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  1. Zanannia

    Tranquilience: Issue XII

    *steps into view with a bouquet of roses for his husband* Aww, thanks Kubby-bear!
  2. Zanannia

    Tranquilience: Issue XII

    Aww, he's an old-fashioned romantic. That gives me all the warm feels! That's partly why I married Kubrik!
  3. Zanannia

    Particracy: Help Needed

    Oh god, and here I am proposing legislation regarding pollution
  4. Zanannia

    Monk and Hama's (Second) Marriage, pt. 1

    C'mon, hon, let's go catch the next one.
  5. Zanannia

    Tranquilience: Issue XII

    Fourth'ed! MARRY HIM! http://youtu.be/s3p3kOIlBrM The above video explains the reasoning behind why you should marry Ves. (To be honest, I just wanted to share that video, it's been stuck in my head for god-knows-how-long.)
  6. Zanannia

    Monk and Hama's (Second) Marriage, pt. 2

    Zan bursts into tears. "That was so beautiful!"
  7. Zanannia

    Particracy: Help Needed

    Ugh, please, tarricoe, feel free to help AFC and I. Vesica has Jelbania by the cojones and is about to take us on a bumpy ride to Fascistville.
  8. Zanannia

    Forum Organization

    I'd like dual citizenship to be moved to Foreign Affairs personally. Makes sense. I like Nai's Senate idea, as well. It makes sense to have a public floor for legislation, and a private forum for discussion on a NTKB, etc.
  9. Zanannia

    Equilism: The Movie

    Who's to say we can't have an explode-everything-action-packed-thriller, with a eye-raising-moral-questioning-mind-blowing-epic mixed in?
  10. Zanannia

    Monk and Hama's (Second) Marriage, pt. 1

    *showers the lovely couple with rice on their way to the next thread* Cheers, and good luck! Let's make it 2 for 2!! *dabs away tears*
  11. Zanannia

    Tranquilience: Issue XII

    Haha, well Kubrik, I'm glad that we have managed to raise the family I've always wanted: a foreign husband, with two children. Phen and Svun, what lovely names I wonder if there is any family tree in real life that looks like this.... And what they'd look like.
  12. Zanannia

    Equilism: The Movie

    I will be the naturalist leader of a native Drop Bear colony that aids in the heroes' quest for justice