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  1. PoD Gunner

    Equilism Has Lost a Friend

    Greetings to you all. Since this is the only place that holds such a thread (well at least that I know of since I am pretty much just keeping my nation alive in NS and not playing anymore) I decided to drop by and pay my respects for the player and the man I used to call Mooey and whose udders I loved to fiddle with every chance I got. Thanks to Krull for pointing me to this thread. Coming into the bigger league from a very small region through TNP, then Lexicon and finally Taijitu I'd had heard of Moo more than one time and I believe that he has been one of the known figures of NS in the last 5 years or so whom I've connected to very quickly. I have seen Nai mentioning the TRR stampede in connection to him and I just wanted to add that back then, during what has been the most intense game-play experience for me since I first started NS in 2004, Moo has been one of those who has done his best to keep exaggerated reactions to a minimum and helped others who resorted to personal attacks see the fun side of this game. It is for that feature that I will mostly remember him. He had the talent of brightening the room and always providing those who took life (in this case NS) too seriously, with a grain of salt. I had been impressed to first hear his story but when we became pals and started chatting, I learned to appreciate him beyond the NS player that he was. May his family find a way to overcome this, God knows it will not be easy, looking at the appreciation he is getting all around NS and CN, but such is life and I hope they will find comfort in kind memories, like we must. Godspeed to Moo wherever he may be and all the best to you all. Regards, Gunner.
  2. PoD Gunner

    Welcome to our new friends from Taijitu!

    Hello to our friends from Equilism. I am here to present our excuses for the lack of activity in our embassy here. Due to special delegate elections and the reorganization called upon, along with the mobilization of our resources to the interior and to some of our diplomatic stuff stuck with exams we saw our representation reduced. Pace is picking up again and the sde will be over this week. We thank you for the weekly up-dates posted with regularity by Naivetry and assure you that Taijitu just had a small summer-slump syndrome. Best wishes from Taijitu, PoD Gunner Interim Delegate.
  3. PoD Gunner

    Welcome to our new friends from Taijitu!

    *raises glass* Cheers! May this last forever, bring us only joy and friends to share with both the times of need as those of prosperity.