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  1. You will be missed, Ambassador Deerf. Thank you for the time you have spent with our region. Many others would dismiss our quiet little Township and we deeply appreciate your dedication. I wish all the best for you in your future endeavours.
  2. Thank you, Governor General. I will serve the region to my best ability.
  3. Welcome to our quiet little forum!
  4. Thank you for such advanced notice of your event.
  5. Please mask @tarricoe as Mayor and unmask me. I accept his victory.
  6. 12 hours remaining before Z-Day 8! Be prepared, Equilismers!

  7. State of the Township Address October 19, 2019 My fellow Equilismers, Once again I come before you as your elected Mayor to give a State of the Township address. An address of this kind, unfortunately, has not been given for over two years now. While I will no doubt not say much that is news to anyone, as the condition of our region is clear for most to see, I still feel that it is my duty to deliver you this speech. In it, I hope not to shame anyone, nor express that all is lost, but rather to shine the light on what we as Equilismers can do to make our region bet
  8. I will be preparing a State of the Township address, to be published within the next few days.

  9. Please give citizenship to @Murihiku
  10. As Town Moderator, I accept your oath of citizenship. Welcome to Equilism!
  11. I nominate @tarricoe for re-election.
  12. Please give citizenship to @Glyski
  13. As Town Moderator, I accept your oath of citizenship!
  14. Sorry for the silence since my election, my PC was down for two weeks due to hardware issues. It is working again now.

  15. I accept the nomination for Town Moderator.
  16. With your permission, I would like to send in my own WA nation and recruit one other person to join me. I believe this will be enough to give you the Delegacy and you will then be able to conduct the refound.
  17. I would highly recommend the Mayor approve this embassy and request its creation from admins. The United Kingdom is a friend to our friends in Europeia and would be a welcome addition to our International Avenue.
  18. The vote is now closed. Degtyarev is confirmed for re-election. Congratulations!
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