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  1. Karland


    I'm just glad they're all in one sub-forum since that should make it easier to clean it all up.
  2. Karland


    Still going on. Tried to work out if I could delete them and I guess I can't.
  3. Karland

    Ask the founder

  4. Karland

    Datford Rite of Passage

    Did you know Gods of Death love apples?
  5. Karland

    Ask the founder

    There is scope within the current Act for the Senate to name qualifications needed to be a Chief of Staff, and maintain a list of people who have this particular set of skills. It'd then be easier for the Chief Minister to select the most worthy candidate as well as keep the incumbent Chief on their toes. That's one way of doing it, without amending the Act itself significantly.
  6. Karland

    Cormac for Foreign Office

    Your desired state of affairs with regards to our relationship with the NPO?
  7. If I'm correct in reading that there have been no challenges from anyone for 3 weeks, I'd like to 'challenge' for this position.
  8. Karland

    Rite of Passage: Cormac II

    Change your surname to Tjausse. In real life.
  9. Karland

    Activity Offsite-Onsite

    SyFy came out and announced the rumours are false, pretty definitively. NBC will making their decision to renew or to not renew in May.
  10. Karland

    Activity Offsite-Onsite

    Constantine hasn't been renewed yet.
  11. Karland

    Rogamark for Chief Minister

    Over 10 days since this election should've happened. Where's Monk?
  12. Karland

    Rogamark for Chief Minister

    When's the election?
  13. Karland

    Rogamark for Chief Minister

    Is there something you'd like to tell us, Officer?
  14. Karland

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    From: Nick Specter To: All Staff Subject: FW: FW: FW: Fw: Fw: FW: Fw: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: Fw: OMG!! MUST READ!!! Contents: Make a wish!!! Really, go on and make one!!! Oh please.... theyll never go out with you!!! Wish something else!!! Not that, you moron!!! Something else! Quick!!! Is your finger getting tired yet? STOP!!!! Wasnt that fun? Hope you made a great wish. Now, to make you feel guilty, heres what Ill do. First of all, if you dont send this to 5096 people in the next 5 seconds, you will be attacked by a mad goat and then thrown off a high building into a pile of garbage. Its true! Because, you know, THIS letter isnt like all of those fake ones, THIS one is TRUE!! Really!!! Heres how it goes: *Send this to 1 person: One person will be mad at you for sending them a stupid chain letter. *Send this to 2-5 people: 2-5 people will be mad at you for sending them a stupid chain letter. *5-10 people: 5-10 people will be mad at you for sending them a stupid chain letter. *10-20 people: 10-20 people will be mad at you for sending them a stupid chain letter, and may form a plot on your life. *20 to 674,951 people: 20 to 674,951 people will be mad at you for sending them a stupid chain letter, and will napalm your house. Thanks!!!! Good Luck!!! ----- Nick Specter MSc Finance Director Head of Accounts
  15. Karland

    Rogamark for Foreign Office

    People from Britain don't know how to brush their teeth. Do Germans?