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  1. Admin Request Thread

    'Tis done.
  2. Admin Request Thread

    'Tis done
  3. March 2018 Mayor Vote

  4. Feb 2018 TM Vote

  5. February Town Moderator Election

    Pssst.... 5 days ago: Whamabama ceased to exist.
  6. Kemaris Station

    <CNS LT T'char> ::While wandering Kemaris Station in observation of station personnel, a message notification from Vice Admiral Alis Rimo claimed his attention. 'Interesting,' he thought to himself, as he turned to touch a wall panel:: COMPUTER: Directions to Conference Room 47-A please. =/\= CNS Lt. T'char =/\=
  7. The President Has Resigned

    "Turbulence in Europeia", film at 11.
  8. February Town Moderator Election

    I nominate @QuietDad
  9. Osiris Oracle - February

    "Who should I call if I've fallen and can't get up?" Since it was mentioned in the answer.....Random trivia. I know of a machine, that has a secret code for technician access only and the code is the aforementioned: 867-5309 Some engineer has a sense of humor. Thanks for the update!
  10. February Town Moderator Election

    Alrighty let's see then. I nominate @Whamabama
  11. February Town Moderator Election

    *considers nominating every Town Hall Citizen until someone accepts*
  12. February Town Moderator Election

    I nominate @Pooch, he needs more to do.
  13. February Foreign Dispatch

    Thank you for the update, always good to hear from LKE. A three year Delegacy for Nick Powell? Well done!
  14. Foreign Affairs Update - January 2018

    An excellent accomplishment, my compliments to the efforts of all in TWP.
  15. Become a Citizen!

    I am sorry to see that your nation has left Equilism. Without a nation resident in Equilism, I cannot process your oath.