missions, we will not cooperate militarily with the Grey Wardens and we will not entertain any diplomatic relations with their organisation. We will also be developing and implementing security and citizenship policies to maintain the safety and integrity of Balder. The Grey Wardens seized Islamic Republics of Iran as a calculated and gratuitous insult to the sovereignty and security of Osiris. In needlessly choosing to attack Osiris, to minimal practical effect, the Grey Wardens not only gained the enmity of Osiris; they earned the enmity of the allies and friends of Osiris. We will not allow our allies to be singled out and intimidated by enemies who seek to constrain their military autonomy. Balder stands boldly and firmly with Osiris. Furthermore, by their actions, the Grey Wardens have illustrated that any assurances they offer cannot be trusted. On this occasion, they proceeded to seize Islamic Republics of Iran in spite of the High Constable of the Grey Wardens having previously implied that they represented no genuine threat in conversations with the Pharaoh of Osiris. Clearly, the Grey Wardens are willing to offer misleading impressions to preserve the political position of their members in their target regions, but in the long run they cannot help themselves from jumping on the limited number of military opportunities which arise to undermine their targets. In this context, trusting the Grey Wardens would be naive in the extreme. Any region which is willing to raid has good reason to identify the Grey Wardens as a hostile force which must be contained. Independent regions like Balder have as much reason to fear as Raider regions like Osiris. Accordingly, Balder will be consulting with our allies to develop an appropriate response to the political project represented by the Grey Wardens. Authored by Zander Cerebella and Onder Kelkia. Thank you for taking the time to read our update. We hope you enjoyed it.
  6. North East Somerset

    Balder Update

    Queen: Rach Prince: Zander (Alvalero) Ministers:(Riksraadet) North East Somerset, Mcmasterdonia, Fuzzy, Charles, Isidor, and Cold Ice Speaker of Riksdag:(Riksdagens Talman) Libertarian Republicans Deputy Speaker: Apollo Riksdag members:(Riksdagsledamot) Zander, Govindia, North East Somerset, Charles Cerebella Forum: http://balderns.net Elections Department The first round of Riksdag elections under the new, shortened, term length have recently wrapped up. With a shortage of willing candidates, Charles Cerebella, then King of Balder, stood for and won election into the Riksdag. Other candidates elected to the 3rd Riksdag include: Govindia, Libetarian Republics, Apollo, North East Somerset, and Prince Zander. All candidates received Unanimous support, save Libertarian Republicans, who abstained voting for himself. The Riksdag proceded to elect LR as its new speaker. LR appointed Apollo as Deputy Speaker. Elections for Monarch of Balder have also occurred this month, with Cold Ice and Rachel Anumia fighting it out for the position. Rachel Anumia, the root admin of Balder came out on top, winning the election and becoming the first Queen of Balder. Rachel launched a strong campaign with her running mate Zander, that was well received by the region. Balder is excited to see Rachel on the throne of Balder, and we wish her the very best of luck. Long Live the Queen! The Queen takes her throne, joined by Charles Cerebella, left, and NES, center. The Queen Nominates her Riksraadet The Riksraadet chamber has been renovated to fit the expanded membership. Her Nordic Majesty, the Queen, proposed her Riksraadet to the Riksdag within hours of winning the election for monarch of Balder. Foreign Affairs will be led by Former King of Balder, Charles Cerebella, a respected GCR politician and highly experienced in the fields of diplomacy and military gameplay. North East Somerset was appointed to Security, having recently uncovered a FRA infiltration in Ainur, NES is well suited and highly qualified for this role. Both Fuzzy and Cold Ice were retained in their roles, Culture and Internal Affairs respectively. Queen Rach also appointed two newer members of Balder to her Cabinet, Isidor to the Ministry for War, and McMasterdonia to Media or Information. All nominations except McMasterdonia's received the unanimous approval of the Riksdag. Govindia opposed McMasterdonia's nomination for reasons that are unclear at this time. The new Riksraadet has quickly set to work and looks forward to a bright and prosperous term under the leadership of Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel. King Charles' End of Term Address and Regional Honors At the end of his term, as required by the Basic Laws of Balder, King Charles addressed the Riksdag a final time, providing a comprehensive report on his term. During the address, King Charles noted that through the culmination of his term, the region of Balder has continued to progress. He further noted that Balder has become one of the most stable GCR's and the Monarch has reached and maintained an endorsement count of more than 100 endorsements. He praised the citizens of Balder for enhancing the community and strengthening ties abroad. King Charles added that the future of Balder should be focused on creating sustainable activity throughout the region and that, as a whole, the region should focus on building its cultural identity. As he felt this not to be his forte, he decided not to run for another term. He left Balder a stronger community, and his continued service in the Riksdag and Riksraadet will only benefit Balder in the future. King Charles wrapped up his address with the regional honors. For the position of Jarl, Balder's most prestigious award, the King nominated former King by Night. The Riksdag quickly and unanimously approved this nomination, making King BN the second Jarl of Balder. King BN was also nominated for and approved as a forum administrator, proving invaluable in the redesign of the forum skin and layout. This was unanimously approved by the Riksraadet. Balder - Europeia Cultural Event In the middle of April but lasting nearly two weeks, Balder hosted a joint festival with our new allies Europeia. Over 500 posts and many new friends were made. Members of both regions learned how to count in Norwegian, a daunting task that our very own Norwegian breezed through. In the totally not biased flag competition, Balder's flag was rated as the better flag. Overall, it was a great amount of fun and we hope it leads to greater regional co-operation and an even greater friendship. The Treaty of Lübeck (TNI-Balder Treaty) Celebrations marking the ratification of the Treaty In Late March, the Riksdag approved the The Treaty of Lübeck, an agreement between the regions of Balder and The New Inquisition. The treaty is broken into four sections. The first section, titled Military Undertakings, states that neither will engage in hostilities toward the other, not including incidents where the regions are on opposite sides of a military conflict. Basically, it specifies that neither region will directly attack one another. The second section, entitled Intelligence Undertakings, specifies that neither region will spy on the other and any intelligence deemed pertinent to the security of the other will be shared. The treaty criminalizes the act of such espionage in each region. Diplomatic Undertakings, the third section of the treaty, establishes both in-game and off-site embassies in each region. In addition, the final section gives General Provisions of the treaty. Namely, this treaty supersedes all other prior treaties between the regions and also calls for a cultural festival to celebrate the ratification of the treaty and the continued friendship between the regions. Balder's Secrets* NES and Queen Rach - Marriage on the rocks? Rumours have been circulating around Balder, that since Rachel Anumia's election as Queen, her marriage to North East Somerset has hit rock bottom. Queen Rach is apparently looking to the horizon, with numerous suitors and two unmarried gentlemen at the head of two of Balders allies, King Feux of Lazarus and Frattastan of The Rejected Realms. King and Queen of Balder and Lazarus seem to be the most likely scenario, but what will happen to poor old NES? Minister for War caught on the Job? A senior aide to the Minister for Culture, Fuzzy, reports that he had to rush poor Fuzzy to the hospital after a heart attack brought on by the shock caused to him in a late night visit to his office on Friday evening. All that is known to Balder Tonight is that the scandal involves the Minister for War, Isidor Stark, and the young deputy Culture Minister, Alicia DiLaurentis. Could this be the one time that Culture and War smash together and create a beautiful love story? Only time will tell. Defender Cerebella? Since retiring as King of Balder, there has been significant speculation that Charles Cerebella is set to join the United Defenders League with the goal of becoming its new Chief of the Band following Unibot's retirement. Cere's fathers, cousins, gardener spoke to Balder Tonight saying "Charles doesn't simply see it as a change of direction, but he sees it as a responsibility. Charles is a man of tradition. It is his duty to follow the precedent set by other retired GCR Delegates; he must take up a job as a Chief in the United Defenders League." [small][small][small]*little to none of this is likely true[/small][/small][/small]
  7. The New Inquisition War Office TNI Runs out of Whiskey. Invades Scotland. 17th March 2013 In a speech to the region this afternoon Crown Prince OnderKelkia, Archduke Cerebella, Commander of The New Inquisition Armed Forces, said the following: Come and share some of the haul on the forums! Not too much whiskey though. We don't want to have to retake the region too soon after this time. Field Marshal Archduke of Brunswick Commander of The New Inquisition Armed Forces
  8. North East Somerset

    Balder Update

    Please see: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.ph...71847#p11771847
  9. North East Somerset

    Update LXI

    UPDATE LXI February 27th, 2012 39th Congress, 39th Cabinet, 34th Senate Population: 1,800 Forum Posts: 402,000 WAD endorsements: 360 NS Regional Power: Extremely High Current Government of Europeia Executive Government Supreme Chancellor: HEM President: North East Somerset Vice President: PASD Chief of Staff: Crist Seymour Grand Admiral: Rachel Anumia Foreign Minister: Common-Sense Politics Interior Minister: Montana Max Culture Minister: Ogastein Employment: JGlenn Attorney General: Peaceful Llamas World Assembly Delegate: Skrillex Legislative Government Senators: HEM (Speaker) Common-Sense Politics Rachel Anumia Crist Seymour Malashaan Apollo Jairo City Council Mayor: JGlenn Judicial Government Chief Justice: Onderkelkia Associate Justice: Anumia Associate Justice: Skizzy Grey Associate Justice: Notolecta The...Wood Anniversary: Five Years of Europeia On that note, everyone is invited to the Europeian Forums from the 7th-11th February, to join in the 5 years since Founding celebrations! Numerical Eruption One of our editors couldn't resist... Europeia has seen a huge explosion of new population recently, before and after the new NS rules took effect. Europeia was one of the first regions to adopt the use of a script recruiter; however we had seen a large increase even before that thanks to our top recruiters, including Crist Seymour, Vinage, JGlenn, Notolecta and NES. Over 23,000 recruitment Telegrams were sent by our manual recruiters in the 4 months up to its automation, with many citizens chipping in to what was an astonishing team effort as shown by this pie chart: Jairo also contributed some telegrams just after that tally was made and before the switch over to automated recruiting! It is no surprise therefore that during the last term we reached several population milestones. We got back to 1000 nations and then powered on to 1200 nations, a mark we had never hit before, on the back of the effort of our recruiters. But hitting that mark was just the beginning, since the early implementation of the script recruiter (designed by Montana Max) we have passed the milestones of 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700. And now 1800. From December 17th, when Europeia was home to 1004 nations, we’ve had a 80 percent increase in our population. Along with this explosion of population, we have also seen a great increase in citizens and forum activity, with the forums hitting 400,000 posts on February 23rd. Europeia passes first WA Resolution WA Delegate Vinage has not only presided over record endorsements as we top 360 endos, but he has put them to good use in the first ever Europeian delegate proposed GA resolution; the Renewable Research Commitment. This was a result of a grassroots effort to involve the City Council with World Assembly initiatives. Any Europeian citizen can join the City Council, which has a say in the regions legislative agenda. The submission was successful and the well thought out Resolution soon got to the voting stage. A healthy in-context debate ensued in Europeia, with President Somerset opposing it with a mix of right-wing political arguments, anti-environmentalist rhetoric and a long rant about how fossil fuels will not run out. This contrasted with the NS forums discussion area where Forum Moderator Goobergunchia opposed the resolution because Europeia has supported raiding activities in Nationstates - a new low point for the defender, as many Europeians pointed out. CSP followed by NES as TAP takes over Europeian Politics NES enjoying a drink and a cigar following his victory In the December elections, CSP created a strong Presidential ticket with JGlenn, which went on to win the elections. The final result of 22-16 was closer than many expected, with their opposing ticket, Seymour-Skizzy, putting up a solid campaign and finding a surprising level of support. The next elections in February saw an early candidacy emerge in the form of NES and PASD, who jokingly ran under the banner of The Acronym Party (TAP) to reflect the plethora of Europeians currently at the forefront of politics known by acronym versions of their name. It was an unusually long time before a challenger came forwards, perhaps due to an aura of inevitability that the Europeian political heavyweight would win no matter who put their name forwards. When someone eventually did, it was in the form of experienced Europeian politician Ogastein, with the former Speaker, Seymour. While Ogastein’s platform was posted soon after standing, it was received with little enthusiasm and probing. It appeared to have gained some traction and support, but without an NES platform in sight with 36 hours until election day, there was political murmuring that he would be unelectable. To this effect, Skizzy Grey stood with Swakistek, declaring that an unopposed Ogastein bid for the Presidency was an “emergency in the life of the region.” Pundits are still debating whether Skizzy Grey, who subtitled his platform “Standing in the gap,” would have outdueled Ogastein at the ballot. Mere hours later though, NES finally posted his platform. The presence of a substantive NES platform countered, at least in the eyes of the electorate, Skizzy’s motivation for standing for the Presidency, while Ogastein stood down and cast his support firmly behind NES. The race was back to where it started and the first Presidential Election of 2012 will be remembered as a landslide victory for NES/PASD, and an indication of widespread support for their vision of Europeia. Voters clearly had no qualms about the lateness of the platform, as NES/PASD won with 70% of the votes against former President Skizzy Grey and Swakistek, with 28 votes against 12. Some speculate though that the lateness of the campaign worked in NES' favour as it was not thoroughly scrutinised, with outspoken political commentor PhDre saying "NES’s victory is as much a product of his late run combined with his reputation as a behind-the-scenes maverick for Europeia as it is a product of any particular vision." Moving forward, Europeians are hopeful that NES will be able to to capitalize on Europeia’s positive growth and place in the NationStates community. The Senate: low-down on whats going on in Europeia's Halls of Power Two things have been dominating the discussions in its halls in recent times: The Law Reforms, and the work on Constitution V. The new Senate saw new faces alongside some of the oldest, as HEM, CSP, Rachel Anumia, Crist Seymour, malashaan, Apollo and Jairo were elected to the Senate. The new Senate elected HEM as Speaker. The Speaker's powers in Europeia are more administrative than anything else, but the Speaker also traditionally sets the agenda of the Senate. He put Constitution V at the front of the Senate priorities list. He then proceeded to break discussion of the Constitution into four committees, one for the Executive, one for the Legislative, one for the Judiciary, and the last for a miscellaneous section. In the discussions that followed, Senators Jairo and malashaan were most involved in debating the language of the Constitution, ranging from small wording quibbles to major substantive issues. Conversation from the others died down recently somewhat until Hyanygo, a City Councilor who was among the three sent from this lay-legislature on to contribute – though not vote – to the discussions directly, posted an analysis of the activity of the various Senators in the four threads. This gave a bit of a kick in the pants, as it were, to the other five, and conversation has started apace again, with contributions from the City Council delegation. HEM has issued a working plan that seeks to have the public referendum on a completed document done in time to be part of the five year anniversary of Europeia. So far, if activity and discussion continues at the current, renewed pace, odds look good that it shall be completed by HEM's planned Senate Vote deadline of March 2nd, 2012. All We Do is [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Win Grand Admiral Rachel Anumia leads revival of Navy. Following in the lead of then Grand Admiral Common-Sense Politics under then-President Rachel Anumia, the Navy experienced more success under Grand Admiral Notolecta during the Presidency of Common-Sense Politics. North Carolina and Animal House were both successfully raided and support was sent to Asia, Stargate, Corporate Profit Alliance and Belgium. In particular, Corporate Profit Alliance represented our first mission with Democratium. North Carolina was the flagship Europeian led operation for the term, and it was executed smoothly and effectively. Under President North East Somerset, Grand Admiral Rachel Anumia has initiated reforms to the Navy geared towards long-term success. The Volunteers were established, a focus on strength implemented, the sign up sheet modernized to current global standards and the system of advancement revolutionized through implementation of the point system. Thus far this term we have seen raids in Christmas, A United Kingdom and Catholic. Support had been successfully sent to Outer Heaven and Belgium, and the Euro Navy also participated with the South Pacific Army in the Warzones. Deployment has exceeded 15 units in some of those missions, as people queue up to join the Navy. We're not sure entirely why, but we understand the Grand Admiral has a unique talent in "motivating" our soldiers. Classified information I'm afraid. You'll have to join up to find out how... Random funny Articles by HEM, JGlenn, NES, PhDre, Kisrya and Rachel. Edited by CSP, NES, Henry and Skizzy. Visit Us!
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    Update LX

    UPDATE LX November 29th, 2011 37th Congress, 37th Cabinet, 32nd Senate Population: 960 NS Regional Power: Extremely High Current Government of Europeia Executive Government Supreme Chancellor: HEM President: Rachel Anumia Vice President: North East Somerset Grand Admiral: Common-Sense Politics Foreign Minister: PASD Interior Minister: Ogastein Culture Minister: JGlenn Citizen Integration: Switzlanzia World Assembly Delegate: Fortana Legislative Government Senators: Crist Seymour (Speaker) Skizzy Grey West Dhaka Vinage JGlenn Ogastein City Council Mayor: Notolecta Judicial Government Chief Justice: Peaceful Llamas Associate Justice: Asperta Associate Justice: Hyanygo Associate Justice: OnderKelkia Attorney General: Abbey Anumia General Elections Called The gathering of the Electoral Panel to determine the number of seats in the Senate marked the beginning of the end of the current term. The Panel seems close to agreeing on a raise of the number of Senators to seven or eight, from the current six. The logic for this being that it should rise in line with increased population and new citizens. However public discussion has been much less conclusive with some citizens even calling for a decrease of the Senate to five - the lowest number that can be ascribed by the Panel. It remains to be seen what the Panel will decide on, if they reach a decision at all. Failure to reach a decision will continue the status quo of six Senators. Supreme Chancellor HEM made the following speech with the calling of general elections, which are scheduled to occur in the first week of December: Cultural Conference with TNI Recently Europeia has entered a great cultural experience with The New Inquisition. The two regions have started a Cross-Cultural Conference on the TNI forums. The government of Europeia hopes this can expand the relationship between the two regions, and we thank TNI for their wonderful hospitality and welcoming. The Cultural Conference will continue while the two regions discuss issues facing the two regions. Boys Night Out Recently TNI, Europeia, the LKE, TBH, Unknown and TIL have taken North Atlantic! Special recognition goes out to ERN Cadets Notolecta and Vinage for their work on the initial raid of North Atlantic. Grand Admiral Common-Sense Politics would also like to thank all those with WA’s who have reinforced Iaxo. Overall deployment peaked at 40 WA units, of which 80% came from the first three aforementioned regions. Quotas Rising? The Europiean Senate has just concluded a major overhaul of the Mandatory Recruitment Act. This was necessitated by the ambiguities in the previous Act resulting in various interpretations of how exactly Ministers and Senators are suspended by it, and debate about individual examples including former Vice President McEntire, whose failure to recruit was a key reason behind his removal. These talks brought up the idea of increasing the quota of the number of Recruitment Telegrams sent by the Speaker and Vice President. A heated discussion on the matter saw a variety of opinions expressed such as should the they be forced to recruit more or should they be focusing on more important issues and let other ministers/citizens do all the work. Ultimately though the Act was passed, with only one Senator, Skizzy, against. However it still awaits the Presidential signature. In general, the recruitment success of this term has continued, with the population now reaching 960 nations, up from 755 at the start of term. The future of the MRA and it's role in the future of Europeia therefore seems certain. This Isn’t Your Mama’s RP Euro has started a new RP game based on an alternative history without the barriers of modern nations. Sign-ups have been active and it seems Euro has finally gained the RP game that has been absent for a while now. Have fun everyone! Wedding Invite! Written by PASD. Edited by NES. Visit Us!
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    Update LIX

    UPDATE LVLI November 4, 2011 37th Congress, 37th Cabinet, 32nd Senate Population: 780 NS Regional Power: Extremely High Current Government of Europeia Executive Government Supreme Chancellor: HEM President: Rachel Anumia Vice President: North East Somerset Grand Admiral: Common-Sense Politics Foreign Minister: Vacant Interior Minister: Ogastein Culture Minister: JGlenn Citizen Integration: Switzlanzia World Assembly Delegate: Fortana Legislative Government Senators: Crist Seymour (Speaker) Skizzy Grey West Dhaka Vinage Vacant Vacant City Council Mayor: Notolecta Judicial Government Chief Justice: Peaceful Llamas Associate Justice: Asperta Associate Justice: Hyanygo Associate Justice: OnderKelkia Attorney General: Abbey Anumia Population Gain: Europeia has seen a massive boom in population, growing from 755 to a population of 908 in just 4 weeks of our newest term. This is a grand achievement for the Interior ministry under the lead of Minister Ogastein, and this achievement has been reached with the help of many hardworking Europeians including JGlenn, Madiebee, Crist Seymour, Vinage, and many others. If growth continues at this rate we will hit 1061 by the end of the term. Senatorial News: Speaker Seymour [L] congratulates now Senator Skizzy [R] on his win in the Senate The Senate has been rather quiet since our last update, which may be a good thing given the dynamics of it. McEntire resigned from the Senate to which Sopo filled his vacated seat, ten days later Sopo resigned from the seat, so another election had to be held. Skizzy won a multi-candidate race a few points under 50% of the vote. Citizen Henry asked the Court how to remove a Speaker from power, to which the current Speaker provided the Rules to Order stating that only another Senator could challenge the Speakership. The Senate unanimously rejected the petition without floor consideration. President Rachel issued Executive Order 72 to which the Senate lead a full charge against, nearly vetoing it before a parliamentary cluster. Seymour voted Aye, Dhaka voted Aye, Stamosian voted Aye, and NES voted Aye with Sopo and Vinage voting Nay. NES changed his vote to Nay momentarily before changing it again, this time to Abstain; and Seymour followed suit. By the time the vote was closed the result was 2-2-2 Aye, Abstain, and Nay. No one knows what happened with NES’ and Seymour's vote changing, but we can only suspect some politicking. The Europeian University Act, written by Senator Vinage was introduced to the Senate Floor with relatively little debate on the substance. By the time the quorum for a vote was called, no one knew how the vote was going to turn out as most Senators remained oddly quiet on it. The bill was objected to by the Dean of the University, which is what Speaker Seymour and Senator Dhaka cite as why they voted it down when it came time. The finality of the vote was: 2-2-1, Nay, Abstain, and Aye; Vinage being the only Senator to vote for the proposal. Sopo Resignation: Not long after being elected, Sopo, citing personal issues, resigned his position in the senate. His resignation statement included the following statement showing that he is looking out for the best interests of Europeia, “I have realized that, while I love Europeia, there are simply too many things going on in my life to adequately serve in any kind of consistent position.” Following his resignation a by-election was announced and a mixture of Europeians, some old, some new, and others who had recently returned, announced their candidacy. The first candidates to announce their intents to run were PASD, James, Notolecta, and Jglenn, but after PASD dropped out of the race to focus on being the Mayor of the city council, two more candidates, Skizzy Grey and Lord Chuck Anumia, threw their hats into the ring. The election got off to an even start; however, Skizzy Grey soon pulled away from the rest. The end result was a victory for Skizzy Grey, who received 14 votes with the runner-up, JGlenn receiving half that at 7 votes. This election may have wound up with an veteran Europeian winning, but it still showed that Europeia has a great respect for the skills and experiences brought to the table by both newer members, with JGlenn receiving 7 votes and James receiving 5, and those whom only just returned to the region, with Notolecta receiving 5 votes and Lord Chuck Anumia receiving 2. Rachel Anumia Delivers State of Republic Speech (excerpt) Europeia does not give second chances based on a belief that we’re the land of second chances. Rather, we give second chances because we feel that individuals deserve them. We believe that people can change, and we believe in the power of individuals to do great things. Recently, Lone Wolves United has bemoaned the fact that as a raiding region we are not doing what we can to aid the raiding cause and raider unity to fight the defender enemies. They are gravely mistaken to believe that we are driven by “raiderism” and are a “raider” region. We will always put our beliefs and values before any causes, whether it is our belief that individuals deserve second chances, or the fact that we won’t partake in military operations with Nazi regions, or the fact that we raid not to advance “raiderism” but to advance our own interests. Europeia comes first and it’s our beliefs and values that drive us forward and that shape who we are. When I came to office there had been much hurt and damage during the election and the future seemed uncertain. Could we continue to move forward? I can say with absolute certainty that we have been and that our beliefs and values remain strong. Anarchy was a test of that. Forum activity has been steady, our population has risen quickly, our brand and values have been on display for the world to see, we have performed in multiple military actions, Culture is steady and Citizen Integration has been working hard to get people involved. One of our beliefs is that things can always be better and that we should always strive to reach the highest of heights. In the past, that belief has been damaging to individuals who felt that there work wasn’t being appreciated. We must both appreciate the good work of the present while also critiquing and looking forward for the future. Government Changes The executive branch has had a fair number of resignations and replacements in recent weeks. In President Rachel Anumia's State of the Republic address she announced that she would be replacing her Grand Admiral Karthkikking with CSP, which resulted in a vacancy in the position of Attorney General, which she announced would be filled by Abbey Anumia. It was also announced that Crist Seymour would replace Vice-President McEntire, who was by some believed to have been removed by the Mandatory Recruitment Act, but quickly debate came over whether the office of Vice-President was legitimately open, so the President pulled her nomination of Crist Seymour for Vice-President. Shortly following the debate over whether McEntire was still Vice-President, he resigned, and the President once again nominated a new Vice-President, but this time she choose North East Somerset. All three appointees were then confirmed by the Senate. Not long after the Cabinet shuffle another minister position is left vacant when Bootskitten resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs. With McEntire the new Vice-President, that made a Senate seat be open for the third time this term, and before the vacant seat could be filled yet another seat opened up after the resignation of Stamosian just hours before he was removed by the Mandatory Recruitment Act, for missing three weeks of recruiting. Running in the by-elections for those two spots are Ogastien, JGlenn, James, and Switzlanzia, with the fifth candidate Notolecta dropping out after being elected to be Mayor of the City Council. Military and Foreign Affairs With the unexpected and sudden creation of two new feeders, came the chance to demonstrate Europeian might and values. We sought to establish a democratic convention in Balder, which we believed would be best, started by a democratic region and while we did not manage to start it ourselves, we supported the efforts to establish a conference. Most importantly, we pledged to protect the newly formed region through both our military and diplomatic strength. A conference with The New Inquisition ended and resulted in the establishment of clear targets for military co-operation. Both sides pledged for greater communication, a joint operation every two weeks and to request the other if they plan on holding the region. World Assembly affairs, something that has never been a major part of either region were discussed and it was decided that they would continue to be discuss in an upcoming conference in The New Inquisition. Written by Notolecta, Rachel Anumia, and Crist Seymour. Edited by Abbey Anumia and Notolecta. Visit Us!
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    Update LVIII

    UPDATE LVIII October 14th, 2011 37th Congress, 37th Cabinet, 32nd Senate Population: 780 NS Regional Power: Extremely High Current Government of Europeia Executive Government Supreme Chancellor: HEM President: Rachel Anumia Vice President: McEntire Grand Admiral: Karthkikking Foreign Minister: Bootskitten Interior Minister: Ogastein Culture Minister: JGlenn Citizen Integration: Switzlanzia World Assembly Delegate: Fortana Legislative Government Senators: Crist Seymour(Speaker) North East Somerset West Dhaka Stamosian Vinage Sopo City Council Mayor: PASD Judicial Government Chief Justice: Peaceful Llamas Associate Justice: Asperta Associate Justice: Hyango Associate Justice: Onder Kelkia Attorney General: Common-Sense Politics Message from the President Salutations, My name is Rachel Anumia and I'm the recently elected President of Europeia. This term I hope to continue to build our regions ties across the NationStates world and encourage both diplomacy and communication between regions. We will be hosting a series of meetings, conferences and summits this term as well as increasing our presence on the NS forums. We can't do it without you! If you have any idea's on how we can work together, need help, concerns or even just want to chat feel free to send a pm or tg to our Foreign Minister, our Vice President or myself! Let's build a better world! ~Rachel Anumia Presidential Election thrills with Record number of candidacies A re-enactment of one of the many exciting scenes in the Presidential Election. The election for the 27th President of Europeia was an exciting affair. Originally, it started off with the incumbent, President Sopo and new running mate Jusduckria, against a team made up of Klatonia and Ogastein. Yet, soon the pressure of this major election started to cause problems and Klatonia decided to drop out. Taking Klatonia's place, was firebrand Crist Seymour. The popular Senator quickly found himself involved in a tough fight. His manifesto thread amassed huge numbers of views, and it polling showed that his candidacy split the region 50/50 with the incumbent. After a controversial IRC debate ended early due to an argument breaking out, the Presidential hopeful called it quits and threw his support for the incumbent President Sopo. The controversies resulted in a few more bids from less well known candidates, who wanted to change Europeia and seemed to set the stage set for another Sopo victory. However right at the last moment, Sopo pulled out and announced that he didn't feel he had it in him for another term. In 11th hour bids, star Minister Jusduckria decided to run with Common-Sense Politics and Rachel Anumia launched a bid with McEntire. The first round was a nervy affair, with the two afore mentioned bids placing second and first respectively with only one vote between them but both failed to gain 50% of the vote! The stage was set for what many felt was going to be a very close run-off. It was anything but. From the start, former President and comeback kid Rachel Anumia with running mate McEntire raced out in front and they didn't look back. Jusduckria and Common-Sense Politics mounted a late comeback effort, but it was too little too late with the vote finishing 27-17. Turnout was high at 44, which is amongst the highest ever for the region. So far, the administration is off to a decent start. Forum activity has been good, and though it is too early to make a judgement for sure, it looks like the administration will fare much better than Rachel's last term, which never really got going. Fresh faced Senate for the Future A youthful, yet promising Senate race saw many new faces run with determination. The Senate elections saw quite a few new faces run for the six seats, once again continuing the trend of new members becoming more involved. Unfortunately, a few candidates dropped out of the Senate race upon deciding to run for the Presidency. In the end; North East Somerset, Crist Seymour, McEntire, West Dhaka, Vinage and Stamosian were elected. However, McEntire resigned immediately following the election as he was also elected as Vice President. The run-off featured elder statesmen Sopo facing off against newcomers James and South Boston Irishmen. Sopo won comfortably with 70% of the vote. Crist Seymour [ 19 ] [16.10%] North East Somerset [ 25 ] [21.19%] West Dhaka [ 16 ] [13.56%] Stamosian [ 14 ] [11.86%] McEntire* [ 18 ] [15.25%] James [ 12 ] [10.17%] Vinage [ 14 ] [11.86%] Latest News from the Senate (L-R Front) Senator Somerset, Senator Dhaka, Speaker Seymour, and Senator Vinage announcing to the Press the confirmation of the President's nominee The Senate election was rather quiet, and not exactly special. Some citizens have expressed concern about the experience in the Senate; whilst other more positive sentiments have been that it's good to see new people get involved, and it's too early to make a judgment of their abilities. The first order of business for the Senate was to elect a Speaker, and Crist Seymour was the only person nominated for the position. With only one person voting against him, he is now the Speaker. The next items on the agenda were to vote on the confirmations of the President's nominees, and all were confirmed by essential a 4-1 vote. The closest vote was Ogastein to the Interior Ministry where Speaker Seymour and Stamosian voted 'Nay'. West Dhaka originally voted 'Nay' but only minutes later changed it to 'Aye'. When questioned on why the Speaker voted 'Nay' he cited the fact that he was engaged to him. Due to Bootskitten's confirmation on becoming the Minister of Foreign Affairs he resigned from the Court, leaving an opening for an Associate Justice. The President decided to re-nominate OnderKelkia for the position of Associate Justice, who lost the nomination last time due in large part to Oliver's objections. The Senate voted unanimously to approve OnderKelkia as an Associate Justice. Cross-Cultural Conference Concludes WA Delegate Elections Following Swakistek's resignation due to real-life commitments, it was time for yet another election for the position of Delegate. The race featured Fortana and Stamosian, who had also run the previous election against Swakistek. The low turnout election saw Fortana edge out Stamosian 9-8. Following a slow start criticised by former Delegate Abbey Anumia, Delegate Fortana has been increasingly engaged with his duties both internally and externally, and now wields over 180 endorsements, just under a month into the job. Funnies Newly elected President Rachel Anumia unveils new Cabinet. Written By: Rachel, Bootskitten & Crist Seymour; Compiled by Bootskitten & NES Visit Us!
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    Update LVII

    UPDATE LVII September 15, 2011 36th Congress, 36th Cabinet, 31st Senate Population: 711 NS Regional Power: Extremely High Current Government of Europeia Executive Government Supreme Chancellor: HEM President: Sopo Vice President: Earth22 Grand Admiral: karthikking Foreign Minister: Oliver Marlowe Interior Minister: Carracalla Culture Minister: Telthas Integration Minister: Vacant World Assembly Delegate: To Be Elected Legislative Government Senators: ACKJVR (Speaker) Klatonia Jusduckria North East Somerset Crist Seymour Vacant City Council Mayor: Blake Judicial Government Chief Justice: Vacant Associate Justice: Peaceful Llamas Associate Justice: Bootskitten Associate Justice: Asperta Attorney General: Jusduckria A Note From the President As if you really wanted to hear from -that guy- again... This can't possibly be the third time I've written one of these, can it? Time sure flies when you're having fun. Speaking of fun, we in Europeia recently concluded the End of Summer-fest (which I'm sure you'll hear more about later on). It was a fantastic festival of fun and fantastic...ness! I didn't win any of the awards, but given some of the categories, I should probably count my blessings. We're gearing up for an exciting second-half of the term, with less than a month until the conclusion. It's hard to believe that I've been President for well over a month now, but I truly have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. There's still much to be done yet, though, so expect to see some new developments from us headed your way! Of course, this wouldn't be a note from me if there wasn't a lame joke tacked on the end. Sadly, I am not quite prepared. I nearly missed the deadline for my article because I didn't know how late it was getting! I tried to find my watch, but I just didn't have the time. City Council getting “Schooled” By PASD To somewhat quote Adam Sandler in Billy Madison with a few changes “Back to school, back to school, to prove Europeia we are not all fools.” Europeia’s City Council has finally created an act that would reform Europeia’s University. A bill introduced by newly appointed deputy Mayor Rachel Anumia introduces a rough sketch on what the University will look like. But much debate has arisen on who will run the University and who will appoint said person. The City Council is in for a fun time if they want this bill passed, then passed onto the Senate. On a special note; the City Council has elected a new Mayor. Blake Hanover was elected by member of the City Council. Like said above, Rachel Anumia was named deputy Mayor by Blake. We, in the City Council, wish both of those members the best of luck in the coming term! Senate Activity Grows By Crist Seymour The Senate has been quite busy the last few weeks! With some legislation coupled with numerous cabinet switches, we’ve all had to be on the floor, or question the nominees. ACKJVR (or as I call him Admiral Ackbar) was elected to be the Speaker, congratulations! Senator Jusduckria introduced an act to clean up and repeal some of our old treaties, NES introduced three acts: one act to dismantle the ability of the Senate to vote up or down on a President’s cabinet nominee automatically, an act that expands the term, and one that makes the Speaker or his designate keep track of how Senators voted on legislation to provide accountability. The Senate passed the Executive Elections Act as well as confirmed Earth as Vice-President after HEM’s resignation, Telthas as the Minister of Culture, and Oliver as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. There is currently a hearing to replace Ogastein (who resigned due to disagreements and feeling he was useless in the cabinet, to run for a position he is better at: Senator!). (With the resignation of Cordova, the President may have to nominate a Justice, too!) Klatonia resigned from the Senate due to fall out from a controversial piece of legislation, but deciding to run again, he won with a 77% victory. After his re-election he picked right back up on the Committee for Military Code, while Senator Seymour asked to get involved with the Committee for Formal Scrutiny in Government with the resignation of Oliver to serve as the Foreign Minister. Senator Klatonia (center) walks with supporters to his campaign event. End of Summer-Fest! By Earth22 The Winners Get a Shiny! This past week we celebrated the end of summer with fun games and stories galore! Let's start with the Europeian Achievement Awards (Summer 2011). That's it for the Europeian Achievement Summer Awards! Seems like Europeia has an affection for underage drunkards.. We also had a Themed Avatar Week, celebrating our favorite childhood television characters. We saw a variety including Buttercup, Squidward, Kuzco, Doug, Maleficent, Tommy Pickles, Digimon characters, Pingu, Egon Spengler, and Rocko and Spunky. PASD, before arrest. Loads more fun to be had with our Three Word Story, seen here: We also had Spam Points, with Tyranna ending as the overall Spam Queen and a Recruitment Contest with Earth22 just beating ACKJVR, with Oliver not far behind. We discussed our summers, had a fun Europeian Skype Night as well as an IRC night, and had seven days of Pointless Polls. From these polls we discovered that..70% of Europeians prefer Coke over Pepsi, 70% of Europeians put their toilet paper over rather than under, 58% (compared to 38%) use the English spellings of "honor, favorite, and color", 57% of Europeians state MSN as their messenger of choice, 56% of Europeians use Chrome, and blue just barely edges out purple and green as Europeians favourite colors. To end the summer, we found that 39% of Europeians described their summer as "orgasmic", while 44% said they had a fun summer! Europeia hopes that your summer was as fun as ours! Funnies What do you get if you cross kangaroo with a hippopotamus? Flat Australians. Comic Written By: Sopo, Earth22, Crist Seymour, & PASD; Compiled by Oliver Marlowe Visit Us!
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    Update LVI

    UPDATE LVI September 2, 2011 36th Congress, 36th Cabinet, 31st Senate Population: 741 NS Regional Power: Extremely High Current Government of Europeia Executive Government Supreme Chancellor: HEM President: Sopo Vice President: HEM Grand Admiral: karthikking Foreign Minister: Earth22 Interior Minister: Carracalla Culture Minister: Fortana Welfare Minister: Ogastein World Assembly Delegate:Swakistek Legislative Government Senators: Oliver Jusduckria North East Somerset ACKJVR Crist Seymour Vacant City Council Mayor: Elections Ongoing Judicial Government Chief Justice: Cordova I Associate Justice: Peaceful Llamas Associate Justice: Bootskitten Associate Justice: Asperta Attorney General: Jusduckria A Note From the President Yes, I'm still here. Friends and Allies of Europeia, The past few weeks have seens ups and downs, and I'm proud to say that Europeia is surviving a Sopo administration and going strong! There are still plenty of areas which need work, and now that I'm settling into my new life stage, I should have time to get to work on them. The Cabinet has really come together as a cohesive group, and I'm proud to be able to work with them every day. I continue to relish in my position as President, though it does come with it's share of negatives. I am very excited about the remainder of the term and can't wait to build on the progress we've already made! Now, I won't put you through quite the same punishment as last time (that joke was truly awful), but I will leave you with a thought: "She was only a whiskey-maker, but he loved her still." President Sopo addressing the Cross-Cultural Conference. At the Heart of Europeian Politics - Senate Update The first business of the term for the Senate is always the election of the Speaker. This was a clear cut race with Oliver taking 5 of the 6 available votes. The next matter at hand was dealing with the Cabinet nominations. All the core Ministries were approved, though the Minister of Information was rejected, as well as a Minister without Portfolio. Around this period, Bootskitten and Jusduckria were also approved by the Senate as Associate Justice and Attorney General, respectively. The Senate then moved decisively to Veto EO 70, which the President made to rename the Welfare Ministry to Integration. The Speaker Oliver accused President Sopo of “reckless” and “offensive” behaviour in not making the necessary alterations to the Act’s affected by the change. The President soon withdrew the EO and around one week later, the Citizen Integration Ministry Act (2011) was passed by the Senate, which resolved the issues to the satisfaction of all involved. Peaceful Llamas was approved by the Senate as an Associate Justice, as Lethen was approved access to the EAAC under EO68. The Fourth Amendment to the Separation of Powers Act was approved, which means Senators can no longer serve simoultaneously as Vice President. This prevent future Vice Presidential abuse of the Executive Order powers. The Legislation Accessibility Act (2011) which was championed by Senator Klatonia was also passed. The Act “tasks the Senate to provide citizens with a comprehensible summary of laws, so that each citizen, whether or not familiar with legal language, may understand his or her duty and act accordingly”. Business from the previous term in the form of the Judicature Bill (2011) was concluded with the passing of a version produced primarily by Skizzy Grey. There was public consternation over the length of previous proposals, and though the final version passed was more concise, it still exceeded 2,000 words in length. The bill comprehensively covers all details of Europeia’s world class Justice System. One of the more controversial issues to be put before the Senate so far this term was the nomination of OnderKelkia as an Associate Justice by President Sopo. After a long and unconventional interrogation, the nomination failed with 2 votes for, 2 against, 1 abstention, and 1 not present. Senator Somerset who did not make any posts in the nomination thread, said the whole procedure was “a farce that should never have been brought to the Senate” citing the nature of the objections raised as "irrelevant". Former Vice President Asperta was later nominated for the same role, and the Senate approved him unanimously after some discussion. OnderKelkia’s foreign judicial experience was not enough for the Senate. Recent opinion polls held by the Europeian Inquirer rated the Grand Admiral and the Minister of Culture’s performance very poorly, and the latter was ultimately removed by the President. Fortana was nominated for the position and approved by the Senate. The retirement of Abbey from active service in Nationstates also meant that a new Interior Minister had to be found, and veteran Carracalla was called nominated, and promptly approved by the Senate. The opinion polls were not just focused on the Government, as they also featured a section for the Senate. The overall Senate rendered a rating of 64.8%, which was deemed to be decent, but not exceptional. The ratings for individual Senators are; Senate Speaker Oliver: 58.3%, Senator Jusduckria: 51.7%, Senator NES: 68.3%, Senator Klatonia: 55.0%, Senator McEntire: 63.9%, Senator ACKJVR: 50.6%. Senator North East Somerset led the pack in Public Approval Ratings. Senator McEntire resigned from the Senate during the opinion polling period, citing a lack of available time, and was replaced by Crist Seymour after a by-election in which the underdog defeated former Senate stalwart Peaceful Llamas, by 14 votes to 12. The Speaker introduced an informal system of “Critics” to question Government Ministers on policy and progress, with each Senator assigned to a different Ministry, early in the term. However the idea appears to have floundered with neither Senators nor Ministers taking naturally to the concept. The Committee for Formal Scrutiny in Government was therefore set up, with the aim of formalising procedures, which may be the only way to make such a system of Executive accountability take hold properly. A Committee for the Creation of a Military Code has also been created, which is Chaired by Senator Klatonia. The Executive Elections Act is currently in its Second Reading, and discussion is focused around the issue of how the President should be able to call early elections. The most recent proposal was the The Extreme Measures Act which proved highly controversial, and was rejected by all involved. The discussion however got particularly heated, and resulted in the resignation from the Senate of the Bill's author Klatonia and also Oliver stepping down as Speaker after a failed attempt to bar Senator Somerset. The region quickly moved on from the debacle, but it proves Europeian politics can be dynamic and fast moving, when such matters arise. Senator Crist Seymour thanking voters for their support. He promised to be “the most fabulous Senator in the Senate!” Stay Classy: City Council Recently the City Council of Europeia has seen new activity. Under the look of Rachel Anumia as Mayor, the City Council created its own newspaper. The Council Telegraph was newly introduced to the people of Europeia. Tyler Curone has been named editor of “the Telegraph”. The Council thinks this is a step in the right direction to bringing the inner workings of the City Council to the people of Europeia. Also numerous discussions have begun inside the City Council. The C.C. has begun discussions on a decision to create a new bill that would bring changes to the Euro University. Also talks have continued on the fifth constitution. These talks have been going on for a while and are expected to continue. More updates to come from the City Council. So for now, that’s all from the City Council for now and we hope to bring you more soon in the near future. From everyone in the C.C., Stay Classy! The Importance of The Republic Square in Europeia For those of you who haven't visited Europeia at some point, well, firstly, I'd encourage you to, because it's a really lovely place and we'd love to see you pop by and say hello. To return to the topic at hand, though, The Republic Square is a relatively historical name for the forum in which most of the non-Government activity in Europeia takes place. It's been around for a while and is probably easily the most viewed forum in Europeia, despite its sitting in a fairly inconspicuous part towards the bottom of our main page. The Republic Square serves no particular function. It's barely ever used for any official purpose. However, I suggest that its very existence simultaneously embodies and unites our entire region...or at least our forum population. Crazy conversations and fun debates take place as Europeians get to know each other better. The Foreign Ministry Spotlight The Foreign Ministry has been the happening place the last few weeks. We're in the middle of hosting a Cross-Cultural Convention, originally with Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Inquisition, The United Federation, and United Kingdom. We've discussed many different topics including: griefing, fun warzone games, and feeders. Also, FRA Arch-Chancellor Spartz was invited to join the discussion on ending TNI and LKE's wars with the FRA. The United Federation left the Conference abruptly but discussion has continued on track without them. LKE and TNI have offered peace negotiations to the FRA and we all wait to hear back. We've also rewritten parts of our Broad Foreign Policy. You can see the whole thing here, but the major changes include: Europeia has opened new embassies with Jethnea and Avarene! We'd love to hear from our new friends and our old on our forums! Also, join us for End of Summer-fest! Written By: Sopo, NES, Earth22, Swakistek, & PASD Visit Us!
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    Hello! We haven't heard from you in our embassy for over three months and just want to make sure that you're still around. We'd love to hear from you within the next wee so we don't have to close your embassy for inactivity. If it is closed though, you can reapply at any time, but we'd love to hear from you so that doesn't happen! Just pop on by your embassy, please! Thank you! -Earth22, Minister of Foreign Affairs