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  1. Happy 14th Founding Day!

  2. Town Moderator consent vote

  3. Admin Request Thread

    Please mask tarricoe as Mayor and unmask me as such. If I'm not mistaken, I should be going back to citizen (finally!)
  4. [Vote] December 2017 Mayoral Election

    The vote has closed. With 6 Ayes and 1 Abstain, tarricoe is confirmed as Mayor. Congratulations, tarricoe!
  5. Foreign Affairs Update - December 2017

    Thank you for the update!
  6. tarricoe is the only standing candidate for Mayor of the Equilism Township. Citizens, please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain on the confirmation of tarricoe as Mayor. If tarricoe is not confirmed as Mayor, the election process will be restarted. The vote will be open until December 13th (as it opened a bit late, apologies, citizens).
  7. Stand/Nominate for Mayor - December 2017

    I nominate @Lord Ravenclaw.
  8. I will be administering this election in the absence of the Town Moderator and World Assembly Delegate, as I will not be running for re-election and therefore am eligible to serve as an administrator. This quarter's Mayoral Election is now ready to begin. The term for whomever is elected will last until March. Standing and nominations will be open for 4 days, followed by a 3 day vote. If you are nominated by someone else, you must publicly accept here to be listed on the ballot. Edit: The standing/nomination period has been extended for another 4 days. Polls are now set to open on 12/9 and end on 12/12.
  9. Admin Request Thread

    Please re-open the embassy of The Allied States.
  10. Your request is approved. I will make a request to our admin team to re-open TAS's embassy.
  11. Vote for Town Moderator

    The final tally is 5 aye, 1 nay and 2 abstain. Therefore, Leo Drakan is confirmed as Town Moderator. Congratulations, @Leo Drakan!
  12. Vote for Town Moderator

    @Leo Drakan is the only standing candidate. Please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain on the confirmation of Leo Drakan as Town Moderator. Should the Aye vote not receive the majority, the election process will be restarted. The vote shall be open for 3 days.