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  1. Nivogal

    Officer resignation

    You will still be around yes?
  2. Nivogal

    TNP Update: Long Live The Empress

    It wasn't an accusation, it was simply a joke. They need to learn to take a joke if they expect others to take their jokes too. It's hypocritical otherwise. If I was being serious, you would defintely know.
  3. Nivogal

    Have You Ever?

    Yea, couple of papers in college. Got points docked but meh. Have you attempted to cook something and it turns out not the way you had intended?
  4. Nivogal

    Truth or Dare

    Wait, there was a queue? I thought I posted here and somehow it's not here?
  5. Nivogal

    Who Will Post Next?

    It's me Tse moana?
  6. Nivogal

    TNP Update: Long Live The Empress

  7. Nivogal

    TNP Update: Long Live The Empress

    Your treasons are not appreciated here, sir, nor are your wild insinuations of illegal activity. Shoo. Why thank you! It was quite an honor to be chosen, I must say. I do hope my friends in Equilism will support my reign! ~Her Grace Her Majesty The Empress Astarial~ Clearly you fail at taking a joke when you expect others to accept your joke. Your hypocrisy is lol. Shoo silly one
  8. Nivogal

    TNP Update: Long Live The Empress

    There is no Empress. It is not real. People were snorting cokes....
  9. Nivogal

    Have You Ever?

    Yea it's happened, but slowly. Have you ever worked a 12 hour shift?
  10. Nivogal

    Word Association Game

    Cable Guy
  11. Nivogal

    Balder Embassy Request

    Ok, fair enough. Tim, good luck.
  12. Nivogal

    TNP-Equilism alliance

    I understand Zeorus. I am merely asking a question, that's all
  13. Nivogal

    TNP-Equilism alliance

    I think we would generally prefer to use conventional diplomatic channels. Thanks for the offer, though. Well given Asta did the same thing over in TNP, i figured you guys wouldn't mind the same here?
  14. Nivogal

    Balder Embassy Request

    I'll confirm with Zander.