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  1. All of Man Kind

    Non-Canon Ishvan V

    Heavy rains slowed the orkish advance through the jungle, although the combination of the storm clouds and heavy foliage masked their steady advance. Wartrukks were fitted with dozer blades to expedite the transport of the gargant mobs on their relentless march towards the Marrasara front. It would be several weeks before Warboss Jartha's major offensive was launched, but lobbas continuously shelled the front lines, their positions obscured by overgrowth. A massive surprise was waiting in store for the defenders. The to attack directly into the Judauus choke point would be a slaughter that even Jartha could predict. Massive Mega-lobbas were ordered to be constructed, capable of hitting the civilian populace to devastate the morale whilst the forces waited on the gargant mobs to break through the line. A force of thirty million along with three hundred deth koptas was kept waiting in reserve along with several brigades of looted tanks in case a counterattack was launched. The two captured cities were looted then left abandoned, their prior occupants either put to the sword or fought to the death for the entertainment of the boys. Thousands of tons of salvageable scrap was made available to keep the Mek boys busy for weeks, extra armour, new weapons, and salvaged forcefield generators were added to the already sizable collection of heaped together vehicles. The rain looked to clear up soon and a WAAAGH! Was brewing. EDIT: Doesn't seem like my first edit went through. I'll clean this up and expand sometime before the end of this weekend. I was on mobile as I was on training trip, have a bunch of papers due Thursday.
  2. All of Man Kind

    Non-Canon Ishvan V

    Ishvan V is the fifth planet from the sun and has been classified as a "death world." Monstrous creatures roam the planet-wide jungle and slither through the marshes. No body of water on the planet is more than a meter and a half deep, except ones created by collapsed mines but even those are choked with rampant growth. Even the plants fight against the populace. Carnivorous plants twenty meters across litter the jungle, as do fungi that release toxic spores and a variety of organisms that greatly hasten the corrosion of metal. Green is Orkish controlled territory, Red is Marinthian / Ichani territory. Hive cities A and D are fortress cities, population of around 100M each. B and C are smaller fortress cities of 25-30M. The purple dots are individual mines. Black dots are a large series of connected mine systems that run kilometers under the earth and are dozens, or even hundreds, of meters wide. Orange / tan dots are a shallow connected mine system that runs a few hundred meters under the ground, only a few meters wide. The pink dots are a series of of connected mines that varies greatly in size.
  3. All of Man Kind

    Merry Christmas

    Or whatever you celebrate, you nerds.
  4. All of Man Kind

    AoMK vs Vesica

    Oocc: anyone want to be the judge? Also I'm going to an open house, may not be able to post much this weekend.
  5. All of Man Kind

    the last one wins

  6. All of Man Kind

    AoMK vs Vesica

    All of Man Kind, Plaintiff vs Vesica, Defendant Case No. 48392. Plaintiff All of Man Kind brings forth the following causes of action and alleges the following: 1. Plaintiff is a nation and resident of Equilism 2. Defendant is a nation and resident of Equilism 3. On, or about, the morning of October 29, 2013 at 3:20 am, a crew member infected with Solanum virus, hereafter "zombie," was allowed to Vesican Flight 101, a cargo delivery plane, in breach of quarantine protocol. 4. On, or about, the morning of October 29, 2013 at 5:45 am, Plaintiff allowed Vesican Flight 101 to enter All of Man Kind and land in New Hope regional airport. 5. On, or about, the morning of October 29th, 2013 at 5:47 am, said zombie began showing symptoms of aforementioned Solanum virus. 6. On, or about, 5:48 am panic broke lose in the airport as the zombie began infecting All of Man Kind's citizens. Infected citizens, hereafter, will be referred to as "zombies." 7. On, or about, 6:01 am, Vesican zombies began to illegally cross the border. 8. On, or about, 7:00 am, All of Man Kind's military was mobilized for the emergency and began the eradication of the plague with the only known cure: destruction of what was formerly known as the central nervous system and immolation of the corpses. 9. On, or about, 7:15 am nearly one billion (1,000,000,000) citizens were exposed to Solanum virus due to Vesican negligence and over five hundred million (500,000,000) of zombies were eradicated. 10. On, or about, 7:16 am nearly three billion (3,000,000,000) of Vesican citizens had been infected by Solanum virus and, by current estimates, nearly two hundred million (200,000,000) had illegally crossed the border into All of Man Kind and began spreading Solanum virus due to Vesican negligence. 11. On, or about, 7:23 am All of Man Kind's armed forces had eradicated over 95% of infected individuals within All of Man Kind and began prophylaxis operations to prevent the further encroachment of Vesican zombies into All of Man Kind's territory due to Vesica's negligence in following quarantine protocols. 12. On, or about, 8:24 am All of Man Kind's prophylaxis response in Vesica's territory to maintain quarantine between the nation was terminated. Over the last hour, approximately six hundred and fifty million (650,000,000) Vesican zombies within a fifty mile radius of the All of Man Kind border were neutralized. Twenty five (25) thermonuclear weapons were used on metropolitan areas in as well as eight hundred million (800,000,000) pounds of napalm on other urban areas. Estimate are not available for other munitions used at this time. Plaintiff brings forth the following counts and allegations supporting his cause of allegations Count 1 - Gross negligence Vesica failed to perform appropriate quarantine duties when a zombie was allowed to board Vesican Flight 101 leading to the sanitization of New Hope and the deaths of three hundred million (300,000,000) All of Man Kind's citizens. Count 2 - Gross negligence Vesica failed to perform appropriate quarantine duties when two hundred million zombies attempted to, or succeeded in, crossing the border from Vesica to All of Man Kind. Count 3 - Intentional infliction of emotional distress By failing to even attempt to control disease spread within its own borders, Vesica exposed the citizens of All of Man Kind to unnecessary emotional trauma as nearly one billion citizens were killed, and billions more affected, as a result of the failure to even attempt basic quarantine controls Count 4 - Intentional infliction of economic damage By failing to attempt to control Solanum spread within its borders, Vesica exposed billions of victims to a lethal virus causing uncountable loss of work hours as well as loss of life. Count 5 - Intentional infliction of economic damage By failing to attempt to control Solanum spread within its borders, Vesica exposed large amounts territory to Solanum requiring immolation of unfathomed amounts of property, machinery, and housing to eradicate the Solanum threat. Count 6 - Crimes against humanity By failing to implement quarantine controls against the Solanum outbreak, Vesica allowed unrestricted spread and caused over one and a half billion (1,500,000,000) deaths. This scale of death is nearly ten times the death toll of every dictator who has ever lived, combined. Damages WHEREFORE, Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages in the amount of five hundred quadrillion (500,000,000,000,000,000) equilants together with attorney fees, court costs, and interest. Dated this 30th day of October, 2013 All of Man Kind
  7. All of Man Kind

    the last one wins

  8. All of Man Kind

    Motion to remove Chaucerin from founder control

    I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Chaucerin, your name was attached to the Equility so I assumed you were responsible for banjecting me. This is not true. I have killed 2B+ on (an)other account(s) within Equilism and received no more than a suggestion to fight for the cure. I feel I was specifically targeted as I was not spreading zombies. The "Infecters not allowed" rule was added AFTER I was banjected. First paragraph My killing of citizens of other nations causes no harm to regional security, nor does it weaken our region and open it to Raider attacks. My killing of citizens of other nations did not violate the "we suggest that you research for the cure" and "infecters not allowed." As a citizen for many years, I do not think I would fall under the category of "infecter" because I was not region hopping to raid and spread the plague, nor was I infecting other citizens, merely removing the plague. By banjecting me without warning of any violation of Equilism law violates this mutual agreement of trust. Banjecting me for not following a delegate suggestion is pissing on it, as well as ignoring this: Paragraph 2 People can have public outcries about how I treat my citizens, it does not give the founder the right to banject me based on my responses to issues. It's the same, ingame mechanics. I was not greifing by spamming or otherwise defacing their nation page / region page. If banjection was to be applied as a penalty for killing zombies, a warning that it was actually violating a RULE, not a SUGGESTION, would have sufficed for me to stop. Everything I said was IC, except if they were complaining that their citizens could die. That they should have taken up with Max Berry. Also, Vesica had me locked down and unable to attack until they were foolish enough to cleanse me of the plague. It's not my fault that they are unable to follow game mechanics.
  9. EDIT: My apologies to Chauce, his name is attached to Equility so I made the wrong assumption that it was he who banjected me. Whamabama? has abused his powers, under the constitution / whatever it's called now, by banjecting me from equilism. The he message clearly states that researching is encouraged, not required, to stay in equilism. There were no warnings and no binding measure has passed in the senate.
  10. All of Man Kind

    US Government Shutdown

    Chauce - Both sides are at fault. It's like watching two spoiled children argue over a toy. Republican view - Democrats forced through a unilateral healthcare bill, so in order to not mess up the country they have to repeal / delay their unilateral healthcare bill to get a bipartisan spending bill.
  11. All of Man Kind

    the last one wins

  12. All of Man Kind

    Chemical Weapons Protocol

    To develop and maintain a library of known chemical weapons, and to share this information with member nations, Awesome, now any nation can get free access to years of research and begin making adVanced WMDs in under a years time.
  13. All of Man Kind

    I'm back bitches

    *cough* Join the Worlds C and D rp *cough*
  14. All of Man Kind

    New Guests

    OOC: Not only am I expecting my landing craft to be freely allowed to land, but a full three week feast in my honor, the sworn fealty of the Ichani Empire and an overly large key to the galaxy.
  15. All of Man Kind

    New Guests

    OOC: I was thinking I would drop on the planet, your combined fleet (what's left of Rand's and the Vesican / Taurian) would push my front one away as it was finishing unloading, and it would merge with the secondary fleet for another clash with engagements around the solar system.