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    New Delegate

    I'm your new Ambassador from the North Pacific, with a very interesting update. JAL's Acceptance Speech Ladies and Gentlemen of the North Pacific and Nationstates: I recall nearly five years ago when I was learning the ropes of Nationstates mechanics and gameplay. Nationstates was, and is, such a spectacularly enormous world of deep community, intellectual rigor, and endless possibility. I was astonished and instantly hooked. Creativity flows in this game like Niagara, crashing upon the waters of our minds below sometimes recklessly but always beautifully. I come to you today seeking to harness that waterfall’s unbridled power to forge a more perfect gameplay environment; I come to you most humbly as Delegate-Elect. Shortly I will be announcing an Assembly of Experts (aka a cabinet) to assist me in the governance of the region. The Assembly of Experts will be somewhat larger than many cabinets past but from a larger pool of talent will come a larger amount of success. Furthermore I will be spearheading several commonsense Constitutional reforms. Two of these you have seen already – CLO and election reform. Others will follow. Quorum rules need to be addressed and I would like to retool our judicial system to match the needs of a Nationstates region. I will close by stating my number one goal of my term. I want the North Pacific to be propelled to the forefront of Nationstates gameplay and I want her to shine like the star she is; the brightest star that is the North Pacific must lead the way for the entirety of Nationstates. Certainly there is no easy pathway to this goal – it will take hours upon hours of dedication each week from myself and other loyal North Pacificans. The North Pacific can, should, and will be relevant and in order to be relevant we must be active. To this end efforts to recruit each and every new nation created within the North Pacific will begin in earnest tomorrow. It is with Allah’s blessings that we move forward a strong and progressive region. Let’s have some fun shall we? -Grand Ayatollah Durkadurkiranistan, Supreme Leader and Delegate-Elect of the North Pacific
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    Update March 2009

    I am the ambassador to here Mr Foreign Minister BO I'll post the update now.
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    Update March 2009

    Hopefully another will be here soon
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    New Update #4

    The United Kingdom ~Draft~ New Arrivals The United Kingdom saw in 4 new arrivals and greeted them with great honour of coming to our shores, we deserved them, we have worked our fingers to the bones with recruiting, so welcome new newcomers. Premier News The Prime Minister, PASD stood down today for the reason of Real life intervening to much and the Prime Minister not being able to carry out the necessary duties to keep the current Government afloat, sad but true. The King has spoken in the recent special announcement address in Buckingham Palace yesterday, that there will be new special elections to replace the resigned Prime Minister PASD and return to normal. By Elections called By-elections are now called for the seat of the resigned member Chase, they will be held shortly for the vacant space to be campaigned for and used again. The current lawmakers in Parliament are busy with work, but are getting votes and bills passed through. His majesty V's Chase The Crown revealed a sad but true verdict that Chase a recently changed and better working member of the United Kingdom was banned to sentence his reminding term sentence of which was all a blow to everyone, but we all wish he comes back after his term of absence. Recruitment Recruiting has gone up since the last recruiting program in the United Kingdom region, success on the events of recruiting still remains, there is hope and faith in the new programs getting opened and we will to prevail in any aspect we can. Thank you for viewing the new belated January update. P.s. i officially once again will be your new ambassador to equilism.
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    New Ambassador

    I will need to ask BO, to get your update now.
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    New Ambassador

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    New Ambassador

    Hello British Orange, not been on these forums as often as i wanted to be, but that is me i guess, with alot more that im in i can't be everywhere at once So how is Equilism folks?
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    TUK update #3

    Your welcome and i hope we progress alot more.
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    TUK update #3

    Over the past few weeks, TUK experienced a rather mild spike in forum activity. Forum membership rose and we saw our new Foreign Secretary appointed alongside his Deputy. However, the Prime Minister re-iterated his message that the challenge of inactivity is still plaguing TUK and that the TUK Government must do something urgent to arrest this pressing situation. Recruiting activities has to be upped, and advertising robust. In other news, TUK also saw the coronation of His Royal Highness Kingladn sworn in as Prince of Wales and successor to the throne. Our heartiest congratulations goes out to Prince Kingladn. We hope that with his coronation, activity can spur and TUK can be abuzz again, like it once was. Indeed, it shall! :uk: The past week had been a hectic week for all in Government. The Foreign Office, in particular, has to come up with means to correct the diplomatic hiccup that TUK is facing- that is a dire shortage of ambassadors. The Minister, Lord Healey, emphasized on the urgent need for domestic representatives in foreign soil to fly the TUK flag up high, in hopes of uplifting TUK's reputation and prestige in the international spotlight. In other news, Prime Minister Santa8 had deployed Foreign Minister Lord Healey to broker an agreement in the forms of either a merger or an alliance with the Irish European Union (IEU) that would see threats to IEU's security diminished, if not eliminated altogether. The TUK believes strongly in the principles of democracy, and it feels compelled to help a young democracy wave the threat from DEN's invasionary forces so that it could properly thrive with sacrosanct democratic virtues such as liberty and freedom in an undisturbed manner. The mission was a success when the IEU accepted plans for a merger. In local news, there's been general progress with the financial system, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer is concentrating on establishing the fundamentals of the economy, consulting citizens with their ideas and whatnot. The House of Commons saw a speaker election, with Lord Falkland declared the winner. There's also been a frenzy stirred up on the Republican VS Democratic presidential nominees John McCain and Barrack Obama, with pro-McCain supporters clashing with their counterparts from the Obama camp. Nevertheless, it was a healthy discussion with robust arguments. Indeed, spirits are already high.
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    TUK update #2

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    TUK update #2

    Thanks and guess what, i Won YAY!