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  1. Please vote in the thread below on whether to confirm Small Huts for World Assembly Delegate. This vote will remain open for three days.
  2. The impact of this decision will take a while to be seen in full - whether positive or negative. I understand the (non-racist) arguments of the leave side, regarding sovereignty but I just can't agree with them. I think this is a poor decision by the British public, and it won't solve the problems that have made many voters, especially leave voters, angry at Europe.
  3. I still have to get to the start line, I'm saving my celebrations for after my race.
  4. *clears out some dust* Hi guys, I'm back! Good to see this still kicking around! Haven't watched too much anime myself lately, but when I was in Japan earlier in the year, I did visit Kyoto's International Manga Museum. It was very cool, and definitely something to see in Kyoto if you're sick of all the awesome temples such, or just want a little chance of pace. I also got a very cool Maika Pikachu plush from a Pokemon Center (more like a Pokemon Mart, but eh) while I was there. My girlfriend claimed it as her own (because it is so cute), so I don't have a p
  5. Don't you remember, I play on the girls team for this game. 519, after accounting for Isaris' poor memory.
  6. Thanks guys I've got a facebook page going if anyone wants to follow what I do between now and the Olympics from there. I haven't worked out exactly what I'd post, but...updates I guess would describe it.
  7. Hello everyone, I know I've been away for a while, but I come bearing good news - I've been selected for the Olympics! Hope you have all been well, sorry that I've had such a long absence, I hope to hang around here a bit now that I'm back.
  8. Yes, I've just been slack asking for your masking to be changed and updating the list of senators.
  9. Perhaps attempt to explain the rules of cricket, using current senators in/as examples as much as possible.
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