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Status Updates posted by Isaris

  1. 12 hours remaining before Z-Day 8! Be prepared, Equilismers!

  2. I will be preparing a State of the Township address, to be published within the next few days.

  3. Sorry for the silence since my election, my PC was down for two weeks due to hardware issues. It is working again now.

  4. Happy 14th Founding Day!

  5. Hi everyone!


    Please take this survey about our Discord server: https://goo.gl/forms/Fh9WGBg2JaTxPKP43

  6. If you are participating in the Nuclear Apocalypse, please get on the Discord server to join our Nuclear Control Squad!



    Discord is currently experiencing issues and our server is down.


    Discord staff are investigating the issue and you can check their status here.

  8. Happy birthday, Chauce!

  9. I have appointed Yakitzland and The Monkye as Election Aides for the upcoming WA Delegate election. It shall run from 10/1-10/8, with voting to begin on the 5th after a 4-day standing/nomination period.

  10. I miss Belussa! :'(

  11. IT #9 is being pushed back to Sunday as I have an overnight guest.

  12. Happy birthday to Equility, our original founder!

  13. Don't forget to vote in the confirmation thread! It closes at 6:45 PM PDT tonight! You can find it in the Polling Station.

  14. Sorry, everyone, Issue #7 is going to be a bit late.

  15. Attention, IT readers! You can now nominate someone for Citizen of the Week! See this thread: http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?/topic/25791-it-issue-5-a-fresh-coat-of-paint/

  16. The IWN has relaunched as the Isari Times! You can find Issue #5 in the Media Center near the bottom of the forum!

  17. There was a huge spider in my house!!! T_T

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    2. Yakitzland


      I can't even approach spiders to kill them... Someone has to rescue me QAQ


      Not making fun really, just stating the facts.

      You said "when they look like that..." meaning, it's not an inane thing like my phobia, it needs a condition, a size and appearance condition, whether in my case, there is no more conditions than 'A spider is near and I can see it' or 'I'm aprehensive because a spider MIGHT be here'.


      The second condition makes me kinda paranoid XD


      And I really thought West was making fun of me but, okay XD

    3. Isaris


      You're probably right. :P


      Spiders are just gross! Too many legs.

    4. Kubrikistan


      So gross! So happy you survived your encounter Isaris. :escape:

  18. Sorry it took so long, everyone. IWN Issue #2 is now posted in the News forum!

  19. Issue #2 of the Isari Weekly News will be out some time tonight!

    1. Isaris


      IWN might come out a little later tonight than I planned. I realized I had more to talk about than I initially thought.

    2. Isaris


      I'm still working on it. It's a long one. I might put each section spoilers... you might not be able to read it until tomorrow if you're not on Pacific Time, sorry!

  20. I'm going to make a villain for the superhero RP since you have a hero and HH's character is sort of neutral but good-leaning.


    Muhahahahaha! >D

    1. Yakitzland


      Yay you're participating :D


      Noooooo! You're gonna give Towhee trouble >.< XD

  21. Barn owl attacks are on the list of causes of annual deaths in Isaris again. ><

  22. Happy Easter, everyone!

    Have ideas for the Township?

    Share them in the Public Courtyard!

  23. Hey everybody! I have officially started my campaign for WA Delegate! Head to the Public Courtyard to read my candidature announcement speech! #VoteForIsaris

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