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  1. Tarlisea

    Kemaris Station

    <SCO VADM Alis Rimo> ::Alis was pacing the Conference Room and sighed. He had been in here for over an hour and still no one showed up. It would be a marvelous opportunity for any Starfleet Personnel. As far as Alis knew this was the very first time applications for a starship for all positions except the Commanding Officer were opened up. You could even apply to become the Executive Officer... Why didn't someone show up?:: =/\= SCO VADM Alis Rimo =/\=
  2. Tarlisea

    March 2018 Mayor Vote

  3. Tarlisea

    Kemaris Station

    <SCO VADM Alis Rimo> ::Alis was looking into space out of the window of Conference Room 47-A as he was waiting for people who were interested in joining the senior staff of the Equilism. He was really hoping people would be interested. In all of his career at Starfleet he never had a situation like this: a overhauled starship without a crew...:: =/\= SCO VADM Alis Rimo =/\=
  4. Tarlisea

    Feb 2018 TM Vote

  5. Tarlisea

    February Town Moderator Election

    12/17? That's a long time...
  6. Tarlisea

    Kemaris Station

    <SCO VADM Alis Rimo> ::Whilst sitting at the Shipyard Lounge Rimo typed something on a PADD. This would be a message to all Starfleet personnel on the Starbase. The Equilism was in dire need of a new senior staff. And the message would go to Captain Ashe as well as it would become his new staff. TO: All Starfleet Personnel at Kemaris Station FROM: Vice Admiral Alis Rimo, Sector Commanding Officer STARDATE: 11802.15 SUBJECT: Staff and Crew Members USS Equilism Wanted Sector Command seeks a new staff and crew for the USS Equilism. The USS Equilism has been in spacedock for about eight months for a major overhaul. When she is ready in about a month she needs a new staff and crew for new missions into the Delta Quadrant. If you are interested you are invited to join the meeting in Conference Room 47-A. There you can ask any question you want on the positions. =/\= SCO VADM Alis Rimo =/\= <OOC: If you want to play, just create a character (without a rank) and reply in this thread. The roster of the USS Equilism can be found here: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=USS_Equilism. Try to use the communication protocols listed here: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=Game_Rules#Communication_protocols. Don't hesitate >
  7. Tarlisea

    Kemaris Station

    ===== TIME WARP ===== <SCO VADM Alis Rimo> ::Rimo sat at his desk at his office of Starbase 447; the Equilism was still docked at the spacedock. It was undergoing a major overhaul and upgrades, and most of the crew was reassigned to other ships and duties. Rimo was worried about the Equilism having a skeleton crew and a command staff too small to operate the ship. It only had a commanding officer, chief tactical officer, chief science officer and a chief engineering officer. For crying out loud, the Equilism is the flagship and this is its crew? ::Rimo stood up and walked out of his office towards the nearest turbolift. Computer: Deck 333, Shipyard Lounge. ::The turbolift started humming. It was quite a distance down from OPS. Rimo was pondering on the Equilism. Ever since the ship was docked at the starbase crewmembers requested transfers. Was it the extended time the overhaul would take? Were people more interested in exploring, even though it wasn't on the flagship? ::The turbolift halted eventually and the doors opened to the Shipyard Lounge. Rimo stepped out and walked over to the window. There she was: the USS Equilism, the pride of Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant. The chief bartender, Albert, walked over to Rimo. <NPC CB Albert> SCO: Alis, is something bothering you? ::Albert was a personal friend of Rimo. Ever since Starfleet was in the Delta Quadrant Albert was here too. Every now and then Rimo would come over to the Shipyard Lounge where he could look at the ships. And every time Albert was here to hear him, to support him or just be there for a simple, but well-meant advise. Albert: Yes, it's her... ::Rimo nods towards the Equilism:: <NPC CB Albert> SCO: She's a fine ship, Alis. Albert: She certainly is. But she's lacking a good crew and senior staff. It's our lead ship and she's been docked here for what? Eight months? And she will be ready within a month now. But, without a good crew she's bound to stay here. <NPC CB Albert> SCO: I know what you mean. I've heard several people talking about it as well. It seems being at spacedock for such a long time made her lose her shine. Albert: I know. It's depressing. She will shine again after the overhaul. A state of the art computer core, new shielding technology, an upgraded LCARS. Everything will be new. But we need a crew. Any ideas, my dear Albert? <NPC CB Albert> SCO: Alis, there are over 50,000 people here at Kemaris, do you select them yourself for drafting or would you like them to draft themselves? Have you made it public you're looking for staff? What's holding you back? ::Sighs... Albert: We only want the best for the Equilism. <NPC CB Albert> SCO: And the best is to have the Equilism at spacedock without a crew? They are Starfleet personnel, top of the bill and eager to explore. Leaving her in spacedock isn't bringing back that shine you want. Albert: You're right. Now she's collecting dust. I'll make a public announcement. Thanks my friend. =/\= SCO VADM Alis Rimo =/\=
  8. Tarlisea

    ST:EQ E-Bar

    It has been a while since Redge had been on Earth. He had been in the Delta Quadrant for almost 9 years as he was stationed at Kemaris Station. Now he'd returned to give some lectures at Starfleet Academy. Now he had some time off and went to the (to him) newly opened E-bar. As he entered he gave the E-bar a quick glance and then walked over to the bar to order a Scotch. =/\= SOPS Cmdr. Redge Miller =/\=
  9. Tarlisea

    Forum location

    Before the convention we had it located at a top level of what is now the Leisure District. We might relocate the forum back there to gain more attention. I like the idea of the ST:EQ E-bar as a sort of free roaming ability for people who are interested in playing
  10. Tarlisea

    NEW recruitment for positions

    Here you go: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=T'Char
  11. Tarlisea

    NEW recruitment for positions

    TO: Commander Hozet Ashe, Executive Officer USS Equilism FROM: Vice Admiral Alis Rimo, STARDATE: 11706.02 Commander, As Captain Elar Nivo has been promoted to Commodore and transferred to the position of Chief of Starfleet Tactical at Sector Command Delta the position of Commanding Officer on the USS Equilism has been opened. We have reviewed several people to command the Equilism. I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain with all duties and privileges to that rank. You are to assume the position of Commanding Officer of the USS Equilism effective immediately. Congratulations Captain. New orders for the Equilism will follow as soon as the Equilism has finished several upgrades. For now you and your crew can enjoy the hospitality and the facilities of Kemaris Station. Signed, Vice Admiral Alis Rimo Sector Command Delta
  12. Tarlisea

    NEW recruitment for positions

    I'm still waiting for name and preferred position of the character of @The Fedderation Of Artica, the name of the character of @Ausstan and the name and character sheet of the character of @Westwind. Next to that, the CO position opened up
  13. Tarlisea

    NEW recruitment for positions

    And here you go: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=Kamal_Zuro
  14. Tarlisea

    NEW recruitment for positions

    Here you go: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=T'Perra
  15. Tarlisea

    NEW recruitment for positions

    Your character can be found in the roster: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=USS_Equilism#Cast_.26_Crew