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  2. Double Letters Game

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    Can Hank Overeat In Rome? B E L L A
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    There's supposed to be a thread for that pinned in this forum...
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    Welcome to Equilism, Possibly this and Ervald!
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    I apologize for not accepting my nomination before - I have been on vacation and out of contact for the past week. I would like to declare my candidacy at this point, if possible.
  9. Have You Ever?

    Nope, and I wouldn't unless it was heated. Have you ever gotten mad at someone you love because they did something terrible in a dream, and you can't remember why you're mad, just that they owe you a HUGE apology and THEY SHOULD KNOW WHY DAMMIT?
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    musical theatre, of course! H2O or H2O2?
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    Peekaboo (pick whichever double you'd prefer... )
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