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  1. Funny Looking Islands

    Who Will Post Next?

    Damn You! Noot?
  2. Funny Looking Islands

    Who Will Post Next?

    Bingo. Whats that, 3 in a row. I'll try Clepto again.
  3. Funny Looking Islands

    The totaly irrelevant

  4. Funny Looking Islands

    Who Will Post Next?

    Fraid Not. Clepto?
  5. Funny Looking Islands

    Who Will Post Next?

    Not a chance! Noot?
  6. Funny Looking Islands

    Attack the Previous Poster

    *sends moo to the butchers*
  7. Funny Looking Islands


    That has got to be one of the biggest cases of parinoa I have ever heard. If the government didn't want you to have guns trust me, you wouldn't. And there is no way the government are trying to bring in gun control laws to try and prevent some "revolutionaries". It's to prevent nut-jobs getting their mits on guns(some of whom think they are revolutionaries). Gun laws over there are too light as it is. It's a deadly circle, people want a gun to protect themselves so they don't want so much gun laws which allow potential fellons to get their hands on one without too much trouble.
  8. Funny Looking Islands

    The Neverending Story

    On his way he saw
  9. Funny Looking Islands

    Truth or Dare

    You can add me to the list there too. Might as well get in in the action.
  10. Funny Looking Islands

    Fox Hunting

    Why can't everyone just play football (soccer)?
  11. Funny Looking Islands

    The Neverending Story

    flight so he held on tight and
  12. Funny Looking Islands

    The Never-ending Argument

    Nail Polish is stupid and time consuming. Kilts are cool.
  13. Funny Looking Islands


    In my view that is the mentality of a 10 year old (or a action film junkie). Guns have no place in the home. Big guns have no place in society full-stop. If you are hell bent on having a gun why would you want a gun. Would you not just have a hand-gun you could keep in a bed-side locker rather than a big assault rifle that has to stored up in the attic should some0one break in. Or even better, get a good alarm system. Let the pro's deal with it.
  14. Funny Looking Islands

    Who Will Post Next?

    You have so much to learn. Moo?
  15. Funny Looking Islands

    Word Association Game

    toys toys r' us