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    I, QuietDad of Equilism, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
  4. A lot has happened in the last few hours, so another emergency update directly from outgoing delegate Daynor this time. Apologies for so much information, there is a lot happening. First, TWP declared an end to the ceasefire. As such, Punk Daddy has been banned from The South Pacific… Again. We’re done listening to him on our RMB, where we could be having fun. Here is my RMB post on the matter; This was messaged to a TSP member from, well, I’ll let you guess… This telegram has been sent to you as ordered by my superior, to whom in this manner I am a proxy. You are receiving this telegram with the expectation that you will act as a messenger to the delegate of The South Pacific and the Ministry of Security of The South Pacific. Greetings Daynor, confidantes of the delegate, and ministers of security. Surely you did not think we had vanished, for we have been watching The South Pacific very closely. Specifically, our eyes have been on the delegate elections. Now, we care little for the substance of the debate threads, as they are either filled with stupidity or convention, neither of which we enjoy. No, our eyes have been on the execution of the election process. On the trampling of laws that not long ago you fought vehemently to defend. We wonder how you could make it so easy, and expect us to sit still. So here it is. We both know that laws have been broken. The two most likely candidates, Belschaft and Carta, will have soon both broken the cap law. Delightedly, this has already been pointed out on your forums.You then ignorantly allowed two non-citizens to run for election, against the law. One of which, Anur-Sanur, has a history of villainy in every feeder he touches, including your own. He spat in your face with his ridiculous campaign as eagerly as you spit in your own face with your disregard for your own laws. And unlike last time, we can link to your laws and to your very WFE. We can link to Anur’s many crimes and the various forum posts where the breach of cap is mentioned. We can link to election threads run by non-citizens. We can show the entire region how poorly you have run these elections. We can string you up as traitors in your own land. Now unfortunately for us, the time has past were we could prosecute a full scale propaganda campaign and hope to take and keep the delegacy at the same time. The summer may be a time for such things, but in the fall we have other things to attend to. Still, we can disrupt. You have foolishly handed us enough ammunition to run unendorsement campaigns against most of the candidates. We will not tolerate a Belschaft, Carta, Anur-Sanur, Anitoch, or Hileville victory. All have broken the law, either the cap law or the non-citizen law. Carta will be over cap soon and we believe Hileville’s tarting number shows an intent to break cap. So here is our offer. Looking past these tainted candidates, we see two options. LadyRebels and KingJ. Both are dedicated to your forum and your government. We are not yet threatening you with coup. So, act on your own laws, disqualify all others, and have the runoff between those two. In the big picture, this is a fair offer. These nations will not betray you. Otherwise, we will run our campaign immediately. We both know that you have done a terrible job with these elections. People are breaking the cap, a known villain is dominating the threads, and your leadership sits on its hands. We have also observed the tarting of your candidates, and have seen that although they have tarted in massive amounts, their reception is slow. We are confident that with the ammunition you have provided, all illegal (by your own laws) candidates can and will be broken. The wonderful thing about this is that we are playing in your ballpark, unlike last time. These are your laws, not ours. So once again so we are clear, you will disqualify the illegal candidates and run LadyRebels and King J. Failure to do so will have the illegal candidates suffer from information campaigns. Editing your forums or amending your laws is useless, the webpages have been downloaded. You have 48 hours to disqualify all illegal candidates. Be aware that the longer you wait to do so, the more convinced we will become that you intend to let them run. You may not disqualify half or one or two. All of them must go. If you are foolish enough to think that you will defeat us, when we are enforcing –your- laws, that is your choice. Even if you do survive, any new government that is lead by one of those dirty candidates will be crippled by your hypocrisy. Don’t be foolish, run LadyRebels and KingJ. Did you guess the author? That’s right! Frak is back, grab your popcorn, I’m sure this will be a good one for his blooper reel. Now, you can read into that arrogant tone whatever you want, personally given his across the board failure in the last attempt, and my continuance as delegate, he doesn’t have too much to feel that tough about. But, I digress. To the actual issues he raises! As usual, our loveable failure has disregarded truth and the actual laws of the region in order to advance his goal, however pointless that is. Claim: Bels and soon to be Carta are in violation of the cap, and should be ejected. Truth: The law gives me the authority to ban Carta and Bel now. I am not required to ban anyone that breaks the cap, I merely have the authority to do so. Despite Frak’s last imaging campaign, I’ve been far from a tyrant, and much more liberal than I have to be, and have consistently given nations slack. If you go over the cap, I will warn you of such and as long as you don’t continue seeking endorsements I allow you to stay. I’ve given this exemption to many nations before, including ravenclaw_crimson lt_hot_stuff. I will not alter my policy now. It appears my successor will be taking a more hard-line stance as I’ve taken heat from just about every candidate for being so liberal. Claim: It is illegal for non-citizens to run for delegate and we allowed it anyway. Truth: It should be illegal for non-citizens to run, I’ll agree to that extent. But actually the law very specifically says “any WA nation in the region” may run for delegate. That is an error I accept responsibility for. When I wrote the original draft for the new election system I phrased it as such to contrast the old requirement that WA nations have been in the region for 30 days. I did not consider the fact that text would allow non-citizens to run. In compliance to that law, non-citizens were allowed to run for office. Claim: Anur-Sanur should not have been allowed to run for delegate because of his criminal past and platform supporting a move to monarchy. Truth: I’m not going to defend Anur-Sanur. The absurdity of his campaign I do not dispute, he is a criminal and moving to monarchy is unquestionably a bad move in my book. However, we do not disqualify candidates because we dislike their views or that they are disliked for illegal actions in other regions. I haven’t always played by the laws of every region I was a member of either, but TSP served as a new start for me and many other members. Claim: We should allow King J and LadyRebels to be the final two candidates. Truth: That’s fine by me if it is what the primary voters want. I won’t be forcing the others out of the race just because our loveable failure wishes me to, no matter how loveable he is. All in all, these demands and accusations are only slightly more valid than the last ones, only because he hasn’t found the time to make screenshots of conversations that never happened, yet. They will be given the same attention we would give the rantings of any delusional or self-serving nutcase. Needless to say, we will be treating these 'demands' with what we feel is an appropriate degree of mockery and disdain. We have already exercised the precaution of notifying all the WA's in the region to be prepared for TG's from multiple puppets calling for some kind of un-endorsment campaign, have notified several of our allies, and will be posting this in all our embassies. So, bring it on 'Frak'. Last time you tried to coup us we sent you and your merry band of puppets away with your tails between your legs. We'll do it again if you force us to. You can't intimidate us. You can't corrupt our democratic process. We will run our elections, and there is nothing you can do to stop us.