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  1. Pyxis Prime

    ST:EQ News

    Do we need to have separate crew for the station, or are we able to use our existing characters from the ship?
  2. CO: Captain, our distance was 15,000 meters. =/\= CSO Ensign Theelzhiin ch'Vaath =/\=
  3. Pyxis Prime

    Creation vs Evolution

    Why would God make the snake just so Adam and Eve could fail? That's as dumb as what apparently happens in Exodus, where God sends Moses and Aaron to ask the pharaoh to release the Israelites. But before they're even out the door, He also tells that He's going to "harden" pharaoh's heart so that he won't listen anyway, and God has an excuse to launch the plagues on Egypt. This seems like a bizarrely short list of options for God. Free will is meaningless if He's omnipotent anyway, since we could prove God wrong simply by doing something different. And Christian theology claims that God is never wrong. Loving someone doesn't mean you remove their ability to choose. But it does mean you can attempt to protect them from wrong choices that you know are dangerous. And if they still make those choices and suffer the consequences, you help them out. But you never turn your back on them just for making a mistake, especially not if they genuinely want forgiveness and the chance to make it right. I agree. One of the ironies with Christianity, and other organized religions, is that it needs evil to survive. Without evil, you can't demonstrate why God is supposedly good and why people should buy into the religion. Why is a miracle the best response? Wouldn't it be easier for God to, say, ensure that no Christians are starving or homeless for example? To do things that fit in with the view that He is benevolent and cares about us? There are many Christians who suffer this way, and many others who battle illness and diseases. Doesn't it bother God that they're suffering when they don't have to be? If God's love is real, then I don't believe these circumstances would exist. No more than the President of the U.S. would allow his citizens to suffer, if he could easily give them ways to prosper.
  4. Pyxis Prime

    Creation vs Evolution

    But they only disobeyed because God told them one thing ("don't eat from this tree") and the snake told them another ("you can eat from that tree"). On what basis are they supposed to make an informed decision? It's not an issue of trust, because they don't have the knowledge yet for that. It's an issue of two conflicting sets of information. God told Eve she would die if she ate the fruit, and the snake said otherwise. What happened when she ate the fruit? She didn't die. And when God arrived back in the garden, Adam still trusted Him enough to openly admit that he had disobeyed, and explained why: the snake told them so. And remember, God made the snake too. The point is, if there was a genuine relationship with God (I'm not entirely sure there was, going by the text), then they didn't flippantly discard it. God did that by exiling them for their mistake, even though He says later in the OT that He would not destroy an entire village to punish one sinner. God could have easily forgiven them, even with punishment, but He didn't. But there is no reason to assume it's a necessary byproduct of us. It could only be such if God couldn't prevent it, if He is not the omnipotent being that many Christians consider Him to be. If that were true, I'd agree with you. But I don't think that's the case. True, but the testing is valid because neither you nor you students can know everything about the subject matter. Regardless of how much you learn. God supposedly doesn't have that limitation. We can't improve if we think that God views us as perfect, and that certainly gets some Christians into trouble. These choices are still challenging regardless of whether one is religious or not. It's the human condition. One reason I finally left Christianity was the fact that faith in God wasn't enough to support me. I've prayed many times in my life, for many reasons, and I can't think of a single one that's been answered in a meaningful way. I've learned to rely on myself to get through the hard times, because that's what ultimately got me through before.
  5. Pyxis Prime

    Creation vs Evolution

    Yeah, that's probably my fault. I don't want to derail this thread too much, since the notion of original sin can certainly be its own topic. But I will attempt to answer some of your points first. I think the problem with the notion of original sin, as it's come into practice with Christianity, is that it requires them to downplay the human potential for good, which is also a commonsense idea if we're God's creations. They have to portray the human race in a poorer light, because a) you don't need to be "saved" by God if you don't consider yourself "broken" and b) God is supposed to be the ultimate embodiment of good, and He clearly can't be so if He allows evil to occur. So from a Christian perspective, even though God COULD have stopped the snake without a problem, it's not His fault that Adam and Eve "failed" the test. There's no responsibility for God, basically. And I think that's where non-believers take issue. I don't doubt that we have a genuine penchant for screwing up. That much is true. But we also get plenty of things right, regardless of faith in a religion or not. People have the right to rely on themselves and their strengths, so that they can learn from their mistakes. Which means the original couple didn't have this knowledge before they ate the fruit, and it's clear that God didn't want them to eat it so they wouldn't become competition. How can they be blamed for committing a sin when they don't yet distinguish between sin and faithfulness? If the option of the tree is only presented so that one can fail by eating from it, then the test is meaningless. It becomes even more meaningless when it's designed by a being who is assumed to be omnipotent, because then there's no choice involved. If one fails to do what God knows you will do, then God is wrong. The same issue comes up with the test of Job in that book, because all of his sufferings are due to Satan making a bet to see how faithful Job really is. God already knows the answer to that question, but he allows Satan to torture Job anyway. And when Job demands an explanation for his suffering, knowing that he's done nothing willingly to deserve it, God belittles him so He won't have to actually give a reason for it.
  6. Pyxis Prime

    Creation vs Evolution

    That's not specifically mentioned in Genesis, though. Adam's sin lead to his being expelled from Eden, but nothing was said about this being a curse on all of mankind. That's a later invention, in my view, and is not consistent with other statements in the OT. Besides, God could have stopped the snake at any time. He must have been aware that the temptation was going on, so why didn't He act?
  7. Pyxis Prime

    Creation vs Evolution

    * shrugs * I'm certainly no expert on biblical matters, but I'm not sure the notion of original sin exists except in some of the writings by (or attributed to) Paul. I would have to look up the passage, but I know there is a portion of the laws in the OT which clearly states that children are not to be held accountable for the sins of their parents, nor the other way around. Everyone is to be judged by their own deeds, good or bad. I personally tend to consider the notion of OS much like how the concept of Hell has evolved, and neither really being compatible with how many Christians would define God. They are really just things the church invented to make recruitment easier. (No offense. )
  8. (OOC - sorry for the late reply. RL has been busy lately) CO: Aye sir. Targeting sensors on the entrance. =/\= CSO Ensign Theelzhiin ch'Vaath =/\=
  9. Pyxis Prime

    Equilism Bureau of Heraldry

  10. Pyxis Prime

    The Kingdom of Loathing

    Well, that was fun. I had a bunch of parts saved up to make chefstaves next run, then discovered that several new ones had been added the last time I took a break from the game. I think I have all the extra parts I need now, though. Looking forward to making them.
  11. Pyxis Prime

    Equilism Bureau of Heraldry

    Would there be a "testing fee" so to speak? That is, if I have a design I'd like to request, would you charge for the creation even if I decide not to use it? Or would you only charge for it if the design becomes official?
  12. Pyxis Prime

    The Kingdom of Loathing

    You need two of the items from the top list. The recipe for balloon items changed yesterday, and they are now made by multiusing the right number of long skinny balloons instead of assembling them with meat paste. It also now requires 7 balloons to make the howling balloon monkey familiar instead of 4, since that's used for the new shield.
  13. Pyxis Prime

    The Kingdom of Loathing

    What sort of clown items?
  14. Pyxis Prime

    The Kingdom of Loathing

    Clan membership does that, as mentioned. The other ways are items like the watch, and also campground items. I'd recommend getting a sword behind inappropriate prepositions when you are able, as it grants +5 adventures per day. We have two such items in my clan, so that alone is an extra 8 adventures per day. A meat maid is also good at your campground, and fairly easy to build. A standard maid gives +4 adventures, while the clockwork version gives +8. The Wiki has a handy page specifically for boosting your adventures for rollover. I'm glad I checked it, because I now have a General Sage's Lonely Diamonds Club Jacket. I should get an extra three now. I have a custom outfit specifically for rollover, with the boosting items in it. I love custom outfits. So basically I get the following bonuses: Base adventures: 40 Outfit boost: +11 (+3 jacket, +5 sword, +1 watch, +1 tiny plastic bitchin' meat car, and +1 tiny plastic skeletal reindeer) Campground boost: +11 (+8 clockwork maid and +3 pagoda) Clan boost: +8 (+3 calendar of loathing and +5 self-help books) Total base adventures per day: 70 The nice thing about KOL bonuses is that the majority of them stack, and thus it's very easy to build custom outfits for boosting different abilities and making your character versatile. They can be swapped instantly just like the speciality outfits can, and you can make or erase them at will. Very handy.