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  1. New Delegate of The North Pacific It is with great pleasure that I announce The Democratic Republic of Tomb as the new Delegate for The North Pacific. Tomb, having been a part of TNP for a year tomorrow, has risen through the government of TNP. He has won the election by a large margin, and is ready to take office. Tomb has served TNP gracefully throughout his time here. He has served in the North Pacific Army, ambassador to various regions, Minister of Home Affairs, various Deputy Minister positions and Journalist of The Northern Lights. He has personally welcomed every new member to the re
  2. I definitely enjoy being able to see the Senate, but the presence of vote buttons on polls in the Senate is creeping me out. I don't even dare check if they'll work...
  3. New Aurora Alliance Expands Ties With TSP by Myroria A treaty between The North Pacific and The South Pacific creating the 'Aurora Alliance' passed the Regional Assembly of TNP handily on January 24. The updated treaty already passed the Assembly of The South Pacific earlier in the month, meaning that with The North Pacific's ratification the new treaty came into force. The new treaty had a long negotiation process, starting in April 2014. The delegates of TNP and TSP, along with their foreign affairs ministries, opened discussions of a treaty expanding on previous ones, most notably t
  4. The North Pacific Ministry of Foreign Affairs Magicality City, February 28, 2015 Dear Chief Minister The Monkye & Acting Chief Minister Astarial, The government of The North Pacific entreats you to accept Eluvatar as an ambassador between our two regions. He has been a citizen in good standing of The North Pacific for four months and a legislator in our Regional Assembly for the same period and we believe he will meet the duties of this posting admirably. His responsibilities will include above all keeping your region informed of important affairs in The North Pacific, supporting our
  5. Do we need to fill out a form to reopen relations?
  6. I can't see the Senate at all anymore by the by. I don't know if this is intentional. Edit: I also can't see the Embassy Application topic and I hope that is unintentional.
  7. So, I still can't edit my memer title, but at least it doesn't say "TNP Delegate" anymore Also, while I can now see, say, this topic, I'm a little disturbed that I can see vote buttons. I haven't tried clicking them, maybe it'd give me an error, but I would imagine that if it gives me the option to vote, it would accept one from me....
  8. Also, I can't update my Member Title, which is a bit out of date (I checked with Asta: in the part of the profile editor she sees Member Title in, I have nothing).
  9. Something must be wrong with my account. Asta keeps linking me to things she assures me are open access, and I get permission errors. Please help
  10. Hello strange person. Have we met?
  11. Statement from the Cabinet of The Coalition of The South Pacific in regards to the end of the Milograd Coup and victory on the home front As of minor update today The South Pacific is once again free from foreign occupation and oppression, and NationState's oldest and most resilient democratic government has been restored. This victory could not have been achieved without the efforts of dozens, if not hundreds, of people all of whom have played their own parts, big or small. Whilst you will all be hearing more from us over the next few days, we would like to take a moment to thank some of yo
  12. Spoiler: (Copying to a spoiler to preserve history in case the OP is changed, feel free to delete this post if it is irrelevant)
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