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  1. Your citizenship is declined as you have moved your nation out of the region.
  2. I'm open to questions in the absence of a posted platform.
  3. Please create an embassy for Olympia. Edit: I also need to be masked as Town Moderator, please.
  4. Approved. I will put in a request to our site admin to create your embassy.
  5. I stand.
  6. Breeze
  7. There will be a special, extra showing of Pushing Daisies, Se. 1, Ep. 1 on Sunday, July 30, 2017, 3:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Eastern, in case anyone is interested! EDIT: This showing was canceled.
  8. My fellow Equilismers, Olympian delegates, It is my pleasure to introduce a new (hopefully) regular event here in the Township: Equilism Cinema! Beginning Thursday, July 27 (tomorrow) at 8:00 PM Eastern, every Thursday through Saturday, we will have at least one scheduled program for viewing each day. As it is also my honor to host this opening weekend, I've prepared a schedule for prospective viewers to reference. Programs will be hosted via and a link to the viewing room will be distributed on Equilism's Discord server beginning 20 minutes prior to the showtime. After a program has ended, the audience will be provided with a link to a survey to express their opinion of the program and to vote on next week's show. I hope you all will join us for Equilism Cinema's Opening Weekend and without further ado, here is the schedule for the event: As a special note to our friends in the Olympian delegation, I offer my formal apologies that we have been unable to provide you with more leisure activities during your stay. This was not our intent but rather, was the result of difficulties being faced on the part of our Office of Culture & Entertainment at this time. We have enjoyed your presence here and on our Discord server, and invite you to remain as long as you desire outside of the capacity of the State Visit, which will be concluded after our scheduled Cinema programming on Saturday. Thank you very much for joining us here in Equilism. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your stay thus far and we look forward to the future of relations between our two regions. Warmly, Isaris Equilism Officer of Public Relations
  9. Glad to know you'll be remaining with us after the Visit.
  10. That's one tasty-looking postcard! *drools*
  11. Since some eggs still have yet to be found, I thought I'd invite our guests from the Olympian delegation to try their hands at hunting down these stealthy shelled fiends. Have fun, boys!
  12. It's been an honor to formally welcome you here as the Officer of Public Relations. I hope you all have had the opportunity to explore Equilism. Please consider joining us in any activities you'd like!
  13. I sent a few telegrams; putting in my 5 minutes.
  14. We need to have a new sub-forum created in the Equilism Presents area for our state visit by the Olympian delegation. The visit begins on the 19th so any time before then would be great. Please title the sub-forum, Olympia State Visit Description: Equilism welcomes the delegation from Olympia!
  15. Aye