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    Issue 8 | Saturday, April 15th 2006 | Made in Europa REGIONAL NEWS Senate Elections! Thats right folks, now's your chance to get active and get involved with how your government works! Get out there and get to know your candidates! Among those running this time around are: -Pirilao -Ide Jima -Tamurin -Adaptus -Rekamgil If you want a snippet of what you stand for to be placed in next week's issue, let me know via a PM. Please keep it to only 4-5 Lines in length! Non-Aggression Pact with GB&I the region of Europa and Great Britain & Ireland have signed a Non Aggression Pact. A Copy of the Document is Attached Below: It has passed GB*I's house of Commons and is on its way to thier House of Lords now. UN PROPOSALS Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles", Voting Ends: Sat Apr 15 2006 The Current Standing of this issue is at: FOR: 2 AGAINST: 2 ( Full Text of the Debate can be found here: Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles" )
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    I could use some cash. Let's stop here. Next one who posts st*nks XD
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    no underwear
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    Blackadder's kitten.
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    The European Times

    Issue6 | Sunday 10th of april 2005 | Made in Europa Links: Region · Forum · NS Wikipedia ROLE PLAY by Tamurin RP GENERAL KOKU CLONING DINOSAURS Koku has cloned a long-extinct prehistoric elephant. They have been asked by the international community to ban the cloning of prehistoric predators, but it's possible now that Jurassic Parc will happen! RP POLITICAL ALLIANCES The "Pact of Arms" has two new members - Koku and Akiiryu. Meanwhile, the headquarters of the "Central Peninsular Alliance" (CPA) has been built in Argenland. PRESIDENT POT RESIGNING President Pot, long-time president of the S.S.S.S. has resigned and has assumed command of the armed forces of the Stoned Smurfs. His long-time aide, Mary Jane Hempton is now new president of S.S.S.S. In her first statement, the new president said that she'd continue President Pots politics. LAND CLAIMS This week, the nations of Ide Jima and Akiiryu have claimed land on the map of Europa. Also, the Callonian Empire has grown so much that it had to expand. ASSASSINATION IN EUROPTIMA The new nation of Europtima, former colony of Vanarambaion, has lost its chancellor to an assassin. The Vanarambaion-soldier Tinsman assumed control of the nation and announced himself Emperor. Emperor Tinsman of Vanarambaion congratulated his relative. New emperor Tinsman of Europtima promised peace and security. RP MILITARY CENEPA ISLAND CONFLICT The war we all feared seems to have broken out. Stoned-Smurfs-fighters attacked a naval group of Meteorola! More or less all nations of Europa (except Niederoesterreich) are standing against General Pot, but he held course. Nobody knows how this will end. (...) The forces of Meteorola and the S.S.S.S. have fought their first battles. Now everything is possible. There are no confirmed new reports from here, but we'll keep you in the loop. INTERNATIONAL PEACE-KEEPERS IN FORMER ABYSSIO A multi-national peace corps from Tagmatium, Orioni and Amnalos has secured the former nation of Abyssio. Abyssio is now "ruled" by warlords and terrorists and has been a safe harbour for international criminals in Europa. While Tagmatium, Orioni and Amnalos are trying to secure the area with armed forces, the northern neighbour of former-Abyssio, Tamurin, is helping with civil servants and humanitarian "troops". RP HISTORY IMPERIAL POLICE SEARCHING FOR REBELS IN TAMURIN The Imperial Police has begun a widespread search for republican rebels in Avid (Tamurin). After an assault on the Emperor and diplomats from Niederoesterreich, the campaign against the republicans has been extended. Outside of Tamurin, the emperors of Vanarambaion and Phil II are fighting and insulting each other with words. Byzantinum Nova's fleet has answered to Tamurin's fleet maneuver with an impressive maneuver themselves. MAJOR WAR COMING UP The Empires of Tamurin and Byzantinum Nova are insulting each other over the matter of a naval battle between a Tamurinian destroyer and a Byzantine cruiser. It seems that both Empires will go to war; currently, they're ralleying their allies. INTERIOR AFFAIRS by Orioni Europa contains 239 nations, which is 8 more since the previous issue. Orioni is our current delegate, elected 115 days ago and holding 81 endorsements. Due to an administrative error, a portion of the forum was erased. This section contained the draft constitution we had been working on. Fortunately an important section concerning the Senate has survived, due to it being used in discussion. We will however need to rewrite most of it. Inspiration will be drawn from befriended regions with working goverments. It is our hope that this second draft can be discussed more actively. WEATHER by Meteorola This past week will brought a change in the weather pattern across much of Europa. Wet weather spread across much of the islands and the Central Penninsula. Record 24 hour precipitation totals were recorded in Char, Avon, Philengrad and Regno. As the storm moved through Europa, the onshore flow across northern Europa switched to an off shore one, clearing skys from Lanjon to Cheesefish. Seasonably dry conditions have returned to the south and east as a ridge of high pressure moves into the area. We expect this pattern to hold up for a little bit, and so more of the same across Europa. In the north, changing back and forth between on and offshore flow, the islands and Penninsula staying wet, and dry conditions in the south. FOREIGN AFFAIRS by Orioni Within the United Nations, Europa seems to have taken a negative stance AGAINST the last proposals: 'International Court of Justice', 'Eradicate Smallpox' and 'UN Peace prize' were all rejected by the voting members. The current resolution 'Discrimination Accord' is still being voted on. On the diplomatic level everything seems quiet. Too quiet. Is there anything suspicious going on in the backrooms of those embassies? :ph43r: MILITARY by Orioni -Nothing to report- ADVERTISEMENT Our friends of Q102 asked to promote their newspaper. You can read it here: http://www.q102-telegraph.tk/ © Europa, 2005 | Written by Meteorola, Orioni, Tamurin
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    The European Times

    Issue 5 | Sunday 20th of march 2005 | Made in Europa Links: Region · Forum · NS Wikipedia FUN FACT OF THE DAY by Stoned Smurfs Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second! ROLE-PLAY by Tamurin RP GENERAL: NEWS FROM VANARAMBAION The Confederacy of Vanarambaion has been altered into an Empire after the total abolishment of all democratic structures in the nation. This sudden change has not yet had an impact on Vanarambaion’s foreign policy, but could mean a strategic move towards anti-democratic nations. A part of Vanarambaion, a colony, has declared independence. Vanarambaion has accepted this move, but insisted on keeping military bases inside the new country. The new country named itself “Europtima†and has a democratic government. Vanarambaions forces landed in zone 47. It seems that the Empire is integrating this area into its nation to replace the lost ground and ressources in Europtima. NEW ALLIANCES IN EUROPA Due to recent conflicts and possible wars, two new alliances have been formed in Europa: The Central Peninsular Alliance (CPA), founded by Orioni, and the Europa Periphery Alliance (EPA), founded by Jaihu. Both Alliances want peace and security, but are opposed to one another due to the conflicts between their members. The CPA consists of nation on the central peninsular of Europa (Orioni, Vanarambaion, Argenland, Great Kings, Phil IV and Tamurin). They are currently discussing what to do about the expansion of Niederoesterreich into zone 43, an area north of Tamurin. The EPA consists of nations in the north of Europa (Jaihu and Tagmatium). Also Niederoesterreich is talking about joining the alliance. RP MILITARY THE CENEPA ISLANDS CONFLICT The Sabre rattling between Meteorola and the S.S.S.S.-led coalition of S.S.S.S., Niederoesterreich and Tagmatium continues. Vanarambaion seems to allie with Meteorola… THE TAMURIN CIVIL WAR, 1903-1911: Our first historical Role-Play We are starting a new kind of Role-Play: A historical one, Pre-World War One. We wanted to play a scenario without the newest technology and this is our first try. Participating are Tagmatium, Vanarambaion, Niederoesterreich, Europtima, Phil IV, Byzantinum Nova and Tamurin. Anyone else interested is welcome to join. INTERIOR AFFAIRS by Orioni and Stoned Smurfs Europa contains 231 nations, which is 5 less since the previous issue. Orioni is our current delegate, elected 95 days ago and holding 69 endorsements. Europa Economic Statistics Report for 03/20/05 Gross Regional Product: $2,573,199,521,228,712.50 GRP Per Capita: $16,156.82 Regional Population: 159,264,000,000 Regional Average GDP: $11,187,824,005,342.23 Largest GDP: Karpathia ($132 trillion) Smallest GDP: Chimes ($1.10 billion) Largest GDP Per Capita: Guy Verhofstadt ($46,778) Smallest GDP Per Capita: Chimes ($68.48) Largest Trade Surplus: Stoned Smurfs ($1.64 trillion) Largest Trade Deficit: MicroGlup ($731 billion) Spotlight Nation: Karpathia Domestic Statistics Government Category: Corrupt Dictatorship Government Priority: Religion & Spirituality Economic Rating: Frightening Civil Rights Rating: Some Political Freedoms: Few Income Tax Rate: 100% Major Industry: Automobile Manufacturing National Animal: turul bird National Currency: pengo Total Population: 4,773,000,000 *single largest nation in Europa* WEATHER by Meteorola During the pervious period the tropcial system that was effecting Niederosteriech fell apart as it moved out to sea allowing the area to dryout. Across the rest of Europa's islands drier and warmer weather began to move in. The Central Pennisula and southern Europa saw some light rains as a weak disturbance moved through the area. From Tamurin to Brawandi down towards Andro and the southern nations. There were a few reports of some inbeded thunderstorms around Sun and Moon Cities, This was mainly assosiated with some upsloping winds. Onshore flow has returned to the north bringing with it some warm, but wet conditions. Showers were reported from Hopetown in Lanjon back to Brie in Cheesefish. The outlook for the coming week will bring a shift in storm tracks to a more northerly track. This will bring a low pressure system to the islands and the Central Penninsula. A head of the storm system, the north will continue to have onshore flow, but as the low moves by, off shore flow will dry the north out. Dry conditions will once again move into the south and east as a ridge of high pressure moves into the area. FOREIGN AFFAIRS by Phil IV Not much happening in Foreign Affairs this week. Embassy considerations with the USK (United socialist Kingdom) are under way, but other than that, it's been a quiet week in the rest of NationStates... ADVERTISEMENT Our friends of Q102 asked to promote their newspaper. You can read it here: http://www.q102-telegraph.tk/ © Europa, 2005 | Written by Meteorola, Orioni, Phil IV, Stoned Smurfs, Tamurin
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    It's a Belgian thing, from a tv-series. *** Invaders.
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    The European Times

    You like? Here comes more.. Issue 4 | Sunday 13th of march 2005 | Made in Europa Links: Region · Forum · NS Wikipedia ROLE-PLAY by Tamurin and Byzantium Nova RP GENERAL: ALLIANCES IN EUROPA The S.S.S.S.-lead alliance, the MATA (Militaries against Terrorist Acts) has been dissolved. The S.S.S.S. remains with its allies Niederoesterreich and Tagmatium. On the other side, an alliance led by Byzantinum Nova, Sevrun and Great Kings, the "Pact of Arms", has grown: Amnalos, Mongol-Swedes, Paranoid Schizo, Meteorola and Tamurin have joined the alliance. How these events will effect future confrontations in Europa is still uncertain. ELECTIONS IN TAGMATIUM After the civil war in Tagmatium, a new emperor will be elected. The candidates are Phillip Commenus and Commodus James. Commenus is a nationalist and wants to lead a more isolationist Tagmatium, while James wants to transform Tagmatium into a close ally of S.S.S.S. RP MILITARY: WAR IN TAGMATIUM The war is over. The loyalist forces of Tagmatium and their allies crushed the last rebel resistance in Scutum. After the victory, the loyalists re-installed the government system in the last rebel zones. The leaders of Tagmatium thanked their allies, who retreated their forces. It is the hope of all involved parties, that Tagmatium will remain peaceful and that this rebellion was the last imperial uprising in Europa. END OF CONFLICT IN BALTIROW-WOUD After all parties dropped their claims except S.S.S.S., the former Baltirow-Woud nation became a part of the S.S.S.S. The S.S.S.S. had to evacuate its colony, S.S.S.S. East, due to the blocade of Byzantinum Nova, Sevrun, Great Kings and Orioni. ORIONI EXPANDS The nation of Orioni decided to expand. It claimed two zones very far away from the main nation. Until now, no nation has objected to this claim and most nations are in favor. VANARAMBAION AND NIEDEROESTERREICH CLAIMING ZONE 113 After some diplomatic struggle, Niederoesterreich dropped its claim on zone 113 and is now looking for other areas to expand into. Vanarambaion has invited delegations from all interested nations to talk about future relations and alliances. CENEPA ISLAND CRISIS A new crisis in Europa: The Cenepa Islands are once again the source of a conflict. The S.S.S.S.-ally Tagmatium captured the island during the Baltirow-Woud conflict and claimed it after the conflict. The powerful S.S.S.S. backed them and was ordering all foreign nations off the islands. The islands were divided after the first conflict over them. After President Pot of the S.S.S.S. made clear that he was willing to risk an open war with all other major powers, all foreign nations backed out and withdrew from the island. The aggressive behavior of President Pot has caused growing concern about the foreign policy of the S.S.S.S. RP TRADE: Amnalos and Tagmatium have ratified a trade pact to improve trade and peace between them. Amnalos has also started negotiations with Koku for a similar pact like it has with Tagmatium. Orioni has stated that they are willing to pay 10% of the building costs for the bridge between Meteorola and Niederosterreich. This way Orioni hopes to gain a part in the trade that comes from the completion of the bridge. In military-equipment trading Free-Ekainak has told that it is interested in buying Jaihus cheap cruise missiles. Tagmatium is also in need of new navy so Niederosterreich is interested in making a deal. INTERIOR AFFAIRS by Orioni Europa contains 236 nations, which is 15 less since the previous issue. Orioni is our current delegate, elected 87 days ago and holding 54 endorsements. The Senate is still "under construction" but work is progressing. The draft constitution was not finished yet due to some parts that still needed to be worked out, such as justice. The current Europa Gov is working together with some of the more experienced citizens to outline everything concerning this future Senate. If all goes well, we hope to be able to make a proposal to the general public by the end of this month. WEATHER by Meteorola The past week we saw a warming trend over the island and central areas of Europa. So warm, in fact, that a tropical system is continuing to affect Niederostereich. Melt water, combined with some moderate rains, caused localized flooding in Phil IV and Tamurin. No fatalities, and only minor damage was reported. Offshore flow continued across northern Europa, making for a dry and warm week from Jaihu over towards Callonian Empire. A small disturbance brought only light showers to San Ba and Koku with much lighter amounts back towards Paranoid Schizos and Byzantium Nova. In the east Endless Summer continued its dry conditions allowing for clean up efforts to continue from the landslides two weeks ago. The outlook for the coming week will move the tropcial system effecting Niederosteriech out to sea, and allow clean up efforts to start. Dry across the islands. However central and parts of southern Europa could see a strong low-pressure system move through the area. Onshore flow is expected to kick up some daytime showers. Eastern areas will be impacted late in the week by the same system moving through central and southern Europa. FOREIGN AFFAIRS by Phil IV In Foreign Affairs this week, Europa has been invited to join the multi-regional group known as FORT, the Fellowship of the Round Table, dedicated to representing freedom of speech and intellegent discussions in the international community. Membership discussions are still in their preliminary phases, but we hope to find out more about our friends and fellow regions through this scheme. We have a new embassy under discussion this week: a diplomat from the USK, the United Socialist Kingdom, has sighted in Europa. The diplomat wants to increase understading and friendliness between our two regions. We welcome Revolutionary Masses to our region, and hope he has a pleasant stay here! A European Embassy has finally been established in Lemuria. After quite a long time of faffing about and forgetfulness, our new embassy is open and ready to recieve people from all over the globe! One of our newest friends, Q102, formally exchanged ambassadors this week, with Meteorola going to visit the Q102 in their home region, and Nevareion staying here in Europa to provide a strong and hopfully long lasting link between our two regions! ADVERTISEMENT Our friens of Q102 asked to promote their newspaper. You can read it here: http://www.q102-telegraph.tk/ © Europa, 2005 | Written by Byzantium Nova, Meteorola, Orioni, Phil IV, Tamurin
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    ^ will probably grow up to be a nerd. < needs to sleep more. :zombie:
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    Metal (music).
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    We moeten er eens ene gaan drinken, stadsgenoot.