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  1. pirate soviets


    Pirate Soviets WA Citizen, E-Army No businesses - yet...
  2. pirate soviets

    Equilism Map: Request your spot here! (archive)

    57 is the spot just south of Hitchcalm, yes? If so I'll take it.
  3. pirate soviets

    Mammoths Roasted in Prehistoric Kitchen Pit

    Mmmm! I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant.
  4. pirate soviets

    Pirates vs Ninjas

    :::changes to a nasty mix of hot shot, spider shot, and random "grape"::: Between red hot balls, rusty chains, and nails ands what not, we'll blast the "ninja wannabes"
  5. pirate soviets

    Pirates vs Ninjas

    :::blasts the silly ninja wannabe's with a broadside of chainshot::::
  6. pirate soviets

    Pirates vs Ninjas

    Aye, laddie! We be superior indeed (and in word)!
  7. pirate soviets

    NS - The Sad State of NationStates 2

    http://forums.jolt.co.uk/showthread.php?p=...62#post14800262 and The blatant "we screwed the pooch on the game you wanted, here come play another game we picked up under shifty circumstances!" pitch sold me....
  8. pirate soviets

    Mentor Program

  9. pirate soviets

    Mentor Program

    Alrighty, even though I've been around for ages (my original nation, Daistallia, is an antiquity according to the new forums... ), this part of the game's new to me. A mentor to show me thow the other half play would be appreciated. osakadave at gmail dot com, or direct me to an appropriate IRC chan.