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  1. Korriban-Ziost


    Thrawn was an issue in our past too. More power hungry than anything. We've just not had much luck with the name Thrawn regardless of one n or two n's. xD We've had both, and both went off the edge a bit. Oh well, we're moving forward. We have an SMF board figured out. New Forum Link: http://tnge.kl-gaming.net/index.php
  2. Korriban-Ziost


    Yeah, Thrawnn leaked some stuff from Osiris, should have seen this coming I suppose. The nice thing is he did hand over a backup database and we have that working. Should be getting a SMF Forum up and running for the region soon with all our data that we would have lost (3 months worth) going back to our Zetaboard.
  3. Korriban-Ziost


    Well he's been a part of TNGE Government here and there, and has served in some pretty important roles. It was kind of unbelievable he went to this level, some people don't believe it was an accident still, even though Thrawnn has restored and handed over the backup database to show this was done because of an act of stupidity, not an act of vengeance for something whatever people had in their minds. Just a lot of paranoia and the last couple of nights have been..... well hell.
  4. Korriban-Ziost


    Update: The culprit got on last night and at least gave the Admin Team of our forum a backed up version of the database, claiming he accidentally deleted the forum in some sort of drunk state.
  5. Korriban-Ziost


    Our forums were destroyed unfortunately by the guy with root access, Thrawnn is his name if you ever need to ban him, PM me if you want detailed information on him. We're going back to Zetaboard for the time being. http://s4.zetaboards.com/New_Galactic_Empire
  6. Korriban-Ziost


    You're Invited! You are formally invited to the New Galactic Empire's 1st Annual Christmas Festival which will include all sorts of fun things like a short story contest and people sharing there Christmas Traditions and will last from Tuesday December 10th through Thursday December 12th . All are invited to come and share in the fun and games and we look forward to visiting with and meeting all of you. Itinerary for the Festival: Tuesday December 10th: Dignitaries Arrive and are welcomed by member of the TNGE Imperial Family. Ceremony to Kick off the Festival which will include: The Playing of the Imperial March A fly by of TIE Fighters A Speech from Praetor Vaculatestar at the Palace of the Praetor Submissions for the Short Story contest due at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time Wednesday December 11th: share you favorite Christmas gif/meme(s) event share your christmas traditions hosted hosted by the Department of Culture Thursday December 12th: Medal Ceremony with the addition of the winner of the essay contest winner being announced continuation of the stuff on Wednesday Goodbye's Rules for the Short Story Contest: Must be 2-5 Pages Two submissions max from each region Will be graded by the following criteria: most original most entertaining best plot twist best overall Winner will be given the Medal of Creativity during the Awards Ceremony on Thursday.
  7. Korriban-Ziost

    November Update

    The New Galactic Empire's Foreign Update: November High Government Emperor: Darth Radix II Imperial Knight: Darth Xilross Praetor: Vaculatestar Senate: Chancellor: Darth Treachorous Representative: Raslekx Representative: Vacant Galactic Court: Supreme Judge: Gray Army Moff Council: Moff of War: Darth Tenebris Vice Moff of War: Vacant Moff of Culture: Marik Winters Vice Moff of Culture: Vacant Interim Moff of Foreign Affairs: Vaculatestar Vice Moff of Foreign Affairs: Thrawnn Imperial Senate This month in the Imperial Senate after some heavy debate and a compromise was reached the Empire's first criminal code which was co-authored by Emperor Darth Radix II, Imperial Knight Darth Xilross, and Praetor Vaculatestar was passed. It is part of an attempt at reforming the court system with more reforms expected on the way in terms of actual court policies and rules. There is also being voted on a new version of the Mentorship Act which was written by Praetor Vaculatestar. IT is hoped that this will help lay out better the duties of a mentor in an attempt at reforming the mentor program in TNGE. There is also up for vote The Chancellor Prerequisite Act which if passes will put restrictions on who can run for office by putting in a limit on how long you have to have had citizenship in the Empire. Emperor Darth Radix II has also issued an Imperial Decree creating several senate committees which cover a wide range of issues and are meant to draw focus to specific areas of the Empire. The Return of a Friend: Recently former Emperor Darth Revan II now known as Darth Vader made a decision to leave the Empire due to misunderstandings and poor communication. However, efforts were made by all sides and much of this has been resolved. This has led him to the Empire which has brought great joy to all. Culture: This month the culture department under the direction of Moff of Culture Marik Winters has been spurring up RMB activity with weekly discussion topics. This appears to be working with RMB activity higher than it has been in recent history. The Culture Department also is working on reviving some old RP's such as the government deception RP which is the oldest and generally the biggest favorite of all of the RP's in the Empire though has seen little to no activity recently. Imperial Knight Darth Xilross has also been tasked with revitalizing the Imperial Acadamy in hopes of having a working education system in the Empire. Praetor Vaculatestar has begun work on revitalizing the regional news service the Holonet. He has introduced legislation and is currently trying to find a way to be able to publish it. Divorce in the Empire: Late into the month former Empress Dowager Aayla Fel filed for divorce from her then husband and also a former Emperor Darth Vader (formerly known as Darth Revan II). It is indeed a sad day in the Empire to see these two decide to part ways though perhaps in all of the sadness there is a silver lining as this has brought to light the need for a law on Divorce and Marriage which is now being worked on. Aayla has taken on the title of Her Imperial Highness (HIH) and has retained her Noble Title as Duchess of Alderaan. Election Time: Late this month, the Empire had an election for Chancellor, the only elected office in the region, between incumbent Darth Treachorous and Forum Administrator Raven. In a close election Raven was able to pull out an 8-4 victory over the incumbent. Raven has said that his first actions as Chancellor are going to be to take an account of the laws that we have and see what needs to be done. He also plans to increase the amount of democracy in the Empire in an attempt to push the Empire forwards into a new Golden Age. Upcoming Award Ceremony: The Government of the Empire is preparing for its bi-annual awards ceremony which will be held next month. Notable events to happen at it are there is going to be another inductee to the Hall of Fame and the Royal Family will be making an announcement in regards to an addition to it. Invitations and further details will be released as we get close to it. Emperor's Quote of the Month: "I don't need you guys to be BFFs and run around in matching sweaters, but I do need you to stop trying to kill each other on a daily basis" -Emperor Darth Radix II
  8. Korriban-Ziost

    Guess Who's Back?

    K. I'll work on it.
  9. Korriban-Ziost

    Guess Who's Back?

    Heya there guys, I'm deciding to join an RP and chill with you Equilism folks a little bit more once again. Wondering how I can join up in this RP if its still going? This RP is right up my alley.
  10. Korriban-Ziost

    October Update

    TNGE Update 10/21-10/27 Culture This week in TNGE has been full of fun events each day leading up to Halloween. So far we have had a Halloween Movie Contest, a Jack O' Lantern Contest, and a Scariest Star Wars Creature contest with the winners in each having yet to be announced the region waits in anticipation to see who wins. The region is also heavily participating in the oh so popular World RP started by Praetor Vaculatestar with it already in its second round with this round starting in 1930, so far there have been interesting moves by people on all sides of the globe. So far Darth Tenebris who controls Russia has taken over Ukraine and is making moves on other European Countries. There are also diplomatic talks going on between Russia and the UCSF controlled by Chancellor Darth Treachorous though with Tensions rising over who controls Eastern Europe how far these talks will go has yet to be seen. There has also been a Non Aggression Pact/Technology Sharing Treaty signed between the United States of America controlled by Praetor Vaculatestar and the Empire of Japan controlled by Emperor Darth Radix II. With the strong possibility of these diplomatic relations further improving this could create an incredibly powerful power bloc in the world. Lottery The winner of this weeks lottery was Praetor Vaculatestar with a pot win of 520,000 Imperial Credits. Legislation This week Emperor Darth Radix II proposed a Criminal Code with Praetor Vaculatestar and Imperial Knight Master Xilross listed as a co-writer's. The purpose of this proposed law is to lay out the legal foundation of TNGE and give the court some direction when presented with a case. This law goes along with the law previously proposed and passed by then Chancellor Vaculatestar that put in place a civil code. Admins Forum admins are currently working with the High Government to streamline the new forum and make it easier and more accessible. So far with the massive amount of subforums used for the RP's and in particular the housing district of The Empire in order to make masking an easier and more possible task it has been decided that a second forum be created using IPB strictly for the culture of The Empire with the current forum to be used by the government of The Empire. The second forum license is being purchased by current Senior Forum Administrator and Vice Moff of Foreign Affairs Thrawnn who also owns the forum license for the current forum. Thrawnn is thanked by The Empire for his incredible generosity. Promotions and Recognitions This past week Interim Moff of Foreign Affairs Vaculatestar promoted Darth Tenebris current Moff of War to the rank of attache for his work and dedication in improving The Empires foreign relations abroad. This will allow him the chance to take on more responsibility and to prove himself further. "Emperor's Quote of the Week" "Honor is a fool's prize. Glory is of no use to the dead" check in here as soon as you post it in your assignments.
  11. Korriban-Ziost

    July/August Update

    This is for July/August. Sorry for the length between updates. Population: 109 Nations Royal Family Update The Emperor and Empress undertook a state visit to the United Kingdom in late July which included a state dinner followed with talks with HM King Edward IX and Prime Minister Astor. The Council of Peers has been formed, which is comprised of the nobility and will begin meetings as of August 2nd. Senate Update Legislature This has been a very active month for the legislature and under the leadership of Chancellor Vaculatestar with the passing of several pieces of very important legislation including the historical Senate Record Keeping and Hall of Fame Act which established the first ever hall of fame for retired government members and also required that all government departments keep track of the actual employment within the department. There was also a law passed totally reforming the economy and allowing privately owned businesses back into the economy. Yet another piece of historical piece of legislation the Education Reform Act was cow-written by Chancellor Vaculatestar and High Moff Darth Radix II which finally put into place a working education system to ensure that all future leaders of the Empire have the training they need to lead the Empire into further glory. A much needed piece of legislation was passed just recently that revamped the news system of the Empire by allowing private individuals to finally be able to own their own newspaper business instead of the government run Holonet from before. The much needed Citizenship Act written by Chancellor Vaculatestar which finally spelled out the process of becoming a citizen and all the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of the Empire. Elections Coming Up! With the quarter almost over thoughts are beginning to turn towards the election of the next Chancellor of the New Galactic Empire. With no real clear pool of candidates the incumbent Chancellor Vaculatestar has kept everyone guessing by not announcing either his intent to run or take a job on the Moff Council. He has just recently announced his plans to not run again. Foreign Affairs Update Expansion and management of the Foreign Affairs Department has been going well. The Interim Moff expects to begin training a Vice Moff by next month's Foreign Update. Overall activity is a little decreased due to the summer and the Interim Moff being away on vacation in Real Life. War Update Full department reforms are underway However the Imperial Navy is still on long term deployment in Osiris and thus little else has been in production. Now with the end of that assignment War can move on and a participation Ribbon shall be handed out Culture Update The new Star Trek RP has been met with much success. With nearly a full crew, the voyages of the USS Rose Tyler will be on-going The new RP, World: 1900 has had a very strong start and is immensely popular. Hopefully, it will have a long a prosperous future. A new celebration for November is being planned. More will be announced soon. Weekly RBM posts are once again being posted weekly. Halloween and Labor Day celebrations are TBA. Other Notes: Thanks to a recent vote in the Senate, the Department of Imperial Justice has been dissolved due to inactivity and disuse. From now on, Justice will not be included in our Foreign Updates
  12. Korriban-Ziost

    Small Update

    Well the treaty didn't pass on the UK end. lol So no treaty.
  13. Korriban-Ziost

    Small Update

    My goodness its been a while. Been dealing with some various reforms in TNGE and whatnot Department wise. XD That and trying to find a job IRL. Although I've had like no luck. I do have a bit of an interesting question for you guys, what do you guys think of United Kingdom? We might be getting a treaty going with them sometime and was wondering if you guys had any concerns about it since we are allies.
  14. Korriban-Ziost

    June 2013 Update

    Hmm. Seems IPB has a bit of complication when posting. XD Hopefully this works better hitting the light switch: The New Galactic Empire June 2013 Foreign Update Government List High Government Emperor: Darth Revan II Empress: Aayla Fel High Moff: Darth Radix II Imperial Knight: Mandalore the Demagol Imperial Patriarch: Palpatine1986 Imperial Senate Chancellor: Vaculatestar64 Representative: Roderich von Ouvry, Kalarba Supreme Court Supreme Judge: Gray Army Moff Council Interim Moff of Foreign Affairs: Darth Radix II Vice Moff of Foreign Affairs: vacant Moff of War: Darth Tenebris Vice Moff of War: Vacant Interim Moff of Culture: Mandalore the Demagol Vice Moff of Culture: Vacant Interim Moff of Imperial Justice: Darth Radix II Vice Moff of Imperial Justice: Vacant Population: 106 Nations New Nations: N/A New Forum Members: N/A Royal Family Update The Royal Family recently announced that the next medals ceremony will take place on the 24th of June. Medal ceremonies are events where citizens of the Empire are recognized for their outstanding work in the previous six months. His Majesy also just recently wed the Lady Aayla Fel in a wedding at the Imperial Palace on Dromund Kaas. Those in attendance where the entire Royal Family, Moff Council, the Lord Chancellor of the Senate. Senate Update New Representatives have been appointed and several new bills have passed through the Senate. A new aristocracy has been formed via the Aristocracy Regulation Bill. This new group shall include the Council of Peers to help advise the High Government. The Emperor has enacted a new set of rules governing interactions on the Imperial IRC Chatroom. Currently in debate are the Minimum Vote Requirement Proposition and a bill to restore and reform the Empire's Mock Trial program. These bills are expected to go to a vote soon. Foreign Affairs Update The Foreign Affairs Department is currently under reform by High Moff Darth Radix II. Training and internal structure has been improved and new leadership is currently be sought. New diplomats are being trained and new assignments are being evaluated and being sent out. We ask for patience from our allies as this process is accomplished War Update The War Department is continuing to grow under the new leadership of Darth Tenebris. Tenebris has been a veteran of both the War and Intelligence Departments and has been a member of the Empire for almost two years. He is currently focusing on expansion and training. Culture Update The Culture Department leadership has been replaced for the time being by an interim leader until a new permanent one can be trained. In addition to the search for leadership, there is currently a focus on expanding existing programs such as Roleplaying, the Imperial Academy and Imperial Comics. There is also a great deal of research going into new activities and tournaments, there has even been discussion of a competition to write ideas for the new Star Wars movie. Justice Update The Justice Department leadership has been replaced by an interim leader until a new permanent one can be trained. The interim Moff is also reviewing the possibilities of internal department reform and restructuring. This department will also benefit greatly from the Mock Trial bill if it passes. Other Notes:
  15. Korriban-Ziost

    Heya Equilism

    Yup, the forums are pretty sexy if I say so myself. Heya Kubrik,How's it going man? I also seen Equilism has grown past 700 nations. Congrats guys. That's an awesome number.