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  1. Sorry everyone I've been absent. I got dragooned into my city's Pride week, which is still going on. I'll be back asap after this!

    1. Isaris


      Share pictures! :D

  2. Kubrikistan

    Orlando mass shooting

    Yeah, the ripple effects of losses and grief are really wide. There was today in my hometown a solidarity memorial service for the victims, arranged by the local LGBTiQ advocacy organisation. Couple of speeches, including one by the U.S. Ambassador, a choir and solo song performances, and a minute of silence. Followed by an optional mass at the neighbourhood church.
  3. Kubrikistan

    Orlando mass shooting

    You never know if someone was traveling there. Good to hear equlismers are safe. I'm just so angry and sad about this, still.
  4. You can certainly include the Murder Mystery in these plans! I wasn't in the mood to think of (fictional) murder these past few days, but I do have the basics planned, so Midsummer opening is perfect!
  5. Kubrikistan

    Admin Request Thread

  6. Kubrikistan

    Orlando mass shooting

    There has been a dreadful mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida - the worst mass shooting in American history in fact. See here for news. Details are still coming in, let's keep that in mind, and the whole picture will emerge only after thorough investigation, but this is obviously a terrible, senseless waste of life. I am quite shaken myself, even after all the terror attacks all around the world in the past year alone - and all the mass shootings in the United States this year alone. I hope everyone in Equilism, their friends and family are all alright. Let us desperately hope the victim count won't increase further.
  7. Kubrikistan

    Admin Request Thread

    At least deduct their grade!
  8. Kubrikistan

    Updated to Version

    Yay, preview!
  9. Kubrikistan

    Error code: EX0

    Now I imagine these huge, leather-bound tomes covered in dust, stored in a crypt behind massive stone doors, and guarded by an order of dedicated priestesses. The Admin Logs.
  10. Kubrikistan

    Confirm Pooch as Mayor

  11. Kubrikistan

    The Monkye Returns

    Monkster!!! Nice to see you! And wow, man, congratulations on the Olympics entry. There's no way anyone could deny you're a world class athlete.
  12. Kubrikistan

    OOC Thread

    Roger that, it slipped my mind. I'll edit my post.
  13. Kubrikistan

    Out of the Abyss, Act One

    His search mostly unsuccessful, Givon picks up the only useful thing he found - a piece of flint that could, with patience, be sharpened into a weapon - and secures it high to his leg by a strip of rag torn off these drow prisoner clothes. It will be uncomfortable, but relatively concealed. Sparing a smile and a small shake of his head at Sterth's offer of assistance, an offer much appreciated but in his case unnecessary, Givon turns to contemplate the group such as they are and what changes they might have against their captors. ----- Givon Chauncey, male human, rogue, age 17 -----
  14. Kubrikistan

    OOC Thread

    Piercing and slashing, respectively. They are types of damage, and some creatures can be more resistant to one than the other. For example, skeletons are just bone so they are harder to damage with piercing damage, but more susceptible to blunt damage. At least, if things are unchanged from D&D 3.5.
  15. Kubrikistan

    Make a sentence from five letters

    Oi, cheating with a preposition! Though the sentence is absolutely true, so..