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  1. Westwind

    United Federation Delgateless

    You should be free of the burden so you can enjoy the game.
  2. Westwind

    July 2018 WAD Vote

  3. Westwind

    July 2018 WAD Election

    *endorses Degtyarev's nomination*
  4. Westwind

    LKE Foreign Dispatch

    It is good to see The Emperor is leading LKE into the future.
  5. Westwind

    Admin Request Thread

    My apologies for the delay. My laptop died on my latest travels. Which is really annoying as I was working on some live concert clips I'd transferred from tape. (I saved the files though, so it's all good). 'Tis done.
  6. Westwind

    Forum update

    Welcome to version 4.3.3 https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-43-r1055/
  7. reCAPTCHA 1 has reached End Of Life Google has discontinued support for reCAPTCHA 1 completely.
  8. Westwind

    - Ambassador's Report -

    I don't think Equilism has an Ambassador to anywhere.
  9. Westwind

    June 2018 Mayoral Election

  10. Westwind

    - Ambassador's Report -

    I'm disappointed to see Canada closing our in-game embassy. Wish I knew why.
  11. Westwind

    - Ambassador's Report -

    Looks like all is well in Canada, thank for the update!
  12. Westwind

    Foreign Affairs Update - April 2018

  13. Westwind

    Admin Request Thread

    Guess I didn't post a reply, done ten days ago.
  14. Westwind

    Admin Request Thread

    All done.
  15. Westwind

    TNP Ambassador

    *shiny Foreign Dignitary badge activated*