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  1. Chaucerin

    Kemaris Station

    <USS Equilism CO Captain Hozet Ashe > ::Existence is often binary, which is sensible to a Trill. Being made in pairs, most of life either reconciles itself either to art or to science. Waiting is a uniquely uncomfortable state of being that allows for neither and yet demands both. In the time since Ashe had been assigned command, life was both familiar and powerfully unreal. Ashe's last iteration had commanded this vessel on her maiden voyage - what an odd, antiquated term - but the boundary between Trill pairings while seeming minor and accidental is actually vast and concrete. Admiral Rimo, a rare figure of pragmatism and good sense had seemed frustrated enough to blow out a bulkhead when they repeatedly had discussed that a newly-upgraded, Sovereign-class starship had sat unused due to staffing shortages. The last decade had been very hard and terribly cruel to the Fleet, and this was the legacy of those years. But the message had been received from Rimo and this was a rare opportunity to be sure. Ashe could not hope to know who it would bring to his ship, but as always he dwelt in quiet optimism and waited just a little longer.:: =/\= Captain Hozet Ashe =/\=
  2. Chaucerin

    NEW recruitment for positions

    So, no signs of life here? Anyone?
  3. Chaucerin

    NEW recruitment for positions

    I like that a lot - an unorthodox choice. Can't wait to get started.
  4. President Trump will definitely be impeached, it’s only a matter of time. President Trump will never be impeached, and there is no proof that he’s done anything wrong. I have had serious and level-headed people state both of these premises to me. In all instances they are beyond certain that they are right and that the outcome that they prefer must be correct. At the same time, supporters and critics of the President hold mutually exclusive truths to be self-evident. Most Republicans feel that Mr. Trump won the popular vote in his election to the Presidency and most of his critics will say that it is objectively demonstrable that this is not the case. There is a serious prospect that the President arrives at some legal misfortune and may even be a target for impeachment. A very serious looking man named Robert Mueller has been appointed as a Special Counsel and some very deep and dark noises are being implied by the direction of that investigation. Significantly, there have been raids on at least one former Trump campaign advisor and they have teamed up with the state of New York in apparent effort to hold cards in a jurisdiction from which the President cannot pardon (no Presidential pardon for non-federal crimes…). However, even if the Mr. Mueller comes out with a very bad finding, the President cannot normally be indicted. Further, unless the Democrats take the majority in Congress there will likely not be much political will to impeach him. His base seems immune to bad news about him and his opponents are hysterical that he is a catastrophe with perplexing hair and Twitter habits. Mr. Trump is historically unpopular but this was also the case when he won the election. Minus a point or two, he has essentially held the Republican base. Will he be impeached? Should he be impeached?
  5. Chaucerin

    Restoring the Commonwealth

    I know that I'm more of a lurker here now than anything else, but as the second oldest member of the community, I agree unreservedly with this. I was here when we had dozens of strong, vocal and active members on the forum. I've been here less and less as things have gone quiet, but having said that the problem is precisely what West has outlined. Equilism has no purpose and it has no role. We could ask the question in any number of ways but there is no satisfactory response to "what does Equilism do?". Once we were defender and then we were quasi-imperialist, but when those rules were clear, activity followed with little or no effort. Now, with no applicable identity recruiting is largely impossible. You can't move to a place which you've forgotten or never heard about. If a purpose can be found, the solution to virtually all of your other problems will be in bed with it.
  6. Chaucerin

    NEW recruitment for positions

    Oh really? I have experience...nudge, nudge...
  7. Chaucerin

    NEW recruitment for positions

    Where are we on all of this?
  8. Chaucerin

    NEW recruitment for positions

    This is all shaping up nicely - I only hope that I remember how to write. Also, while I am happy to be XO/CMO, if we have a player who wants to be CMO, I'm all good with that too.
  9. Chaucerin

    NEW recruitment for positions

    I'm in. I'd like to keep my last character...I'd even be okay keeping his old job as XO, but I won't presume. Species: Primary Race: Trill Gender: Male Age: 66 (host)/ 348 (symbiont) Hair Colour: White dreadlocks Beard: White Skin Color : Dark Eye Colour: Blue Height: 2.05 m Weight: 102.00 kg Birthplace: Trill Homeworld Birthdate: 5008.06 Father: Doil Atull Mother: Hephress Atull Siblings: None Spouse: Michelle LaCroix (divorced) Children: None
  10. Chaucerin

    Emeritus Rex Chaucerin's Introductory Post

    You're the only one who could!
  11. Chaucerin

    The Anti-Echo Chamber

    This kind of compliment will only make matters worse. If we had to generate a rule for conduct here that covered everything, this would get me vote. Nicely said. I went back an re-read this thread and then considered how it might have gone better for the person who posted. I cannot imagine how their experience might have improved without being at the expense of the community at large. The civility that carried on through what was an incendiary topic was really exceptional. That is beyond kind. Thank you. I think this would be a great opportunity to focus some of this attention and try to get some more action in the Debate Board. What should we argue about?
  12. Chaucerin

    United States 2016 Election

    I read a similar story on Politico before the most recent primary. The story right now is that Republicans are so bothered by Trump that they must do something or (gasp) *anything* to prevent him from locking up the nomination. I'm not sure that this is true anymore. In fact, the more I read and listen, the more I'm being convinced that it's not. A bunch of the other candidates for the nomination have already endorsed him. This includes Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Rick Perry. Other leaders of the party have come on board and this includes John McCain and Senate Lead Mitch McConnell. The only notable holdout is Paul Ryan and I think only yesterday that he and Trump called a truce, agreeing to "work together". The Bush family and some other politicians Like Senator Graham have refused to budge, but that isn't of much consequence. Not sure where I read this, but someone quoted that 82% of Republicans in a recent poll indicated that they would vote for Trump. And of course they will. Why wouldn't they? In the choice between a bad Republican and any Democrat, the current climate dictates that they vote for the Republican. The reverse I feel would hold as well. The contempt between the parties in the US is really quite mad. You will certainly get some slice of Republicans who will not vote for Trump because he is Trump. You will likely get some national security Republicans who will prefer to vote for Secretary Clinton because of her record in that regard. But you will also get some independents and Democrats who will vote for Mr. Trump because of their own reasons. An insurgent like Senator Cruz might take a run at the rules committee, but I really think that the party has surrendered to Mr. Trump. They've resolved to ride out the cycle, I think.
  13. Chaucerin

    The Anti-Echo Chamber

    Strictly on the debate portion of the topic, I would point everyone to this post from way back in 2005.