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  1. Founderless Regions Alliance Update - 25th November 2013 Hello, My name is Flowering Staplers and I have been elected as the new Arch Chancellor of the FRA. I've been defending now for four (ish) years on and off with the FRA and serve within the UDL as Militia. I was awarded Ranger of the Year in 2012 and was runner up in FRAvision of that year. I run a successful NationStates Blog called NS Moments which gives me a place to spot all those little weird things about NationStates. Elections have just come to an end with a new cabinet in place. It was close between the two Speaker candidates however Ironicness pulled away from Seneca to win the role. He has announced his deputy, Christian Democrats. There were no confirmed nominations for the role of Regional Liason Officer and so nominations will reopen soon. If you feel you can talk to regions you've never been to before, have motivation that can last two months, and enjoy talking about food you could be a perfect candidate! Tim and Guy tested their brain powers for the role of Intelligence Minister, with Guy pulling ahead with a 7-1 vote. Karputsk is back as the Chief of Defence, I'm sure the term will be equally as successful as the last. The role of Vice-Chancellor has been selected. Guy has agreed to take on the role as well as his Intelligence duties. I would like to thank Falconias and his cabinet for the work they did last term and I hope to build on that this term. Within my term I do not want to see the FRA past page 10 in Gameplay (I thought sedge had archived it within a secret area until I found it...). So frequent updates, with the same FRA that you know and (even secretly) love. But it's not just me that makes the FRA machine work. I want to see the recruitment office do more than sit there. With no elected official, and the term continuing from the last RLO, I will sit in those shoes and keep the office ticking over until someone permanent can step in. I love that the Rangers have themed flag and nation days. I want to keep that going. Right now we're not doing great against tag raids and so energy needs to be put back into the Rangers (I hope you feel up to it Karp!) to prevent us from having to detag. Discussion is beginning on the Defender Awards of 2014, this can be found here! (clicky!) The awards have been hugely successful in the past and hopefully will break another Awards record for this year. If you do not want to join the forum then please let us know by the Gameplay forum any improvements you want to make or things you love. In other news, the FRA has been on several defences against the many many tag raids that have been thrown our way. The Regional Assembly has been lagging in activity recently however it will hopefully pick up with a new cabinet in place. The RA are currently discussing how to make the position of Regional Liason Officer look appealing and nominations have just reopened for that position. Thank you for reading. Flowering Staplers Arch Chancellor and Queen of Awkward
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    L.A.M.E. Update 2013-1

    February 21st, 2013 Population: 23 Pokedex: 239 Hello boys, girls, sports fans and jihadists, this is a really LAME update, brought to you by the Liberty Alliance Media Enterprise! In today's update: Not much [big]Message from the Founder[/big] [big]Falconias causes Massive Population Flux in NationStates[/big] [small]Now former Liberty Alliance citizens departing on a train for Europeia[/small] The balance of power was shifted mightily over the past week, as thousands of people suddenly fled Liberty Alliance for other regions, especially Europeia, a little-known region in the far corner of NationStates. The mass emigration has left Liberty Alliance with just shy of two dozen nations, a meager nickel compared to the record 9,482 it held just a week prior. Early reports indicate the departures are due largely in part to the presence of "Falconias," the scientific term for "Region-Eating Disease." It is a highly painful disease that consumes regions from the inside, leaving them without much in the ways of integrity, constitutions, or in many cases, even spam. There is no known cure. "I had to go through this bullsh*t once before," said one resident, who wished to remain anonymous. "It was horrible. Back in the day, there used to be this placed called the Founderless Regions Alliance. I think I contracted Falconias from some fellow named HEM. I could feel it biting in my legs at first, but scratching it only made it worse. Over the next few days, it made its way up to my Edited to satisfy legal complaint filed by a "Mr. HEM". I should have just told him no means no." Europeia wasn't the only region to benefit from the bizarre outbreak in Liberty Alliance, however. 3,168 Islands grew closer to its goal of 10,000 by assimilating several hundred nations from Liberty Alliance. Unfortunately, it only gained one island as the nations came as a continent, bringing the total number of islands to 3,169. A former President of Europeia had this to say: "I don't know what people are talking about. Falconias isn't that bad, you just have to get used to it, it can be kind of fun when you infect other people with it. It's probably the best thing to ever happen to NationStates, actually." He even suggested a cure for the disease: "If you really can't stand it, try applying a thick layer of Rub-Onder-35, That is sure to cure yourself of me, erm I mean, Falconias, within minutes." It has yet to be seen whether the thousands of former residents intend to come back to the region at some point. [big]Founder of Liberty Alliance Arrested for Multiple Alcohol-Related Offences[/big] [small]Luna having a momentary lapse in judgement[/small] Flowering Staplers, commonly known as "Luna", was arrested last night for public indecency, urinating in public, vandalism, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, driving under the influence, impersonating a police officer, false practice of medicine, and illegal whaling. Details as to how these crimes were carried out were not made immediately clear; however in the early hours on Thursday, most of the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence. One charge was held back however - Luna will be appearing in court next Monday on a charge of whaling. She has been granted a $100,000 and her homemade lasagna bail. "I dnt rly reme ameber much," she might or might not have said. "I like sas sawwwwww this dolphin...... and I dint like mr cage so I was like FREE WILLY! and I unno *hiccup* I ended up in here." IRC logs were not made immediately available to public viewing, and she has declined sober comment. Try again on the weekend after some more "fermented grape juice." [big]BREAKING! Founderless Regions Alliance agrees to become a member of Liberty Alliance[/big] [small]Administrator Jamie (left) shaking hands with FRA Arch-Chancellor Bobby-Jo Sheepdog (right)[/small] In an unusual development, the Founderless Regions Alliance has followed through on their agreement to join Liberty Alliance, despite the recent outbreak of Falconias. "Dog gone varmints errywhere," said the Arch-Chancellor. "Git 'r' done. F*****g shoot em raiders." It would appear that the Arch-Chancellor believes the FRA's military may benefit from the extensive training offered in Liberty Alliance. [small]FRA Rangers Update Crew, pictured Saturday February 16th in a promotional photo[/small] "F*****g missed im ag'n," said the Arch-Chancellor, while firing off rounds at passing Black Riders. "Taggin' all my god-damn sh*t. Better bring in the big guns. Tired o' this crap, they're scarin' off the f*****g ducks. We need some raider-shootin' trainin." The FRA membership in LA takes effect immediately, and the Rangers are expected to complete their raider-shootin' training by the end of Easter, when there are no turkeys left. [big]Fictional Stuff[/big] Liberty Alliance is prepared to pass, unanimously, their second constitution in as many years, after the involvement of Falconias to try and stabilize the region. The constitution features a few uncommon laws that are set to make politics in Liberty Alliance unique: Legislature size is proportionate to the size of the region at the time of electionOnly 3 elected Executive positions; Prime Minister, and two Deputies (External and Internal)Prime Minister has a 6-month term for a more engaging election periodNo organized judiciary branch - Liberty Alliance will have one constitutional rule: don't be an ass, and you won't get banned. Elections will be held in March and we are in need of experienced legislators to guide the new Legislative Assembly through the first few months of creating a minimal amount of regulations to keep Liberty Alliance sane and active. One of the highlights of the region is the direct government involvement in World Assembly affairs. While many regions tend to put WA and roleplay politics as second-tier, they will be the focus of the Legislative Assembly. The LA will meet and discuss several times a week issues before the World Assembly, and be exactly what a region was designed to be a decade ago - a fun, intelligent group of people to role-play real world issues as it affects their nations. [big]This has been... a LAME update![/big]
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    3rd Anniversary!

    We did not. I believe I chased TBH around instead.
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    3rd Anniversary!

    Any questions send a telegram to Flowering Staplers (: Sadly I cannot be around on the 22nd due to RL committments and so we are holding our birthday celebrations early. It would be lovely to see people and we *might* be taking a warzone... but it depends on numbers (:
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    August Update!

    Thanks (:
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    August Update!

    Thank you for your support (:
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    Look it!

    Liberty Alliance's Update! Forum: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Liberty_Alliance/index/ Regional Population: 20(ish) Delegate: Nurmiland The Forum! Liberty Alliance's spamming levels make me proud. Considering most of the forum members are checking into the retirement home of NS we have almost 500 forum posts, of which over 60% are in the games section. Remember if you need to re-sign up for an embassy could you do that asap! The forum is beautifully green thanks to Angelina! It's not just the forum that has seen activity, the RMB has been buzzing with visits from The Black Market, Viento Bonita (who is hopefully here to stay! We have missed him!) and our old founder Balthamos! We love getting regional visitors so if you're ever in the area come and visit! The Constitution! Hmmm... we've been spamming so much this hasn't really had that much attention (might also be because Flowering Staplers see the word constitution and run a mile in the opposite direction...). Anyway, hopefully it will have at least some progress over the next few weeks. The Pudding! We have decided on our regional pudding! By demand on the RMB Chocolate has been made the favourite. We presume this means that we can eat as much chocolate cake, ice cream and pastries as we like... Om nom nom nom. And Finally...! Comics are back! This time a general LA one by my resident computer artist Viento Bonita: Until next time! Liberty Alliance x
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    This or That?

    brains cinderella or snow white?
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    Word Association Game

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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but you get the flu. (I'm not very good at this...) I wish to do well in my exam on Tuesday.
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    Have You Ever?

    No. Have you ever had to be carried home from drinking too much?
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    Post a Random Fact ... that's not actually true

    Dogs evolved from cats.
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    Who Will Post Next?

    No. Vesica?
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    walking red or green?
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    Word Association Game