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  1. Town Moderator Confirmation Vote

  2. Admin Request Thread

    Thanks, West! Please mask @Degtyarev as the new WA Delegate and mask me as an Officer.
  3. Admin Request Thread

    Please remove masking from @Sam111
  4. WA Confirmation Vote

  5. TNP Ambassador

    Hey there, plem!
  6. March 2018 Mayor Vote

    With 6 Ayes and 3 Abstains, GraVandius has been confirmed as the new Mayor of the Equilism Township. Congratulations, @GraVandius!
  7. March 2018 Mayor Vote

  8. Admin Request Thread

    Please mask @Lamoni as a citizen.
  9. Please vote For, Against, or Abstain on how the WA Delegate should vote.
  10. March 2018 Mayor Vote

    Citizens, @GraVandius is the only standing candidate for Mayor. Please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain on confirming GraV for Mayor. The vote will be open for 3 days.
  11. Please vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain on how the WA Delegate should vote.
  12. Feb 2018 TM Vote

    With a vote of 5-0, @Kuramia is confirmed as the next Town Moderator of Equilism! Congratulations!
  13. Feb 2018 TM Vote

    @Kuramia is the only candidate standing for Town Moderator! Citizens, please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain to confirm Kuramia as Town Moderator! The vote will close at 6:00 PM on 2/21.
  14. February Town Moderator Election

    Sorry about that. I meant 2/17.
  15. February Town Moderator Election

    This is being re-opened for another period. It will close again at 11:59 PM on 2/17.