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  1. Sorry for the silence since my election, my PC was down for two weeks due to hardware issues. It is working again now.

  2. Isaris

    August 2019: Town Moderator Nominations

    I accept the nomination for Town Moderator.
  3. Isaris

    July 2019 Delegate Election

  4. With your permission, I would like to send in my own WA nation and recruit one other person to join me. I believe this will be enough to give you the Delegacy and you will then be able to conduct the refound.
  5. Isaris

    Embassy Request

    I would highly recommend the Mayor approve this embassy and request its creation from admins. The United Kingdom is a friend to our friends in Europeia and would be a welcome addition to our International Avenue.
  6. Isaris

    July 2018 WAD Vote

    The vote is now closed. Degtyarev is confirmed for re-election. Congratulations!
  7. Isaris

    July 2018 WAD Election

    Standing is now closed.
  8. Isaris

    July 2018 WAD Vote

    Apologies for the late poll, Equilismers. Degtyarev is the only candidate standing for the office of WA Delegate. Please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain on confirming WA Delegate Degtyarev's re-election. The vote will be open for 3 days.
  9. Isaris

    July 2018 WAD Election

    The quarterly WAD Election is now underway! This thread will be open for 4 days to allow citizens of Equilism to stand for World Assembly Delegate! You may stand here in this thread or nominate someone else for the office. Anyone who is nominated must accept their nomination in this thread to appear on the ballot. Good luck to all! Remember, democracy isn't a spectator sport! Get out there, for Equilism!
  10. Isaris

    Admin Request Thread

    Please mask @Lamoni as Mayor and make it so on the region page, and unmask @GraVandius
  11. Isaris

    Forum update

    Thanks, West!
  12. Isaris

    June 2018 Mayoral Election

  13. Isaris

    June 2018 Mayoral Election

    I nominate @Lamoni
  14. Isaris

    Admin Request Thread

    Thanks, West! Please mask @Degtyarev as the new WA Delegate and mask me as an Officer.