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  1. Special Foreign Dispatch

    A toast to the future of LKE
  2. NEW recruitment for positions

    Echo!... "Echo....Echo....Echo....Echo..........." The reverb in here is really something when it's empty....."The reverb in here is really something when it's empty......The reverb in here is really something when it's empty...." Well, that gets annoying fast......"Well, that gets annoying fast........Well, that gets annoying fast....." I really don't like the sound of my own voice. "I really don't like....." Shut up! *shrugs* Still waiting
  3. Become a Citizen!

    Alrighty, we're long overdue to get this caught up. Please accept my apology for the delay, I'm afraid the absence of the Town Moderator hindered action here. I am afraid that unless I am missing something, I can find no nation by that name, not even in the Boneyard. Long, long overdue.....approved, and welcome Citizen! Most definitely overdue as well......approved, and welcome back Citizen!
  4. LKE Ambassador

    My apologies for the delay, we've been in the midst of elections, not to mention the hangover from the holidays. Masking updated. Welcome to Equilism, always good to meet new friends from LKE.
  5. Admin Request Thread

    Masking updated to reflect election results.
  6. Town Moderator Special Election

    I stand for Town Moderator.
  7. January WA Delegate Election

    I will not be running for re-election as Delegate.
  8. Olympian Ambassador

    Welcome to Equilism, make yourself at home.
  9. Imperator Noster

    Thank you for sharing this news with us, a momentous event for LKE. My compliments, appreciation, and thanks to Emperor Onder for all he has done and accomplished. His long NS history and contributions speak for themselves. And best wishes to LKE and Crown Prince Theoden Sebastian. I'm sure the future is as bright for LKE as the past. - Emeritus Rex Westwind, The Crimson King, Father of Equilism
  10. Diplomatic Application

    Always good to see our friends in The Land of Kings and Emperors. Make yourself at home, your embassy is here: http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?/forum/505-land-of-kings-and-emperors/
  11. Admin Request Thread

    *nods* 'Tis done.
  12. Stand/Nominate for Mayor - December 2017

    Someone better run. In 2006, no one wanted to run for President. So I ran and voided the Constitution. Thus began The Schism that saved our region from inactivity and CTE. Don't make me do it again. I nominate @tarricoe
  13. But they are the NS police. Thus treaties such as COPS are needed, for offsite communities to protect themselves when NS won't. *chuckles at a thought* Could an SC Condemnation be devised against ADMIN? Hereby Condemns Maxtopia for failure to take steps to protect and defend nations from harassment and abuse.
  14. Best Wishes to all Europeia going forward.