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  1. Randgriz

    USS Equilism: A Simple Plan

    <CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer> <XO/CMO> CEO: And, Chloe - welcome back. : Frazer pauses. This kind of interaction isn't her strong point. She felt new to the ship again, like she had been gone for much longer. : <XO/CMO>: Thanks Commander. Feels like I never left. : Double-checking her gear again to break the eye-contact and fine something to do with her hands, Chloe takes care not to look starboard at the menacing spectre of the derelict. : =/\= CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer =/\=
  2. Randgriz

    USS Equilism: A Simple Plan

    <CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer> <XO/CMO> CEO: Chloe, grab a full hazard kit and meet me in the main shuttle bay - you're coming over to the derelict with us. <XO/CMO>: Aye aye Commander. I'll be right over. :Frazer leaves the CSO to his orders and promptly gears up from the engineering equipment lockers with all necessary hazard protection, including hazard emitters to cleanse the ship of dangerous radiation. The last derelict Chloe had boarded had earned her far too long on Kemaris's medical deck, that was certain. Less certain, she felt, was whether the feeling in her gut was determination or fear. Realistically, it was most likely both, Frazer mused. When she arrives in the main shuttle bay, the CEO is suits up and readies herself before Ashe and Rhodes.: XO/CMO: Reporting, Sir. I've got what we need. Let's hope this goes better than last time. =/\= CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer =/\=
  3. Randgriz

    OOC USS Equilism

    Sorry, work has been hectic. Posting now.
  4. Randgriz

    Israel and Hamas

    I'm inclined to agree with Fel. Israel can't be expected to simply ignore rocket attacks and simply accept blows to it's military reputation. That reputation is key to Israel's survival amongst it's hostile neighbors and it has been since the partition. However, Israel could be handling the situation far more cautiously. Not only are they blowing Gaza to pieces almost indiscriminately, but they're really doing Hamas a favour in the long term by driving more Palestinians to embrace extremist Islam. The real losers here are the population of Gaza and the West Bank. Maybe Israel and Hamas can find some common ground in their mutual disregard for civilian life.
  5. Randgriz

    Roll call summer 2014

    Also here.
  6. Randgriz

    USS Equilism: A Simple Plan

    <CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer> <CO> CEO: We've got one massive ship out there with a hull we can't penetrate with our available scans. Given an away team is on its way by shuttle I want to see what's inside that ship. Work with Ensign S'rass and give me the interior of that ship. ::Chloe nodded and furrowed her brow in thought.: CO: Understood Captain. We'll have the scans ASAP. ::Turning to S'rass, Chloe slides her hands behind her back and interlocks them, looking up at him.:: CSO: Ensign, I'm Lieutenant Commander Frazer. This is my Engineering. Take your station and run a multiphasic scan on the ship's hull. Give me an idea what it's made of. =/\= CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer =/\=
  7. Randgriz

    USS Equilism: A Simple Plan

    <CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer> :: Commander Frazer was beginning to feel out of the loop, and was about to request a situation report from the bridge when she spotted Captain Nivo, accompanied by a dark haired Caitian in science blue below her, entering her domain. Normally,this would have prompted a sharp bark of "Captain on deck", but the CO looked like he was here for business, and Frazer knew when the Captain did and did not care for formality. Quickly descending from the upper balcony, Chloe's eyes fitted over the latter man curiously. Was he the new CSO? Frazer had never met a Caitian before, and was intrigued enough to offer S'rass more than a cursory glance.:: CO: Captain, what can I do for you? =/\= CEO Lieutenant Commander Chloe Frazer =/\=
  8. Randgriz

    Which GoT House do you belong to?

    I'd be totally down for a GoT style RP. I'm a sucker for both that and the historical periods which inspire it.
  9. Randgriz

    The Sun Never Sets

    *Sørensen shrugs his shoulders and shuffles his papers, looking over his glasses at the assembled entourages.* Secretary Sørensen: Please do not play semantics with me, Minister. Violate our territorial airspace again without permission and we will defend ourselves, as is our right. Our restraint thus far should prove our purely defensive intentions in the region. We attended this summit, as requested, to clarify our intent and objectives in the Atlantic and I believe that we have done so. *turns to Officer Myers* Officer Myers, I would ask you to please make your presence as the arbiter of this conference known. Minister Zalpht's repetitive references to shots, bombs and force are not conductive to the diplomatic conversation I am trying to encourage. However, this conference was not called for the purpose of discussing any form of regional demilitarization. Yet, because I represent a diplomatic government, we will listen. At this time, I am not hearing any attempts at negotiation from Minister Zalpht. Instead it seems that you are demanding we demilitarize the region, or else. For the record, will you please tell me whether this is true? If it is not, then you will have to offer some concessions in return, otherwise we see no reason to bow to your brash demands.
  10. Randgriz

    The Sun Never Sets

    Secretary Sørensen: Minister Zalpht, I did read my invitation. As President Wood just stated, this conference is being held in order to give the Combine an opportunity to clarify our intent and objectives regarding our recent military activity in the Atlantic. The existence of this conference is a confrontation, is it not? Yet, an unfounded one. I am here to assure all parties involved and the global media that we have no intents or objectives in the western Atlantic beyond the security of our land, sea and airspace, as is our right as a sovereign nation. We have no intention of escalating confrontation. However, prehaps you do. If there is cause for confrontation, it is perhaps the violation of Bermudan airspace by Svunbrink UAVs which you just admitted to. Does that not constitute an aggressive act? I would interpret that as cause for concern.
  11. Randgriz

    The Sun Never Sets

    *Secretary Sørensen interlocked his fingers calmly and curled his lips. His eyes did not smile as his mouth did.* Secretary Sørensen: President Wood, General Gaht, Minister Zalpht. It is not in the nature of our nation to seek conflict. The Combine is, by nature, a defensive coalition of like-minded nations. I'm sitting here today to represent my country concerning the grievances raised by our trans-Atlantic partners. A less diplomatic government may have taken offense at being "summoned" here like a subordinate to explain our actions, despite the fact we have no legal or moral requirement to do so. A less diplomatic government might instead dismiss your concerns outright as petty, unfounded, inflammatory and unrealistic. Yet, we are diplomatic, so that is not the case. Our military activity in the Atlantic, western Arctic and the Caribbean is nothing more than business as usual. Our territories in Antigua, Bermuda, Greenland, or any of our overseas holdings are our own. We see no reason why we should not fortify and equip them defensively as we see fit. The NAFS is simply constructing a threat where none exists. Has the Combine made aggressive overtures to the Federation in the past? The answer is no. Our territory is ours, and we shall do as we please within it, as is our right. Groundless, theoretical paranoia has no bearing on our internal matters.
  12. Randgriz

    The Sun Never Sets

    *The Combine Secretary of State, Sigurd Sørensen, was at first inclined to turn down the Zeorite invitation to Seattle. After all, what was there to talk about? The Supreme Chancellor had little time for the petty grievances of the NAFS, in the scheme of the Combine's geo-political plans. Still, he was eventually turned towards attending, if only to save diplomatic face. Sørensen and his entourage arrived at the summit, meeting Foreign Officer Myers and President Wood, Introducing themselves and trading standard pleasantries before the business started, as diplomacy always demanded, while the Federation's delegates also arrived...*
  13. Randgriz


    A quick n' dirty first draft of the map, with only player nations as of yet, is available here: http://i.imgur.com/qsfTT88.png
  14. Randgriz


    I'll do it, but I want some info on everybody's nations because I can't find the thread where people claimed them.
  15. Randgriz

    The Waiting Bear

    *The Combine Secretary of State, Sigurd Sørensen, issues a statement condemning violence against Russian speakers in Poland, implying the "divisive cultural and political nature of the European Imperium has encouraged ethnic tensions in Eastern Europe as part of clandestine measures to antagonize Eurasia.*