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  1. Here's a bare-bones star (I threw it together in 5 minutes, it needs work!) "Let them eat pancakes!"

    Thanks for the update, you've had busy times.
  3. Forum location

    Well, it can make a difference in generating interest. Think of it as marketing, product placement if you will. If someone might be interested, but doesn't see it, then we haven't properly served our new members/visitors or our existing community. (This forum was buried three levels deep before I moved it here, but that was appropriate at the time as it was part of the Star Trek Festival we were hosting) If there is enough activity to validate it, it's also helpful to place the forum in a convenient place for those actively making use of it. Over the years, the forum periodically get reshuffled to the preferences and needs of the current forum community. Admin tries to be responsive to the needs of the community, although we do maintain some overall framework within which we try to stay. (For example, we limit the number of categories, and try to limit the number of root forums in each category. This helps to prevent from overwhelming a new member or visitor from another region, as well as limit the amount of scrolling an active member needs to perform while viewing the forum.)
  4. Sign In

    Make yourself at home! It's nice to see this old Equility thread still alive.
  5. Greetings from TWP!

    *waves* Good to see ya 'round these parts. Make yourself at home!
  6. Awesome work. I remember Mr. Money, exchanged a few telegrams with him once upon a time. Or rather, Jolly Ole Saint Nick exchanged a few with him. Hail Section Σ! Hail Equilism! Hail The West Pacific!
  7. - Ambassador's Report -

    Halloween Postcards? Neat!
  8. Just a point of information... I have turned off regional controls for the Delegacy. As co-founder as well as Delegate, I already have sufficient access to regional controls without having them available to the Delegacy. Considering the low number of endorsements I have at this early time, as well as our generally lower WA numbers, I feel this is an appropriate move to help secure the region from potential threats.
  9. KoGB's Ambassador

    Well, hello there Mister Ambassador, I mean Prime Minister, I mean former Townhall Moderator, sir. Things are.....interesting.....as always in Westwind: Tech-mad citizens think that the laser-powered bread-slicer uPhone App is the coolest thing since sliced bread, you need two tenors and a coloratura contralto to sing the national anthem properly, convicts released after being found "wrongfully imprisoned" are surprisingly chill about the whole thing, and failed genetic experiments wreak havoc as they roam the countryside.
  10. Admin Request Thread

    *nods* 'Tis done.
  11. IPS Version 4.2.5

    Clubs New in 4.2 Let users create their own sub-communities within your site, complete with forums, galleries and more - ideal for departmental groups, interest-based communities... or when your product team is working on something super secret 😉 Public, Private, Open, Closed Clubs can choose an appropriate club type to determine how much they share with the wider community. Full Control Club moderators can be granted full control over their clubs, and approve join requests or invite new members to the club. Integrated With The Community Club content is fully integrated into the community - content will appear in users' activity streams, search results, and users get notifications. Customization Options Leaders can customize their club with a photo, banner image, and add new content areas when needed.
  12. IPS Version 4.2.5

    There are some changes in the theme that I'm not happy with. I've compensated as best I can for now, with a few manual tweak suggestions from the theme author. But I cannot set things they way they were. Some options just aren't there anymore. Seems like a step backwards for the theme. There are some new features in this version of the software that I am not familiar with yet. Seems to me the most obvious is the changes in the reputation system, as you have multiple options besides 'liking' a post. We can add more options also. The most intriguing feature appears to be 'Clubs'. I do not have the feature activated yet, I want to read up on it further first. All I know so far, is that we can give specific user groups the permission to create 'Clubs', which gives them moderator authority over their Clubs, and they can make their Clubs public, or by access by membership. Perhaps this Clubs system can be integrated or converted from the current Club forums. Gotta look into it sometime.
  13. Equilism UN/World Assembly Delegate History

    Updated. Also tried to figure out the wonkiness a bit.