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    NS Debate Contest 2011!

    NS DEBATE CONEST That's right, it's that time again! TEP is hosting its second-ever Debate Contest, open to all within the NationStates multiverse! Participate in debates, tear someone's argument apart, boast about how awesome you are to your friends, bring your region a sense of pride, and earn some good bragging rights and cool prizes / badges. Go here for more information, including contest setup, entrants, and how to get involved. Seriously, it's all there, and it's even presented in technicolor text too! Sign up for the contest in that thread too! Hope to see you there!
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    TEP July Issue

    Editor's Statement by Todd McCloud In an attempt to bring some diversity into our newspaper, I retired from newspaper duties when I assumed the delegacy in April of this year. I wanted to see how others in the region would handle things, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. TEP is like that - if someone retires, someone else steps up to the plate and delivers. It's definitely an admirable quality any region can have, and one I am certainly proud of TEP for. Earlier this year, we endured the departure of nearly a dozen members due to various reasons. By the time April rolled around, it was difficult to fathom anyone would oblige and put together an issue. But, we worked on it, filled those vacancies, and we as a region are now back to being a well-oiled machine. This issue is entirely by Vulshain of TEP, a nation that has been with our region for over one year. Without further ado, here it is! Interview by Vulshain / Smigol We'll start off with an interview I did with everyone's favorite Pole, Smigol! Me: What got you interested in roleplaying? Smigol: Actually, I got interested in roleplaying in TEP, was the same thing that brought me to NationStates. The possibiliy of having your own nation, and probability of a lot of international problems, even if not actually real. Outside of TEP I'm not really a roleplayer. Me: *Nods* I see. How long have you been roleplaying at TEP? Smigol: I think I joined TEP around april last year? But, I had a moment of inactivity after the september due to some personal problems Me: Okay. So, what do you like about roleplaying at TEP, and what don't you like about roleplaying at TEP? Smigol: What I like, is as I said a variety of international situations. Most of which are problems, which is even better. I was always interested in the culture of different real-life nations and people, so founding a place where I can have my on country, with my own culture, and roleplay it? It was brilliant. Though at first I had horrible problems with the lenght of the posts. I remember struggling to read a thread, because it was a lenght of a very short book. But now I got used to it, and I prefer the posts being that long. Oh, also the large amount of inactive players is pretty weak. Me: Yeah that is a problem at times. Being from an European nation, did you put parts of your culture into your nation's culture or did you just create your nation's culture from scratch? Smiggy says: Actually Smigsachenweiz is a germanic nation, so it was exciting for me to roleplay it, because I had to read a little about Germany culture, and I could completely cut off from Polish culture, for the sake of this nation. That said, most of the things my characters said in 'Smigsachwian' language, were Polish proverbs translated into bastardized version of German. Me: That's very interesting. Excellent work. Smigol: Thanks. Me: You're welcome. What do you do in your free-time, when you're not roleplaying? Smigol: I mostly hang out with my friends after school - go to a pub for a beer, or somewhere. I also like to play some games, and meddle around in photoshop, making maps and stuff. Me: Cool. I have seen some of your maps and art, and you're really good at them. Smigol: Thanks, I try. Me: No problem. Recently, you split your nation into several smaller nations. Was there a reason for you doing this? Smigol: I thought I will have a bigger amount of free time, and I will be able to roleplay two additional nations - Dresana, which would be a Socialist state, and Chrzaska, based on second Polish republic (1918-1939), so a little authoritharian, and almost functional nation. Unfortunately the life wanted it different, so I never got around to do that. In future I will probably merge Chrzaska and Dresana, and offer it as a free plot on the map. This will require change of the names of some Serenitech's officials, true, but somethings is gotta be done about inactive nations Me: That's true. Your original nation, Smigsachenweiz, had a history with Todd's Vekaiyu. Did you two work that out, or did you just come up with it on your own? Basically, I'm referring to Smigsachenweiz being a vassal to Vekaiyu, according to the NSWiki article on Smigsachenweiz. Smigol: I came up with most of it, however everything was based on Vekaiyu's history. Plus I asked Todd a lot "can I do this" or "can I do that". He's a really nice guy, and bascially just let me do anything if that didn't make him change his NSwiki page Me: That's true. Todd's a nice guy. So what was it like working with Todd? Smigol: Sometimes I feel like if he knew everything about TEP and TEP history, so this is quite useful. Plus he writes really well (I mean, seriously, read "The Others") Me: I know. I enjoyed reading The Others. I've actually talked to him about becoming a writer, but he's quite modest and humble. lol Smigol: It's true. Todd if you are reading this stop being such a nice guy, it makes the rest of us look bad. Me: lol One last question: do you have any ideas or suggestions to help deal with inactive players? Smigol: You mean inactive, as not roleplaying, or not coming to the forum at all? Me: Not roleplaying. Smigol: Hm, not sure, really. You can't really force someone into roleplaying. Though it's strange, being on a roleplay forum, and not roleplaying, I must say. However I'd like to make a series of votings to remove nations of inactive players (I mean the ones, that stopped coming to the forum at all) from the map. Me: That's true. Better to remove them than to have them take up space. Smigol: Yeah, that's what I think Plus I think I will make a new version of the map (with layers, so if someone had to replace me, he would have an easier job) Me: That's a good idea. Thanks for letting me interview you. Smigol: Thanks and you're welcome. And that's it for the interview. Now for the nation profiles. Yep, there are two of them: Vekaiyu and Vulshain. Vekaiyu: by Todd McCloud Vekaiyu is a relatively large-sized nation in The East Pacific realm. Populated almost entirely by vulpines, the nation has undergone multiple transitions and occupations during its history, but today remains a formidable power. The nation formed when sentient vulpine tribes, who are believed to be evolved due to the torrential raining patterns that plagued the Vekaiyun area roughly one hundred million years ago, settled under a common king. The nation warred with itself relentlessly until it was occupied completely for roughly three hundred years, beginning during the close of the third century. It was during these tumultuous years the Vekaiyun people changed, adopting a new religion, new language, and new culture. In a few centuries after the occupation, Vekaiyu became a bastion for science and progress, and grew to become a powerful state. This power would wane when the nation changed once again in the sixteenth century, due in part to the Vekaiyun provinces warring with each other, paved by a weak king. Vekaiyu turned its attention elsewhere, flexing its colonial prowess and gaining various colonies in and around the NationStates' world. Today, the nation progresses through another transition - a freer market. While enterprise is still heavily regulated by the country, it has relaxed its hold on private licenses, which are required in order to own a business that operates in more than one province. Private ownership has skyrocketed and bolstered its economy, which is still reeling from a bloody civil war. This is due by and large by the new Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile. While her youth and inexperience inhibits her, she continues to move The Nation of Green to new heights. The Kivreskov, or the Vekaiyun legislature, commenced operations in February. The nation is more responsive to the cultures and traditions of other nations. English is now mandated and is required to be taught in primary schools. The nation hungrily eyes the breadbasket Listonia, it's neighbor to the east. The Vekaiyun spirit is one of closeness each other and a strong will to not bend to the wills and desires of others. While Vekaiyu may be relaxing it's stubbornness against other nations and cultures, the spirit of the people continue to endure within the nation. Vulshain: by Vulshain Vulshain is a large nation located in the East Pacific region on the northern continent, where the sea borders the southern, southwestern, and southeastern coasts. The nation began when the local native Lobos united with the Vulpines who arrived via a land bridge in prehistoric times from Vekaiyu thousands of years ago. Vulshainians have a strong sense of pride in their heritage and culture, but they are open-minded and are quite comfortable mixing old ways with new ways. Vulshain is mainly inhabited by Vulpines and Lobos, although humans and a few other races live here as well. For most of its history, Vulshain has been a monarchy, although in the mid and late 20th century, the country became a democratic republic that quickly transformed into a fascist military dictatorship ironfistedly ruled by Merrill Rivers, acrazed megalomaniac. With the aid and support of its neighbors and other foreign powers, the monarchy was restored. However, from 2003 to 2006, a terrible civil war erupted killing countless lives and damaging the nation even more. The nation has recovered, but the scars from both the Civil War and the reign of Merrill Rivers are still there. With the recent election and crowning of the new Monarch of Vulshain, King Samuil Rainard, the nation's people now hope for a better and brighter future. While the physical damage from Rivers' reign has healed, the reversing of the damage to the nation's culture is slow, but steady. Merrill Rivers attempted to purge Vulshain of its traditions and customs in order to create a new culture, one where he and his government would guide and influence. After Rivers' downfall, Vulshain has painstakingly tried to recover its past. Today, the nation is now on the road of getting back its lost heritage. Hilarities by Vulshain And speaking of traditions, here we have a tradition of putting funny pictures up. I'm continuing that tradition, but updating it some: instead of pictures, I'm using videos! Here's a few. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/embed/HsFWkvF7UVQ We send these guys after you if you godmod. So godmodders, BEWARE! Don't godmod, if you don't want the disco-roller skating bots to come after! And now for some rock. Weird song, cool game. http://www.youtube.com/embed/tOnaDRGTef8 And this has got to be the funniest thing ever posted here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVb-TFsFIZA
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    TEP Roleplay Week

  4. Todd McCloud

    TEP Roleplay Week

    (Image credit goes to Vulshain of TEP) The East Pacific cordially invites you to Roleplay Week, a week designed to not only keep things going in Operation:Active Summer, but to also give roleplayers and aspiring roleplayers something fun to do during the summer months. In this week, roleplayers join in and interact with other TEP roleplayer nations and participate for one of the available awards during the week. It officially begins this Monday (today!) and ends Sunday night next week (because in TEP the week begins on Monday and not Sunday, of course). So if you're bored, want to give roleplaying a shot, or are just in a writers block and could use some change of pace, let us be your canvas for creativity! All details, links, etc are located riiiight here. Some threads / roleplays are in the process of getting started (this *does* last a week, of course), so feel free to join in and/or start a new topic up! Note: in that link you'll find other links to some RP threads, RPing in TEP, and other helpful notes!
  5. ] The East Pacific Newspaper Volume Two, Issue Three Introduction by Todd McCloud It’s that time again, time for a Christmas issue brought to you by the aspiring elves of TEP! Well, actually they aren’t aspiring to be elves. More like giants among elves, which isn’t too hard to become. Still, we’ve compiled a nice paper for all to read in their viewing pleasure. We hope it’s a good show and that you’ll get some enjoyment out of it! So what have we been doing in The East Pacific these days? Well, if you must know… because you were totally going to ask that question next… we’re roleplaying, debating, and above all having fun. We’re currently in the midst of some Winter Solstice Celebrations, made possible by the hard-working and fun-loving individuals in the region of the east. But what else? We’re also roleplaying. Roleplaying, you might say? Whether or not you do roleplay on NS, it’s actually pretty fun and exciting. Who else wouldn’t like to see their characters turned to goo and drilled with four dozen bullet holes! Actually we’re a little more benevolent than that. But only a little bit. Just a smidgen. And when we aren’t roleplaying or just goofing around, we work on our government. Our Magisterium has picked up activity in the past few weeks or so, and the Conclave has just finished polishing off their standing orders. Of course our delegate remains ever vigilant and is only mildly oppressive! Nah, he’s actually a good guy, except for how he roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers… everyone knows the Cleveland Browns is the superior team But it’s Xmas time in TEP. This year is a bit of a different feeling for some. I suppose it has to do with the mind control device recently installed within the bowls of the Pax Box, but apart from that and the occasional forced hailing of the Hive, there is still an inner thread that keeps us all together. And while a few of us may tug on that thread every once and a while, it doesn’t break. We’ve gotten a bit more festive this year, as we tug on that string with candy canes instead of just fingers. The string may be a bit worn, but our resolve remains unbroken. Unbroken, I say! Let’s just hope those candy canes don’t have too much force behind them. Well, so be it. A Christmas that is full of strings and not some guy in a red suit with a beard who likes to give gifts to children. This doesn’t seem like such a bad th-GLORY TO THE HIVE. What did I just say? Oh well. Best of luck to everyone, and safe voyages! Call all Foreign Dignitaries...get yo gift! by East Malaysia Are you the ambassador to TEP? Hate that you can't get edit your post or control your embassy? That is all changing! Next time you drop by the forum just contact me [East Malaysia] or post in my office located in the Embassy Authority. I'll be rolling out the mask and granting embassy permission no later than first of the year (and before if anyone drops by) but you have to request it! ~EM. Magisterium Elections by Chancellor Shaw Late November marked the beginning of TEPs fourth quarter, which means a new batch of victi- er, I mean, volunteers came forward to be elected into our Magisterium. All joking aside, this is one tough job. Thankfully we have what looks to be a great group of people who stepped up to answer the call. This past Magisterium election was full of vibrant discussion as to what each person wanted to help TEP with during their term. Of the eight who were nominated, seven were elected. Since then one of our Magisters has had to resign, leaving us with six strong minded, capable individuals who got right at the busy job they had ahead of them. The Magisterium is the legislature of The East Pacific. They are tasked with creating, proposing, debating on, and passing bills and laws to make our region run smoothly and fairly for everyone. It is because of these individuals that we have laws like our Secondary Endorsement Cap Act and our Adspum Rules. Speaking of which, one recent debate of interest was the consideration of the new Nationstates Century Theme, and what impact it would have on TEPs RMB Advertisement regulations. The Magisterium has also been going over Rights of Residents, and Ambassador masks for our Forums. Although it may not always be the most glamorous job, we are indebted to the six Magisters currently serving our region. The position really is the crux of our government, and it takes a keen eye for not only looking at how to keep our region running, but also how to alter and improve laws in our ever changing world. So stop by, if you can, and say hi to the people who keep TEP going as one of the most vibrant, active communities in Nationstates. A Minute in Roleplay by yk001nul Courtesy of the Fyrdowsi Spy News Network Oh No, Not Again! Vekaiyu Split Apart in the War of Illusions The Spy was peacefully sipping his coffee in the quiet township of Iruk when everything suddenly went up into flames, casting the city into chaos. It did not took very long for The Spy to discover that everywhere around Vekaiyu, skirmishes were blooming, fueled by an attempt on the life of the Premiere of Listonia. Very soon enough, The Spy watched as the simple political counter-attack turned into a war of philosophy against philosophy, of vulpine-kin against vulpine-kin .. of Maxists against non-Maxists. As was expected by The Spy, the war soon brought lots of interested (and deeply involved) parties. The Nation of Vulshain was one of the first to join the battle, partly because of blood bonds, and partly because of something else. Nothing couldn be more gruesome than the participation of the war legions of Allegheny, who mobilized their large army forces, laying waste to major cities such as Iruk and Nilisa. Several other nations took note of the war, such as the concerned Nation of Bai Lung and Nation of Veerilion, but did not enter the prolonged skirmish for specific reasons. The Spy however knew that pockets of his fellow brothers and sisters in spirit were living in the cities, protected under the Secrecy Act of the Theocracy. Thus, The Spy received special permission to peer through the eyes of an unordained brother who was in the midst of the battle, using the Divine Sight enchantment provided by a vulpine brother closest to the man in mission. Lo, how different things were under the illusion of destruction! Through the brother's eyes, he saw the bitter echo of what once was Maxism incarnate himself walking the very earth, silently possessing a hapless Alleghenian officer in search of the only thing binding himself to the mortal planes. He saw how the unordained brother managed to overcome his weakness and send all the imperiled brothers and sisters, as well as several uninitiated residents of the cities, to the land of Fyrdowsi near the end of the conflict. A visit by the Premiere herself to the devastated cities after the end of the major battles could not heal what has been done. Many major cities of Vekaiyu's provinces, such as Iruk, were reduced to rubbles, and links with the Nation of Listonia remained sensitive. Frankly, The Spy thought that all this would not happen if Vekaiyu embraced the Merciless Master instead, but he felt that nothing happened without His wisdom, and the proud Vekaiyu citizens might live through the conflicts as if nothing had ever happened. Dizzying! Shades of Every Perceivable Spectrum Abound in the Different Colours! The Spy recently received a report from one of the cleric group researching a way to enter someone else's dream via meticulous incantations and mental preparation. Honestly, The Spy thought that he had heard it before in a cinema advert section of a newspaper, but he paid no attention to the similarity as he peered through the group's metageological scan. He happened upon a scan made over the Nation of Reziel, where a figurative dream description of a young woman who was being called Mother by a man about her own age caught The Spy's eyes. He quickly cross-referenced the dream report to an official espionage report on the inner workings of the great nation of Reziel itself. It seemed that a silent crisis of rulership heritage was abound in the ancient nation, owing to its absolute fascination in the twins-bonded relationship of the kingdom and the Nation of Kangarawa. It seemed that someone in its government thought of its king as being incompetent enough to rein in his own twin brother, but The Spy thought that it was a norm among any nation with kingdoms at its helm. But The Spy found it most shocking to read that a shadowy element of the nation called the Brotherhood attempted to end the life of a simple woman over governmental problems. The trouble subsequently reached a climax in a flyer machine's accident involving a noblewoman of Reziel, which did not seem like an accident at all. Wonder of wonders, The Spy found a twist in the seemingly simple end of the story. It seemed that the Kangarawans were quite clever in devising political assassinations; although there were no records suggesting direct involvement of the Kangarawa government in the accident, a portion of a military cable leaked from within the government's machinery seemed to suggest that they, at least, preferred the accident to happen. Between the almost fanatical obsession of a noblewoman with her unborn child and the strained relationship of two ancient kingdoms, The Spy concluded that the nations would have a better future by having a Fyrdowsian 'middleman' among its midst. The Spy sent the report along with a commendation for an 'embassy' in the turbulent kingdoms to the Order's Operation Center for further actions. Where's the Skeleton? Look Behind the Alabaster Walls! It wasn't usual for The Spy to get to see an espionage report from across the Regional Border, but The Spy got that opportunity when a correspondent from the West Pacific handed him a copy of all infiltration activities going on beyond the Border. Fledgling it might be, but interesting nonetheless. A section of the report from the nation of Mahanoy piqued The Spy's interest. It seemed to start with the purported death of a man, and a miraculous rejuvenation of another. An article on the confirmed presence of a high-borne vulpine, possibly a Vekaiyu Premiere, right there in the West made The Spy wonder as to the extent of the vulpines' influence. Further on, the report also made it known that a man described earlier in the report was in fact a marked man who lost his memory. The agent who made the report seemed particularly interested in the marked man's journey, going as far as describing his experience watching the marked man making an illegal landing of a flyer machine into the nation of Allegheny's airspace, slipping a note of commendation to the pilot of the aircraft in the report's footnote. The report described various facts currently not known by any other spy agencies in the region, such as Allegheny's pseudo-religious culture in the midst of the back-stabbing world of the hard-nosed nation, the shadier elements of the East Pacific Treaty Organization, Reziel's level of readiness against the hordes of Packilvania and various other issues performed in secret by the great nations. Near the end of the Mahanoy report, The Spy was presented with vivid descriptions of a cosy relationship between an unknown Alleghenian military woman and the marked man, who was assumed to have assigned a new identity to himself. The Spy deemed the report worthy of national interest and submitted it to the Operation Center for further research. All Hail the King! Vulshain King Made Known in the Coronation of the New Monarch of Vulshain The Spy has always thought of kings and kingdoms as a heretical remnant of the world's feudal past, as per the official dogma of the Theocracy, but it would not hurt to discover the camaraderie of a coronation in a kingdom somewhere. Thus, The Spy found himself amidst the dingy, smelly and sweaty masses of crowds greeting their new Leader in the nation of Vulshain. Ever the curious one, The Spy could not resist in getting to know more about the King. Posing as a lowly cameraman, The Spy masqueraded as a television crew en route to a special interview with the ruler, and from thereon, things get a wee bit more interesting. It was clear that despite an assassination attempt on the king, there was not even a little bit of worry on Vulshain's side. The King even had the leisure to casually enter the Southern Yugoslavian territory, with only a team of snipers to vouch for his safety. The Spy himself heard the leaders of the two country conversing about terrorists and terror in an almost make-belief casual calmness, which led The Spy to believe that they have something to hide. Correction, it was actually someone to hide, after The Spy conducted a more thorough infiltration. The Spy had managed to crawl his way into a hospital where the terrorist, a certain unknown individual from the nation of Rygard, was said to be held without trial. From the way the military kept the terrorist at bay, The Spy was positive that something bad was bound to happen sooner or later. It was not long before a field agent near a Rygard embassy sent The Spy a pigeon message, stating that a group of guards opened fire on a group of people for no apparent reason. Seeing that embassies were often hosts to multinational guests, it was inevitable that the casualties involved victims from other nations, such as East Malaysia and Kelssek. After seeing all the conundrums and conspiracies of the royal elites, The Spy was convinced that the way of dynastic Kings and Kingdoms was doomed. Therefore, The Spy proposed to the Operation Center that all future operations within any foreign Kingdoms be held with ultimate caution. Country Profile by Terasu The Elafos Coalition was formed in the year 1066AD and is comprised of the city states, Aetria, Aquitania, Lycia, Nocteia, Tyr'asu, Valeria and Vylade. Originally immigrants, the ethnic group which now resides widely across the North Western corner of The East Pacific began to arrive in late 900BC. Their origin is ultimately unknown, although academics have suggested several areas outside of The East Pacific, there is no concrete evidence to validate any such theories. Ancient texts generally refer to some unknown force, believed to be an opposing nation, which forced the Elafosians out of their home and across the sea. While the Elafos Coalition contains the largest concentration of people that actively identify themselves as "Elafosian", such groups are spread throughout several islands within the Jeneras (all of which maintain close ties with the Coalition) and the neighbouring Iskios Federation. The Iskios Federation, long time rivals of the Coalition, is made up of the states Askia, Gallecia, Illyricium, Merhenia, Ormark and Skatos. Gallecia, Merhenia and Ormark predate the arrival of the "Elafosians", once being formidable nations in their own right. After a prolonged war with the Coalition spanning over a century (1100-1300AD, roughly), they found themselves defeated but allied with three dissenting Elafosian states, Askia, Illyricium and Skatos. In modern terms, tensions between Elafos and Iskios led to a war, still ongoing, which saw Askia, Illyricium and Skatos rejoin the Coalition. While not considered a "super power" on a regional scale, the Coalition is by no means weak. Elafos usually prefers a "hands off" approach to regional politics, although it often sees itself as an enforcer of the North West, along with its close ally Warre. Interviews by Vulshain I interviewed two of our resident Roleplayers here. Both of them are very nice and friendly, and great to hang out with. Also, I see them as some of my best friends since I arrived here. Let me introduce Todd McCloud and Southern Yugoslavia! Todd McCloud Me: What got you interested in roleplaying? Todd: Probably the uniqueness of it. Initially I thought it was a little weird, but I was not aware of how intricate and exciting the extent of roleplaying one's own characters and nations with other people, and playing out their plots and ideas in addition to my own. It's quite fun, really. I recommend it to anyone. Me: You put a lot of time and effort into the histories and backgrounds of your nation and characters. What was your reason of putting so much effort into designing your nation and characters? Would you recommend this approach to roleplaying to others? Todd: I like history, personally. Applying history to my nations simply fulfills that like for me with respect to my nation. As far as backstories, they can be both beneficial and hindering. A little bit of backstory is okay, but too much or too heavy of a reliance on it can be stifling to other roleplayers. In the same breath, backstories can help other roleplayers get a glimpse of just what character or nation they are dealing with. So, I recommend a healthy balance, personally. Me: How long have you been roleplaying? You don't have to be specific. (Laughs) Todd: About 2-2.5 years now. Off and on in between. Me: You were just elected as one of the new Magisters. Congrats and welcome to the Magisterium. Now, what other positions in TEP's government have you performed while a citizen of the East Pacific? Todd: Well, I was the delegate of the region for one year, starting in 2009. After that, I became an arbiter and served there for a while as a judge in the region. I now do regional map updates and help in the magisterium. Me: What were some of your responsibilities as arbiter, so that those who are interested in becoming an arbiter will have a good idea on what they have to do? Todd: Essentially, I helped write the standing orders and ruled / debated on particular issues that were brought up in the conclave. Arbiters are selected, however. They should have a sense of what we do in The East Pacific in addition to having a level head. One of the things I tried to push when I was arbiter was to have people voice their opinions and not be afraid to go against the majority if they feel they need to. Great minds don't think alike. They think for themselves. Me: A lot of your characters are either athletes or interested in sports. Does this mean that you are into sports as well? Todd: I was at a time. I played lacrosse in grade school. But aside from that I just simply like to stay healthy and exercise. I can't sit in front of a computer all day. My brains turn to oatmeal. (Laughs) Of course, I'm not a health nut. But I guess I'd say I try to shake things up a bit. Me: (Laughs) That is a good idea. It's not healthy to be a couch potato. Here's my next question: How did you get involved with TEP's newspaper? Todd: I don't really remember off hand. I think it was because when I changed the embassies on TEP's forums such that every region got their own sub-forum instead of just a thread. Doing that took a while, but the end product looked nice. I figured maybe it would be good to re-start our newspaper. We were all gung-ho for it, and the first issue was a success. I like newspapers that are big and have a wide variety of contributions from other players in the region. One person explaining what a region's doing just seems a bit one-dimensional. Me: When you're not roleplaying or working, what do you do for fun in your spare time? This also includes when you’re not working on your Nationstates Wiki. Todd: Do you mean on NS or apart from NS? Me: Apart from NS. Todd: I have a group of friends I typically spend time with. I also like to go places during the evening and socialize with people. Me: Okay, let's go back to that same question, but this time, what do you do when you're on NS? Todd: Many things, (Laughs). Though nowadays I'm mostly just in TEP having fun there. Me: A few weeks ago, I was reading an article in a roleplaying magazine that talked about a rise in godmodders. The article went to say that the vast majority of these godmodders aren't doing it intentionally, but are simply doing it by accident as they are newcomers to roleplaying. My question is this: do you any tips, advice, warnings, and suggestions to newcomers to roleplaying on how they can avoid godmodding? Todd: Just don't make your nation too awesome. Try and have a balance between flaws and strengths. Don't have "end-all" tech where no one can really stand up against you. Respect players with their RP histories, and don't be afraid to make your nation lose. A loss that is roleplayed well is a win for the roleplayer himself or herself. Southern Yugoslavia Me: What got you interested in roleplaying? Southern Yugoslavia (SY): Towards nation roleplay? Me: Yes. SY: Probably just being able to have the power to control your own nation, and react to world events created by others in your world. Me: You put a lot of time and effort into the histories and backgrounds of your nation and characters. What was your reason of putting so much effort into designing your nation and characters? Would you recommend this approach to roleplaying to others? SY: I like just knowing what happened prior to current event, and what could have caused it along the timeline. It probably partly because I'm a history buff. And by approach do you mean creating histories of the nation and characters, or nation roleplay? Me: That is correct. SY: If you're someone that's into political/nation simulators, then yes, I would reccommend them creating a nation and finding a home to roleplay in to allow their nation to grow and flourish. Me: How long have you been roleplaying? You don't have to be specific (Laughs). SY: Hmm... Well I've had Southern Yugoslavia for a little more than a year. I would probably say ten to eleven months on the Nationstates forums. Here at the East Pacific however, I'd say probably five months. Me: In your free time, when you're not roleplaying or working, or doing schoolwork, what do you like to do? SY: Well I typical enjoy running, playing some video games (who doesn't?), hanging out with some of my friends or watching movies. Me: What advice or suggestions would you give to people who are just starting nation roleplaying? For example, how would you advise them in order for them from accidentally godmodding? SY: Do your research. Pick a country that has roughly the same population as you. Check their economy and military. You can't have a nation with seven million people, then try to say your economy is as large as the United States or China. Me: Excellent advice. SY: Thank you. And if you can't seem to find a nation with the same population as you, then it's okay to go up or down a few million. I want to thank both Todd and SY for allowing me to interview them. That were very friendly and we had a lot of fun doing these interviews. Humor Want an Embassy in TEP? The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 26 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works: Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time). We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately! Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page. Now look I say look boy! If you read this in my voice, you must reply below!
  6. The East Pacific Newspaper Volume Two, Issue Two Introduction by Todd McCloud And so it came to pass that another TEP newspaper edition was forged from the minds and keyboards of a bunch of different citizens from that great region of the east. And it was good. Still is good. Well, of course it’s still good! It has everything you need – results for our delegate election, current events in our roleplay scenarios, a country profile, various updates on our embassies and a whole lot of other things to keep you tantalized with the awesome glow of TEP. It’s coming into full view now, on the horizon. Let there be light! But an awesome newspaper edition wouldn’t be possible without the awesomeness of The East Pacific and its people. It just can’t be done. After all, we just finished up a round of elections for the delegate slot! Now, you didn’t hear this from me, but I’m sure will do a damn good job, and keep up the good work! (Who is it? Well, let's read on!!) But TEP is so much more. We’ve got an active government that starts with an active Magisterium with active bills being passed… actively. Lots of activity there, which is a good thing! We’ve got a mindful Conclave that doesn’t mind being a little heavy now and then to make sure whatever passes through their fine-teethed combs is congruent with the Concordat. We’ve been meaning to get that document made up in 24 karat gold, by the way… if one of us ever donate a wad of cash (in short, don’t count on it). So, we’re like a V8, that’s the engine and not the vegetable drink. Even our WA system continues to run without a hitch. And newspapers! Beautiful newspapers! But that’s just what it is, TEP – the magical place faraway place where the air smells like warm root beer and you can drink your water right out of the gutters if you want to – it’s okay, they’re mostly clean! Ah heck, the water’s just fine. We have a saying in TEP: if it’s brown, drink it down, but if it’s black, send it back. And it just so happens the water’s extra wet today. Man! Better lay off that water for a bit. Anyway, without further ado, here is our update! Down on Embassy Row...and a mixture of this and that! by East Malaysia -We have opened a new embassy with the region of Renaissance and a consulate with the Rouge Dragoons. -The newspaper business has been sluggish and made our update late. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express in our ad section. Please no checks or cash. -The Magisterium was caught doing its job! -Random fact, this is our July-August Issue but issued in September. -Another random fact, *like magic,* you are probably arching an eyebrow and wondering if you are really reading this. The answer is no; look below. -You are actually reading this and that never existed. No, don't look above here, it is bad for your health! -In other news, The East Pacific is doing good and in good spirits. Not to mention that it is time to vote for our next delegate. Like lighting we will update you on that like breaking news breaks your TV. -Peace out have a wonderfulistic (sp?) day ==BREAKING NEWS== Delegate Election 2010 2.0 by Barbara Manatee *imagine overly dramatic breaking news intro music* Allegheny Elected Delegate! Dateline September 17, 2010, The East Pacific, Reporter Barb on assignment in TEP election headquarters with the Viceroy. Q: Viceroy is responsible for all elections of government officials in the region. Howsit going? A: To be clear, Arbiters in Conclave (our court) are nominated by Delegate and approved by Magisterium (our legislature). The Delegate and Magisters are elected officials. Viziers are - I think, but I could be wrong - approved by some secret voodoo ritual involving a tattoo. As for howsit going? It's a lot of attention to detail - which I can do, willingness to be flexible - which I'm trying to learn, and it involves counting - which I am not at all gifted with and never claimed to be. Between just you and me, Kandarin kinda shoved into the Viceroy ring and the Arbiters played along and, well - let's just say democracy is messy sometimes. *trudges off with mop* Q: Wait, come back. Are you saying this was a bumpy ride this time? A: First of all, my thanks to Packilvania and Allegheny for running wonderful campaigns. My great thanks to the citizens who voted in record numbers since the enactment of Concordat. And my gratitude to other Arbiters and the Admin team who selflessly and behind the scenes help make elections possible - and legitimate. As for bumpy, there was a reprimand and a spanking. Q: It wasn't always legitimate? A: I can only speak for me as Viceroy. The first election of Magisterium I supervised was relatively bump-free. Delegate election is always going to be a bit of a sticky wicket. It's an invitation for troublemakers to do what troublemakers do. Thanks to the Admin team, a watchful eye (think Sauron) was placed upon our democratic process and at the discretion of Viceroy, two hopefuls were denied nominations. One of those nominees now faces a trial for treason in Conclave. Q: Are trials exciting? A: If you like watching paint dry. Well not exactly, the legal interpretations we wrestle with are interesting - at least to me. It's where wise minds agree to disagree, then walk away without pouting. That's refreshing. As for a treason trial, dunno. Never did one yet. It's certainly a high crime and could get you banned from the region and forum for over 9,000 years. It will be exciting if there's both a prosecution and a defense. Less so if we try them in absentia. Q: Whut? A: Trials in TEP aren't automatic. A citizen raises an issue of fact or law. If Conclave accepts the case, then parties are invited to participate. They can and do waive a defense to the matter, either by stating so or not showing up. In Absentia means you get tried without showing up. Not showing up doesn't mean we just drop it, particularly in the instance of high crime. Conclave's duty is to the region and its law. If it can be shown that someone tried to disrupt an election or hack the electoral process, I have faith that my fellow Arbiters will make the right decision. Q: There was a challenge to your vote count. Were you asleep at the switch or just drunk? A: That wasn't very nice. I said I was bad at numbers. The fancy craquelure texture of the forum background doesn't make page breaks as easy to see as I'd like. So I kinda missed a second page of the vote. Well not kinda, I just did. I'm a marine mammal for gosh sakes. You should see what I gotta do to manipulate a computer mouse. But it's all good because Allegheny won by a respectable margin and it meant that more citizens voted, which was great success. As for the absentee ballot challenge here, I think Packilvania isn't a sore loser, just a smartypants. The thread is so funny I'm afraid to lock it because it cracks me up. Humor can be healing. Q: I noticed in election headquarters you have a large console with several screens and a lot of controls and flashing lights. Is that how you monitor elections? A: Lord no. I had EM install that to keep Todd out of trouble. The controls do nothing but trigger a rerun of Spongebob on that screen there and Todd seems to be soothed by flashing lights. He's a valued and thoughtful contributor in Conclave as an Arbiter, but he's twitchy so we give him the "console of doom" for the election and he works his special magic on it. Which means essentially he's occupied. It's all good here at election central. Minute in Roleplay By Fyrdowsi Courtesy of The Fyrdowsi Spy News Network Water, Water, Everywhere: Water Pressure and Mental Pressure Combines in The New International Sealab The Spy recently was briefed on a recently built sealab in the waters of the central seas. With collaboration from the Divine Knowledge inventors, he had installed a remote eye sub-system into a combat suit that was destined to be tested by an Order of the Hourglass disciple. The disciple plunged into the high seas in order to discover more about the lab, and The Spy got a really good view of what's going on in the deep waters, all thanks to the combat suit. The sea laboratory facility was hosting a number of fascinating visitors, each with their own dark secret. After hitching a ride from a passing submarine, the disciple climbed aboard the lab to meet a plethora of scientists and other figures of various shapes and sizes. Delegates from the nation of Vekaiyu were the first to populate the area, followed by those from Smigsachenweiz, Allegheny, Moafin and other interested nations. Intrigues and conflicts brewed up naturally as these different elements of the region mixed up. The disciple bore witness to the unusual closeness of the delegates from the non-human humanoids nations who bonded well together, perhaps because of their inhuman shapes. Diving in the deep waters seemed to be the main attraction for those originating from landlocked nations, even though muddied vision, creepy underwater artifacts and dead people in the waters made the underwater area a poor choice for a merry dive. From his vantage points above secluded pipes and ventilation holes, the disciple silently watched on as trouble brewed even among citizens of the same nation. In hopes of finding out more about each nation, the disciple proceeded to test the combat suit capability by planning to absorb the genetic fingerprints of the foreign citizens. Unfortunately, The Spy forgot to tell him earlier that some of the systems in the suit were still infested by bugs. Thus, misfortunes abound when the disciple tried absorbing the genetic fingerprints of the Vekaiyu delegate, and turned into a little fox kit. All hell broke loose when a delegate from Allegheny suddenly went berserk and bludgeoned his own partner to near death. He also went on a murderous rampage against everyone. His rampage was partially stopped when a mysterious earthquake suddenly rocked the facility and threw it into darkness. The Spy's connection with the disciple was cut when the earthquake happened, but an uninterrupted stream of communication between the suit and its Divine Knowledge creators was still present, indicating that the intrigues in the waters was not yet over. The Spy advised all his readers who planned to visit the facility, to bring some humanitarian aids and keep a lookout for any Allegheny submarines leaving the area. Military, Meetings and Drunk Men: Clandestine Gatherings Gets Going in Connections Upon hearing the gossip about the congregation of several top brasses of several countries in the state of Allegheny, The Spy sent one of his best students on an eavesdropping mission to discover the intentions of the meeting. The clues led the wandering disciple to a sleepy bar in a yawning town called Pittsburgh, where he found the group already ranting on and on about stuffs. Masquerading himself as a plain acne-riddled teenage waiter, the disciple watched in plain view as the guys and girls gossiped about the nations around them. Who would believe that Vekaiyu was in fact in a state of disorder? The Spy discovered that the foxy queen of Vekaiyu was being held in asylum (a mask word for 'being ousted from the throne') for some reasons, despite everything the media want us to believe. The news unwittingly slipped from the foxy lips of a certain vulpine princess. A certain old delegate was also spotted talking about the invasion of the small island nation Dyr Nasad without any shame or favor, although the suggestion seemed to be not in the interest of the young upstart vulpine princess. It seemed that Allegheny was in full knowledge of the meeting; the President of the nation itself was there all along, drinking and making merry with the group. A certain military woman, obviously attached to Allegheny's defense, was also there as well, probably as a safety measure. Talks about purchases of Vekaiyu's coastal areas were mentioned by the Allegheny groups, signifying a possible military strategy, or maybe just new private waterfronts for the President's pleasure. Perhaps the most commanding presence in the meeting was a delegate from Mahanoy. He was seen reprimanding the vulpine princess many times. He was also spotted jeering at Allegheny's military girl with a certain suggestive gesture. The disciple also noticed him fidgeting with unease from time to time as the meeting went on, a trademark signs of a possible agent provocateur for another organization other than his state. It wasn't that long before the formal meeting turned into a merry boozing session, where an obviously intoxicated Mahonian delegate openly wooed the Allegheny military girl. The disciple decided to end the espionage session there, handed over the gin to the delegate, and went back to the headquarters. The Spy deduced from the report that conflicts would be imminent on the central region of the East Pacific due to this private warmongering session, and advised his readers to beef up their security. Reach for the Sky: Individuality against Assimilation in Ascension The Spy received news from the sky demons patrolling the sky that a huge wave of Packilvanian Hive fleet was spotted entering the planet's atmosphere. The situation was too grim and dangerous for his inexperienced disciples to spy upon, so The Spy himself took to the sky and sailed through the air. Under the Cloaking sacred word, of course. The Spy switched on his listener device and listened to the sounds from the various nations. It seemed that the nation of Free Pacific States was the first to notice the strange occurrence of a Hive ship entering the proximity of the planet. The nation has sent warning signals to other nations allied to itself, but it was not known if the message would reach the others in time. The nation of Reziel apparently was busy thinking on how to tackle the space-based offensive with terrestrial defenses. It seemed that the nation lacked any space technology at all, though it was too early to say that such thing would be detrimental to their safety. Diplomatic approach apparently was a primary objective for East Malaysia; this was evident from the flurry of diplomatic messages exchanged between the nation and the Pax recipient. Despite that, it was apparent that violent conflict was inevitable as soldiers started filling up the streets in East Malaysian cities, under the watchful eyes of The Spy. The Spy tried to lock on to the nation of Allegheny's sound waves, but he could get only the Allegheny national anthem blaring all across the channels. Military activities was obvious all across the nation though, even from The Spy's observation post high up in the sky of Allegheny. It seemed to be awfully quiet in Vekaiyu, though. The Spy could get only peaceful messages and awkward silence through his listener. It was quite strange to see the nation, who was embroiled in sectarian conflicts for years, to have light response to such dangerous issues. Drakkengard was up and running as usual, paving the way for the Hive fleet. The Spy has received a highly encrypted message leaked from the Drakkengard communication system. It seemed to be an image of a Pax representative. Carried along in the message was a series of speeches promising this and that to the Drakkengard nation. The Spy narrowly missed being hit by a wave of Kandarinese fleet going upward to the sky. Each individual ships seemed to be going to a specific destination a good distance away from each other. The Spy assumed that the nation of Kandarin might have employed a specific strategy against the incoming Hive fleet. The Spy did not notice anything strange about the formation until the first flick of flame emerged on the Tassalvaltan fields. By then, the nation of Kandarin seemed to be using the scorched earth tactics to hinder the progress of Pax forces. The atmosphere was getting too crowded for The Spy to continue surveying, so he decided to descend to land for safety reasons. The Spy advised his readers to continue beefing up their security in anticipation of Pax forces' movement. Interview with Allegheny: by Todd McCloud / Allegheny What are some of the things you want to accomplish during your term? I am not looking to do anything radical in my term of office, really what I was running for was to keep TEP stable and keep that sense of openess and togetherness that TEP really stands for. (At least to me anyways.) My real goal is to try and arrest the drama that has been coming up lately and to foster an era of communication between prominent members and new members alike. As for the actual gameplay side of things, It's pretty clear what I want to do and that is to keep the TEP Government a well oiled machine, keep those legislators legislating, voting on WA matters the way the region wants me to and to keep our conclave active to ward off security threats and from what I have seen of the amazing men and women of TEP Government, it shouldn't be to hard of a task. What did you do prior to coming to TEP? My NS history isn't very long and it's quite boring actually compared to TEP delegates of old. When I first started the game, maybe about two and half years ago I mainly just lounged around in different regions and thought to myself, "oh here I am playing another boring browser game!" After about a few months of lounging and hanging around in dying regions I cam across a new upstart called Mars Hill, it was great and I got to know a good set of people who I unfortunately have fallen out of contact with. Long story short I was their Governor for a term and after I finished that it all fell apart, mainly because of distrust and a power crazy admin who thought he was helping when he took all the power for himself. As it died I tried my best to help it back up again but it was no use, and so I started a new nation called South Allegheny after my High School and moved over to TEP, at the time I was really getting into RP and TEP was the place to be for people who didn't want to RP on the main forums, so I joined got to know the locals, made good friends along the way, worked my way up and here I am doing this interview. lol. Now, here's more of a general question, lol: what, in your opinion, makes a great region? What makes a great region is the people. From what I have seen in the old region I stayed in to the great TEP, was that as long as there are people who truly care about their region's community then it would stay a fun place to be. Thats what makes a great region to me. Without community you have nothing at all. Hmm, what are three things you would take with you for a zombie invasion? Being a native of Pittsburgh I think I am pretty qualified to answer this question. Nothing. My house is already automatically zombie proofed and I have an unlimited supply of perogies and tapped steelers games.. I can ride it out. Alright, that sounds good. Anything else you would like to say? They told me I could be anything, So I became a NS feeder Delegate. Lol, that's true. Alright, thank you for your time! Nation Profile: Nahrin Union by Dannistaan The Republic of Nahris, also known more commonly as the Nahrin Union, is an island nation in the southern eastern part of the East Pacific region. It has it's origins in the loose collections of tribes, kingdoms and fiefdoms descended from the ancient Nahrinese tribes who emmigrated from what is now modern day Dannistaan to their current location. For several centuries, the Nahrinese fought one another, content that each deserved their own patch on their somewhat insignificant island. This resulted in a patchwork of around 150 kingdoms. It was around the 17th century that the benefit of a more cohesive nation came to the fore. The few larger tribes started to amalgamate the smaller groups by various means. Some by diplomacy, some by trade, most by sheer brute force. This ultimately lead to a dramatic reducation of of the 150 kingdoms to around 36 in the 18th century. The remaining 36 kingdoms ultimately proved too large, initially, to conquer each other. This resulted in the equilibrium that resulted in all the kingdoms deciding to unite into what became known as the Nahrin Kingdoms. The Nahrin Kingdoms pooled together their economic as well as diplomatic resources to draw in international trade. It provided opportunities for goods to be exported as well. The liberalisation of trade did not allow for the liberalisation of civil rights though, as even the most light hearted jokes at the Joint Monarchies of Nahris resulted in severe punishment, usually an almost immediate beheading or an unappealable lengthy sentence. This carried on until the early 20th century where the toll of international wars and famine proved too much for the people. Change was promised by one leader within the Trans-National Imperial Nahrin Army, the combined land armed forces of the Nahrin Kingdoms. The officer, a General Alan Theodore Smyth, lead a popular uprising in March 1939. He first overthrew King Winston XXI in the kingdom that employed him, the Winston Emperium, now forming part of the modern day Winston County, that then spread to the other 35 kingdoms. This resulted in most of the members of the Joint Monarchies being executed for treason and crimes against the state. Only a few surivived, there whereabouts unknown. However shortly after the uprising General Smyth instead of making good his promises of Democracy cracked down harder on the populace than what the Joint Monarchies had done. He banned all opposition to him on June 1940, declaring the establishment of the People's Free Democratic Republic of Nahris and performed a further rationalisation of the 36 kingdoms to 12 counties. In practice these 12 counties had next to no authority, with General Smyth having the final say in any law. Smyth ruled with an iron grip, enacting bizarre laws which would be repealled the same day, such as banning a type of alcohol that he was inebriated on out of offence only to repeal it and allow the consumption and manufacture of it the next day. Smyth's strange behaviour only worsened with age. He was a staunch Catholic and claimed a lot of his actions were dictated by God. Even those that were excessively cruel. This including the forced conversion of those of other faiths and none and the use of torture. His excommunication from the Catholic Church in April 1963 angered him to the point where in a strange and lavish ceremony held a month later he declared himself the true sucessor to the Papacy and founded a new branch of the Catholic Church in that year, even going as far as creating a new calendar system. Despite his absolute rule, he never gave himself an official political position until October 1969, where he declared himself "President for Life" in another lavish ceremony at the old Royal Central Palace in Nahris City, the capital. It would prove to be his undoing as the cost of the ceremony was too much for the hard done populace. The now President Smyth ultimately would fall to the same sword he used to fell the Joint Monarchies. Factions of the now renamed People's National Army of Nahris, led by his former right hand man, General Jim Jones, started a violent uprising against Smyth. Though initially unsucessful and resulting in General Jones and his supporters going into hiding, the insurgency lasted long enough to take it's toll. Smyth ultimately losing support of key sections of the army and ended up being arrested on Sepetember 1974 in the Royal Central Palace. General Jones was declared Acting President and in one of his first acts of power, Jones had Smyth tried for 50 charges of treason, all of which he was found guilty. Smyth was then executed by hanging on May 1975. President Jones then put in all manner of checks and balances that prevented the military ever taking power and put all authority in the civilian Government. Thus founding the modern Republic of Nahris/Nahrin Union. Currently the sole official language of the Nahrin Union is English although some minority languages may have a special recognised status for local use. Spelling tends towards British English with some American exceptions. Due to the problems caused by President Smyth's Catholic beliefs, Secularism is strictly enforced and any talk of religion is at best strongly discouraged and at worst resulting in admission to a special Secularism Rehabilitation class. This also results in the strict regulation of religious buildings and iconography. All churches, temples, mosques, synagogues and other religious buildings are of a standard nondescript design and are not allowed to have any reglious designs on them and are limited to showing one sign to show their use. The current Governmental structure revolves around a Parliamentary Republic with some elements from a Semi-Presidential system. The sole legislative body is the 400 member National Assembly of Nahris, or Nahrin National Assembly. The Executive, the Government of Nahris, consists of 12 members of the National Assembly, 10 ordinary and the Prime Minister, usually the leader of the majority party or coalition, and his/her Depute. The President of the Nahrin Union, though theoretically the highest ranked politician, in practice is more of a figure head and although he/she has some reserve powers these are rarely used. The Judiciary is the Supreme Court of Nahris which decides the constituational nature of any laws passed. The Nahrin Union itself is divided into 12 counties, two of which have slightly more autonomy than the others. Each county is run by a County Council which enacts the policies decided by the National Assembly. The capital in Nahris City in Nahris County in the middle of the island. Most of the counties have one city designated as a local administrative centre, officially a County Seat. Tourism is not a priority for the Nahrin people, who live in effectively an economic autarky. Trade with other nations is minimal and almost all goods and services are produced domestically. As a result of the lack of tourist facilities and attractions, Nahris is known for being a very utilitarian state with few sites of interest. It also does not help that is isn't easy to get into the Nahrin Union in the first place. All foreigners undergo extensive background checks and any discrepency is enough to bar entry to the nation. Use of Government minders to tail foreigners of ethnic groups known to cause trouble in the Nahrin Union is not unknown. Leaving the nation as a citizen is more difficult due to schemes such as the infamous Restricted Travel List, which as the name suggests, restricts travel to the nation until it is removed from the list. Most common cause of an RTL sanction is being remotely near the site of a warzone or being diplomatically involved with combatents in a warzone. Culturally the Nahrin Union is akin to a mix between France and Singapore, though damental right and private hospitals are rare and strictly regulated although higher quality healthcare is available at them where they exist. Education is also state funded and controlled and there is plenty of Social Security benefits. Minority as well as majority rights and civil rights in general are fiercely protected and anything seen as an infraction of those rights is vehemently challenged. Ironically it is impossible to go anywhere without running into one of the many omnipresent CCTV cameras in the nation. Birth control is encouraged as the population nears 70 million and the concern for the environmental damage and impact on resources is high on the Government agenda. This has gone as far as tax benefits to couples willingly taking abortions or keeping families very small. This attitude has been dubbed as "Pro-Abortion" as compared to Pro-Life and Pro-Choice by it's opponents. The issues of environmental damage go as far as Nahrin transport policy. Getting a driving license and an automobile to use is best described as problematic. It is expensive and made as deliberately hard as possible. Even after obtained a license and a vehicle freedom of the road is not guaranteed as priority is always given to public transport and goods vehicles and even operators of those have issues with their own licensing regulations. All private cars have satellite tracked speed limiters that do not allow any vehicle, except for emergency service ones, to exceed the speed limit. Attempting to force the vehicle say by revving the engine repeatedly only results in an automatically triggered shutdown and an indication to the police. The police also have the ability to call for a vehicle to be remotely shut down on request, say if a car has been stolen and used in a crime. Ultimately people are encouraged to use the admittedly very efficient and clean public transport system covering an extensive mainline railroad network, extensive metro system and bus links to almost anywhere in the nation. There is no "Second amendment" and no recognition of the "right to bear arms". Instead the overwhelming right to public safety overrides almost everything else and is enshrined as a fundamental civil right in the Nahrin constitution. Even if firearms would be needed as part of a job in other nations, the Nahrin Government will not issue any firearms licenses except in extremly exceptional circumstances such as law enforcement and military. Instead civilians make do with alternative tools and advice on situations that require use of a firearm such as pest control. This has resulted in innovative non-firearms pest control measures however. The Nahrin Unions economy mostly revolves around domestic consumption centering around agriculture and light industry. This has it's own problems with stagnation and inflation. The Government so far has no plans to introduce more exports to equalise the situation, instead relying on "financial fiats" to peg inflation and growth to artificially imposed levels. As things stand the general public is ambivalent to any foreign trade. It's foreign policy is also somewhat combative as any foreign nations attempts to suggest change are seen as unwelcome forms of interference and threats to it's national sovereignty. Whole diplomatic missions are known to be declared as "Persona non Grata" and expelled in days. Few ever get that status reversed, especially if their home nation has already poor relations with the Nahrin Union. Humor by Chancellor Shaw Want an Embassy in TEP? The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 26 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works: Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time). We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately! Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page. I find your lack of win disturbing. And if you read this in my voice, you must post in this thread!
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    Hmm, you should try to open up an embassy in The East Pacific also... you never know, we miiiight accept it
  8. The East Pacific Newspaper Volume One, Issue Five by Todd McCloud Hey, group! From the Desk of The Delegate, Chairman Todd I’m like a polymer chain: flexible and able to flow, but only at certain temperatures ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the forums Some creatures were stirring, but no one roleplays a mouse. The WA votes were polled on with care In hopes that some delegate would witness them there The citizens were debating their fond NS memories It’s two o’clock in the morning; no one is catching z’s And spummers on the RMB, and I buried in polymer notes Won’t settle anytime soon, not at all, I emote When in one of the sub-forums there arose such a clatter I sprang from chapter six on rheology to see what was the matter Away to the laptop I flew like a flash Gripped it with care while preventing a crash The glow from the new post marker on the well-designed snow Gave a pleasant sight, thank goodness Tweedy is good at drawing snow When what should my wondering eyes should appear But a new RP post, reflecting on Vekaiyu’s new fear Deliberating over a response, thinking of a post Will keep me up longer, yet ‘I rarely sleep’, I boast Finally I think of a response that might work Covering all points so I don’t sound like a jerk The reply, how it twinkles! The reply, how un-merry! The words, how they flow! My nation’s dictator, how scary My thin mouth drawn up in a sleep-deprived grin Hoping this time I wrote up a win I can hardly wait for a response or a read I know this is depressing, but bare with me, I plead I go to check the ‘who’s online’ and I silently dread: No one’s awake – they all went to bed With no one around and no soul in sight I set to work on a Christmas poem under monitor light And I think to myself as I finish it this time I’ll get a million telegrams telling me the first lines don’t rhyme There you have it. A special The East Pacific Christmas poem brought to you by the benevolently malicious Chairman / Delelgate of the region. I suppose next you’re going to want to ask me about the state of the region. No? Well, here goes nothing anyway. We’re still one of the most active regions in the game, still working on things as usual, still the most democratic feeder region in the game… still, there’s a few changes. First of all, we have a totally new idea: we call it NS Memories. Sounds simple, and it is: we’re looking for posts from anyone about anything related to NS history, be it an important moment or just a footnote in the game. It can be a snippet from a telegram, an RMB post, a summary, an IRC conversation, flags, former nations, roleplay moments, maps, random occurrences, things that almost happened, defunct intel (or non-defunct – I still love a good plot, of course). Maybe, just maybe, we’ll open up an NS museum… so it’d be good to see some good exhibits there, right? We’re also promoting Loop’s NS Flag Service in this holiday edition. Need a flag? Well, be sure to stop by and post up some specs. And remember, if it ain’t Loop’s, it ain’t nothing. Or something like that. Wait. Rewiring. The circuits are in their wrong places. I predict an overload in seven days, in the form of a statuous man dressed in Crimson (but not in any particular Order) delivering gifts, not ‘presents’, in an amorphous array. Just. Like. The. Glassy state. Of. Atactic polymethyl methacrylate. Too many connections blending together, the ki parameter is too small, the memories have been compromised too far and are revolting. Or starting to revolt. It is unclear at this time – the reports are varied, and who can trust a report anyway. Increase the molecular weight. Almost. Almost. There. The backdrifts into another sub-reality have been quelled for yet another edition, pipes are now unclogged, no need to set off any alarms, the world has been righted. We will now celebrate by further announcing we’ve updated our WA voting policy. Nothing big, I’ve just decided to vote on resolutions immediately (except for the one that’s up at vote after the Postal one) to give the voting more meaning early on, and to encourage people to debate it further. Of course, before the voting is up I change my vote, if necessary, to fit the region’s view. Doing this will also make TEP’s vote standout more, which is something we could use, as usually we’re the last to vote. So that’ll be a good change. Talks of a TEP Hall of Fame are also underway, brought to you by our Magisterium. Think that’s pretty swell, don’t you man (or woman)? And that’s it for now! - Todd McCloud A Minute in Roleplay Overall, our roleplays have evolved. We now have ‘alternate universes’. Check them out, they may just apply to you. We have the TEP Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay AU, which has been very promising so far. If you like zombies, you’ll lurrrve this type of roleplay. We’ve also created a Colonial TEP Alternate universe centered around the 18th and 19th centuries. If you’re into the Victorian age, Napoleonic Empires, and perhaps even a little Steampunk, this might be a perfect fit for you! Also, we’ve made a Medieval TEP Alternate Universe to fit the needs of those who like, well, the middle ages, of course. So what could we ask of you, nation which knows how to roleplay or might not know how to roleplay but wants to give it a shot? Like writing? Like to create and build, all the while solving problems and interacting with other players and nations? Want to get into something like that? Well, here’s my ticket to you: I cordially invite you to join TEP’s roleplay scene! Cost is free, and we offer amenities such as plots where you can place your nation on, diplomatic events your nation can get involved in, the ability to create your own national events, and top-rated assistance along the way! Just join the forums?, introduce yourself, request a plot on the map, and get involved! Remember, be bold and post often! Humor Because I have asked it: Batman is very sensitive this time of the year. World War II if it were a chatroom. Want an Embassy in TEP? The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 44 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works: Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time). We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately! Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page. Until we meet again
  9. The East Pacific Newspaper Volume One, Issue Four by Todd McCloud Hey, group! From the Desk of The Delegate, Chairman Todd Cascading like a stone across a glacier with bits of molasses speckled in between Come, young grasshopper, and I will tell you the story of one of the greatest regions in the present time of NationStates. View, if you will, the tree. If it falls in the forest and no one is around, does it not whisper ‘Check out The East Pacific and make yourself known in the NS world’? Of course it does. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Simply put, the computer processing a reply to a post on The East Pacific forums, assuming one has a hard drive that is silent like the hunting hamster. Todd say man who walks sideways in an escalator is not going to Bangkok, but is going to TEP, because he only need TEP and it’s always on first floor. Nah. Going a little too far. Backing up, moving to a different restore point. In all seriousness, our region has expanded from about 2,100 nations in mid-September to 2,800. We’ve grown to become the most populated feeder in the game, as well as arguably the most active and most exciting. Our debate contest has ended - the winner being Finavarra of the region Liberty Alliance placed first, with Naivetry of Equilism placing second and The Monkye also of Equilism placing third! Many congrats to those who participated and to those who have placed! And, to keep in tune with being the most democratic feeder in NationStates, our Magisterium has a new look, as we’ve survived another election and things look to be active once again in our hallowed halls. Our Halloween– organized by Der Fuhrer Dyszel - went well too. We featured a pumpkin carving contest, scary stories and http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East...?showtopic=7236 ]a very interesting thread about oddities, which is still ongoing! And let’s not forget our roleplay, one of the most active roleplaying areas in the game, so of course we’re going to have some exciting moments there. Aha, our forums also got a facelift?! But there’s one thing TEP excels in where others may fall. That’s not a strike on other regions, of course, but we are remarkably neutral in regards to our different nations and backgrounds. Here, raiders, defenders, and neutral parties alike get along well and work toward a common goal – for the betterment of the region. Old players will freely interact with newer players without giving it a second thought. Our various real-life backgrounds are mere footnotes to our interactions as well – here there is no removal of rights, free speech, or democracy as a whole. But we enjoy the balance as well. After all, as the Chinese say, if the furies are in balance, the standing is good. Or something like that. And that’s it for now! - Todd McCloud Magisterium Elections! It’s that time again – the selection of a Magisterium! Well, actually that time has *just* passed, but in case you missed the week long moment of sheer bliss, here is the spread as far as voting went: And now for a lesson in TEP elections. We have no limit as to the number of people in the Magisterium; they only need to be elected by a majority of those who voted for him and her. By that definition, seven Magisters make up the new body. Much thanks goes out to those who participated, voted, and were elected to TEP’s forth Magisterium Session. May they stay active enough to fight the challenges ahead of them, from workings of the endorsement cap to hammering out our foreign policy. It should be a good show, so get your 3-D glasses and be certain to by an extra bucket of popcorn – there’s no intermission for this one! A Minute in Roleplay As we continue to grow, we begin to experience new and exciting challenges across TEP. But, one of the catalysts to a smooth transition of newer roleplayers learning the ropes, Der Fuhrer Dyszel has set up shop as a teacher of roleplaying and offering crash courses on the various workings of the sport. And yeah, I’ll be brave enough to call it a sport, well, a mental sport. One has to have a great imagination and excellent problem solving skills to be a good roleplayer, perhaps, and her courses are excellent exercises in such matters. Oh no! It appears those Vekaiyuns are at it again by selling weapons of mass destruction to Listonia. But, as the conflict continues, more nations are getting involved – from Allegheny to Lazlowia to Kelssek to Shivat to Warre to Dannistaan… practically every nation is slowly being sucked into the quagmire created by the two vulpine-dominated states. But that’s not all – other instances exist in TEP, from elections in various nations to rebellions to diplomatic adventures – we’ve got them all it seems! So what could we ask of you, nation which knows how to roleplay or might not know how to roleplay but wants to give it a shot? Like writing? Like to create and build, all the while solving problems and interacting with other players and nations? Want to get into something like that? Well, here’s my ticket to you: I cordially invite you to join TEP’s roleplay scene! Cost is free, and we offer amenities such as plots where you can place your nation on, diplomatic events your nation can get involved in, the ability to create your own national events, and top-rated assistance along the way! Just join the forums?, introduce yourself, request a plot on the map, and get involved! Remember, be bold and post often! Humor Because I have demanded it: The movie was subsequently cancelled. J.S. Bach-ba-gock Want an Embassy in TEP? The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 44 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works: Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time). We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately! Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page. Until we meet again
  10. The East Pacific Newspaper Volume One, Issue Three From the Desk of The Delegate by Todd McCloud Greetings, fellow NSers. And now this! Simply put, The East Pacific is all about democracy, all about moving and keeping things exciting. We've just finished our third Magisterium elections, of which we've received a whole different batch of governmental people, doing governmental things, I'd suppose, though I'd imagine less of the common ones, like lying and the likes. After all, the definition of a politician is as follows: promises the people anything, gives them nothing, then takes everything. Well, I guess that makes them uncharacteristic politicians, which is a good thing. But politics isn't necessarily our forte. Our forte happens to be roleplaying. You may or may not have known that. We've actually been cleaning up our roleplay section to make it easier for newer folks to get involved, work with the region, unleash their zombie armies, etc. Well, maybe not the last bit, but we're a pretty free and flexible bunch. So bring us your tired, your overworked and under appreciated, etc etc and get started right here. (The delegate after a moment of 'great success') And, on a personal note, I've just reached my 200th consecutive day in office! I guess that counts for something, perhaps. Thankfully, the region has been quite healthy over those two hundred days! Here's to more successes! That is pretty much it. Until the next issue! - Todd McCloud The Minute in Roleplay By Lazlow Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Our theater is proud to present the following new motion pictures: The Second Listonian Crisis, a stunning sequel of the first one, which ended in the creation of Listonia, a new state with a majority population of antropomorphic foxes. Now the tyrannic ruler of Listonia, Stapen Evesuni, has aquired nuclear weapons from his close ally, Vekiayu, to further his own political ambitions. Meanwhile spies from Lazlowia try to somehow stop this whole thing. Exploding from the headlines of today to the silver screen, a tale of adventure, intrigue and action! In Metrocolor and Panavision. Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The International Sealab, a combined project of the nations of the East Pacific has finally opened and already an international group of researchers have started to work there. Explores the vast depths of the sea, where no man has set foot before. In Technicolor and CinemaScope. Released by 20th Century-Fox Pictures. Elections in Shivat. A country in political crisis. The events in Listonia have caused the goverment to mobilize the army, but this resulted in the collapse of the goverment. New elections have to be held, and the both sides have to face domestic and foreign problems. In Eastmancolor and Techniscope. Released by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Pictures. Shiro Academy, also know as The Todd McCloud-Der Fuhrer Dyszel-Kandarin Show, the long running college drama has yet reached another season. In Colour. Released by Universal. Again in the cinemas by popular demand,The Omega Protocol and City of the Fallen Angels! Currently in development hell, please be kind with them: The foolish adventures of Jaap and Prongs, a story of two men in the country of Tingst. Released by Herts-Lion International. In Search of Dannistaan's Soul, a striking documentary about Dannistaan's past, present and future. Pacificvision Song Contest 2009. No information... yet. Magisterium Election Results! by Dyr Nasad The East Pacific just finished the elections for it's third Magisterium. There was some discussion about campaigning for the post, but everything was sorted out. Here are the results: 12-1 Antracia 10-6 Bolshikstan 16-0 Dyr Nasad 12-2 Inquirius 11-4 Kelssek 6-9 Lowbrook 15-0 Tingst 14-2 The Vacationer From the Halls of the Magisterium By Dyr Nasad, Provost Second Quarter Magisterium Treaty with Lazarus Killer Kitty proposed this treaty to TEP several months ago. Dyr Nasad and Todd McCloud of TEP and DYP and VGS of Lazarus revised the treaty to fit the current needs of the regions. With 5 votes FOR and 2 votes AGAINST this treaty passed the Magisterium. Restrictions on RMB Advertising The Delegate decided that being banned from the region should be a punishment for spamming the RMB. Dyr Nasad created a rough draft of the restrictions which the Magisterium debated. With 5 votes FOR and 1 vote AGAINST the Magisterium passed these restrictions. Third Quarter Magisterium Provost Election Dyr Nasad was the only candidate, and he was approved with 6 votes FOR. Want an Embassy in TEP? The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works: Go to this forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time). We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately! Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.
  11. Todd McCloud

    Delegate elections in TEP

    It's that time again. We've just started delegate elections again in The East Pacific! Feel free to read how this will all work and view the action in this forum here. Only citizens can vote / run in elections, with citizens being those who ratified The Concordat. I wonder who will run in this election. Could it be.... YOU?? Good luck!
  12. Todd McCloud

    Debate contestant having issues with the forum

    From YaM: Permission to post this.
  13. Hello, I received this from YaM, a contestant in the debate contest here, in Equilism: Any admins or mods able to fix this?
  14. Todd McCloud

    2009 Summer Debate Contest

    The contest has begun! Be sure to follow all the action with these handy links! The East Pacific Section Equilism Section Tournament Bracket We also have one final position open! Be the first to telegram me about it, and you're in!!
  15. Image courtesy of Emperor Matthius, paper written by Todd McCloud and Dyr Nasad, edited by YaM From the Desk of the Delegatep Hello region-goers, userites, feederites, politicians, and random passer-bys! I wish to welcome you to a second installment of The East Pacific's Monthly Newspaper. Yes, we've only had two editions, but the latter Spring months are always hectic - much work, research, and examinations across the board. Exciting events are once again occurring in our fair region. We have decided to revamp our debate contest and co-host it with the region Equilism. The deadline to signup is the 15th of June, so be certain to sign up on the forums, get ready for some fun, and above all, work things out like any other homicidal-leaning philosopher would. After all, it's only natural we debate, and it's only unnatural to let your talents go to waste! We're enjoying our second term for the Magisterium, in which the members seem to be moving along fluidly. We're also enjoying the presence of our newest arbiter. And imagine that - it's all quarrel-free - we actually get along and the likes! Communities can be remarkable from time to time, and The East Pacific is no different. We have also established new aspects to our forums. Our newest section, University of The East Pacific will host player histories, region histories, and guides to the game. But we have more to offer - our What If Forum tries to answer what could have been if NS had changed or was different. That has ushered in our debate forum, which should be good for the contest we'll be co-hosting! Finally, for the roleplaying section, we're currently hashing out foreign policies, dealing with a demonic presence, and enjoying a return to the medieval world. It promises to be fun! Well, that's it for now. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the issue! - Todd McCloud ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From the Halls of the Magisterium By Dyr Nasad, Provost Pro Tempore Greetings from the Magisterium of The East Pacific. We've had some changes and made great progress since the previous edition of this paper. First, we have a new Magisterium. Here is the new member list and votes for/against: 12-1 Antracia 8-5 Anur-Sanur 10-2 Bolshikstan 12-1 Dyr Nasad 11-2 Cloudous 10-2 Infinite Loop 13-0 Kelssek 11-2 Lowbrook 12-0 Warr 11-1 YaM Everyone who ran for the office was elected. Some of the citizens of TEP, however, did have some issues with the way that Infinite Loop acted during his campaign. In order to make ammends, he immediately resigned from the office. Here are the results of the votes on various proposals: Provost Warr was elected as Provost and Dyr Nasad was elected Provost Pro Tempore through a power sharing deal. There was a tied vote, and, at the time, there was no way to deal with such a situation. Warr-4 votes Dyr Nasad-4 votes Law Regarding Tied Votes in the Magisterium This law passed with 6 votes FOR, 1 vote AGAINST, and 2 did not vote. This law, created by Dyr Nasad and Warr, states that, it the event of a tie in the Magisterium, the proposal will be brought to the general populace in a referendum. If the citizens' votes are still tied, then the casting vote will be given to the Conclave, the court of TEP which always has an odd number of members. Appointment of DFD as Arbiter This motion passed with 7 votes FOR, 0 AGAINST, and 2 did not vote. The Conclave must always have an even number of members, and Arbiters cannot run/hold the positions of Magister or Delegate simultaneously. Infinite Loop gave up is position as Arbiter when he ran for the Magisterium. DFD said that she was willing to take his place. After a minor incident concerning DFD's past in the Empire, she easily passed the Magisterium. Good luck DFD! Amendments to Standing Orders This motion passed with 7 votes FOR, 0 AGAINST, and 2 did not vote. This ammendment, created by Kelssek, made a few minor, but needed, changes. This allowed the Provost the choice of appointing a Provost Pro Tempore only if he/she believed that he/she needed help (previously, the Provost had to appoint a deputy) In addition, it slightly changed the voting process. Previously, a vote only required two motions. Now the Provost must sign off on any vote. Office of Tourism and Recruitment This motion passed with 7 votes FOR, 0 AGAINST, and 2 did not vote (anyone else seeing a pattern?). This proposal, created by Dyr Nasad and Infinite Loop, presented the idea that the Office of Tourism and Recruitment should be created. This was created primarily because TEP sees a constant outflux of nations into other regions, and it wishes to retain all the nations that it can. The Director of the Office of Tourism is an appointee of the Delegate, and can choose deputies as he/she sees fit. The first ever head of this office, titled the Officer of Tourism, is Dyr Nasad. Good luck to Dyr Nasad! (yes, I'm wishing myself luck) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From the Office of the WA Liason By Dyr Nasad, on behalf of Drakkengard, WA Liason Here is a list of how The East Pacific voted on the various WA Resolutions since the previous issue of this newspaper. The Right to a Lawful Divorce TEP voted AGAINST with 1 vote FOR and 6 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinion AGAINST was that divorce was not an issue that the WA should be involved in. Decision: The resolution The Right to a Lawful Divorce was passed 2,833 votes to 1,807, and implemented in all WA member nations. The Landmine Convention TEP voted FOR with 7 votes FOR and 4 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinion FOR was that landmines injure too many civilians. Decision: The resolution The Landmine Convention was passed 2,766 votes to 1,405, and implemented in all WA member nations. Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" TEP voted AGAINST with 1 vote FOR and 9 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinion AGAINST was that the Nuclear Arms Possession Act only gives WA nations the right to possess nuclear weaponry. If this was repealed, then non-WA nations would have a distinct advantage when fighting a WA nation. Decision: The resolution "Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act"" was defeated 2,758 votes to 2,373. Access to Life-Saving Drugs TEP voted AGAINST with 1 vote FOR and 5 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinions AGAINST were that it was awkwardly written and that it was anti-capitalist. Decision: The resolution Access to Life-Saving Drugs was passed 3,269 votes to 1,183, and implemented in all WA member nations. WA Environmental Council TEP voted AGAINST with 0 votes FOR and 5 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinions AGAINST were that this resolution was too weakly worded and that it had prematurely blamed industry for environmental issues. Decision: The resolution WA Environmental Council was passed 2,832 votes to 1,390, and implemented in all WA member nations. WA Labor Relations Act TEP voted AGAINST with 3 votes FOR and 4 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinions AGAINST were that this issue was not the WA's responsibilty and that it harmed WA nations' economies. Decision: The resolution WA Labor Relations Act was passed 2,682 votes to 1,661, and implemented in all WA member nations. Reduction of Abortion Act TEP voted FOR with 6 votes FOR and 1 vote AGAINST. The prevailing opinion FOR was that most nations couldn't find faults in the resolution. Decision: The resolution Reduction of Abortion Act was passed 3,166 votes to 1,516, and implemented in all WA member nations. Repeal "World Assembly Economic Union" TEP voted AGAINST with 0 votes FOR and 5 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinion AGAINST was that isolationist policies hurt everyone. Decision: The resolution Repeal "World Assembly Economic Union" was passed 2,963 votes to 1,204. Right of Emigration TEP voted AGAINST with 3 votes FOR and 6 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinion AGAINST was that the resolution was written very badly. Additionally, almost every nation found something wrong that the other nations didn't notice. Decision: The resolution Right of Emigration was passed 3,011 votes to 1,673, and implemented in all WA member nations. Law of the Sea TEP voted AGAINST with 2 votes FOR and 7 votes AGAINST. The prevailing opinion AGAINST was that the resolution tried to enforce the WA's will on non-WA nations. Decision: The resolution Law of the Sea was passed 3,348 votes to 1,065, and implemented in all WA member nations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Members of TEP's Forum By Dyr Nasad Here is a list of the new nations on TEP's forum. name, (post count) Magisters Dyr Nasad (792), YaM (779), lowbrook (25) Citizens ultharambassadorbarbara (128), Tokka Wokka (5), Powerhungry Chipmunks (3), Imstar (1) Members President John Henry Eden (29), Andromeda Islands (27), Fiona Somerset (9), Neasmyrna (8), Carami (7), TripleKo (6), Expansive Esophagus (6), KillJoy Grey (5) Spartzerina (2), Kekova (2), Most Great Britannia (2), kareybarey (2), Drock Borien (2) Jahka (1), East Islington (1), Pacificstania (1), Pershall (1), Kazaman (1) PROA (0), brillen (0), comunnism (0), Fluffy Black Cats (0), Napam (0), Brook Grey (0), kiket (0), Meckra'sFinest (0) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Quiz By Dyr Nasad You've made it this far! Amazing! As promised, we have a small quiz for you, open to regions which have established an embassy on our forums *and* have a TEP embassy on their forums! The prize for answering the questions correctly? The first two nations to correctly post the right answers here will have their choice of either their name or the name of their region featured on the World Factbook Entry for twenty four hours! Quiz Two Who is the newest member of TEP's Conclave? Which Magister was elected, but declined the position? In RP, which nation is allowing other players to enter his country and meddle with his politics? Which two regions are hosting the NS Debate Contest? Good Luck and Have Fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want an Embassy in TEP? With the emergence of a stable and successful government, The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works: Go to this forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time). We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately! Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page. http://www.theeastpacific.com Good luck!