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  1. Superduperdom

    the last one wins

    This thread is hilarious and hilarity never ends it only ensues. 0-o I think the thread itself will win.
  2. Superduperdom

    List of Recruited Nations

    Recruiting! The South Pacific The Allied States of Henryk The North Pacific The Dominion of Kasia-Stan Total: 2
  3. Yes indeedy you did get the first comment on my page ^_^. I will nab your third comment spot ;P

  4. Claiming your first profile post! :D And I beat The Monkye this time. ;)

  5. Superduperdom

    Word Association Game

  6. Superduperdom

    Extreme Count to 1000!

  7. Superduperdom

    Sign In

    Welcome Pm Kubrik!
  8. Superduperdom

    5000 bottles of beer

    1282 bottles of beer on the wall, -1282 bottles of beer, Take one down and and pass it around, -1281 bottles of beer on the wall!
  9. Superduperdom

    Extreme Count to 1000!

  10. Superduperdom


    Country name: Superduperdom Country Status: Equilism Member
  11. Superduperdom

    Mentor Program

    Hello again I am in Mountain GST (Us/Canada) time. It is 1:18 am right now. Thanks for changing my name for me
  12. Superduperdom

    Mentor Program

    In need of a Mentor for NationStates and this forum. I would appreciate it a lot ;P Queendom of Superduperdom.
  13. Superduperdom

    Sign In

    Hello Queen of The Queendom of Superduperdom signing in. It is nice to meet you all.