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    TNI Update

    Foreign Office The New Inquisition Foreign Office Update 15th December 2013 Population: 315 Forum posts: 457,227 Kaiserin: Her Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Viktoria Gryfynn von Hohenzollern Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Charles Cerebella Reich Elector: His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Augustus Maximaliaan Vice-Reich Elector: His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Harshhaven Reich Chancellor: The Rt. Hon. Olde Delaware Deputy Reich Chancellor: The Rt. Hon. Jet Black Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. OnderKelkia Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Gun Nutty Buddies Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Homo_Ignoramus TNI Seizes Military Victories TNI Soldiers storm Australia The New Inquisition Armed Forces been enjoying a successful period during which the foreign policy objectives of TNI have been attained and impressive military strength in its own right demonstrated. As part of the wider United Imperial Armed Forces, alongside our partners the LKE Imperial Army and the Royal Albion Legion, TNIAF has recently led major occupations and participated in a number of strategically important missions. First, TNIAF occupied New Zealand following an update raid involving 8 UIAF troops and, less than a day after the invasion, over 20 UIAF troops were already deployed in support of our Delegate. At its peak the UIAF Delegate in New Zealand had 50 endorsements gathered from the UIAF and our allies. Following this operation, the UIAF conducted yet another major occupation, seizing the historic region Australia, ending the delegate's reign after 559 days. After the initial invasion, forces from The West Pacific and Europeia combined with the bulk of UIAF forces in supporting the UIAF Delegate, while ten UIAF troops remained deployed in The Creed in support of Kantrias. This reflects the versatility of our forces in underpinning the operations of our allies and our own missions, as well as the importance of our allies in supporting our own activities. A defender liberation attempt against Australia, led personally by Unibot, was soundly defeated illustrating the UIAF's continued success in TNI's and the LKE's wars against the UDL and the FRA. We have also joined our close military partner The Black Riders in refounding Angola, K and J Alliance, and the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Not only has impressive military might been displayed by the capacity of the UIAF to carry out these operations, but TNI's interests have been served by by the defeats which we continue to inflict upon the forces of the UDL and the FRA in battle. Equally significant a contribution to TNI's strategic interests has been made by TNIAF's role as part of the UIAF force in Osiris, deploying both in November to assist the legitimate Delegate of Osiris in thwarting the efforts of "the Empire" in undermining that region's stability and in December to support action by the Osiris Fraternal Order to remove the threat posed by "the Empire" to Osiris completely. 35 units of the UIAF remain deployed in Osiris in support of the legitimate Government. Thus, the UIAF continues to serve the foreign interests of TNI well by offering an immense military capacity to support our interventions and TNIAF makes a key contribution to these efforts. We remain very grateful to all allies and friends who we have worked with during this period. New Reichstag Elected The New Inquisition Reichstag The Primrose League stormed to victory in most recent set of Reichstag elections, with its members securing control of three-fifths of the chamber. Other notable candidates elected included Friedrich Wilhelm, elected for the 'Revolutionary Republican Party' having resigned from the New Progressive Coalition in October, and Jet Black, an independent candidate noted for having spent a long period previously serving as TNI's Hauptrichter (chief judge). Since the new Reichstag has assembled, Jet Black was selected against Gun Nutty Buddies (of the Primrose League) for the position of Speaker. In addition, under a process initiated by the Election Commissioner it was confirmed that Olde Delaware, of the Primrose League, would be going forward from the public to the newly elected Reichstag for approval to continue to serve TNI in the office of the Reich Chancellor. The new Reichstag has now approved the nomination of Olde Delaware, with five votes in favour, reflecting another electoral success for the Primrose League. The Reichstag will now have to turn its consideration to legislative business, in particular a bill for the regulation of cultural awards and recognitions passed by the previous Reichstag rejected unanimously by the Herrenhaus, the upper house of TNI's Diet, on the argument that it was disadvantageous compared to existing practices. This and other bills leave the new Reichstag with much work to do in order to further the interests of the Empire. Expansion of Roleplay and Strategy Games We are pleased to announce that The New Inquisition's roleplay sector, already strong and one of the richest areas of our forums, is rapidly expanding. Currently in progress is Imperium a world-domination style strategy game, where everyone from invasions to state production orders are all in full-swing, which has attracted a diverse range of TNI's citizenry, including lords who are otherwise retired and new members of our community alike. Citizens have also enjoyed participating in Akuna, which is set in a dystopian fantasy world where the God of decay has taken over, though this particular game is currently on hiatus due to the organiser's real life concerns, so its return is eagerly anticipated by all. Many members of TNI have taken to designing their own roleplay environments for fellow citizens to participate in, for example Plaguelord is planning a roleplay based on space-born fleets called Travellers, while Lynneiah developing a turn-based game in a high fantasy setting and Homo_Ignoramus working on a revival of the established Age of Empire game. Thus, with a wide variety of roleplays and games already in place and more being produced by our region's roleplay enthusiasts and an enthusiastic general population, the forthcoming weeks and months look set to be a great time to roleplay in TNI. Change of Heir His Serene Grace, OnderKelkia and His Imperial Highness, Charles Cerebella Since our last foreign update TNI has a new Crown Prince following the retirement of OnderKelkia from this position. OnderKelkia announced that he had decided to stand down as Crown Prince alone among his positions in order to ensure that, with time pressures on the Kaiserin likely to increase and his own activity variable, a senior member of the TNI monarchy would always be available to act in the Kaiserin's stead. Following this speech, the Kaiserin paid tribute to OnderKelkia for his service, announced that an area of the TNI forums would be named after him and conferred upon him the title of Archduke of Saxony alongside confirming the continuation of his administrative and citizenship powers. The Kaiserin then announced that Charles Cerebella would become the region's new Crown Prince as a reflection of his long service on behalf of the region in a variety of executive positions spanning domestic and foreign affairs over years. Cerebella was delegated the same powers his predecessor enjoyed to exercise the Kaiserin's constitutional powers, with the exception of the authority to appoint new administrators. The citizens of TNI were unanimous in thanking OnderKelkia for his service and congratulating Cerebella on his ascension. Successful Festival with Albion Recently The New Inquisition hosted our friends from Albion for what proved to be a vibrant joint cultural festival. Dubbed the 'Winterfest', the activities in the festival ranged around a variety of themes as TNI and Albion marked the season in a collective spirit of goodwill. Under the leadership of TNI's current Culture Minister Homo_Ignoramus, citizens of TNI and Albion partook in an event for the recollection of memories from both regions and a game of Mafia. Meanwhile, within the festival a Games Centre was established by Bert, consisting of twelve different games thoroughly enjoyed all participants. The festival is therefore a fitting tribute to the relatively new but growing relationship between TNI and Albion over the latter half of this year. In addition to these joint cultural pursuits, which have successfully involved the wider citizenry of our regions in marking our friendship, Albion is also a close ally and partner of TNI in the political and military spheres, with the Royal Albion Legion having joined TNI Armed Forces and The Land of Kings and Emperors Imperial Army in the United Imperial Armed Forces as a new constituent military back in August. This successful festival, hosted by TNI and embraced by the citizenry of both regions, further cements our relationship. Collapse in Peace Talks with FRA In September, then FRA Arch Chancellor Falconias unilaterally announced that he was inviting the United Imperial Armed Forces to a conference to discuss GCR defence and declaring peace in the war which TNI and the LKE have waged against the FRA. He made this without the consent of The New Inquisition, the Joint Commander of the UIAF or either of the other two UIAF governments, having only raised the possibility of a summit with a single UIAF official. Despite the way in this invite was delivered, the Government of The New Inquisition, alongside the governments of The Land of Kings and Emperors and Albion, authorised the United Imperial Armed Forces to negotiate with the FRA and accept the invitation offered by Falconias. TNI regrets to report that in November the UIAF regional governments instructed our delegation to withdraw from the summit after it became clear that the FRA was unable and, apart from Falconias, largely unwilling to effectively engage in negotiations. Members of the FRA delegation at the summit dissented from the principle of prioritising GCR defence outlined by Falconias in his inaugural address. Falconias himself announced that he was working on a treaty to be published the next day and then did not produce it, leading to a period of over a month in which negotiations were stalled, only for the new FRA Arch Chancellor to inform us that he was bringing the entire issue back to the FRA Regional Assembly. The FRA invited us to a summit and then decided to have a debate over whether they should continue to talk to us halfway through. After such unsatisfactory conduct, we accordingly withdrew and TNI's war on the FRA continues with the failure of the peace summit they invited us to attend.
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    Albion Update IV

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella Crown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher Bishop Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Sir Isidor C. Anumia Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy Chief Knight: Sir Decimus Aemilianus Knight Interior: Tano Knight Cultural: Cassius Cerebella Chief Bard: Elizabeth Cerebella Region || Forum || IRC || Twitter Third Term Elections in Albion! Albion citizens voting to decide who shall take office during the third term of Albion Following a subpar performance by the majority of the Lower Council, and with the call of citizens ready to take their place King Charles Cerebella dissolved the Lower Council which triggered new elections for both the Lower Council and the position of Chief Knight. With this announcement, several citizens immediately declared interest in a seat on the Lower Council which began the start of a hard fought campaign. King Cerebella, seeing the increased interest, declared a five seat Lower Council for the next term. As the election concluded the winners were Isidor C. Anumia, Seven Deaths, Elizabeth Cerebella, Brent Forthwind, and Tyrion Marcell. Out of the five, only Isidor and Brent are veterans of the Lower Council, having been the only two active in the previous term, showing the citizenship's interest in shaking things up this time around. Seven Deaths was unanimously elected Speaker of the Lower Council in a vote held shortly after the closing of the elections. In the Chief Knight race, incumbent Decimus Aemilianus ran for reelection against Eddy Vinage. Aemilianus had a productive first term brought to an end by the Lower Council being dissolved, and the citizenship agreed with that assessment, reelecting Aemilianus with 76% of the overall vote. Aemilianus, after winning, thanked his supporters and announced his appointments to the Round Table with Elizabeth Cerebella as Chief Bard, Tano retaining the position of Knight Interior, and Cassius Cerebella as Knight Cultural. It looks to be a promising third term for Albion as both the Chief Knight and his appointees, as well as the Lower Council got straight to work to make Albion better. A New Military Era The New Flag of the UIAF On 6th August Albion ratified the Third Treaty of Arms Convergence and joined the United Imperial Armed Forces as a full founder member. King Charles Cerebella had the following to say in a speech to the region: Albion Welcomes a Princess! Princess MagentaFairy following her appointment All of Albion has been in celebration recently as King Charles Cerebella announced that he was elevating Dame MagentaFairy to a member of the Royal Family, now being second in line to the throne as Princess of Albion. Cerebella described Fairy's contributions to the region best when he said "Few people have contributed as much to the region as she has in helping make it what it is today and I'm immensely proud to be able to honour her in this way." The whole of the region was excited about the news as it gave them all an excuse to party. We expect great things from Princess MagentaFairy in the future as she continues to be an integral part of Albion's success. Albion breaks Activity Records! Since its founding, Albion has had month after month of record activity. Recently, the Albion forums passed the 25,000 post mark, a truly great accomplishment for a region still so young. This activity has really taken place because of the interaction between the old veterans of the region and newer players eager to learn the ropes. Furthermore, Albion's population has passed the 400 nation mark and continues to sustain itself above that threshold while continuing to slowly grow. This also comes at a time when the World Assembly Delegate of Albion, Uther Pendragon, has reached 41 endorsements, a new record for Albion. We expect to see significant growth in each of these categories in the future as our region continues to develop itself. More Reforms and Legislation! Isidor C. Anumia "persuading" Seven Deaths as other Lower Council members look on Following the most recent Lower Council election, both the Lower and Grand Councils quickly got to work debating several pieces of legislation. The Lower Council was able to get much done in only a two week period, as it revised its Standing Orders to include the position of Deputy Speaker, amended the Shire Law to separate the terms of the Chief Knight from that of the Lower Council due to the previous dissolution, and has been debating a Diplomatic Protections Bill which is currently being reviewed by the Grand Council. In regional reform news, Albion is considering the adoption of an economy to integrate into the region. This topic has generated a lot of debate about the merits of such a system and how exactly the system would be run in order to provide ample benefit for the region without overly complicating things. King Cerebella has put forth a plan that has been found optimal by some citizens, but has been criticized by others. At this stage it is clear that it will take time for an economy to be implemented, though discussions on the subject are ongoing. Stay tuned for future updates for more about this topic. Albion News Network The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide -King Cerebella has miraculously given birth to two new children, Cassius and Elizabeth. Both have inherited the intelligence, work ethic, and overall great personality of their father, but unfortunately have also inherited his early onset baldness. -It has been reported that Princess MagentaFairy has a new suitor. She has been spending increased amounts of time at both Anumia Estates and Somerset Hall in Shalefields Gardens. The identity of this man is not known, though close friends of the Princess describe him as incredibly attractive and intelligent. -In Albion recently, people watched chocolate rabbits be melted to creepy music, the royal guards fought mutated animals, and Ulyana attempted to say Armadillo with a piece of leather in her mouth. All in a normal day! -The Royal Guards RP is going strong having fought off the mutant Armadillos. With the Royal Household RP also on the go, and a College of Magic in the process of being set up and a an RP about the children of Gods, there is plenty of exciting things to be involved in at the moment, and that is without getting into the Founding of the Kingdom of Albion RP! Written by Isidor C. Anumia and Charles Cerebella
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    Albion Update III

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella Crown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher Bishop Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Sir Isidor C. Anumia Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy Chief Knight: Sir Harbringer Knight Interior: Tano Knight Cultural: Sir Harbinger Chief Bard: Celeste Holland Region || Forum || IRC || Twitter Election Madness and Governmental Reforms! The ballot boxes ready for people to vote in the region's second elections After a very productive first term for the region, election time came again to Albion. One of the major changes for the region between the elections was the incorporation of the new "Chief Knight" position to the Knights of the Round Table. The Chief Knight, who is elected by the people, appoints and oversees the Chief Bard, Knight Interior, and Knight Cultural to ensure that the domestic affairs of the region are constantly improving. This change will allow more input by the region's citizens into the government and also allow for a more efficient and effective government. In the Chief Knight Elections, Harbringer overwhelmingly won the election taking 55% of the overall vote from a field of four candidates. Other candidates were Crixus, Duke of Cambridge, and Edmund Chiramos. After being elected, Harbringer appointed Celeste Holland to the position of Chief Bard, Tano to the position of Knight Interior, and himself as Knight Culture. The Lower Council Election was once again very competitive. Edward Leben, Isidor C. Anumia, Brent Forthwind, and Crixus were elected outright during the election while Edmund Chiramos and Duke of Cambridge were forced into a run-off. The run-off resulted with Edmund Chiramos taking the fifth Lower Council seat. Once elected, the Lower Council voted Isidor C. Anumia as the Speaker of the Lower Council with unanimous approval. Royal Albion Legion Captures Quebec! The RAL prepares for the final assault An all Albion force raided Quebec on the 5th of June. Leading the raid was King Charles Cerebella and The Warbringer, Isidor C. Anumia, and aided by Terecius Malan, Joshua IX, Edward Leben, r3n, Odin Pendragon and MagentaFairy. A total of 50 endorsements at the height were rallied over two days. Mazeria, The United Imperial Armed Forces (The New Inquisition and the Land of Kings and Emperors), Europeia ,The Black Hawks, Asgard and Kantrias all provided support following the update. Together, the Royal Albion Legion held Quebec with zero resistance and left on their own accord after the city was drained of its wine. King Cerebella Distributes Honours! King Cerebella, dressed in his favorite outfit, emparts honours onto MagentaFairy The King, after the second Lower Council elections, handed out the first round of honours and titles to several citizens of the realm. First in the line-up for awards given are Chivalric Orders. MagentaFairy and Isidor C. Anumia were made Knights Ordinary the Order of the Helm; an award given out to citizens for their outstanding service to the military. The next round of Orders goes to people who contribute to culture of the realm. Many are wordsmiths of various degrees and others are active for their contributions to regional activity. For those who have dedicated a lot of time on Albion the Order of Quill is handed out. Ulyana Dragunova is made Knight Ordinary of Order of the Quill. Now for the spammers who help out in the festivals of the region are made Knight Ordinary of Order of the Flagon. Congrats to Fuzzy and Harbinger. There is also a quick shout out to the Tericius Malan (McMasterdonia) who was given the title of Baron of Mistspeak for his contributions to the initial start of the region. Now for a big round of all applause for the many who received titles and awards. Maybe next time we will be graced with more faces to the grand hall of rewards. Founding of the Kingdom of Albion Roleplay Kicks Off The regions and notable features of Albion After a number of delays, the Founding of the Kingdom of Albion roleplay has now kicked off with a vengance. Set hundreds of years before the Albion of today, the RP will run over a few hundred years as various Houses compete to end the centuries of disunity and forge the first Kingdom with them on the throne. The aim of the roleplay is to help provide some of the lore of the region, as well as people having fun! With already 15 Houses involved, and almost a thousand posts made, it has got off to a flying start as people make marriage alliances and try and solidify their dominions and expand their borders, though some have already had set backs, with House Leben's attempt to demand the submission of the town of Janley ending in the slaughter of their delegation, right down to the musicians that accompanied them. We'll keep you updated over the coming months how they get on! Albion's City States Continue to Develop Here is what is going on in each of the three City-States: Silverpine has been off to a rough start. First there was the semi-active Patron, and overall just not enough people. But Silverpine has pushed through and got over the activity bump! The now have a well written Standibg Orders which has created the main legislative body, the Council of Scribes. After a few days of voting, three people were elected to serve; those people being Alex, Duke of Cambridge, and Brent Forthwind. After a few days of inactivity in the Council finally approved their Minor Order, which gives the Council it's protocol. Alex has been elected to serve as The Lord Speaker of Silverpine, and to reflect their opinions in the Grand Council. Hopefully this is the start to a bright future for Siverpine. - Alex Stewart, Lord Speaker of Silverpine Shalefields may have the smallest member base, but some of the most active members claim Shalefields as their City State. Instead of focusing on getting everyone to agree on legislation that is passing in the Councils, they choose to let that be in the hands of the Archduchess. They will focus more on community, building up a base of support where individuals can grow within Albion and maybe NationStates as a whole should they want that. Shalefields is also planning to create a private unit of raiders. For now, Shalefields stands strong with active members and a firm sense of comradeship. Shalefields is the elite City-State of Albion. -MagentaFairy, Archduchess of Shalefields Brightwall has been a hive of activity. Its Citizens have enacted a Charter (a constitution of sorts) and have elected their First Lady Mayor and a set of three Aldermen. The legislature is ticking over nicely, having passed a couple of amendments to the Charter to allow for the improved recognition of excellence by enabling the Lady Mayor to give out honours. Outside of politics, our Citizens have been enjoying some drinks and RP in the Red Drinker, one of Brightwall's choicest taverns. -Joshua IX, Warden Palatine of Brightwall New Treaties and A Festival of Friendship Since the last update at the end of May, Albion's diplomats have kept busy. Building on our earlier treaties, Albion has now signed the Treaty of Mercia with Kantrias, participated in the Monarchist Conference that took place in the Land of Kings and Emperors, ratifying the treaty that came out of that, and has also ratified the Bealtaine Accord (2013). We look forward to developing our relationship with Kantrias, and to the cultural benefits of the latter two treaties. As well as this, over two weekends at the end of June, Europeia and Albion held a joint festival to celebrate the signing out our treaty. The first leg in Europiea went off brilliantly, before moving to Albion for a Solstice celebration with many hundreds of posts made over both legs. Thanks for the great party Europeia and for being such good guests! Albion News Network The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide -A Royal Household RP has kicked off, with Alex taking the top position of Lord Chamberlain. With a visit of the King of Mazeria expected any day, all things are go in Castle Fairfax to get things ready. -The Royal Guards have been on their second mission, massacring rioting peasants in the village of Hardwood-In-The-Valley after a knitting competition got feisty. The Royal Albion Legion, meanwhile, is campaigning in King's Hazelnut Orchard, trying to finally defeat the rabid squirrels that have plagued it, to mixed success so far. -Lord High Constable of the RAL, MagentaFairy, was recently embroiled in scandal as she admitted that she has never raided naked. King Cerebella was in shock at the news as he stumbled around, he commented "I'm deeply disappointed by this, hell, I refuse to wear clothes even when I'm not raiding...a raider must always be prepared for action". This reporter got to see this first hand...and lets just say that his body has not aged well. The Lord High Constable has reportedly promised to go full nude for the next RAL raid. -A new power couple has emerged in Albion as Chief Bard Celeste Holland and Fuzzy have become Celefuzz. Reports of the paparazzi chasing them down have circulated though Fuzzy, who is an owl, has evaded them several times by simply taking flight. Written by Isidor C. Anumia, Charles Cerebella, MagentaFairy, and Christopher Bishop.
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    Albion Update II

    My pleasure
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    Albion Update II

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles CerebellaCrown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher BishopArch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IXKnight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Tericius MalanKnight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Isidor C. AnumiaKnight Interior: Christopher BishopKnight Cultural: HarbingerChief Bard: Black Aspens Region || Forum || IRC || Twitter Inaugural Elections! The People of Albion queue to vote in the region's first elections With the passing of the first set of laws, in the form of a King's Law, the highest law in the land, and five Shire Laws, which established things like the legislative, the Lower Council and the Grand Council, and the Executive, the Knights of the Round Table, the region's first elections began on 4th May. Edward Leben, Harbinger, Alex, MagentaFairy, Christopher Bishop, Isidor C. Anumia and Fuzzy ran for the Lower Council meaning that with 7 people standing there were five seats up for grabs. It was a closely fought race and the final results were: Edward Leben 5 (13.9%)Harbinger 3 (8.3%)Alex 4 (11.1%)MagentaFairy 7 (19.4%)Christopher Bishop 4 (11.1%)Isidor C. Anumia 7 (19.4%)Fuzzy 6 (16.7%) With Christopher and Alex both tied a run off election was held, with Silverpiner Alex prevailing over Shalefielder Christoper in the end by seven votes to five. In the Round Table elections Harbinger and Christopher Bishop both ran unopposed for Knight Cultural and Knight Interior respectively and were elected though with both receiving some abstains. The Chief Bard position was contested between Brightwaller Black Aspens and Silverpiner Edward Leben, with the former prevailing in the end by 9 votes to 3. Royal Festival a Stunning Success The Fields of Bowerstone where the Royal Festival was held To celebrate the conclusion of Albion's elections, King Charles Cerebella issued an invitation to each City State, and to all foreign regions which Albion has embassies with, inviting them to attend a Royal Festival and to nominate a Champion to take part in a jousting competition. Over the week the festival was going on over 800 posts were made and much fun and frivolity was had! Highlights included the Royal Feast, where the Warbringer Isidor C. Anumia, ended up stealing all the steaks, the Cake Stall ran by our resident owl Fuzzy, where vomit was a bonus ingredient on the Cakes thanks to Mazerian diplomat, Matthew Vinage overdosing on winegums and cake, and the tightly fought points game where the City State of Brightwall ended supreme. On the Tournament Ground, the King's Champion and High Commander of the Royal Guards, Fuzzy, was beaten in the first round as was United Kingdom Champion Victor Magnus and Brightwall Champion Kenneth MacAlpin. In the Semi-Finals, Silverpine Champion Edward Leben's squire proved unable to overcome Shalefield's Champion Christopher Bishop and Spiritus Champion Charax was eliminated by Lazarus's Forge A96. In the final, despite a valiant fight, Christopher Bishop prevailed over Forge to hand victory to the military city state of Shalefields! Our thanks go to Majestas of Mordor who was kind enough to write a points based programme to work out the results, a much better system than the coin flipping I had originally intended to do to work out the results! Royal Albion Legion Rampages Across NationStates! The Realm of Albion proves which is the superior fantasy world by seizing Middle Earth In a busy few weeks, Albion's gameplay military, the Royal Albion Legion, has been seen on a number of battlefields across NS. The highlight was the capture of Middle Earth by five Knights of Albion, commanded by the newly appointed deputy commander, the Earl Marshall Magenta Fairy. Also since the last update the RAL has done a further three tags in The Hippiedom, The Creed and Luna. We have also participated in our friend's Balder's capture of Warzone Australia: And have also supported Europeia in St Abbaddon and joined with the United Imperial Armed Forces of The New Inquisition and The Land of Kings and Emperors in a tag run of seven regions on the major update of the 26th May. Furthermore, the Royal Albion Legion was able to provide four updaters with just six minutes notice to aid the dirty defenders the FRA and the UDL in their liberation of a region from Nazi control, demonstrating the RAL's operational flexibility in the process. Albion's Population Soars Though Albion only celebrated its first month anniversary last week on the 22nd, already Albion has established itself as one of the fastest growing regions in Nationstates with a population of 251 nations at the time of writing. With a large number of these nations joining the forums as active citizens, it is an exciting time to be a part of the region! The promising growth within the NS region has also been replicated with activity on the forum with Albion now up to over 7,400 posts! Though things have been a little slower the past few days while a number of people have been either away or otherwise busy, posting is already on the rise again and it won't be too long until the 10,000 barrier is broken! An Heir is Born! His Imperial Highness, Christopher Bishop, Crown Prince of Albion On 14th May, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, King Charles Cerebella announced the appointment of his son, Christopher Bishop to the role of Heir Apparent of Albion, it having been vacant previously. His Imperial Highness has been delegated admin powers and the right to do routine admin tasks, and will be further delegated powers to sign laws during temporary absences of the King. In addition to Chris's appointment, His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX has been delegated admin powers for routine tasks and the wonderful penguin r3naissanc3r has been made a technical admin and has already kitted the forum out with mass pm abilities and a fancy new header! Treaties! Treaties Everywhere! It has been a busy few weeks for the Knights of the Round Table with a number of treaties having been negotiated and requiring ratification. Albion has so far concluded a Treaty of Friendship between us and Ainur, the Treaty of Avalon with The New Inquisition, the Treaty of Friendship Between Mazeria and Albion, the Treaty of Pendragon with the Land of Kings and Emperors and the Treaty of Friendship between Albion and Europeia (2013) and we have also ratified the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards. Further to these we have signed the The Treaty of Camelot with Balder which as well as the standard military and intelligence provisions found in most treaties, also innovatively places our two regions in the same roleplay universe which we are hopeful will lead to some great cultural interactions between our regions! Talks are already underway for our first cultural events and joint RPs so we're looking forward to seeing what will come out of that! Appointment of Sheriff of Bowerstone North East Somerset Looking Sultry Veteran security and intelligence specialist North East Somerset has been appointed by the King to the position of Sheriff of Bowerstone. This role shall head the Royal Intelligence Organisation, which is responsible for Albion's security both internally and externally and will 'further be responsible for ensure the safety of trade routes through Albion and for protecting the King's deer from poachers' as laid out by the Letters Patent IX that appointed NES. He has been furnished with a Deep Pink masking to complement his new role. Written by Charles Cerebella.
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    An Invitation to Equilism

    An Invitation to the Royal Festival of Albion His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella, would like to invite the people of Equilism to attend a Royal Festival that shall be taken place on the Fields of Bowerstone from the 11th May in honour of the conclusion of Albion's first elections for the Lower Council and for the Round Table. Events will include a jousting tournament & a melee competition and there will be beer and food tents for guests as well as other games to take part in. Please feel free to set up your own tents selling your wares or services. The King shall also be personally hosting a Royal Feast that shall take place in Fairfax Castle. Should you attend you are asked to nominate a champion to represent you in the jousting tournament. Entry is open to anyone for the melee competition. I look forward to your attendance! Our forums can be found here. Yours with great honour, King of Albion
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    Albion Update I

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Tericius Malan Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Isidor C. Stark Knights of the Round Table: Joshua IX, Tericius Malan, Isidor C. Stark, MagentaFairy, Edward Leben, Fuzzy and Lady Penelope Region || Forum || IRC Albion Gets Going! A view of Albion from Bowerstone's gates Though around for a few months now, Albion kicked it off properly on 22nd April 2013, with the founding of the forum and the promulgation of Royal Edict I that established the basic framework of law for the region until a full set is drafted and voted on by the Knights of the Round Table, which currently serves as our legislature and executive, and by the citizens of the region. Based on a mix of the Fable games and of Arthurian legend, Albion is a constitutional monarchy but with a twist. Much like the Fable games City States will play a prominent part, with the first three currently being established, which will be discussed below. Currently it is shaping up that each City State shall elect or appoint a Lord Mayor who shall serve in the upper house of the legislature, the Grand Council, along with three members appointed by the King from the Knights and Peers of the region as well as the Arch-Mage who shall chair it. The Lower Council will be directly elected from the citizenry of Albion. The executive shall will be the Knights of the Round Table. The domestic Knights, Welcoming, Naturalisation, Culture and Roleplay/Lore, will be directly elected by the Albion's citizens while the War and Foreign Knights will be appointed by the King. It is an exciting time as systems are being sorted, with much still unknown about how the dynamics of the region's institutions will shape up and we are all looking forward to the future which enthusiasm! Activity Thrives and the Population Soars! Since the 22nd Albion has made great strides in establishing itself as an active and significant region. In just eight days the region has grown from only one nation to eighty at the time of writing, and the forum now has 29 members and over 2,400 posts, and all before the first proper Government has been established! We have seen a great deal of competition for the honour of being the region's World Assembly Delegate, which is open to any nation in the region if they can gather enough endorsements and the RMB has seen some mischief with Black Aspen's stealing the High Commander's hat and refusing to give it back. On the forum we have seen some debauchery in the Cow & Corset Tavern as well as some serious law making in the Knight's Hall and some interesting discussions in the Town Square. High Commander of the Royal Guards Appointed and a Break-in to Investigate A thief sneaks into Castle Fairfax, home of the King. On the 28th April, His Imperial and Royal Majesty King Charles appointed the Knight of the Round Table Fuzzy Vinage to the role of High Commander of the Royal Guard. Fuzzy swiftly acted to set up recruitment practices for the guards, and the ranks of guardsman and the commissioned rank of Knight. He also visited the Bowerstone market stall of Black Aspens who provided the High Commander with some new insignia for each rank: High Commander, Knight, Guardsman The elite force, responsible for the protection of the King and the Royal Family, as well guarding Castle Fairfax has been quickly thrust into action though with a break in at Castle Fairfax. A disgruntled King was temporarily distracted from knitting his new scarf but the Royal Guards are now on the case. It is hoped they will quickly find the intruder before any trouble has been caused. Establishment of First City States It is hoped that City States will soon become a central part of Albion though they are still in their early stages. Each one will be themed on specific aspects of the region and new citizens will choose which to join when they apply for citizenship. Joshua IX has been appointed the first patron of Brightwall, which will be themed around culture and RP; MagentaFairy has become the patron of Shalefields, a military state and Edward Leben has been appointed patron of Silverpine, a state focused on legislative activities. Though membership of a certain state doesn't preclude a citizen running for the legislature, getting involved in RPs or becoming a soldier, each City State will be a focal point for these activities. The initial patrons have been responsible for the naming of their States and over the coming days will begin the recruitment for them from among the existing citizenry and will fill in some of the backstory for all of them. Each state is free to decide on what means it wants to appoint its Lord Mayor, be it elected or hereditary or anything else they can think of, so they will also need to decide on how to do this. We look forward to seeing how this will turn out! Royal Albion Legion takes first Victory Knights of the Royal Albion Legion charge into battle In an impromptu and last minute action at the minor update of the 29th April, Albion's gameplay army, the Royal Albion Legion, rode into battle for the first time under The Warbringer, Lord High Constable, Isidor C. Stark, who had only been appointed earlier that day. Though timings were slightly off, entirely the fault of variance of course, the ambush went entirely unnoticed and the region was successfully taken: As the Legion establishes itself over the coming weeks we expect to see the Knights of Albion riding successfully across the face of Nationstates. Written by Charles Cerebella.
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    Albion Embassy Application

    Thanks! I've been here before though *points to join date* Thanks, Westwind and Kubrikstan. I've accepted that now
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    Albion Embassy Application

    XD I hate it when that happens
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    Albion Embassy Application

    Please feel free By the way an update is now ready to post whenever/ if a consulate is made
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    Albion Embassy Application

    It seems it is a region with quite the history! Ah cool Thank you! You should pop by at some point to see how it is getting on
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    Albion Embassy Application

    No I didn't Westwind! I also discovered Cormac is a previous founder too once I started things properly. McM was waiting to refound too when I let my founder get 21 days inactive before I started the region going properly XD
  13. Region: http://www.nationstates.net/region=albion Forum: http://w11.zetaboards.com/The_Realm_of_Albion/index/ I'll be the ambassador for now but someone else will be appointed in time. I'm more than happy to furnish an extra information you may want.
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    Balder Update & Invitation

    Delegate: Charles Cerebella Vice Delegate: Zander (Alvalero) Ministers: Zander, Drop Your Pants, North East Somerset, Rach and Topid Speaker of Riksdag:(Talman) Fuzzy Riksdag members:(ledamöters) By Night, North East Somerset, Topid, Liberty and Solm. Forum: http://s11.zetaboards.com/Balder/index/ Birthday Bash! Balderites celebrating in the usual fashion! Balder is almost one year old! We are going to be celebrating Norse style from the 19th October and there will be plenty of drinking, celebrating and maybe a bit of pillaging thrown in and we want you to come in and join in with us! We will be having a Norse Avatar competition, plenty of birthday spam games, a Role Play party in Balder's hall of Breidablik, and a Role Play 'Zombie Vikings strike Balder'! We should also have an IRC quiz going on in #balder and hopefully some history threads posted up about our first year! We hope to see you here! Elections Over! Some of Balder's citizens heading to vote Upon the resignation of Hileville at the beginning of September, the task of finding his replacement for the remainder of his term started immediately. Only one candidate stepped forward for the position, Fuzzy, one of Balder's newest members, who was approved with a 10-0 vote. Elections for the second term of the 2nd Balder Republic were due to start at the end of September but were never started by Riksdag speaker Govindia, who claimed he was waiting to get a list of citizens who were eligible to take part in the election. This angered a number of citizens and Riksdag members who rightly claimed that campaigning could have at least started without a list of eligible voters, which would only really be needed during the voting period. On October 1st, Govindia was recalled by the Riksdag for failing to start elections and was immediately replaced by Riksdag member Fuzzy, who begun Balder's election season immediately. The position of Delegate and 6 seats in the Riksdag are up for grabs with 4 candidates for Delegate who are Charles Cerebella, Jamie, St. George and former Delegate Zander, while the 6 Riksdag seats have 8 candidates battling it out who are Govindia, Topid, Liberty, North East Sommerset, Solm, Tim, Fuzzy and outgoing Delegate Black Aspens (now named By Night). The prospective Delegate's each began their campaigning with very promising manifestos, however during the campaign period difficulties arose within both the UDL and Osiris embassies and the trouble governing the Pan-Sinker Security Pact. These issues gave citizens a chance to ask the candidates the most difficult questions a prospective Balder Delegate has yet to get. Candidates answers were fairly similar but the citizens seemed very happy with each response. Going into the vote it looked like it would be very close between the candidates with it possibly being decided by a single vote. Questions for the prospective Riksdag members were more straight forward, with the main concern being on activity and changes to the constitution. After almost a week of campaigning, a very long week might I add, voting finally begun. The Delegate election ended in a comfortable victory for Charles Cerebella who won by 6 votes over St George who finished 2nd. There was a close race between Solm, Tim and Govindia for the 6th and final seat on the Riksdag with Fuzzy, By Night, NES, Topid and Liberty having a couple of votes to spare over the other 3 candidates. On the final day Solm and Tim pulled a few votes clear of Govindia with Solm beating Tim by a single vote in the end. Delegate Election Results: Charles Cerebella 11 ===================== St George 5 Zander 2 Jamie 1 Riksdag Election Results: Fuzzy 14 By Night (Formerly Black Aspens) 14 North East Somerset 14 Topid 14 Liberty 13 Solm 9 ====================== Tim 8 Govindia 5 ====================== Written by Charles Cerebella and Zander