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  1. The Cabinet of the Founderless Regions Alliance Arch-Chancellor: Tim-OpolisVice Chancellor: Benevolent ThomasChief of Defense: Dyr NasadMinister of Intelligence: Frattastan IIRegional Liaison Officer: FunkadeliaSpeaker: Christian DemocratsFrom the Office of the Arch-Chancellor Evening Folks, It's been about half a year since you've been blessed with the trademark maroon and gold of an FRA Update, so I figured it was time to bestow that upon all of you. So, here we go. I think, first and foremost, I need to introduce myself. My name is Tim-Opolis, though I generally go by either Tim or Tim Stark, and I'm the newly elected Arch-Chancellor of the Founderless Regions Alliance. You might know me from my time in TBR, about three years ago now. You might know me from my time as a UDL Lieutenant, or an FRA Ranger. If you're involved in UCRs, you probably know me as the founder of Spiritus. Hell, you may know me from Osiris as well, where I served as Pharaoh from January to July. However, what I'd like you to know me as right now is the FRA's Arch-Chancellor, and what I'd like you to know even more than that are my goals and aspirations for the Founderless Regions Alliance. It's safe to say, right now, that rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Of course, Onderkelkia might not want you to think this, given how much he loves to write long and winded statements about the relevancy of wasting one of the largest invader updater turnouts this summer on a 12 hour tag of Liberty Alliance. NES might not want you to think this either, given his recent reveal that former Arch-Chancellor Wibblefeet was an Imperialist plant this whole time. Knowing Coraxion, he probably doesn't want you thinking it either, because if we're doing stuff that isn't relevant to tag raiding then we're clearly not actually alive. However, I must assure you that we are still alive, we are still kicking, and there's hopefully going to be a lot of fresh stuff coming your way from our direction. I'll get into that a bit further, mainly because I'm really looking to show up Onder with the length of my opening address. As you can see above, the Cabinet looks a bit different than when you might have seen it last. While Dyr Nasad, Frattastan, Christian Democrats, and myself are all returning Cabinet Members, I'm very excited about the additions of Funkadelia is Regional Liaison Officer and Benevolent Thomas as Vice-Chancellor. Both bring fresh perspectives and plenty of experience during a time when I think those traits are some of the most important to have right now. However, I won't beat around the bush much longer, here's what you can expect from this term, in all of its full, multi-sentence, paragraph glory. The first is our image. To put it plainly, it's not always the best these days, and a lot of it is due to outdated or simply inaccurate stigma that continues to float around as either lingering paranoia or intentional misinformation by factions that might not be too amiable to us. I intend to see that fixed, and we will be embarking on what I can only call an aggressive campaign of rebranding to better improve both the FRA's public image as well as the public image of all of Defending. Going hand in hand with that is outreach, something I believe is critical to both this Alliance and to our entire faction of R/D. In my eyes this will involve both an implementation of more regular updates on what's been happening politically, as well as news on major operations that may have gone down in which the FRA was involved and that are worth widely reporting. Finally, segueing quite well out of outreach is regional support. Though this is something we've been talking about for a while, I feel that it tends to ebb and flow quite frequently, whereas I'd like to see all flow without any ebb. I will be looking to actively offer assistance to both our member regions, to see what we may be able to help with in terms of their region's growth and stability, and to any new or existing regions that would like help with anything from advice on writing a Constitution, to helping set up an API Recruitment Script, to even training troops for a fledgling Defender military. Much of the time our services are advertised as perks of joining the Alliance, but I see just as much merit in actually assisting regions to the point that they then feel that we've helped enough as an organization to warrant membership in. There are some other plans as well for various things here and there, but you'll have to wait and simply see what those are in due time, as not everything can fit into an opening address and I'm already getting a bit ahead of myself with the goals I'm choosing to lay out. SOON,Tim-OpolisFRA Arch-Chancellor
  2. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 4th! FRAVision song contest- a cultural exchange like no other! Events can be found here: http://renegadeislands.proboards.com/ We cannot believe it has been 4 years. There is no other event like it on Nationstates. Great! You might say that.... but you've obviously not seen the other 3 years So for those who aren't familiar with how this works, our programme of events is below: FRAVision will be a song contest between regions and individuals. Any individual, collection of individuals or regions can submit an entry. The contest will last 3 special weeks and take the form of three phases... 1. Submission (23rd May - 20th June 2015) Anyone wishing to participate will submit their entry by creating a thread in the Submissions Forum using the following format... Topic Title: Region you are representing Name of candidate/Singer: Brief description of entry: Entry: (link to video, song or posting of lyrics) Why should you win??: 2. Judging (20 June -27th June 2012) Once the submission phase is over the judges made up of all regional reps of the FRA Regional Assembly, and regions who submit a song (only one vote per region) will vote on their preferred songs. Judges will rate their top 5 songs in order of preference (awarding their favourite 12 (douze) points, then 10 (dix), 8 (huit) points, 6 (six) points and so forth). This will be done by judges posting their votes in a designated thread I will open. 3. Award Ceremony (28th June 2012) Once the judging period is over the winners will be announced in an awesome and special award ceremony. Awards will be available for the top 3 candidates. Sounds awesome. Can anyone take part? I know, it does. Anyone can take part- you don't need to be a citizen of a FRA member region or even a defender. Each region and person is limited to one entry only however, including if they are submitting an entry as a group. Can we make up our own song? Of course. Entries are only required to be a song- if you've written your own we'd love to hear you sing it, but failing that lyrics are also accepted! Can I submit a song I haven't written? Absolutely. Any song which you feel sums up your region or nation is acceptable. Remember you are representing your region on the world stage and should show off the culture of your region as best as possible. So get composing!
  3. Nominations are now closed - LET THE VOTING BEGIN! The lists of nominees can be found HERE To vote, please send *all your votes in one Private Message or Telegram* (include your main nation name in the message) to ONE of the following duplicates will be deleted: On the FRA Forums: The Ballot Collector account, monitored by Wopruthien, our VC/Admin in charge of such things. On the Texas forums: Wopruthien On the 10KI forums: Gruffydd - Wopruthien's account On the UDL Forums: - yep, still Wop. On Nationstates Defender Awards 2015 Voting will Close ********************** 22:00 GMT Friday 17th April 2015. Wibblefeet, Arch-Chancellor of the Founderless Regions AllianceA list of confirmed Nominations for the awards. The Ananke Award Ravania Benevolent Thomas Land Filled with People The Anarchotopia Award Fort Triumph Marshal Service Lazarene Liberation Army Rejected Realms Army Taijitu Militia Renegade Islands Army Special Forces Founderless Regions Alliance The Sir Lans Award Ravania Escanaba Land Filled with People 13 Court Guard Squads Magthere Dyr Nasad Benevolent Thomas Tangaroan Islands The Operation of the Year Anne Frank Australia (refound) St Abbaddon The Best Newcomer(s) Award Acronius Deadeye Jack Myroria Fort Triumph Marshal Service The Best Defender Mentor Award Xoriet Severisen Shizensky Ravania Improving Wordiness Frattastan Karputsk Benevolent Thomas The Worst Invasion Award Anarchy Soviet Union Atheist Empire Texas Canada The Mountains to the East Ixnay American Continent Eastern Europe The Blackbird Award United Imperial Armed Forces The Black Riders The Black Hawks Poll Raiders The Skeleton Army North Pacific Army The Worst Invader Group Award The Eternal Knights Association of Imperialism The Black Riders Doom Squad The Best Defender Quote "Convicting Raiders" "Lightbulb" "Fratt says How High?" The Meltdown of the Year Award Cormac The Eternal Knights The Osiris-Lazarus War Osiris, generally The Can't We All Just Get Along Award Eluvatar Dyr Nasad Severisen Xoriet Defender Unity Defender Solidarity The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending Frattastan Unibot Improving Wordiness Shizensky Eluvatar Drop Your Pants Dyr Nasad Wopruthien The Defender of the Year Award Dyr Nasad Benevolent Thomas Land Filled With People
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  7. Imperial Proclamation declaring The Most Holy Flemingovian Empire of the Northern Pacific At the peremptory request and desire of a large majority of the citizens of this Northernmost of Pacifics, I, Astarial, in this the First Year of our Lord Flemingovia, declare and proclaim myself The Most Holy Flemigovian Empress of the North Pacific, and in virtue of the authority thereby in me vested, do hereby order and direct all loyal subjects to assemble before my personage, then and there to pay homage, and to advise myself upon what actions as may ameliorate the evils under which the region is laboring, and thereby cause confidence to exist, both at home and abroad, in our stability, faith and integrity. - Signed, under the Grace of the one true God Flemingovia, by Her Grace Her Majesty The Empress Astarial- Issued, under the name and seal of Her Grace Her Majesty The Empress Astarial, by Lord Tim Stark of the Peerage of Stark, and Hand of the Empress Her Grace Her Majesty The Empress Astarial has also, in her divine wisdom, seen fit to bestow the following indulgences upon her most loyal subjects; Lord McMasterdonia, proclaimed Delegate of Her Imperial Majesties Northern Realms, General of the Imperial Army, and Lord Masterdonia of the Peerage of TyrellSir Jamie, proclaimed Vice-Delegate of Her Imperial Majesties Northern Realms and Knight of the Imperial RealmPrincess Abbey, proclaimed Heir Designate as her Imperial Highness Princess Abbey Anumia de Moselle AstarialEluvatar, proclaimed and dismissed as Imperial Peon Wrangler, proclaimed and dismissed as Imperial Statistician, proclaimed Royal FoolLord Belschaft, proclaimed Imperial High Justice of the High Court, Lord Belschaft of the Peerage of Thel and Lord Mayor of the City of MagicalityLord Kingborough, proclaimed Lord Kingborough of the Peerage of Basileaus, and sentenced to life imprisonment in the dungeons for treasonLord Tim, proclaimed Marshall of the Imperial Army and Lord Tim of the Peerage of StarkSir Oz, proclaimed Knight of the Imperial Realm and Master of CoinLord Funkadelia, proclaimed Imperial Justice of the High Court and Lord Funkadelia of the Peerage of FunkDurk, proclaimed Royal FoolSir Scandigrad, proclaimed General of the Imperial Army, Captain of Foot and Knight of the Imperial RealmAnonymouse, proclaimed Royal PetAll loyal subjects presenting themselves before Her Grace Her Majesty The Empress Astarial shall received an indulgence appropriate to their station. ALL HAIL THE EMPRESS!THE LOG Spoiler: [14:12] <Jamie> Asta is absolute awesomeness. She wins every thread.[14:12] <Jamie> Let's make Asta our permanent dictator. [14:12] <Jamie> [14:12] <Asta> xD [14:12] <Asta> what would flemgod say about that!? [14:12] <Jamie> He's not here :3 [14:12] <Asta> >_> [14:12] <Asta> ok [14:12] <Asta> get Elu on board and I'm in :3 [14:12] <Jamie> Eluvatar, any objections? [14:14] <Bel> Hearing no objections [14:14] <Jamie> Very Well. [14:14] <Jamie> Motion Carried. [14:15] <Jamie> Asta is now Empress of TNP [14:15] <Asta> Excellent! [14:15] <Asta> I'm glad Eluvatar went along with this plan. [14:15] <Asta> It's really most wise [14:15] <Bel> Well, we gave him plenty of time to object [14:15] <Jamie> Do you have any royal appointments, your highness? [14:17] <Asta> Hmmm [14:17] <Asta> I appoint Durk to be Our royal fool. [14:18] <Asta> And I appoint Bel to the High Court. [14:18] <Jamie> and Elu? [14:18] <Jamie> the dungeons! [14:18] <Asta> No, not the dungeons for Elu [14:18] <Bel> Nah, she'll take Elu as the royal concubine [14:19] * Asta thinks [14:19] <Asta> Elu is a difficult one. [14:20] <Bel> Your Majesty. does my new office come with a hat? [14:21] == Jamie changed the topic of #tnp to: Welcome to The North Pacific Chat | Do not advertise for your region here or from here | The official forum is http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/ | Join us on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/xMGxYi | Do not post logs of chat in the forum without the consent of ALL parties. | Constitutional Omnibus vote: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/6946450/ | | Hail Empress Astarial! [14:21] == Jamie changed the topic of #tnp to: Welcome to The North Pacific Chat | Do not advertise for your region here or from here | The official forum is http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/ | Join us on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/xMGxYi | Do not post logs of chat in the forum without the consent of ALL parties. | Constitutional Omnibus vote: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/6946450/ | Hail Empress Astarial! [14:21] <Asta> Bel, would you like there to be a hat? [14:21] <Asta> I am inclined to say yes. [14:21] <Bel> Yes [14:21] <Bel> Yes I would [14:21] <Asta> Then there shall be a hat! [14:22] <Asta> A very fancy hat. [14:22] <Bel> Splendid! [14:22] <Asta> Suitable for your advanced position. [14:22] == Jamie changed the topic of #tnp to: Welcome to The North Pacific Monarchy IRC Chat | Do not advertise for your region here or from here | The official forum is http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/ | Join us on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/xMGxYi | Do not post logs of chat in the forum without the consent of ALL parties. | Constitutional Omnibus vote: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/6946450/ | Hail Empress Astarial! [14:22] <Jamie> There, now it's fixed [14:22] <Asta> I have decided. Elu shall be responsible for keeping the assorted peons in line. [14:23] <Asta> Flemingovianism is officially instituted as the religion of my empire. [14:24] <Bel> http://www.feltmakers.co.uk/wp-content/upl...er-Lord-M-2.jpg [14:24] == Asta has changed nick to EmpressAstarial [14:24] <Bel> Your majesty, does this hat meet your approval? [14:24] <EmpressAstarial> That is a very fine hat! [14:24] <EmpressAstarial> I think it is quite fitting. [14:24] <Jamie> What should TNP's new military be? [14:24] <Jamie> Should we expand our influence? [14:24] <Jamie> or spread flemingovanism? [14:25] <EmpressAstarial> Both. [14:25] <EmpressAstarial> As we expand, so shall we spread the word of god. As we spread the word of god, our influence shall rise. [14:25] <Bel> Your majesty, I find a most holy crusade to be most constitutional. [14:25] <EmpressAstarial> Then a holy crusade it shall be! [14:29] <Jamie> Hail the TNP monarchy! [14:30] <Jamie> Hail Empresss Astarial! [14:35] <mcmasterdonia> Hail the Empress! [14:36] <mcmasterdonia> What shall my position we EmpressAstarial? [14:36] <mcmasterdonia> *be [14:38] <EmpressAstarial> Hm [14:38] <EmpressAstarial> Mcmasterdonia, you shall take over the delegacy. [14:39] <Kingborough> Lol [14:39] <Kingborough> Many would love you just for that decree x_X [14:39] <EmpressAstarial> I am a lovable and benevolent Empress. [14:40] <Jamie> What's my job? [14:41] <EmpressAstarial> Hm. An excellent question. [14:41] <Bel> My Empress, I must inform you that you are bound by the regions recent decision regarding the delegates marriage. [14:42] <Bel> For the good of the region, you must marry Blue Wolf, as well as every GCR delegate [14:42] <EmpressAstarial> I am happy to abide by the region's decision. [14:42] <EmpressAstarial> Mcmasterdonia, as delegate, shall take my place. [14:43] <EmpressAstarial> Jamie, you shall be vice delegate. [14:43] <Jamie> [14:43] <Bel> My Empress, for the good of the region you must establish an heir designate. [14:44] <EmpressAstarial> I designate Abbey. [14:45] <Bel> Very good your grace. I am aware of no other pressing constitutional issues for your attention. [14:46] <Bel> Now, if you could just sign this document, everything will be in order [14:46] * Bel proffers large bundle of papers [14:47] <EmpressAstarial> I hope I am not going to need to hire outside counsel to advise me on these documents. [14:47] <Kingborough> You still surelly require such Your Imperial Majesty [14:48] <Bel> No need, your grace [14:48] == Todd_McCloud has quit [Ping timeout: 190 seconds] [14:48] <Bel> They merely confirm certain edicts issues by your personage [14:49] <Kingborough> Which for all you know might include giving Bel your entire wealth [14:49] * EmpressAstarial quirks an eyebrow [14:49] <EmpressAstarial> Are any of these edicts ones which I may have forgotten issuing? [14:49] <Bel> Your majesty, if you can not trust an officer of the Court, whom can you trust? [14:50] <Kingborough> My point exactly, trust is a terrible thing to have as a ruler [14:50] <Bel> Surely you are not questioning my integrity and loyalty to your personage? [14:50] <EmpressAstarial> Not at all, my good sir. [14:50] <EmpressAstarial> No more than I question your integrity and loyalty to yourself. [14:50] * EmpressAstarial puts on her reading glasses [14:51] <Bel> Your majesty.... I must say I am offended that you feel this is necessary. [14:51] * EmpressAstarial reads through the stack of papers carefully and signs all of the edicts declared above [14:51] <EmpressAstarial> I'm sure you would agree, my lord, that it is better to be safe than sorry. [14:52] <Bel> My,,, my Lord? [14:52] <Bel> I am to be made a Peer? [14:52] <Bel> Such an... unexpected honour. [14:52] <Eluvatar> what. [14:52] <Bel> Silence Nave!! [14:52] <Bel> Bow in the presence of her grace! [14:53] <Eluvatar> I think you meant knave. [14:53] <EmpressAstarial> Ah, Eluvatar has joined us [14:53] <EmpressAstarial> Welcome, sir. [14:53] <EmpressAstarial> And yes, my Bel, of course. 'Twould not be fitting for a high justice to not have a land and a title! [14:53] <EmpressAstarial> Unthinkable! [14:54] * Bel doffs his most remarkable hat [14:54] <Bel> I am honoured, your grace. [14:55] <Kingborough> Might I have a peerage? Perhaps Basileaus Kingborough? [14:55] <Kingborough> Basileus* [14:56] <Eluvatar> http://www.buzzfeed.com/annanorth/the-6-cr...aid-about-pregn [14:56] <Eluvatar> :/ [14:56] * Eluvatar resumes away [14:56] <EmpressAstarial> Eluvatar again offers no objection! [14:56] <Jamie> be back soon. [14:56] == Jamie has quit [Quit: bye] [14:56] <EmpressAstarial> I am pleased and gratified that he supports my reign. [14:56] <EmpressAstarial> Kingborough, you may indeed [14:56] * Kingborough thinks Eluvatar is quite under impressed that his job has been taken [14:58] <EmpressAstarial> I have given him a new job! [14:58] <EmpressAstarial> He is peon-wrangler [14:58] <EmpressAstarial> Though if he prefers Speaker of the Assembly, I'm willing to be flexible on the title. [14:58] <Kingborough> a what wrangler? [14:59] <EmpressAstarial> A peon-wranger! [14:59] <EmpressAstarial> He is to wrangle my peons. [14:59] <EmpressAstarial> .g peon [14:59] <FriarTuck> EmpressAstarial: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peon [14:59] <EmpressAstarial> .wik peon [14:59] <FriarTuck> "The words peon ( /ˈpiːɒn/) and peonage are derived from the Spanish peón [peˈon]." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peon [14:59] <Kingborough> ^ very helpful [14:59] <EmpressAstarial> Thank you, FriarTuck! What a helpful link. [14:59] * EmpressAstarial eyes FriarTuck for a moment [14:59] <Kingborough> Ah, your slave wrangler [15:00] == mcmasterdonia has quit [Ping timeout: 190 seconds] [15:00] * Bel begins drafting an Imperial Proclamation declaring the Most Holy Flemingovian Empire of the Northen Pacific [15:00] <Bel> Your grace, what shall be the name of your eternal dynasty? [15:00] == GeneralMcMasterdonia has joined #tnp [15:00] <Kingborough> Now, as my first edict as Emperor of TNP, I does declare you all (except the Empress) as peons and you shall now work for the glory of the one true Flemingovian religion [15:01] <Kingborough> .wik Basileus [15:01] <FriarTuck> "Basileus (Greek: βασιλεύς ( Byzantine and Modern Greek pronunciation (help·info)), plural βασιλεῖς, basileis) is a Greek term and title that has signified various types of monarchs in history." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basileus [15:01] <Bel> A revolt your Grace! Baron Kingborough seeks to usurp your throne! [15:02] <EmpressAstarial> He does indeed. [15:02] <Kingborough> She declared me emperor! [15:02] <EmpressAstarial> Your title is hereby revoked. [15:02] <Bel> General MCMasterdonia, to arms! [15:02] <Kingborough> The Empress cannot revoke a title higher than her own [15:02] <Bel> Protect your liege! [15:02] <Kingborough> only grant it [15:02] <EmpressAstarial> I declared you lord of Basileaus Kingborough, and not emperor of my realm. [15:02] <EmpressAstarial> You are hereby stripped of your title. [15:02] <Kingborough> Basileus is Emperor [15:02] == mode/#tnp [+v Kingborough] by EmpressAstarial [15:02] <Kingborough> .wik Basileus Emperor [15:03] <FriarTuck> "Basileus (Greek: βασιλεύς ( Byzantine and Modern Greek pronunciation (help·info)), plural βασιλεῖς, basileis) is a Greek term and title that has signified various types of monarchs in history." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basileus [15:03] == mode/#tnp [-v Kingborough] by EmpressAstarial [15:03] <Kingborough> .wik Alternate names for Emperor [15:03] <FriarTuck> "Emperor Taishō (大正天皇, Taishō-tennō|?|, 31 August 1879 – 25 December 1926) was the 123rd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession, reigning from 30 July 1912, until his death in 1926." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Taish%C5%8D [15:03] <Kingborough> ? =/ [15:03] <EmpressAstarial> FriarTuck works for me. [15:03] == mode/#tnp [+v GeneralMcMasterdonia] by EmpressAstarial [15:03] <Kingborough> .g Basileus [15:03] <FriarTuck> Kingborough: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basileus [15:03] <Kingborough> .g EmpressAstarial [15:04] <FriarTuck> Kingborough: No results found for 'EmpressAstarial'. [15:04] <Kingborough> .wik Empress Astarial [15:04] <FriarTuck> Can't find anything in Wikipedia for "Empress Astarial". [15:04] <Kingborough> Aww [15:04] <Kingborough> .wik Basileus Kingborough [15:04] <FriarTuck> Can't find anything in Wikipedia for "Basileus Kingborough". [15:04] <EmpressAstarial> Kingborough is hereby banished to the dungeons. [15:05] <EmpressAstarial> I find him guilty of high treason [15:05] <Kingborough> .wik High treason [15:05] <FriarTuck> "High treason is criminal disloyalty to one's government." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_treason [15:06] <Kingborough> .wik Not High Treason [15:06] <FriarTuck> "In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treason [15:06] <EmpressAstarial> .wik petty treason [15:06] <FriarTuck> "Petty treason or petit treason was an offence under the common law of England which involved the betrayal of a superior by a subordinate." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petty_treason [15:07] <Kingborough> [15:07] <Kingborough> But since I am head of gov by your own decree I can't commit treason [15:08] <EmpressAstarial> I decreed you not emperor. [15:08] <EmpressAstarial> I decreed you lord of Kingborough Basileus, a small region within my realm. [15:08] <Kingborough> By that standard I could decree you not Empress [15:08] <EmpressAstarial> Being never emperor, that is not within your power. [15:09] <EmpressAstarial> I decreed you not, and not, I decreed you not-Emperor [15:09] <EmpressAstarial> I decreed you lord, in a moment of magnanimous generosity, and you immediately attempted to overthrow my rule. [15:09] * Kingborough lost [15:10] <EmpressAstarial> [17:08] <@EmpressAstarial> I decreed you not emperor. <--- I did not decree you emperor [15:10] <Kingborough> Yet you overthrew the Delegate Eluvatar [15:10] <EmpressAstarial> Eluvatar did step aside. [15:10] == Windy has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client] [15:10] <EmpressAstarial> He was granted ample time to object to my rule, but he chose to listen to the voices of my loyal and adoring subjects. [15:11] == Kingborough has left #tnp [] [15:12] <Bel> The High Court rules in favour of her Grace the Empress Astarial. [15:12] <EmpressAstarial> Kingborough is hereby sentenced to the dungeons [15:13] == Jamie has joined #tnp [15:13] == mode/#tnp [+o Jamie] by ChanServ [15:13] <EmpressAstarial> Welcome back, my jamie! [15:13] <Jamie> (: [15:14] <EmpressAstarial> You missed Kingborough's treason. [15:15] <Jamie> wha? [15:15] <EmpressAstarial> He attempted to overthrow my rule [15:15] == Salvarity has joined #tnp [15:16] <Jamie> SALVY [15:16] <Jamie> and how so? [15:16] == mode/#tnp [+v Salvarity] by Jamie [15:16] <Salvarity> JAMIE!!!111!! [15:17] <EmpressAstarial> Well, the usual way [15:17] <EmpressAstarial> declared himself emperor, tried to usurp me. [15:18] <EmpressAstarial> [17:00] <+Bel> Your grace, what shall be the name of your eternal dynasty? <--- Do you have any suggestions, my lord? [15:18] <Bel> It is not my place, your grace. [15:18] <Bel> I am a mere humble servant. [15:18] <EmpressAstarial> Yet I respect your wisdom, good sir. [15:20] <EmpressAstarial> Certainly the empire shall be the Most Holy Flemingovian Empire of the Northen Pacific. A good title, and god-fearing. [15:20] <Bel> Habsburg always seemed to go down well [15:23] <EmpressAstarial> Hmmm [15:23] <EmpressAstarial> I don't know [15:23] <EmpressAstarial> Their rule lacked... permanence. [15:26] <Bel> Jagiellon? [15:28] <EmpressAstarial> Would it not be simpler to merely name it after myself? [15:29] <Bel> House Astarial.... a fitting ring to it, your grace! [15:29] <EmpressAstarial> excellent [15:31] <Bel> Splendid your grace. I will return to the drafting of your proclamation [15:31] <EmpressAstarial> Wonderful! [15:31] <EmpressAstarial> Make sure to copiously praise flemingovia [15:35] <Bel> Indeed so, your grace [15:35] <Bel> Pray remind me, what year of our lord is it? [15:39] <EmpressAstarial> It is year 1 [15:54] == Salvarity has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client] [15:55] <Bel> Do you have an imperial seal? [15:57] <Bel> Wait, I got you one [15:58] == Kingborough has joined #tnp [15:58] == mode/#tnp [+v Kingborough] by ChanServ [15:59] == St_Oz has joined #tnp [15:59] <St_Oz> HAI [15:59] <Kingborough> Hello [15:59] <Kingborough> Still using caps? [16:00] <GeneralMcMasterdonia> what [16:00] <St_Oz> No I just say hello with a bright face ;_; [16:01] <Kingborough> Ah' [16:01] <Kingborough> [16:01] <Kingborough> How you been? [16:01] <St_Oz> :C [16:01] <St_Oz> I am sad [16:01] <St_Oz> taijitu's forum is still down [16:02] <St_Oz> why doesn't eluvatar work his russian hacker skills [16:02] <Kingborough> lol [16:02] <GeneralMcMasterdonia> Your grace EmpressAstarial, I whole heartedly accept and will serve as your Delegate. I will crush any and all usurpers that try to harm you or your empire!
  8. Tim

    Balder Embassy Request

    Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for the embassy. And Good Luck? Why would I need luck, when I got all these awesome people
  9. Tim

    Balder Embassy Request

    Why hello there I'm the new ambassador.