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  1. Westwind

    The Northern Lights Issue 30

    Interesting articles, thanks!
  2. Westwind

    Admin Request Thread

    So let it be written, so let it be done.
  3. Westwind

    The North Pacific Ambassador

    Welcome to Equilism! May our 15 year friendship never fail
  4. Westwind

    December 2019: Mayor Nominations

    I nominate Tarricoe and Isaris.
  5. We have one candidate standing for office, thus this will be a confirmation vote for Town Moderator. @tarricoe for Town Moderator: Please vote Aye or Nay (or whatever I can understand as the same notion) Voting will close in three days.
  6. We're a couple days behind schedule, as we recover from our successful Z-day, but it's time for Town Moderator Elections! The standing and nomination period will remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote. Post your intention to stand for election or post your nominations here.
  7. *sips coffee* IMO, the problem comes down to the same thing it always does......Equilism needs Purpose. It's difficult to rally people to take action, when there is no defined purpose or goal to work towards. Equilism was born and Founded with a Purpose. That purpose was to be a Defender region, to fight against Griefing Invaders across NS with our allies. There was a dicotomy of Good vs. Evil/Us vs Them in our purpose. Our way forward was clear. Our purpose drove us to grow, to recruit, to train new soldiers and officials. To expand our alliances and participation interregionally to support and achieve our goals and purpose. Our government's purpose was to maintain, grow, and strengthen our military to defeat our enemies. We lost that purpose with the changes in game rules that began in '05 and culminated in Influence in '06. Thus we took a chance, and carried out The Schism to change our direction and purpose in order to avoid the fate of our allies....they all became dead regions. In doing this, we revitalized activity not only in Equilism, but elsewhere in NS as well. We did the same again when we lead The Crimson Order events in '08 to fight inactivity across the game. Again, we were successful in our purpose. Our purpose was not to rule, it was to restore activity to the game. 'The Noble Cause' of Activity was our Purpose. These revitalizing events require purpose, leadership, and resolve to begin. They require tenacity and support to follow-thorugh. They require work. Our efforts so long ago have been inspiration for others in other regions. None of which has come anywhere near our successes. But we've had these discussions on Purpose time and time again. For a decade they've lead nowhere, or to insufficient compromises without a mandate that provide comfort rather than results. And I've always maintained that a region will fail without an active Founder. *sips coffee* So here we are, soon to be 16 years down this road, siting in an inactive region with an inactive founder, with disinterested citizens, talking about doing something about the current state of the region. *chuckles* Yes, recruitment is necessary to have any chance of a future here. That thankless job that no one wants to do. An ugly job that I'm not going to do. I'm long over and done with that. In behind-the-scenes discussions over the years, we've more than once discussed moving our community to a GCR. Collectively move to a Feeder region to preserve our community without the cost of endless thankless recruitment. We looked to The Pacific, The West Pacific, and The Rejected Realms. But others moved on to activity in The North Pacific, Balder, and Osiris. Our leaders went elsewhere when they could no longer find what they wanted in Equilism. That is still the case today. Equilism long ago ceased to support our leaders that seek out great purpose, so they go elsewhere, and return only for those in-game events: Z-day/N-day. *leans back in chair* Today Equilism has Purpose for 36 hours a year when we become Z-day leaders, then go back to our inactivity for another year. BTW, I do not plan on bringing my large nations in to help Equilism this Z-day. *sips coffee* I decided to assist Equilism by acting as Election Commissioner to reboot the Election Cycle the past few months. But that is all I intended, the rest is up to all of you. I was going to leave NS entirely in January. I'm not sure why I'm still around. Although one player recently asked me to stay around until his health improves. I made no promises. Unless some GCR wants to hire me to serve as a Guardian or Delegate, I've no interest in official capacities anywhere. I've done my part and the future is yours. Though without Purpose, Leadership, Hard Work, and Recruitment, I don't see an active future for Equilism beyond it's annual 36 hours of Zombie Purpose. Being a 'historic' region is not enough. But ya'll can always prove me wrong. *finishes coffee*
  8. Westwind

    Admin Request Thread

    Got it. (although he's using the same IP range as our spammers of the last few months, looks like I need to ban the entire range.)
  9. Westwind

    October 2019: Mayor Vote

  10. Westwind

    October 2019: Delegate Vote

    With one candidate standing for World Assembly Delegate, this will be a confirmation vote. @tarricoe (aka Barron Bones) for Delegate: Please vote Aye or Nay (or whatever I can make sense of as the same notion) Voting will close in three days.
  11. Westwind

    October 2019: Mayor Vote

    With one candidate standing for Mayor, this will be a confirmation vote. @Isaris for Mayor: Please vote Aye or Nay (or whatever I can understand as the same notion) Voting will close in three days.
  12. The Special Mayoral Election of October 2019 has arrived! The standing and nominations period will remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote. Please stand or nominate an individual for the office of Mayor.
  13. The quarterly World Assembly Election begins today! You may stand for election here in t´╗┐his thread or nominate someone else for the office. Anyone who is nominated must accept their nomination in this thread to appear on the ballot. The standing and nominations period will remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote.