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  1. Hamajahala

    Datford Rite of Passage

    Post a pic of you with the word "Equilism" written somewhere prominent on your body.
  2. Hamajahala

    Datford Rite of Passage

    What's your favorite color? Dogs or cats? Which parent is your favorite? What's your favorite meal of the day? Do you drink alcohol much? Do you think you spend too much time on the computer? Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
  3. Hamajahala

    Mentor Program

    Hey, you can ask me anything you like!
  4. Hamajahala


    Hey, welcome to Equilism! Don't worry, there is a place for those with great asses here.
  5. Hamajahala

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but it's still not enough to afford what you want. I wish these socks didn't have holes in them.
  6. Hamajahala

    This or That?

    Skype I guess, I'm just more familiar with it. Cumbersomely long fingernails or too-short fingernails?
  7. Hamajahala

    Word Association Game

  8. Hamajahala

    Word Disassociation Game

  9. Hamajahala

    Sign In

    Welcome! It's a bonus that you're alive, but even if you weren't, we'd let you in. u_u
  10. Hamajahala

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but it doesn't end up being a very good paper and you get a mediocre grade but not bad enough to be worth rewriting it. I wish to find a job in a library.
  11. Hamajahala

    This or That?

    Blues, very relatable. Texts or emails?
  12. Hamajahala

    Who Will Post Next?

    It's me!! Zeoop?
  13. Hamajahala

    Word Association Game

  14. Hamajahala

    Word Disassociation Game

  15. Hamajahala

    Word Association Game