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  1. Baal System

    The Waiting Bear

    The Empress was waiting at the Imperium Embassy in Prague, she was hoping to have a frank and more casual discussion with the Supreme Chancellor in koffietijd (Coffe Time) and had some ontbijtkoek (A dutch spiced, coffee/fruit cake), she may have been the Empress but one would not think it with her presence alone, she dressed mostly in modern corporate clothing rather than Imperial gowns or any indication of her position as she finds the whole attire on her words 'gaudy'. She then went up to the front desk waiting for the Eurasian Supreme Chancellor to enter so she could greet him.
  2. Baal System

    The Waiting Bear

    (OOC: Sorry dude, I have been ridiculously busy at work also when are you going to start reposting on the Superhero rp’s? Also in the spirit of getting this stuff over with should we just skip ahead to when our leaders start negotiating?)
  3. Baal System

    United European Imperium

    Economic Infomation Currency: Euro (€) Exchange Rate: $1.00=€1.30/€1.00=$0.74 Population: 183,297,415 Gini Coefficient: 0.27 Unemployment Rate: 4.11% Inflation Rate: 0.89% GDP Per Capita (Nominal): € 61,579 GDP Per Capita (PPP): $47,054 GDP Total (Normal): € 11,287,271,518,285 GDP Total (PPP): $8,624,876,565,410 Average Income Per Capita: €52,077/$38,536 Corporate Tax Rate: 27% Income Tax (Min-Max): 12%-47% Payroll Tax: 17% VAT/GST/Sales: 9% Economic Model: Mixed Economy with Social Market Principals Stock Exchange: Boerse AG (DAX) Labour Force By Occupation: Agriculture (3%), Industry (35%), Services (62%) Government Budget: $3,319,868,116,686 Social Welfare: Healthcare: Education: Defence: Law and Order: Transport & Infrastructure: Commerce: Environment: Public Administration: Industries: (Pending) Economic Overview (Pending)
  4. Baal System

    The Waiting Bear

    The Empress recommends Prague
  5. Baal System

    The Waiting Bear

    Empress Johanna Ansen would like to meet with Supreme Chancellor Boris Vorshevsky to see what their objective is behind this skirmish in a neutral location.
  6. Baal System


    You are? That's so sweet.
  7. Baal System


    Welcome back sis.
  8. Baal System


    I would like Italy, Algeria and Poland as NPC's
  9. Baal System

    European Wars

    It's perfect. A medi-evil like RP set in lets say 1495, on the cusp of the Protestant Reformation. Europe has for thousands of years been tearing each other apart for thousands of years now. Why not we make our own spin on history, what if the reformation was crushed? What if the Christians won those crusades? What if Napoleon Won the Battle of Waterloo? What if the Allies lost either World War? What if the French or Russian evolutions didn't happen? What if Prussia didn't unify Germany, but Austria did? Seriously there are a whole lot of what ifs on this continent, lets play them out? Claim a country, form it as you see fit, maybe France had thier revolution earlier and made one of the few medievil republics? Maybe Protestantic powers in the Thirty Years war? Maybe Maybe Italy and Germany Unified earlier giving th Habsburg's a run for their money in deciding hwo should lead the Holy Roman Empire? Myb the Kalmar Union didn't split up and a united Scandinavia becomes a competing great power in the same league as France,Britain, Spain and the Dutch Republic later, or perhaps a Big Scary united Russia emerges and from thier years of combat experiments with the Turks, and destroying mongol hordes sets its sights on the rest of Europe? Who wants to explore this?
  10. Baal System


    By appropriate you mean steal right? If so then I am for it, but are the others?
  11. Baal System

    The Waiting Bear

    the Empress laughs a both the the Northern European Combine and the Federation of Eurasian Allies Republics. And asks simply "Where's the evidence of this so-called 'Oppression' and that next time before making such foolish statements to back them up first"
  12. Baal System

    United European Imperium

    Leaders Name: Johanna Ansen Position: Empress of the United European Imperium Age: 47 (05/10/1967) Place of Birth: Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands. Bio: Not much is known about Johanna Ansen outside of the Imperium, she was elected into the office of Empress 7 years ago with a 67% majority from the Estates General, however no record of her military service officially exists, rumours have over the years however speculate that she was a high ranking official within the Imperial Foreign Intelligence Bureau. She has demonstrated to have great fluency in a variety of languages including English, French, German, Dutch and Russian. Her economic policy seems to be aligned towards more Rhineland State Capitalism, mixed in with some welfare state social safety net programs. Beyond this information though nothing much else is known about her political leanings, and seems to speak very little at all.
  13. Baal System

    NPC's and Influence

    Ok I was thinking I have 3 NPC's Fist Being Italy Second Being Algeria Third Being Czechoslovakia
  14. Baal System

    The Sun Never Sets

    (OOC: Ooh, Svun is not going to like that)
  15. Baal System

    United European Imperium

    Government and Political Leaders Executive Branch: The head of the executive branch within the United European Imperium is the Emperor/Empress. The Emperor/Empress is elected via democratic vote of the highest ranking officers of the Imperial Armed Forces to reign for life on the basis of merit, as the position of Emperor is seen as more of an administrative office rather than a political office. The Emperor/Empress is in charge of the day to day administration of the country through a central policy decision making body known as the Imperial Secretariat, which are made of officers usually at least a Colonel who run their areas of governmental administration, whom are appointed by the Emperor/Empress. Legislative Branch: The head legislative branch of the European Imperium is the Estates General .The Estates General is the supreme law making body of the country, outside of the Emperor/Empress. The Emperor/Empress acts as the speaker of the Estates General and all bills in order to become laws have to have the signage of the Emperor/Empress themselves. The Estates General acts as a forum to discuss domestic and foreign issues affecting the Imperium’s domestic and international interests. Each member of the assembly is at least ranked a Colonel within the Estates General; there is a 10 year term limit for those wishing to serve in the Estates General. Judicial Branch: The head judicial body in the European Imperium is known as the Crown Court. The Crown Court is one of few governmental bodies that falls under civilian administration. The Crown Court is charged with the task of regulating the relationship between the individual and the state. It also acts and the final court of appeal and has the power of judicial review. The Federal Justices are all elected by the Imperil Law Champers , which acts as a bar association to ensure full judicial independence. Legal System: Based on the German civil code of the inquisitorial system. Imperial Secetariat Empress: Johanna Ansen Secretary of State: Benjamin Le’Claire Secretary of Defence: Erik Lind Secretary of State Security: Emanuel Van Twest Secretary of Justice: Jéan Molenaar Secretary of Immigration: Jacob Schdoup Governor of the European Central Bank: Erwin Gauck Secretary of Finance: Marie d’Prei Secretary of Commerce & Trade: Emily Rauchert Secretary of Health and Human Services: Olivier Mont Secretary of Labour: Franz Bloch Secretary of Education, Research and Development: Pierre Lucemba Secretary of Energy: Vincent Leichsick Secretary of Agriculture: Vivian Turgeois Secretary of Transport: Derick Heinhult Secretary of Environmental Protection: Zackery Andersson Secretary of Culture and Tourism: Sergei d’Brehaut