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  1. Not a terrible idea. It might be the first interesting SC thing in ages.
  2. Not sure why, but you've been on my mind a lot lately. I know you won't read this, but I hope we can make contact again.

  3. Sign In

    Zel left so we now have a strict "no Dutch" policy. Sorry.
  4. Brexit

    You actually do have a right to form an opinion on this as an American because this catastrophic decision is already having a major economic effect over on this side of the pond. The sheer recklessness and irresponsibility of this vote is honestly pretty baffling to me.
  5. Guys versus gals

    Girls have cooties. 519
  6. Orlando mass shooting

    Although we've always had a lot of Americans in Eq, I don't think we have anybody in the Orlando area (closest I can think of is Nai, who's at a major university in Tallahassee).
  7. Stand for Mayor

    I nominate Kubrikistan.
  8. The Monkye Returns

    Good to see you back, old friend. I look forward to watching you race in August.
  9. Game idea: Murder puzzle

    I'd be up for this. Go for it.
  10. The Anti-Echo Chamber

    I like the direction you seem to want to take this in, Asta. Although it is a bit more personal, I'd be open to some sort of theological/religious debate as that tends to occupy my thoughts a lot more than politics these days.
  11. Word Association Game

  12. Who Will Post Next?

    Indeed. Bel?
  13. Word Association Game

  14. Word Association Game