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  1. Good day everyone. Firstly let me say that it is once again a pleasure to be writing you this report as Arch Chancellor. I didn’t think that this would be a position I would ever hold again, but this is an opportunity that i could not pass up. This term is one that is all about growth. We will be looking at rebooting and expanding our intelligence office so it will once again be seen as the most effective in the game. We will be looking at ways in which we can improve the effectiveness of the Rangers in order to enable them to combat anything raiders can throw our way. We will be increasing our presence on the international stage, mainly concentrating more on cooperation with our regional members while looking at continuing the flow of new members into the alliance. All of this will happen gradually throughout this term, so I will expand on all of these points in later reports. With that in mind I'm pleased to announce the full cabinet listing for the next two months! Arch Chancellor: Northern Chittowa Vice Chancellors: Sovereign Liberties, Chin-Chillas Chief of Defence: Frattastan Ministers of Intelligence: Chin-Chillas, Wopruthien Regional Recruitment Officer: Kogvuron Speaker of the Assembly: Indian Gangs There were many people who said that the FRA’s time had come, that it was now dead and ineffective in today’s world of NS. Due to the dedicated action of a number of individuals within the organisation this view has been proved to be false and premature. The longest running multiregional alliance Nationstates has ever seen is not about to throw in the towel just yet! Oh yes, before I forget, the first FRAVision Song Contest has now begun and is welcoming acts from all over NS! It you are a fan of the real Eurovision - Or indeed just happen to like cheesy pop and overly camp presenters - then come on over to the FRA forums and get involved! Yours, Northern Chittowa. Arch Chancellor of the FRA
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    Steeped in tradition, Infamous in its own respect, And where all are welcome, We're back... Signed,
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    Region: Balder Population: 1950ish Forum: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Balder/index/ Delegate: Zander Balder like Equilism. Balder wants embassy with Equilism. Balder say please.
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    Howdy I'm Sovereign Liberties, ambassador from Balder
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    Global Right Alliance Official Foreign Update - November 2010 Salutations from the Global Right Alliance. I do not know what to start off with so I will just jump right into things. The main concern with the last update was activity. Luckily we have leveled off in our decent into nothingness and a base of citizens have formed that are regularly on the forums. This group has been discussing reform for over a month now, and luckily we have it. The process has involved numerous proposals, with the proposal outlined in the previous update never being taken to vote, and only one vote. The idea to combine the legislature and executive was scrapped in favor of combining the judiciary and executive. This was proposed by Lower Bowmania and written into a revised version of our current constitution by myself, Sovereign Unity. Right now, you may be asking yourself why we would consider such a irrational system; it is common knowledge that government needs separation of powers. Well, the reasoning behind it was that we need to increase our activity in our government and scandals and such induce that activity. We want a volatile and dangerous government because we want activity. This new constitution was taken to vote but failed because of a few citizens that wanted a conventional separation of powers and a few that wanted none. A new idea was proposed by Uropa to the Peoples’ Assembly. The proposal was a dictatorial system where the constitution and laws of our region are suspended and all the powers of our government are given to one individual. The dictator, officially styled the Chancellor, will the have the powers to ban and eject nations from the region and to gulag forum members Our current constitution would be reinstituted by a vote of the citizens requiring a two-thirds majority. The vote of course would require a conspiracy against the Chancellor. By necessity, any three conspirators would be able to request a private forum from the admins, giving undergrounds lair’s hidden from the Chancellor to plot. If the Chancellor discovers the name of that forum he will be given access by the admins. Informally our Founder Control Board, those citizens that hold the password to our Founder nation, will remain and the forums will stay secure in the hands of Northern Chittowa, so we have no need to worry about any destruction or irreversible effects. Those who advocated a limited separations of power now see the light and support this new system. Uropa has written his proposal into a constitutional amendment, and the amendment will shortly be taken to vote. Now on to matters of the current government. Unfortunately, the executive has been ineffectual in our current situation. The platform that Chin-Chillas was elected to the presidency with has not been carried out because it entailed the citizenry stepping up and doing the menial tasks that a government involves. There has only been three citizens to officially step up as Advisors to the President, DoubleOSevenNine, Lower Bowmania, and myself. DoubleOSevenNine shortly went inactive after she became an Advisor and Lower Bowmania has not taken responsibility for any government duties, which was not a requirement to become an Advisor. I myself have only been tasked with being a custodian of our Embassy Row and the writer and distributor of our Foreign Updates. The elections that have taken place have been the elections of a new World Assembly Delegate, a new Founderless Regions Alliance Representative, and the reelection of our Speaker, Exploding Mice. Uropa challenged the inactive World Assembly Delegate WookieO and won the election against no competitors other then the incumbent. I then challenged the inactive FRA Representative DoubleOSevenNine and lost in a tie. The region then moved for new elections and I succeeded in gaining the post. Exploding Mice was nominated as the only candidate for Speaker and won with only one vote, not at all a reflection on his performance as Speaker. The only trial that has taken place has been between Uropa and Sedge. When Sedge left our region and removed portions of the forum that he contributed, he violated the The NationStates Convention on Espionage and Warfare, of which our region is a signatory. He refused to show up at his trial and therefore lost by default. He was then banned by our Chief Justice bad writers for as long as we are a signatory of the Convention. The upcoming presidential election has seen only two candidates, Uropa and Jivdom. Uropa has expressed his intentions to run for the Chancellery while Jivdom has said he will not run for that office. The presidential election is so insignificant and the candidates’ platforms are so similar that further information is unnecessary. I hope that you've enjoyed another rather lax and unillustrated update. This may or may not be my last as President Chin-Chillas’ term is coming to an end. See you next time, have a good night. Out. -Sovereign Unity, Advisor to the President
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    Greetings from the GRA. Due to recent low levels of activity, our foreign affairs have been at a minimum. However, activity is picking up and the GRA is reentering foreign affairs. I'm an Advisor to the President of the GRA, and will be handling our Foreign Affairs Department. I would like to personally say that I look forward to expanding our diplomatic relations and ties. Unfortunately, we have few ambassadors, but luckily, your region is one of the very few that have an ambassador assigned to it. If you need to contact our Foreign Affairs Department or need help with the embassy, feel free to use this thread or start your own. If the matter is sensitve or important, please private message or email myself. Thank you all for your hospitality and thank you for this embassy.