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    Early August Update

    TUK Foreign Office Dispatch Early August Update His Majesty's Government Founder: George the Great King: PASD Queen: Elizabeth Prince of Wales: MastersonWA Delegate: Great British IslandsThe Prime Minister: Sir Reg Empey Deputy Prime Minister: Harold Vorn Home Secretary: TBA Defence Secretary: Michael Juksereen Foreign Secretary: John Franklin Culture, Media and Sports Secretary: Rachel AnumiaAttorney General: Nivogal Since the last update was not that long ago delivered, this one shall incorporate all the regional happenings within the last few days and the upcoming targets, goals etc the United Kingdom is preparing to accomplish and meet. Therefore, without further delay I shall allow you to get a glimpse of what is to come and what has already happened. The United Kingdom is now in a period of preparation for it's General Election. The region shall be the same but without the general day-to-day focus on every aspect that would be of without the general election. All eyes are on the Royal Election Commission, the campaigns and the people who are running for Parliament and the Premiership. To date, the following people have announced their candidacy to run for the Premiership of the United Kingdom; Lady Rachel Anumia The Rt Honourable 46566 We wish them the very best of luck and here's to a good, smooth and clean campaign. There have been like the last general election also a very good turn-out for various members running for Parliament. Although Parliament is still able to run up until the 11th of August, to focus on campaigns and elections, every season it generally quietens down for preparation. On another note The Rt Honourable and Incumbent Prime Minister, Mr Empey has decided not to run for a third consecutive term after the favourite to be, Ebren declared his inability due to real life circumstances to run for the office. After a tricky decision, Mr Empey decided he would therefore back the running of Lady Anumia in her bid for the Premiership. Word on the street We are having a Garden Party, you can find us http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_UK/index.php?showtopic=12814 All are welcome to attend. Short and sweet, another update for Mid-August shall be delivered when the new Government enters office. This shall be the full monthly update. Thank you.
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    June Update

    July Foreign Office Dispatch The United Kingdom Monarchy & Lord Reforms finally Pass! After a long struggle to pass reforms regarding the Monarchy and House of Lords, the House of Commons on the 20th of July 2010 have finally jumped the hurdle for giving power back to the people. Snippets of reforms include; Removing the King's veto; Reducing both Houses to five instead of six seats; giving the popularly elected House of Commons back it's override function and most importantly, the Prime Minister is now equally involved in the Lords appointment process as the King. What a joy to watch when we finally passed these reforms, the region celebrated and drank till it dropped I welcome you to view our report on this more in-depth Here by our Prime Minister. Little late, but he did! No, i'm just kidding, for over two months now Parliament has been open since the election of Mr Empey. But i'd just like to share in this update our tradition and our many months on continuing it. Parliament is closed 3 days prier to the general elections. The Speaker and Lord Chancellor officially give word of thanks to their chambers and fellow MPs respond respectively. Thereafter parliament officially closes for one week. After the general election period, parliament is re-opened by the King's speech to the public and the naming of his new Lords (confirmed of course by a new parliamentary democratic age) by the House of Commons. Parliament is after his speech re-opened to serve the public. Oh no NOT AGAIN! Mr Empey wins a FIFTH TERM! The longest serving Prime Minister is back and this time you'll be wondering how he did it. With a massive landslide over his opponent Mr Empey is currently serving a two consecutive term which saw previously Mr Empey holding three spread out terms over his four year stunt within the region. Although this is a major triumph for Mr Empey, he has publicly announced he shall not be standing for re-election this term for either Parliament or the Premiership. We wish him the very best when he does step-down from active political duty. The British Government, only one slight alteration We witnessed in the previous term the same Government officials, we witnessed the same level's of efficiency and productivity by these members, now all that's got to be said is that we have only one slight alteration. The continued addition of a Secretary of State for Defence that completely restructured the Ministry of Defence, Mr Michael Juksereen. For over the past few weeks this man has renewed growth, purpose and energy to the office. We are prospering under his reign as Defence Secretary on the battlefield of assisting in military missions across the border. Well done that MAN! The incumbent Government currently consists of: Prime Minister: Mr Sir Reg Empey Deputy Prime Minister: Lord Harold Vorn Home Secretary: Mr Maxwell Callaway Defence Secretary: Mr Michael Juksereen Foreign Secretary: Duke John Franklin Culture Secretary: Lord Rachel Anumia Attorney General: Mr Nivogal Auditore di Firenze Additional from the Judiciary of the United Kingdom Recently we have witnessed the international atrocity of a Porn Spammer, the United Kingdom was hut and hut badly by this attack. Fortunately an admin was on scene very quickly to deal with the numerous posts this spammer posted and removed all but one for evidence. The case is as follows; Court Case: R v. Porn Spammer (Identified name not released within this update) There is currently an ongoing Court case submitted by the Attorney General to pursue in charging Mr Irishmen with Treason. Last month he openly committed and admitted a very serious crime of document destruction on a forum which does not tolerate anybody deleting anything. The case is at present as follows; Court Case: R v. South Boston Irishmen Word is from the Attorney General that these cases will not be aimed for with mercy, but shall be speed rammed with absolute force to convict and punish severely to prove guilt and bring shame on these serious allegations and crimes.
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    United Kingdom Update - May

    The United Kingdom Foreign Office Update 20th of May 2010 Return of a Master About two weeks ago, the United Kingdom was on the verge of a general election. This election was about to witness a three term Prime Minister return to office with a landslide victory. We, today witness the return of a master, Sir Reg Empey. His skill of blowing the trumpet and amazing the crowds by his long posted campaigns for reform is what sparked the triumphant victory over the contender, Robert Peel. This term was to be no different, Mr Empey set to work with the majority of recruitment, setting a record on this today of 6000+ recruiting messages. It almost puts the work of the two and a half term Ex-Prime Minister Neisse to shame. Check back here for more news concerning his recruiting spree soon. Moving on, the Prime Minister's first order of business was to announce a cabinet, a cabinet that was to set in motion his urgent need of reforms and to give the boom back to its name. Yes folks, you will have seen new cabinet policy, new victories and a new leaf turned in the United Kingdom by the amount of government and executive transparency, accountability and prosperity. With good news comes celebration, great news comes with the added responsibility of who's going to hold the hair and toilet pan up while the other is sick at the end of the night Without further ado, here is the Prime Minister's cabinet list; DéJå Vu.... Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, your Royal Majesty, King PASD.....again. You may remember PASD from already serving in the position of King previously, but due to an unfortunate emotional crisis within his real life and the very region he long wanted to rule with harmony, deleted himself and abdicated as King as quickly as he became it. Not long after that though, his Prince of Wales, Richard VII, was announced King, celebrated and then faltered to the abuses of admin. Not a pretty sight indeed, a little bit of suffering there, a little bit of suffering there, it was almost like an episode of ER. The controversial Monarchial Intervention was used to delete by his Ex-Royal Majesty two accounts belonging to South Boston Irishmen and Nivogal. After his forced abdication to save the incumbent Prime Minister from resigning, it was decided a court case would be brought due to his abuse of powers and his ignorance of use of what the Monarchial Intervention events caused. Not a pretty sight indeed. But you maybe wondering how PASD has returned as King? Well, our King's have the ability to name anyone anytime anywhere, back to the line of Royalty and succession and due to PASD's popularly, he was named Prince of Wales, then the quick abdication meant he was the King again, YAY!!! Hopefully this time he'll stay for a longer period of time, reigning in the glory like that of the first King and to bare the great deeds that the people demand Monarchy Reforms WE NEED IT NOW!!!! The Lords oppose it, Royalists oppose too much and the Commons love it....or so we thought. The House of Lords began, alongside the House of Commons last week in the effort to reform on his Royal Majesties advise the Monarchy. A long overdue process and long campaigned for by the veteran Great British Islands. The various reforms have currently passed the House of Commons, the House of Lords have still to pass in its current format the bill we have passed. So tune in next time to what progress we've completed on the said reforms.
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    Well basically is a meeting of several region leaders throughout Nationstates. There will be a series of talks and discussions on several important policies and factors concerning our regions today. It is also a time to develop Foreign relations more deeply. It would be great to have you attend.
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    Thank you, may i ask will you be attending the Regional Leaders Conference in the United Kingdom?
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    Regional Update 09/11/07

    This week has been a hive of activity in the House of Commons. Chase's propsed Tax Bill was sucessfull and passed 4-0. Chase commented on the news: Last week saw much confusion with cabinet ministers leaving left right and centre. The Prime Minister Sir Reg Empey, thought to solve the issue with a Cabinet Re-Shuffle. I am pleased to tell you that all involved decided to stay and we are very happy with their decision. Chase has now taken on two jobs and is Deputy Prime Minister and Chancellor, a role in which we all feel he can acheive. The talk of the town this week was the wedding between our belovedKing George VII and Catherine Sophia I of the United Kingdom. It was a lovely service and many talked and danced in the ballrooms and dining rooms after the event. Many Citizens left messages in thier wedding book, here is just a few: In foreign affairs this week. Preperations are underway for the first ever Regional Leaders Conference. Hucking, the Foreign Affairs Minister came up with the idea and everyone is looking forward to this massive event on Sunday. In Buisness this week, Chase is over the moon as many more people have signed up to take out a buisness license. He hope that this will bring great wealth and stability to the nation. Chase has also devised a lavish stock market system which he hopes will tak off soon. The first buisness to open was GB and Northern Irelands Car Shop, which has already seen a influx of business. Good luck to him. Gang wars opened up this week with many citizens siging up to take part. An extract from the rules is below. I think its going to be a hit and look forward to playing it.
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    I have been appointed as ambassador to Equilism, i am also the serving prime minister but will make sure to keep my updates frequent
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    Regional Update 09/11/07

    This week the Goverment has been bombarded with new ideas and new proposals from ministers and citizens. The regional Lottery Act was propsed by The Chancellor Of The Exchequer, Cardinal Chase. With the current vote at Aye:3 (50.00%) Nay: 2 (33.33%) Abstain: 0 (0.00%) To Vote: 1 (16.67%) The act has faced some criticism from members of Government: and we wait to hear news of its sucess. There has been much movement from the Minister Of Culture, Media And Sport and he has propsed serveral new role-play ideas to help enhance our fun activities in the region and to make our experience in The United Kingdom much better. He has come up with the following ideas: Alternate History The Premier League Historical Role Play Gang Wars role play and in three months time he wishes to set up a multi region role play where each region plays out as their region. There has been other major developments in Government this week. The Deputy Prime Minister has stated in a press conference his wish to resign from Government his reason being: This is a shame for the United Kingdom and we all wish that he decides not to leave his position and hope that he does not leave the region all together. In the Imperial Courtroom this week Carraterra is suing the Exchequer for breach of privacy, improper conduct, libel and overstepping the authority in his portfolio. Carraterra has made this statement: The Chief Justice Mighty Khan is looking into this courtcase and has asked both Cardinal Chase and Carraterra to submit evidence in there defence and we await there trail. Other news. The Labour Party was formed a few weeks ago with its Leader Hucking hoping for support from members of The United Kingdom. His Majesty King George and Catherine Sophia announced there engagment this week and we are all looking forward to there upcoming wedding ceremony. The United Kingdom has a new currency system, with each citizens money appearing in there avatar box. Thats about all from the United Kingdom this week, with so much going on I am sure that next week's update will be jam packed with news.