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    Rite of Passage: Genose

    Hmmm, you have a very good point there. Perhaps we should require a daily breakfast log for future rites of passage. That way, this wouldn't happen again.

    Rite of Passage: Genose

    Probably because she answered it when I asked it a couple days before and when she saw it she probably glossed over it thinking "Oh, I answered that one". We may need to poke Monk, the 5 days are up.

    Rite of Passage: Collatis

    1. I am sick, tell me the surefire cure for whatever I have. 2. If you were a horse right now, how hungry would you be? 3. Which government position looks most interesting to you? 4. Which question has been your favorite so far?

    Rite of Passage: Genose

    Awww, come off it Hama! It's clear she was ranking us in ascending order rather than descending! 1. Lederhosen? (Y/N) 2. If you could go on a vacation anywhere and any time on Earth, when/where would you go? 3. What did you have for breakfast today? 4. What internet browser do you use?
  5. You called? Sorry about the wait, weekends have tended to be kind of busy for me lately. Anyway, I'm going to get this going in a more private place.
  6. Okay. Noted. I'll get back to you before next week.

    University of Equilism Cultural Event : Fall 2014

    If someone could send me a draft of the announcement, that would help out a lot. Our update looks like it might be a few more days (mainly because I'm still mostly unavailable until Sunday and no one's stepping up to fill in what I haven't done yet ), so it would be best to get an announcement out before our update.

    University of Equilism Cultural Event : Fall 2014

    I'll make sure we send out some info on this with our update.

    September Update from The New Inquisition

    Thanks for the update. Congratulations to your election winners and happy birthday to König!

    PNN: August Revolution, 11 Years of Order

    Looks like you could use a dancing partner. … Hold on, I'm sure I have a mannequin lying around in my office somewhere.

    University of Equilism Cultural Event : Fall 2014

    I suppose I've probably been around long enough to be considered experienced. Not quite sure what I'ld give a lecture on. If I had to choose anyone in Equilism to give a lecture, I would probably nominate Chauce.

    Mill for officer!

    Even if the other party was the clear aggressor, any retaliation by our ambassador would be improper. I would certainly say something if I thought their region was out of line, but regardless, I would have to apologize for our ambassador if they were to say or do things that make us as a region look bad or disrespectful. That is correct. I certainly don't want to discourage dual-citizens from becoming ambassadors, and I definitely wouldn't put up too much of a fight if a dual-citizen really wanted to be ambassador to the other region they're a citizen of (mainly because we have great people here in Equilism and I have a lot of trust in all of you), but they need to know that as soon as they become an ambassador that they are a representative of our region as well as a representative of themselves, and they need to be more careful about what they say and do.

    Mill for officer!

    Very good question Wham! While I would prefer to take sides only on a case by case basis, our ambassadors are representatives of the region, and are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. It doesn't really matter what the other region's government member does, our ambassador should never do anything to escalate the matter (which is a very good reason not to assign ambassadorship of any given region to a dual-citizen of Equilism and that region). As the FA officer, I would informally apologize to the offended parties in the other region, I would work with the senate to craft a formal public apology, and I would reassign that ambassador to a different region (after discussing with them the importance of what's expected of them as an ambassador, of course). Of course, any issue our ambassadors have with members of the region they're assigned to should be brought to the attention of the FA officer immediately. We don't want to be handing out apologies all over the place. It's best if these situations are handled before they spin out of control.

    Zeorus for Foreign Officer

    Hey! That's my line!

    Mill for officer!

    In one word: activity. It's a simple but neccessary thing. But I expect you'll be wanting more than that. Unfortunately, I only really have one plan for an improvement at the moment. I would like to prepare resources for ambassadors for when FA officers are inactive. This is probably pretty self-explanitory, but we desperately need some sort of guide in place giving ambassadors directions for when an FA officer is inactive. I've noticed over time (I'm sure some of you have noticed as well) that a department without direction doesn't seem to be able to keep any of it's responsibilities going, and that needs to change. Any resource they could refer to to keep the office active is a good start. It was pretty hectic. The transition from college to professional life is kind of disorienting. I can't say I'm too happy that I'm finished with college, but I guess post-college life isn't so bad. I live in Minnesota, so I really don't need to. I have about a 20 minute walk to work, and I did that every day throughout the whole winter, including one day in January when it was -20°F (not including wind chill). As you would expect, breakfast will be the sole focus of our foreign policy. Recently? I have never shown consistent activity. That is a valid concern. However, I don't have a lot going on in RL right now, so I have plenty of time to spend here. It's also easier to remain active when you have plenty of stuff to do, so I don't expect activity to be an issue if I get an officer position. If that's not good enough, I guess you'll just have to trust me (or not, whatever works for you). Well, a good cleaning and a nice big update would be a good start. I guess after that, I'll start reaching out to some other regions to have some sort of interregional event (because those are always fun). Good question. Some day I hope to find the answer. Hi. This is a hard question. I have a bit of a hard time remembering everything I've done around here. Most of my early foreign affairs experience came through the e-army. I joined within my first few months here. I started working as an ambassador pretty early on too (can't remember exactly when), but I wasn't posted to a very active region. I didn't really start moving into leadership positions in Equilism until around the time of the schism (though in my first region, Aequitas, I was leader of the Immigration department after a few weeks there). A lot of things kind of run together between then and now, but I've think I've led the FA department at least once, maybe twice. Any of what I just said may be incorrect. But I guess all you really need to know is I've been around long enough to do a little of just about everything.