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    Welcome to our quiet little forum!
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    Coronolingo Invitation

    Thank you for such advanced notice of your event.
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    Admin Request Thread

    Please mask @tarricoe as Mayor and unmask me. I accept his victory.
  7. 12 hours remaining before Z-Day 8! Be prepared, Equilismers!

  8. State of the Township Address October 19, 2019 My fellow Equilismers, Once again I come before you as your elected Mayor to give a State of the Township address. An address of this kind, unfortunately, has not been given for over two years now. While I will no doubt not say much that is news to anyone, as the condition of our region is clear for most to see, I still feel that it is my duty to deliver you this speech. In it, I hope not to shame anyone, nor express that all is lost, but rather to shine the light on what we as Equilismers can do to make our region better and to present to you some of what I envision for the future of Equilism. I ran for the office of Mayor on no platform and with no competition, and yet I won. I attribute this victory to the faith that has been placed in me in the past to guide our region forward and I will endeavour, always, to live up to that faith. However, this is a very unfortunate state for our township to be in. There simply are not enough people in the region and the people who are in the region have not been participating enough, including myself. Despite the lack of success in the past, we must restart our recruitment efforts. On the foreign front, the Township has suffered as well. The Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism disbanded nearly two years ago, and, one year ago, Europeia repealed its treaty with us due to its perception of Equilism as a "dead" region. While CAIN's disbandment was unavoidable due to the scandal surrounding Brunhilde, the loss of Europeia as an ally is stark. Though our two regions do not see eye-to-eye on every issue, Europeia represented a powerful friend and benefactor on the global political stage. Additionally, the effort I made to create a new fighting force for Equilism, Section Sigma, has not borne fruit. Without the needed military expertise at our disposal, no amount of educational material here in Equilism can properly train those who would be our soldiers. Furthermore, we do not have enough soldiers enlisted to make any outside assistance worthwhile to another party. It seems, at least for now, that military gameplay will not be in Equilism's foreseeable future. I also believe we should discuss, as a region, what kind of military we would want, if any. However, in events, Equilism has continued to perform grandly. In this last N-Day event in September, The E Team faction placed 7th; this was the first time we ended the event in the Top 10. I have confidence that we will take on this coming Z-Day with the same vigor. I have spoken with our Zombie Apocalypse Manager, Naivetry, and she has indicated her intent to join us again this year. I would like to take this time to briefly express my gratitude to her for her service throughout all of these years and hope that she will be able to join us as planned. In conclusion, Equilismers, our region needs you to come together and fight for it. Fight for it the same way you fight on N-Day. Fight for it the same way you fight on Z-Day. I know in my heart and soul that you have the needed passion to make Equilism be exceptional. If you dare to channel it into the Township's day-to-day, it would transform our region dramatically. Instead of being in a state of decline, with your help, your energy, Equilism could thrive. Don't allow this historic region to wither away with not even a whimper. Office of the Mayor, Isaris
  9. I will be preparing a State of the Township address, to be published within the next few days.

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    Admin Request Thread

    Please give citizenship to @Murihiku
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    As Town Moderator, I accept your oath of citizenship. Welcome to Equilism!
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    October 2019: Special Mayoral Election

    I stand for Mayor.
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    October 2019: Delegate Nominations

    I nominate @tarricoe for re-election.
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    Admin Request Thread

    Please give citizenship to @Glyski
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    As Town Moderator, I accept your oath of citizenship!
  16. Sorry for the silence since my election, my PC was down for two weeks due to hardware issues. It is working again now.

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    August 2019: Town Moderator Nominations

    I accept the nomination for Town Moderator.
  18. With your permission, I would like to send in my own WA nation and recruit one other person to join me. I believe this will be enough to give you the Delegacy and you will then be able to conduct the refound.
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    Embassy Request

    I would highly recommend the Mayor approve this embassy and request its creation from admins. The United Kingdom is a friend to our friends in Europeia and would be a welcome addition to our International Avenue.
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    July 2018 WAD Vote

    Apologies for the late poll, Equilismers. Degtyarev is the only candidate standing for the office of WA Delegate. Please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain on confirming WA Delegate Degtyarev's re-election. The vote will be open for 3 days.
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    July 2018 WAD Vote

    The vote is now closed. Degtyarev is confirmed for re-election. Congratulations!
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    July 2018 WAD Election

    The quarterly WAD Election is now underway! This thread will be open for 4 days to allow citizens of Equilism to stand for World Assembly Delegate! You may stand here in this thread or nominate someone else for the office. Anyone who is nominated must accept their nomination in this thread to appear on the ballot. Good luck to all! Remember, democracy isn't a spectator sport! Get out there, for Equilism!