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    Admin Request Thread

    Since I think we need one of these too! Request masking changes, forum adjustments, etc. General stuff. Please make new threads for specialty requests, like themes. I am not an admin, so don't ask me directly.
  2. Astarial

    Become a Citizen!

    Any Equilism resident may apply for citizenship by publicly swearing the following oath in this thread: Please be aware of the following: No individual may hold citizenship in Equilism on more than one nation. All citizens of Equilism have the right to participate fully in governing the region. This includes, but is not limited to, discussing and voting in Town Hall Meetings, voting in elections, and running for office. Citizens of Equilism who maintain citizenship in other regions or membership in organizations must meet any requirements for multiple citizenship established by law. All citizenship is voluntary, and may be renounced by a citizen at any time. The Town Moderator will remove citizenship from anyone who fails to post on the Equilism forum for thirty days. Citizenship can not be removed retroactively. Familiarize yourself with our laws and regulations by reading our Charter, also spoilered below:
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    Double Letters Game

  4. Astarial

    Double Letters Game

  5. Astarial

    Make a sentence from five letters

    Can Hank Overeat In Rome? B E L L A
  6. Please vote on whether to confirm Yakitzland for Officer of Culture and Entertainment! This vote will remain open for three days.
  7. Please vote on whether to confirm Zeorus for Officer of Discord and Strife Intercommunications! This vote will remain open for three days.
  8. As promised, I have given some thought to the masking situation, and here are my suggestions! Here is the current list of masks that we have: Notice some redundancies? Yeah, me too! So, here is what I suggest for a revised and reformed list. The only potential issues that I see are: Can people be masked as foreign dignitaries and given limited moderation privileges (say, over pinning/locking/whatever threads) over their own embassies without needing entirely new masks? If not, that's fine here. We can let them make requests as needed rather than give out mod privileges or make a pile of masks for each embassy. Office staff. We would want our ambassadors to have viewing and posting access to the private PR area, anybody planning an event to have access to the private C&E area, and anybody working on a recruitment drive or other incentives like Suburbs to have access to the private T&RE area. If these have to be assigned as masks, rather than to individuals, we may need to create seven more masks all labeled as some variation of Citizen (these 7 would be each of the various combination options, from any single office to any set of two to all three, to account for all the possibilities). I really hope we don't have to do this, but we might, and it might be a pain. We might also want to check in with WZEU about their masking needs to make sure they're all set. Their citizens should have similar access rights, except no posting in the town hall or viewing of the private town hall, and vice versa. Also, we might want to add a WZEU Representative mask, for the appointed person who may speak and vote in the town hall (once that law gets repassed). As for which basic masks apply to which forums, here is what I think: Guests Viewing: Equilism Island: ALL (except Archives?) Leisure District: ALL except Bar and Grill Equility Square: ALL except Private Citizens' Chamber Executive Office Complex: Public office subfora except Military/Intelligence The International District: ALL Protectorates: Ask WZEU Posting: NONE Members and Residents and Foreign Dignitaries Viewing: Identical to Guest except add Bar and Grill Posting: Anywhere viewable except the Town Hall Equilism Citizens and WZEU Representative Viewing: Identical to Member except add Private Citizens' Chamber Posting: Anywhere viewable Etc Increase in posting and/or viewing rights as applicable. Thoughts? Suggestions? Etc?
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    Why hello

    There's supposed to be a thread for that pinned in this forum...
  10. Astarial

    Word Disassociation Game

    This is basically the same as word association, but this time you say something that in no way relates to the previous word. For example, if someone says 'duck', you might say 'cheese grater'. Starting word is: Game
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    Become a Citizen!

    Welcome to Equilism, Possibly this and Ervald!
  12. Astarial

    Nominations for Town Moderator

    I apologize for not accepting my nomination before - I have been on vacation and out of contact for the past week. I would like to declare my candidacy at this point, if possible.
  13. You clamored and shouted, and finally it's here - the new map! Any citizen of Equilism may request a spot, so long as that spot is not already reserved. Nations may mutually roleplay the transfer of areas, subject to map owner and Arbiter General discretion (no randomly nuking your neighbor and trying to claim their entire country). Areas marked in cream may only be acquired via roleplay, preferably non-solo. I'm presenting several versions - one that makes it easy to see rivers and lakes, one that makes it easy to see the shapes of nations, and one that is numbered. All but one have been spoilered due to their size. I do have larger versions available for all of these - so once you've picked a spot, feel free to request a zoomed-in version if you want to play around with it yourself! So.. without further ado... the map! Water: States: Slots: Reserved for Mathghamna Zeorus Belgdenia? Felasia Lamoni Reserved for Small Huts Collatis The Monkye Westwind Tarricoe Karland?
  14. Astarial

    Have You Ever?

    Nope, and I wouldn't unless it was heated. Have you ever gotten mad at someone you love because they did something terrible in a dream, and you can't remember why you're mad, just that they owe you a HUGE apology and THEY SHOULD KNOW WHY DAMMIT?
  15. Astarial

    This or That?

    musical theatre, of course! H2O or H2O2?
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    Picture Countdown

  17. Astarial

    Double Letters Game

    Peekaboo (pick whichever double you'd prefer... )
  18. Astarial

    Make a sentence from five letters

    Freaky Ants Read To Schoolchildren P O O L S
  19. Astarial

    Follow the game

  20. Astarial

    Word Association Game

    Wee Free Men
  21. Astarial

    Word Disassociation Game

    psychedelic mushrooms
  22. Astarial

    Masking Update Suggestions

    Another bump?
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    100 Days, An Opening Speech

    boooo hissssss.
  24. Astarial

    Become a Citizen!

    My sincerest apologies. Welcome to Equilism, Mister Masses!