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  1. Klaus Devestatorie

    Attack on Wazone Europe

    The people and government of Equilism naturally have the full support of Unknown in this matter, and Unknown will assist Equilism in bringing those responsible to justice should they request it.
  2. Klaus Devestatorie

    Become a Citizen!

    I, Mafiascum, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
  3. Klaus Devestatorie

    Cormac for Foreign Office

    What's your opinion of every current Equilism ally?
  4. Klaus Devestatorie

    Independent International Newsletter, Issue #3

    Good to hear from you people! Whoever you are. ;V
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    New Ambassador for the Independent Order

    I like this post.
  6. Klaus Devestatorie

    Ignoring signatures

    Can I ignore avatars, too? Tony Abbott is awful.
  7. Klaus Devestatorie

    A Semi-Personal Statement on the OFO's Accusations

    [12:25:31 AM] AMOM: well, I suppose Communism does come with a price [12:25:45 AM] milograd: So does 54 gallons of lube. [12:25:59 AM] milograd: And paying the proxy guys to help me multi. Yeah, about that... That was a fun interview. A very sarcastic, joking chatlog from 12:00am about purchasing 54 gallons of lubricant is very different from accusing a region of wanting to coup a sinker. ...and that, folks, is a sentence that I never thought I'd say seriously. Right. Now, in 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, which do you think people will remember- Imperialists, Neutrals, and so on; the Semi-Personal statement of clarification, or the interview where it was suggested that Viktoria intends to use 54 gallons of lube? Shit poor effort from people who should know better.
  8. Klaus Devestatorie

    A Semi-Personal Statement on the OFO's Accusations

    [12:25:31 AM] AMOM: well, I suppose Communism does come with a price [12:25:45 AM] milograd: So does 54 gallons of lube. [12:25:59 AM] milograd: And paying the proxy guys to help me multi. [12:26:12 AM] AMOM: in all seriousness, though [12:27:30 AM] AMOM: how does Laz even have the money for all that lube after buying all those votes for Feux during his last election [12:27:50 AM] milograd: Stole them from Vik. [12:27:53 AM] milograd: Of course. [12:28:04 AM] milograd: Cut that. We stole them from the TNI Bank. [12:28:15 AM] AMOM: Thought you meant the lube for a moment there. [12:28:24 AM] AMOM: moving on... Yeah, about that...
  9. The International Newsletter of The Independent Order. First Edition, March, 2014. Our Forum is at w11.zetaboards.com/Independent_Order_NS! Our IRC room is at #Independence on irc.esper.net! Our Current Government Grand Chancellor: Avakael Premier: Beatrice Minister of Culture: Matthew Vinage Minister of Truth: Beatrice Minister of Justice: Elpidia Minister of Foreign Affairs: Theatom117 Minister of Integration: CGJ Minister of the Armed Forces: Elpidia Speaker of the Senate: CGJ (acting) Senator: Novincia Senator: Beatrice Senator: Elpidia Senator: Theatom117 Senator: Ivan I Senator: Tytor Executive News Early last week the population of the region began to rise uncharacteristically considering the previous steady level of the Independent order constantly hovering around the 300 members mark. With however adjustments to the recruitment telegrams as well as helpful word of mouth advocates of the Independent Order, this membership count increase over the week to around 340 members. In a recent interview the Grand Chancellor suggested that much of the increase was down the spring break in some countries around the world but also because “less other people [were] also recruiting, so a larger share of new NS players come here.” While the Chancellor would like to play down the increase in membership as temporary, the increase in players is welcomed particularly with the role-playing activity in the region. According to the Grand Chancellor recruiting has been hard won with a conversion rate of just 0.57% and while many of the new members are active the implication is that we're going to have to fight very hard in order to keep them. A more promising sign was that specifically created recruitment telegrams had a much more successful conversion rate of around 1%. Pictured: SPRIIIING BREEEEEAAAK WOOOOOOOO In other news, the High Court has been getting special attention from the Grand Chancellor shortly after the Minister of Justice declared a leave of absence. With the Ministry of Justice intended to act as the Executive's prosecutor the Executive government are busy laying out the plans to bring the High Court into a physical existence rather than just existing on the constitution. Several members have joined in the discussions and volunteered themselves for role for a test case scenario to test the newly created system. Promising to be a revolutionary model the proposed idea takes judicial models from around the European Union and creating a blend of adversarial and inquisitive approaches. Regarding International Affairs, the region has been pleasantly surprised by a number of new regions applying for embassies including Wintreath, Lazarus and the Global Rights Alliance being the latest embassies to be approved. With embassies also being established in other regions Independent Order is showing that it is looking to get more involved with regions around the world and hopes to rise to an even greater prominence. Written by Dretsyej Senate News The senate have been busy over the last week and have amended various different laws and also brought in a number of new laws. Most notably the new laws were the Foreign Agent act which allows the Grand Chancellor to dispose of spies in an effective yet fair manner and the Electoral Amendment Act which makes significant changes to the way that elections are managed. However not all of the legislation has been clean sailing. Particularly the Third Amendment to the constitution has proved to be a rallying call for previously apathetic voters who gathered to voice their concerns directly to Public Gallery and debated with Senators the pro's and con's of debating the idea of any chance of suspending the constitution. The minor rebellion was soon put to rest by skillful and diplomatic senators and the peasants that be sent home believing they had scored a decisive victory against would be dictators. In perspective several small concessions were made in a gesture of good will by the Senate and the bill was passed 6 – 0. That one amendment was also the cause for concern after the elected Senate Speaker had to declare a leave of absence to take care of important family matters. As the constitution stood even with a declared leave of absence after seven days the Speaker if they hadn't logged in would be removed from their post permanently; a wording error meant not just as speaker, but from the senate itself. The Acting Speaker had moved decidedly quickly to try to get the amendment passed, so when the rebellion happened the Senate were noticeably squeamish and perhaps a little eager to provide concessions. Once the bill was passed the extra amendment fixed the constitution to take into account a declared leave of absence for the speaker. The Acting Speaker brought in special equipment to get the job done. Also with the recent interest in the Senate and the laws that they pass the Acting Speaker has been more proactive about encouraging debates which a number of senators including the Premier Beatrice have expressed their pleasure at the new interest in the workings of the Senate and the laws that they pass. Written by Dretsyej Roleplay News Two events have been running concurrently through the last week. The more popular event called OrderMarks discussed an electronic cryptographic currency system bearing a passing resemblance to the real world bitcoin. Mirroring the problems of the real world MtGox, investors in OrderMarks (and variations thereof) too had lost valuable savings and the nations were challenged with dealing with the situation and coming to a compromise with each other. Another event discussed a dramatically decreased fishing stock, which why technically not as popular has spawned a number of extra threads relating to the matter and has even encouraged nations to come together and try to create a treaty to resolve the problem on a global level. Other popular roleplaying items include a proposed Cultural Exchange Treaty which has continued to grow and develop. With the lack of success of the Covenant of Nations earlier in the year, there has been several role-playing angles at trying to create a successor alternative that will be more useful to the roleplaying world that would actually achieve the aims set out by it. Notably wars have dominated the roleplaying over the last week. The Thematan Revolutionary Conflict was mentioned in more threads and more times than any other engagement in recent history and has not only spawned various other diplomatic and economic roleplaying threads has also been successful at bringing a lot of player together. A more one-sided story has captured the imaginations of a lot of readers called the Borland Separatists, which while it hasn't spawned any further threads itself other story lines have been tied into the action packed roleplay. There is also the Corporate Coup which has also received a lot of attention, detailing the process of rescuing a country from an underhanded corporate take over. An artists impression of war in our beautiful paradise. Economically minded roleplays while being few and far between have received some presence some of the most notable being the East Moreland and Safraen Technology Exchange along with the First Braz International Economic Forum. The later roleplay has attracted more players than the former but have equally achieved a lot of attention for their writing styles and followable story lines. There have also been a lot of short stories posted which have served as back stories and setting histories for the most part. Typically they are posted by nation rather than as individual articles. The Thematan Vignettes have been quite a popular read by far for quite some time. Written by Dretsyej Other News In other news, one particular member has been accused of being another member, or a former member that has disappeared or even just a flat out spy. Not just from other members but also from the Grand Chancellor himself. That member is Safraen and has been particularly elusive about denying the claims, even joining in with the conspiracy theory themselves. Safraen has been a prolific poster over recent days leading some to believe that he was Elpidia the Speaker of the Senate in another disguise. While the Grand Chancellor still believes that Safraen is a flat out spy, Safraen has refuted this suggestion by pledging an oath to the Independent Order in public forum. With conspiracy article now listed in the obligatory corner the rumours look set to grow even further still. Also, the Grand Chancellor has recently been caught lamenting to senior executive government members about how some members simply don't have a sense of humor. Our Grand Chancellor is truly amazing and wonderful and spectacular and most definitely did not abuse unofficial editorial privilege or anything. Written by Dretsyej...? Thank you for reading!
  10. Klaus Devestatorie

    The Independent Order - Embassy Request

  11. Forum - http://w11.zetaboards.com/Independent_Order_NS/index/ Region - http://www.nationstates.net/region=the_independent_order IRC - #Independence (mostly just me atm) We've a particular interest in Equilism because The Independent Order and Equilism have surprisingly similiar ideas on how things should be done. And it's not even my fault that this is the case. If anyone has any questions, I suggest you throw them at me on IRC.
  12. Klaus Devestatorie

    Who Will Post Next?

    Hi? Zeorus.
  13. Klaus Devestatorie

    On Network Neutrality

    This topic provides disturbing insights into real world net neutrality debates.
  14. Klaus Devestatorie

    Omg hai

    Hello Saint George.
  15. Klaus Devestatorie

    The Grim Reaper Rite of Passage

    What are your five favourite EDM/DnB/Dubstep songs? (give us HD links so we can listen)