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  1. Hello Mavinga! I see that your nation is located in The Allied Republic. Do you have a nation in Equilism? You will need a nation in our region for your oath to be accepted. Thank you!
  2. Gotcha. Thanks for letting us know!
  3. PS - I expect the forum to be sluggish as it reindexes the database. Our large database takes time.
  4. Welcome to version of the forum. Hopefully, it will resolve some issues that have arisen this month. But there were difficulties in this upgrade. The normal upgrade process failed and I had to do a manual update. The third attempt brought the forum back to life. We'll see how it goes.
  5. That is quite nice of TNP to share that.
  6. Thank you for the update, and best wishes to the new Prime Minister and government.
  7. Greetings New Celoveniortan, and welcome to Equilism! We are always happy to see our friends from The North Pacific, and look forward to your time as Ambassador. I'm afraid you'll find our old region has become comfortable in it's years and fairly quiet, so you should find your first Ambassadorship to be an easy assignment *chuckles*. Please, make yourself at home! *tips hat*
  8. And Equilism should be free of the burden too. I have removed references to The United Federation of Planets in the RMB. There's no need to advertise ourselves as a dead region maintaining another dead region.
  9. Office of the Governor General of Equilism Executive Order #0003 5 November, 2020 The Judicial Process described by Article 7 of the Equilism Township Charter is currently unable to be engaged due to the collapse of the government, lack of elected officials and low numbers of active citizens of The Town Hall. Under the Conservatorship of The Governor General, Article 7, Section 2 through Section 8 of the Equilism Township Charter regarding Judicial Process is hereby suspended. The rights of any citizen to bring a criminal complaint to the Town Hal
  10. Office of the Governor General of Equilism Executive Order #0002 2 November, 2020 Acting Delegate @Isaris is hereby recognized and confirmed as Delegate of Equilism, with the authority, duties, and responsibilities described by Article 5 of the Township Charter. The World Assembly Delegate will perform the duties of the in-game position, including voting in the WA, being the point of contact with newcomers to convince them to stay in Equilism and get involved, giving a good impression of the region to outsiders, promoting RMB involvement, and encouraging wide
  11. Office of the Governor General of Equilism Executive Order #0001 2 November, 2020 As of November 1, 2020, The Equilism Town Hall has elected Governor General Westwind to hold Conservatorship of the Governance of Equilism. As a result of that action, Governor General Westwind takes residence in the Executive Offices of Equilism. The Mayor's Office is hereby renamed the "Office of the Governor General". Executive Orders and Statements issued by the Office of the Governor General shall be posted in this office. For reference, the mandate of the Town H
  12. Welcome to the Office of the Governor General! The Governor General welcomes all suggestions and idea for the governance and betterment of our region. Feel free to post your comments here in this thread, or contact the Governor General directly via private message, direct message, or telegram. Signed, Governor General Westwind Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism
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