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  2. Hi i am the new foreign minister of the TUK and i will also be their ambassador to your region. TUK elects new government After a weekend of voting the United Kingdom now has a new government and a new Parliament. There were 3 PM candidates Sebastian Montague, Denny Crane and Lord Vanquest. Sebastian Montague won the election with just over half the votes (9) while Denny Crane came second with 6 votes and Lord Vanquest with 2 votes. The new PM Sebastian Montague has promised to give stability and keep an active government. His Majesty's Government The King: King George VII Queen-Consort: Queen Alexandria Prince of Wales: PASD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WA Delegate: PASD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Premier: Sebastian Montague Secretary of State: South Boston Irishmen Home Secretary: Lady Neisse Defence Secretary: Falconias Foreign Secretary: Cainy66 Culture Secretary: Shawdom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supreme Court: PASD Magistrates Court: TBA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lord High Elector: TBC TUK elects new Parliament The TUK also elected a new Parliament over the weekend after a week of campaigning and the results are shown below. Members of Parliament Speaker: TBA Deputy Speaker: TBA Falconias Sebastian Montague Denny Crane Lady Neisse Prince Indian Gangs South Boston Irishmen In Parliament, elections are slated to start soon for the Speaker position. The only two members announcing their running are Denny Crane, who recently lost the Prime Minister election to Sebastian Montague, and South Boston Irishmen, who held the Speaker Position this last month. The House of Lords has further diminished to two members, and King George vows to nominate members soon. He hopes to bring the House of Lords up to 4-5 members.