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    Thanks!! Do you guys have a Hash Bar?!!! lol
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    WHoa...haven't stepped foot in here in years! Hey everyone!!
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    The NationStates Movie

    *Note: this is for humor only, no insult is intended for those who got stuck with someone you don't think fits your personality. This is a general consensus, not a revelation from a Hollywood God. ;-)* The things we do on IRC *grins evilly* Several of us (Cisco, biyah, Neenee, Thel, and others) decided that, if NS were to be made a movie, these are the people who would play our 'characters'. Underlined Names are links to pics. The North Pacific Ananke - Julia Roberts (Movies: Pelican Brief & Conspiracy Theory) Tresville - Antonio Banderas (Role: The Legend of Zorro & The 13th Warrior) Heft - John Malkavich (Movies: The Man in the Iron Mask & Of Mice and Men) Free4all - Gary Oldman (Movies: Murder in the First & The Fifth Element) Twoslit - F. Murray Abraham (Movies: Amadeus & Finding Forrester) Stars of Sky - Kate Beckinsale (Movies: Underworld & Pearl Harbor) Insane Power - John Cleese (Movies: How to Irritate People & A Fish Called) Wanda Nastic - Al Pacino (Movies: The Godfather & The Devil's Advocate) Cathyy - Sharon Stone (Movies: Casino & Diabolique) Boolari - Lucy Liu - (Movies: Kill Bill & Charlie's Angels) Thyatira - Richard Gere (Movie: First Knight & Primal Fear) Azazel - Jason Statham (Movies: Snatch & Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) Poltsamaa - Jay Mohr (Movies: Suicide Kings & Jerry Maguire) Sydia - Michael Douglas (Movies: The American President & The Game) Romanoffia - Tim Robbins (Movies: Antitrust & High Fidelity) Flemingovia - Peter Sellers (Movies: The Pink Panther & Murder by Death) The West Pacific Dilber - Jaquin Phoenix (Movies: Ladder 49 & The Village) TAO - Drew Carrey(Movies: TV The Drew Carrey Show & Freaky Friday) Biteland - Dustin Diamond (Movies: TV Saved by the Bell & Big Fat Liar) Freedom & Pride - Johnny Galeki (Movies: TV Roseanne & Suicide Kings) ZetaOne - Robin Williams (Movies: he Bird Cage & Death to Smoochie) Lady Rebels - Roseanne Barr (Movies: TV Roseanne & Blue in the Face) The Shotgun Seat - Toby Keith (Musician) Monte Ozarka - Ayumi Hamasaki (Singer: Japanese Pop Star) Biyah - Tommy Lee Jones (Movies: Men in Black & The Fugitive) Neenee - Sandra Bullock (Movies: The Net & Murder by Numbers ) John Ashcroft Land - James Spader (Movies: Stargate & Pretty in Pink) The Pacific Myrth - Christopher Walken (Movies: The Prophecy & King of New York) Unlimited - John Delancie (Movies: TV Star Trek: The Next Generation & The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) Karpathos - Lance Kinsey (Movies: Proctor in the Police Academy Movies) The New Duce - Gabriel Byrne (Movies: End of Days & The Usual Suspects) Blackadder - Andy Garcia Movies: Oceans Eleven & The Godfather: Part III) Sir Paul - Matthew Modine (Movies: Full Metal Jacket & Gross Anatomy) Noumena - Lori Petty (Movies: Tank Girl & Point Break) Ivan Moldavi - Jason Isaacs (Movies: The Patriot & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) Lemuria Thel D'Ran - Sam Neill (Movies: Event Horizon & Jurassic Park) Erastide - Andie Macdowell (Movies: Four Weddings and a Funeral & Michael) Advanced Weaponry - R. Lee Ermey (Movies: Full Metal Jacket & Apocalypse Now) GoalVA - Ryan Phillippe (Movies: Antitrust & Cruel Intentions) Nasicournia Unistrut - Dennis Leary (Movies: Suicide Kings & Demolition Man) Pope Hope - Nicole Kidman (Movies: Batman Forever & The Stepford Wives) The East Pacific One Infinite Loop - Scott Glenn (Movies: The Silense of the Lambs & Courage Under Fire) The Rejected Realms Kandarin - Tom Arnold (Movies: Exit Wounds & True Lies) Crazy Girl - Uma Thurman (Movies: Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction) Equilism Defaultia - Elijah Wood (Movies: Lord of the Rings & The Faculty) The Proletariat Coalition BlackBird - Kevin Kline (Movies: Wild Wild West and In & Out) The South Pacific Lady Rebels - Roseanne Barr (Movies: TV Roseanne & Blue in the Face) Fudgie - Kathy Najimy (Movies: Sister Act & TV voice of Peggy Hill in King of the Hill) *************************************************************************************************** For any additions to this list please PM Tresville. You cannot suggest yourself. Please add to your suggestion 2 movie roles and why u chose them.
  4. Tresville

    Greetings from Flemingovia

    We, the democratic government of the North Pacific (hereafter called the NPC) recognize our longstanding friendship with the West Pacific, and our alliance with her together with the South Pacific in the Union of Democratic Pacifics. We recognize our obligation under Article 1 of that treaty to: “undertake to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and justice are not endangered, and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the ideals of liberty.†THEREFORE: We, the elected officials of The NPC, condemn the recent declaration by Moldavi, the implicit threat contained within it, and the saber-rattling attitude behind it. We resolve to aid The West Pacific, honoring the Union entered in to democratically by our region, the will of the people rather than of one man. We also stand by our friends in other regions with whom we have a longstanding friendship, especially Juxtaposition X, Equilism, England, Nasicournia in the face of threats and attempted intimidation by Moldavi. We call on all regions of NationStates not to let themselves be dragged into further conflict fuelled by recent rash statements made by Moldavi/Pixiedance/ Pierconium. By Ministers, Tresville, Grosseschnauzer, Free4All, Heft, GoalVA, Flemingovia, Romanoffia Original Post can be found here (click me)
  5. Tresville

    Greetings from Flemingovia

    Hello....i'd like to aplogize for not posting here more often.....kinda got a lot on my desk at the moment. The NPC appreciates all the support we receive from Equilism....we hope that many other regions follow in your footsteps. Could someone please change the name of the Consulate to NPC?
  6. Tresville

    Greetings from Flemingovia

    The North Pacific Regional Update As of March 29, 2005 Current Population: 8,015 Current Delegate: Moldavi/Pierconium/Pixiedance *On 8 January 2005 Cathyy, the original owner of Pixiedance, handed over control of her nation, and hence the delegacy, to New Sparrow founder/Ex PRP Senator Pierconium (Ivan Moldavi) . Communication: The North Pacific Forum IRC - Espernet #TNP Recent Events: The North Pacific Underground underwent renovations and changed its name to The North Pacific Confederation (NPC)Moldavi went on a banning spree and booted 13 nations from the region. He claims that the RRA was given orders to invade, but he failed to provide proof. At the moment their are 20 members on the Ban List.Blackshear and Stars of Sky were forced to leave the region due to passing the Endorsement Cap of 50% of the delegates endos. Both applied at the NPD forum for exemptions but were denied. They chose to leave and return, instead of being booted.A conference to finalize the proposals from the PRP Summit was held in a secure forum. NPD and NPC both attended and Representatives from the Pacific Regions, ADN and others were present as witnesses to the event. These are the members who attended, The East Pacific did not attend.Representatives Dilber (WP) Pope Hope (ADN) Unistrut (ADN) Unlimited (The Pacific) Eli (The Meritocracy) Eurosoviets (Delian League) Punk D (SP) Kandarin (RR) The NPC declined the proposals at a vote of 8 to 2 out of 14 and made this closing statement:
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    Hey Everyone....I'm Tresville from The North Pacific...many of u already know me as CiscO.... Registering for the first time...sorry for the wait....lol. I'm here on business,....checking the embassy....thanks for all the support!!! It is appreciated. Hey can an admin make the t in my name in Caps....Thank you. I promise to post a lot more.
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    Greetings from Flemingovia

    Just checkin up on the Embassy. Hows everyone in Equilism doing Today??