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  1. Vesica

    Kemaris Station

    < LtJG. Abigail Rhodes> ::The door to the Conference Room opened and in strode a confident young woman, who wore the yellow of Tactical and Operations. At 5"6 and a little over 135 pounds she wasn't much to look at until you saw the steel in her eyes and understood everything; she had seen thing she did not want to talk about and has liquid nitrogen running in her veins. She was Abigail Rhodes, the one time Chief Tactical Officer on board the USS Equilism, and finally returning to active duty she was hoping to push her way up the totem pole.:: SCO: Reporting as requested sir! =/\= Lieutenant Junior Grade Abigail Rhodes =/\=
  2. Vesica

    NEW recruitment for positions

    Is this... is this coming back
  3. Vesica

    Character Workshop

    That's okay I stand corrected! I must have read it wrong thr first time
  4. Vesica

    Character Sheet/Creation

    I have just made my oath
  5. "I, Vesica, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.”
  6. Vesica

    Character Sheet/Creation

    So you want my file on them so to speak?
  7. Vesica

    Character Workshop

    Unfortunately Bel I can't fill it out my laptop is out so I'm forced to do every on my phone and it won't let me fill in the form. I'll post my choices here and if anyone is able to help me figure it a way to fill it out in a Galaxy S6Edge I'll gladly do so. Secondary Language: Dwarvish Gaming Set: Cyvase Board with basic painted wooden pieces Vehicle: Chariot Military Speciality: Officer Skills: Persuasion, Religion Gear: Longs word & Shield; Mace; Explorer's Pack, Officer Insignia, Dagger taken from a defeated Dark Knight, set of bone dice, set of common clothes, pouch of 10 gp. Personality Traits: I'm full of inspiring and cautionary tales from my military experience relevant to any combat situation, I can stare down a hell hound without flinching. Ideal: Greater Good Bond: My Honor is my life Flaw: my hatred for my enemies is blind and unreasoning. Trinket: Ever Smouldering Lump of Coal
  8. Vesica

    The White Witch

    Alias: The White Witch Real Name: Madison Snow Alignment: Neutral Evil Age: 37 Powers/Abilities: - Hydro/Cyrokenesis (Control over Ice and Water) - Super Intelligence - Enhanced Durability Nationality: American Occupation: Business Woman (CEO of White Security, a powerful PMC), Head of the Syndicate (Incredibly influential and powerful criminal organization responsible for the massive crime wave gripping New York City. Bio: Madison Snow was born Madison Delacroix, an realitively wealthy family from Greenwich Village. Madison showed at a young age an immense and supremely heightened Intelligence beyond her years and advanced quickly through prep school, graduating from Yale at the age of 19. While she could have gotten a job at any law firm in the country she grew enamoured with and married Edward Snow, Head of the Snow Security Group, a corporate security firm, marrying him at a young age. Her intelligence offered a very keen business sense that allowed Snow Security to balloon in size and saw rampant and ummatched growth eventually expanding into paramilitary operations. Her husbands death four years ago didn't deter her and allowed Madison to assume complete and total control of the company to which she has come to dominate. Today she is considered the face of the PMC and Corporate Security industries. Unbeknownst to all in addition to her unmatchable Intelligence Madison was born with the Meta Human Gene that allowed her control over water and ice around and an skin as tough as diamond ice giving her highly enhanced durability. Her powers she has kept a secret to all but those who personally cross her and her Meta Human criminal Empire; the Syndicate. While Madison is the public and friendly face of Snow Security in private she is emotionally detached, though not devoid, having zero issue ordering people to their death if it's benefits her and she can profit from it from someway. While she has no use or respect for most laws she does respect order to a degree, utilizing chaos in her criminal enterprises if only to further her business agenda and return things to a natural order.
  9. Vesica

    Character Workshop

    No... but we can go around "liberating" everything;)
  10. Vesica

    Character Sheet/Creation

    I have it all haha... what do you need?
  11. Vesica

    Character Sheet/Creation

    It's supposed to be 37 XD that's a typo.. it'd been changed but thanks for pointing it out. The bio will be up shortly
  12. Vesica

    Character Workshop

    Those nasty tricksie Drow... I've since amended my profile
  13. Vesica

    Character Workshop

    Name: Alexander Gender: Male Race: Human Background: Soldier - Member of the Order of the White Hand, a Holy Knightly Order in Service to the Goddess Tyr Class: Paladin Alignment: Lawful Good - As a Paladin of the White Hand Alexander is dedicated his life to the service of Light, Law, Justice and Good. Appearance: Characteristics: Devout Paladin. Alexander is a highly Devout member of the Order of the White Hand and ceaselessly seeks to bring justice law and good to the world through the light of the Goddess Tyr. He is immovable in his convictions that what he's doing is right and will seek out wickedness with a dogged and unyielding determination. He is a shrewd and skilled warrior with a naturally gifted tactical mind however his sheer size make him slower the others, hence why he prefers heavy weapons. Deity: Tyr Goddess of Justice Extended Background: Alexander was given to the Order at a young age by his mother to escape her own torrid life of which he knows next to nothing. He has spent his life dedicated his mind, body and soul to becoming a Paladin having seen the horrors of war up close as a squire to another Paladin during his own travels. While he was growing Alexander grew larger then his comrades and none doubted his natural warriors prowess. Having spent years in service to the Order Alexander left it's Crusader to begin a Pilgrimage of his own and seek to bring justice and good back to the world. Alexander's Capture During his Pilgrimage he came across a village under attack by an unknown force, putting the town to the torch. Thinking of nothing else then the innocents that called the village home Alexander waded into the fray, smiling down those who had brazenly attacked the hamlet and allowing some of the villagers to escape. While in combat with one of the Assailants he was struck a mighty blow from behind in a moment of weakness and rendered incapacitated. When he woke he was a prisoner of a place of darkness with no only his own internal light and conviction to return to his Pilgrimage. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ability Scores: Strength: 15 Dexterity: 8 Constitution: 13 Intelligence: 11 Wisdom: 11 Charisma: 14 Alexander has spent his life honing body through the intense physical training demanded by the Order and the rigors and realities if combat which combined with his natural size gives him a great deal of physical strength and endurance, capable of wielding the heavy weapons and Armor for extended periods of time required of a Paladin. Further Alexander's mentor insisted he hone his mind as well versing him in the history, tactics, religion and cultural texts so that Alexander may better assist and fit in with those he is around and attempting to aid. Alexander's immense size and natural warrior prowess has made him a shrewd warriors and tactician but find himself hampered by his size and armor. His true strength however lies in thr strength of his conviction that what he is doing js right and just; nothing can dissuade him from the path of righteousness and he will and has vigorously defended his faith to others both through the strength of his blade and words.
  14. Vesica

    Character Workshop

    Please tell me this isn't too late to enter II've been waiting a long time to get into a real D&D Campaign
  15. Vesica

    Character Sheet/Creation

    Alias: The White Witch Real Name: Madison Snow Alignment: Neutral Evil Age: 37 Powers/Abilities: - Hydro/Cyrokenesis (Control over Ice and Water) - Super Intelligence - Enhanced Durability Nationality: American Occupation: Business Woman (CEO of White Security, a powerful PMC), Head of the Syndicate (Incredibly influential and powerful criminal organization responsible for the massive crime wave gripping ??? City. Bio: TBC (I need to know whether the character will be accepted)