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  1. Westwind

    September 2019: Mayor Election

    Sorry to say, that after two nomination/standing periods, there are no candidates for Town Mayor. Rather than beating a dead horse, a special election for Mayor will open on or about October 1st, along with the regularly scheduled Delegate election. The Founder Whambama may appoint a Mayor in the meantime, if he so chooses.
  2. It is a couple days late, but better late than never, right? The September 2019 Mayoral Election cycle has arrived! The standing and nominations period will remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote. Please stand or nominate an individual for the office of Mayor. Edit: No one has stood, or been nominated for the office of Mayor during the 4 day nomination period. Therefore an additional four days will now open for the office of Mayor.
  3. Westwind

    A Statement on the Incident...

    Update: While the individuals involved do not have accounts on our forums, information has been obtained to ban those members as best we can in accordance with the COPS Treaty.
  4. Westwind

    A Statement on the Incident...

    Thank you for informing us. I am sorry to hear our LKE friends have suffered violation of their community's offsite venues. Admin will review information regarding the situation, and will act appropriately as a COPS Treaty signatory. There is no place for forum destroyers/vandals in NS communities.
  5. Westwind

    LKE Ambassador

    Greetings and Welcome to Equilism! It it always good to hear from our LKE friends. Make yourself at home.
  6. With one candidate accepting nomination, this will be a confirmation vote for Town Moderator. @Isaris for Town Moderator: Please vote Aye or Nay (or whatever I can understand as the same notion) Voting will close in three days.
  7. Westwind

    Admin Request Thread

    We don't normally delete accounts, however I have accepted your request. Best wishes to you.
  8. Westwind

    Become a Citizen!

    Sadly, it seems Dialectical metaRealism has moved on to another region.
  9. It's that time...... Time for Town Moderator Elections! The standing and nomination period will remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote. Post your intention to stand for election or post your nominations here.
  10. Westwind

    July 2019 Delegate Election

    Tarricoe has been unanimously confirmed as Delegate. Congratulations!
  11. Westwind

    July 2019 Delegate Election

    Aye (voting closes in 12 hours)
  12. Westwind

    July 2019 Delegate Election

    Three candidates were put forward for nomination for Delegate, but only one has indicated acceptance of their nomination. Therefore we will have a Confirmation Vote for: Tarricoe (aka Baron Bones) for World Assembly Delegate Aye or Nay (or some reasonable facsimile) Voting will last for three days.
  13. Westwind

    The Northern Lights - Issue XXIX

    I was the TWP Delegate (All Good People) that ended the NationStates Republic. I opposed it from it's inception, as it originally ceded TWP's regional governance to the NSR instead. By the time I became Delegate, the organization was inactive and irrelevant.