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  1. Primeaux

    RP Idea: Vampires

    It has been changed
  2. Primeaux

    RP Idea: Vampires

    Well Mary is staked and dead, so their is really no point in changing it., I never got your message.
  3. Primeaux

    RP Idea: Vampires

    Name: Jane Stuart Race: Vampire Born April 7th 1560 Turned into a vampire: 1576 Biological Age:16 Real Age: 460 Weapon: Powers Powers: Superior Senses, Speed, Reflexes, Does not need oxegen, weakness to sunlight, Immortality, Increased Mental Ability, Bio: Jane was born to Francis II of France and Mary Stuart Queen of Scots on April 7th 1560. When she was born she was taken by her grandmother Queen Catherine so she would gain power. No one knew that she had been born as people were told the baby was still born. Jane lived in seclusion in a French Castle being taught in history, languages, and politicis just like a princess. She escaped to France to England after running away from France. She found out about her history and so did Elizabeth I who did not want a catholic heir to the Scottish Crown. She locked Jane up in the Tower of London. In the Tower she was found by a woman named Isabel who changed her. Jane became a Vampire and has lived in a forgotten castle in Scotland for centuries and going around the world. Isabel went on to be staked by a Vampire Hunter.
  4. Primeaux

    RP Idea: Vampires

    Is it still possible to join this RP?
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    Hi I am the New Foreign Secretary of The United Kingdom!
  6. United Kingdom - June Update CURRENT GOVERNMENT:Prime Minister: Neisse Deputy Prime Minister: Kip Wellington Foreign Secretary: Primeaux Defense Secretary: Kip Wellington Chancellor of the Exchequer: Donovan Graham UNITED KINGDOM RECRUITMENT SUCCESS: On June 11th, United Kingdom reached a huge milestone of 400 nations. The population is currently around 440. The Home Office has been working very hard since the founding of the government in January. United Kingdom started with 13 nations and is now in the top 20 largest regions. UNITED KINGDOM GENERAL ELECTION LOOMS: The next General Election will be on Tuesday, July 13. All House of Commons seats are up for election. A party must hold a majority to form the next government. The local elections will be held on Thursday, July 15. NORTHERN IRELAND BY-ELECTION: In a By-Election Donovan Graham of the Democratic Alliance Party won in a close vote. With three Members of Parliament this gives the Democratic Alliance an overall majority. The Party has been in government since the first elections in March. Donovan Graham (DAP) 5 (55.6%) South Boston Irishmen (SF) 2 (22.2%) Mlala (IMP) 2 (22.2%) Donovan Graham Elected NEW JUSTICES ON THE COURTS:After a long debate the Court System of United Kingdom has two new justices. Parliament sent the names of Harold Vorn and Chase to His Majesty for appointment to the High Court. The next Parliament will most likely hold debate on a new appointment to the courts. [big]How to Contact the UK? [/big]Nation States Page: http://www.nationstates.net/region=united_kingdom Off-Site Regional Forum: http://s1.zetaboards.com/United_Kingdom_Forum/index/ UK Chatroom: http://www.chatzy.com/667336587860 Prime Minister: http://s1.zetaboards.com/United_Kingdom_Fo...amp;mid=1016745 Foreign Secretary:http://s1.zetaboards.com/United_Kingdom_Fo...amp;mid=1285574 [/