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  1. Belussa

    OOC Thread

    I'm still around, sorry about the absence, I've been really busy this past month, and haven't really has the time or energy for NS. Things should calm down soon.
  2. Belussa

    Out of the Abyss, Act One

    ~~Derendil~~ Shakes his head no as he continues to open the chains of other prisoners. ~~Jimjar~~ "Slubludop it is then. That's the city of the Kuo-Toa." Jimjar casts a sidelong glance at the toad-like creature meditating near the back wall of the cell. "They are a violent bunch, but they do trade with the other races." Jimjar considers the question of where everyone's belongings are carefully, after a moment of silence, the deep gnome finally speaks up. "I bet you a pint of stout ale that our things are in the armory, in the guard stalactite across from us. We're also going to need some food for the journey. The kitchens are across the rope bridge, not far from the crane."
  3. Belussa

    Out of the Abyss, Act One

    ~~Derendil~~ The great beast considers Thriorion's request for a moment and nods. "Very well then, I'll open your chains. They will come for us in the morning to assign us various duties around the camp." Derendil looks up across at the stalactite where two drow guards are posted to watch the prisoners. The two guards seem deeply immersed in a game of Three Dragon Ante. Derendil snickers and steps behind a bend where the guard's view would be obscured. One by one, he begins to open the chains of the other prisoners. ~~Jimjar~~ Grinning as his chain is being opened. "Have you figured out where you want to go? There's three exits out of Velkyvelve, one north, one south, and one west. I'm guessing you guys want to make it back to the surface? That means getting to Blingdenstone. The most direct route there would take us to the north exit, which also the exit closest to this pen. There are two problems with that option. Problem one is Blingdenstone is far, about a month's travel far. Problem two is that Menzoberranzan, you know, the drow capital, lies on the north path to Blingdenstone. We could take the south passage, that way leaves to Gracklstugh, but Gracklstugh is nearly as far away as Blingdenstone, and the passage is on the other side of the camp. The west passage leads to Slubludop, which isn't too far away. The problem with that plan is that the west passage is beneath us, on the cave floor. We'd have to take the crane down, and I don't think it can hold all of us at once. That and the cave is halfway across the camp. I'd bet you a gold piece that I can make it to the crave without getting caught, but I don't think the big guy would make it."
  4. Belussa

    OOC Thread

    It might be, but you lot don't have your gear, you are dressed only in rags given to you by the drow, as I noted in the first post. No boots, same for Givon, he'll have to hide his weapon elsewhere.
  5. Belussa

    European Hyper Points Battle Go!

    What should we do next?
  6. Belussa

    OOC Thread

    The Detect Magic ritual should work. We haven't had a new post in a couple of days, so this is the last call for the current scene. If anyone wants to do something in this scene let me know. If we have no takers by Sunday-ish, I'll post what happens next.
  7. Belussa

    OOC Thread

    The bars are structurally sound, and Givon does not see anything suitable for lock picking. However, his search of the cave does turn up a piece of flint that could be sharpened into a stone knife. Once sharpened, the flint would do 1d4 slashing damage. It is considered a finesse weapon (Givon can use his dex modifier instead of the usual str modifier for melee weapons), but is brittle and can break easily.
  8. Belussa

    European Hyper Points Battle Go!

    (Italy +1, Great Britain -1) Great Britain – 3 Italy – 27 Almost...
  9. Belussa

    Game idea: Murder puzzle

    This sounds interesting, I'd be up for it.
  10. Belussa

    Suggestion on posting styles

    I do like the idea, especially the one line character descriptions. I considered coming up with a standard posting style to aid readability, but decided to let people present the information as they see fit. I won't mandate a posting style, if you really want to present your information in a particular way, go right ahead. However, everyone is encouraged to make use of these suggestions, and I think I'll start using this style as well. I'll update the Primer with this information at some point. Yeah, for those of you who didn't see our forum move / reorganization thread, it was agreed that we would not create a separate subforum for character threads, because we are trying to keep the forum lean. However, you are free to make your own character threads and put whatever you'd like in there. I would suggest that one of the things you do include is your character's inventory.