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  1. Allama

    Greetings from Taijitu!

    I do not believe that we are acquainted. It's a pleasure to "meet" you, good Sir Turtle!
  2. Allama

    Greetings from Taijitu!

    Hello everyone out there in Equilism! I'm Allama, Taijitu's current Citizen-Delegate. Some of you may remember me as I was our Ambassador to Equilism quite a few years ago. We voted recently on a measure to attempt reopening of formal diplomatic relations between our regions, so here I am to test the proverbial waters. I'll try not to make too much of a mess poking around your lovely forums. Have a nice day! - Alana / Allama / Jutensa
  3. Allama

    The Rejected Realms

    Update: The Senate attempts to pass a Vote of No Confidence on Sovereign Dixie and to Impeach PoD Gunner have both failed to garner sufficient support and thus have not been passed. Additionally, SD has been elected as our new Delegate and has assumed the position. No word on the investigation, or whether it is still on-going.
  4. Allama

    The Rejected Realms

    I am also quite more than a bit saddened and upset that this occurred at all, much less just after I assumed this position. Our community is in an uproar about the whole thing, and no one, not even those who enacted the raid, is standing behind it as having been a good idea. Investigations are underway to ascertain who precisely was involved and to what extent. When this is complete, I assure you I will relay that information to this Embassy. As far as Sovereign Dixie is concerned, he has expressed the fact that he argued against it for quite some time and that he only relented so as to minimize the damage done; he knew it would go ahead whether he was on board or not, so he made the decision to sacrifice his personal reputation to attempt to control the situation from within. Whether or not our valued allies find this to be a satisfactory explanation, I personally believe that he is being sincere and that he only wanted (and continues to want) what is best for everyone involved. I sincerely hope we can put this behind us. More information will be brought to you as it becomes available.
  5. Allama

    The Rejected Realms

    In accordance with Taijitu's Constitution and Laws, impeachment proceedings are currently underway in an attempt to remove the elected Delegate, PoD Gunner/Red Kagran, from office. Debates and voting are on-going on our forum. Our Delegate and Minister of Defense have both issued formal apologies to our community and to The Rejected Realms. We understand your concern here in Equilism and hope only to repair our damaged relations with you (and all of our friends across NationStates). This invasion was, very clearly, a serious mistake and Taijitu will not be repeating such actions in the future. We simply ask that you forgive the rash actions that have led to this upheaval and fostered such mistrust and resentment both at home and abroad.
  6. Allama

    Welcome to our new friends from Taijitu!

    As a matter of course, my friend! * Alana hands out platters of cookies to all comers.
  7. Allama

    Sign In

    Hello everyone! My name is Alana, but you can call me Allama or Al' as you please. As the newly-arrived Ambassador from Taijitu I don't have a nation in your region, so if this is not the place for me kindly excuse my blundering about. I'm still getting a feel for the place, you see.
  8. Allama

    Regional Report

    Here is our very first regional report for our embassy here. I hope you find it informative.
  9. Allama

    Welcome to our new friends from Taijitu!

    Hello Equilism! Kindly allow me to introduce myself, like so: I'm Alana, Taijitu's Minister of Community. Simple, yes? I was appointed as our embassador to your fine locale today, and I sincerely hope to get to know you and further positive relations between our regions. Also, I brought drinks to celebrate. Do enjoy!