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  1. ST:EQ E-Bar

    It has been a while since Redge had been on Earth. He had been in the Delta Quadrant for almost 9 years as he was stationed at Kemaris Station. Now he'd returned to give some lectures at Starfleet Academy. Now he had some time off and went to the (to him) newly opened E-bar. As he entered he gave the E-bar a quick glance and then walked over to the bar to order a Scotch. =/\= SOPS Cmdr. Redge Miller =/\=
  2. Forum location

    Before the convention we had it located at a top level of what is now the Leisure District. We might relocate the forum back there to gain more attention. I like the idea of the ST:EQ E-bar as a sort of free roaming ability for people who are interested in playing
  3. NEW recruitment for positions

    Here you go: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=T'Char
  4. NEW recruitment for positions

    TO: Commander Hozet Ashe, Executive Officer USS Equilism FROM: Vice Admiral Alis Rimo, STARDATE: 11706.02 Commander, As Captain Elar Nivo has been promoted to Commodore and transferred to the position of Chief of Starfleet Tactical at Sector Command Delta the position of Commanding Officer on the USS Equilism has been opened. We have reviewed several people to command the Equilism. I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain with all duties and privileges to that rank. You are to assume the position of Commanding Officer of the USS Equilism effective immediately. Congratulations Captain. New orders for the Equilism will follow as soon as the Equilism has finished several upgrades. For now you and your crew can enjoy the hospitality and the facilities of Kemaris Station. Signed, Vice Admiral Alis Rimo Sector Command Delta
  5. NEW recruitment for positions

    I'm still waiting for name and preferred position of the character of @The Fedderation Of Artica, the name of the character of @Ausstan and the name and character sheet of the character of @Westwind. Next to that, the CO position opened up
  6. NEW recruitment for positions

    And here you go: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=Kamal_Zuro
  7. NEW recruitment for positions

    Here you go: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=T'Perra
  8. NEW recruitment for positions

    Your character can be found in the roster: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=USS_Equilism#Cast_.26_Crew
  9. NEW recruitment for positions

    Oh, and I forgot something. What are the names of your characters?
  10. NEW recruitment for positions

    I'm going to fill the roster and then we can start very soon. For some (light) reading you can access the wiki: http://wiki.startrekequilism.com/index.php?title=Game_Rules
  11. NEW recruitment for positions

    The bios are looking good, for good gameplay 3 more players would be nice. In the meanwhile I'm trying to get a new storyline
  12. NEW recruitment for positions

    We need at least 6 players to start.
  13. NEW recruitment for positions

    I'm planning on relaunching the game by September 01, 2016.