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    Update March 2009

    Dear Citizens of Equilism, Here is our update. Enjoy! . Remember to post yours there also.
  2. British Orange

    New Ambassador

    Thank you for your kind welcome. I have been a little inactive as ambassador, I ask you to forgive me for that. As you have invited us to your halloween party, you are all invited to come to The UK's own British Cultural Festival. Please register here before you depart, if you can't see this post on time, you can certainly register there, announcing that you are coming right from Equilism. Your state visit and State Dinner fits with the BCF schedule, so I hope we meet up there.
  3. British Orange

    New Ambassador

    Hello, I'm presenting as your new ambassador from The United Kingdom. I am His Majesty's representant to your region and I will be looking foward for tightening our relationships and cooperation in the matter of defence, immigration and other issues that affect NationStates greatly. I will post my first update as soon as the Foreign Affairs Ministry gives us a new press release. Thank you for your weekly updates. Sincerely, British Orange Ambassador to Equilism from The United Kingdom